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    Paul Gauguin Clovis Gauguin asleep 1884   • Massive Wave Of Missile Attacks Reported Across Ukraine (RT) • Europe To Feel Impact Of Energy Crisis
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 10 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Paul Gauguin Clovis Gauguin asleep 1884

    So lovely…

    Welcome to upside-down land…not so lovely…


    Now that their global Ponzi scheme is collapsing, it seems that the City of London money-lenders and their various minions have to go to war. And it has to be a big war that will negate any requirement for any kind of accountability anywhere in NATOstan nations.

    Also, with housing in the early stages of meltdown, pension schemes at risk, food shortages, raging devaluation of fiat currencies, and resistance to government oppression building, the fake governments of NATOstan nations will presumably attempt to impose martial law on the populaces of those nations….’for national security’, of course, as they increase the insecurity of everyone by the minute.

    ‘Interesting times’ get more ‘interesting’ by the day, unfortunately. But is has to be that way, since the money-lenders blocked all the exit ramps from this mad ‘motorway to hell’. .

    Infinite growth on a finite planet seemed like a good idea for a while. And the bought-and-paid-for politicians and the fake mainstream media sure fooled a lot of people for a very long time.

    We in the Southern Hemisphere are fortunate in the short term insofar as the days are getting longer and warmer.

    Pity most people living in the Northern Hemisphere, though the Russians will obviously fare the next few months better than most.


    The decision is yet another Western own goal in an economic war that the west is clearly losing. It was the Biden administration’s decision to refuse new licenses for US domestic production which, despite depletion, could still fill the gap left by OPEC+ cuts (although the USA – like the UK – still needs to import heavy oil). It was also their decision to empty the strategic reserve, which is meant for dire emergencies, solely to keep pump prices down ahead of next month’s mid-term elections. Elections that Biden’s team may well lose, as Michael Shellenberger reminded Americans this week, the situation:

    “… poses political risks for Democrats who, in the spring of 2020, killed a proposal by President Donald Trump to replenish the SPR with oil from American producers, not OPEC+ ones, and at a price of $24 a barrel, not the $80 a barrel that the Biden White House promised to OPEC+. At the time, Trump was seeking to stabilize the American oil industry after the Covid-19 pandemic massively reduced oil demand. Trump and Congressional Republicans proposed spending $3 billion to fill the SPR. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer successfully defeated the proposal, and later bragged that his party had blocked a ‘bailout for big oil.’”

    The Biden administration’s response is likely to be an attempt to implement the No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels – NOPEC, geddit? – Act, which passed through the Senate in May, to bring anti-trust suits against OPEC+ states and to impound their US-held property. Although, as Alex Kimani at OilPrice notes:

    In Brief: OPEC and out, Prices up – inflation down, Constructive ambiguity, The essential difference, Pet cemetery, Another fuel shortage, Spam fritter

    Dr. D

    Is she asleep next to the cookie jar? Because that is one big stein.

    Nah, I’m still around, I just stopped because: what’s the point? Nothing’s changed, nothing changes. Wake me when an event happens. I’m trying to provide value, as content creators say. But what was that this week? Russia was attacked for once in the middle of a war? Stocks fell a little but are still in outer space? People should prepare but can’t?

    This train is going where it’s going.

    The bridge, new thoughts U.S. literally missile-strikes Russia. Even if Russia wasn’t Crimea, you’d be attacking the Russian-Ukrainin joint bridge. Russia knows if they respond it’s all NATO WWIII. Like the Moskva. And that is the goal of the West. And who would they tell? They have. The West just makes s—t up, says they bombed their own bridge (literally). “Why are you punching yourself?” It doesn’t change the balance of the people-government of their enemies.

    This while Ukraine demands we pre-nuke Russia in order to prevent nuking anyone by showing them what nuking them would be like to dissuade the nuking. (literally. This passes for logic now.) Like Bolton and Petraeus, Russia won’t do anything but just take it kindly. Because: We’re the United States! Losing is not what happened in the movies I watched and the comics I read at Harvard. Jack Ryan wins there. Along with Bullwinkle the Moose.

    Cheeto, like Musk is just gauging whether the people have had it and are for peace yet, so he can act. They aren’t, so probably we should like up a few cities of 500,000 to get them in the mood. I’ll volunteer D.C. and S.F. They will act at the minimum trouble but the people are so stupid, immoral, and stiff-necked it may take 10-20 cities, and still won’t care, just that it affected ME. Netflix is off. Example:

    I am annoyed and troubled we have astronomic death rates (it seems) above Vietnam in just 2 years, and no one notices, no one cares. I don’t see it on the ground in my area either, all seeming normal when people die, for whatever reason aren’t, or not running across, super-strange diseases, events, or young people. Statistically it exists, but faict, they could 4x or 10x this rate before any alarms went up.

    Is that good? When there are so many people cutting forests and paving farmland for new McMansions while complaining to Brazil not to cut a tree? I mean, if they don’t notice or care, should I? They’re my neighbors and countrymen, I don’t picket or stop them if they want to have a burger and a shot either.

    Credit Suisse is ONLY 10x default? How can anything in Europe not be a 100:1 for collapse, non-payment, and default? Here’s a new question: is it because they know something?

    Nord Stream 2 Offers Germany a Date with Destiny (Escobar)”

    Escobar and others have gone ‘round the bend with pro-Russia. You can report your think their position is better without boostering them. If you haven’t been to America, or wherever, you cannot fathom how powerful it is, how deep, how many resources are above the earth that can be applied. Russia can be superior in both position and military and still not have enough GDP or slavs to prevail, hard as that is to believe with the utterly moronic positioning here.

    Anyway, from this article now we know why they chose that geographical location, And also bent over Sweden: Sweden makes it illegal to fix it. As impossible as that is to believe. And it’s Putin’s fault.

    “ ‘Unthinkable’ Number of Mercenaries Gathered in Zaporozhye (RT)”

    It is surprising because they blew up the other half of all world mercenaries in ISIS. Public service.

    The German Army (Bundeswehr) has enough ammunition for only one or two days of warfare,”

    They may be kidding, and they may make orders for more, but with industry shut down, how would they fill the orders? If they bought from elsewhere, how would they pay? Pay Italy to make them with Russian gas and reverse the North-South debt pile? (I forget the name: Tier II?)

    “The Last Vestiges of Press Freedom Disappear in Kiev (Sukharevskaya)”

    Kiev is the 51st State, the Capital, and the goal for all the West. Complete corruption, complete income disparity, complete economic collapse, and complete human trafficking. Indeed, they JUST DID pass this for all social media, and enforce it daily, including PayPal taking your money and banning Health ministers, secretaries of states, Presidents, and dynasties like the Kennedys. They do it during WWIII in order to insure more war and prevent less war.

    If enough households participate in the load-shifting scheme, it could free up an extra 2GW”

    Remember the idiotic and non-working Smart Meter initiative back when? This is the only possible reason for it to exist. That is: because you were planning a world war, and that war was with Energy, which means it was against Russia. So clock when they started this expensive, idiotic plan, and you’ll know when they –we– planned to invade and nuke Russia. Guessing 20 years.

    Hey idiots: if you shut off my meter, I’ll turn on the generator and burn 5x as much carbon, but really inefficiently. Welcome to hell.

    “The EU is Forcing Twitter to Censor -and Musk Can’t Stop It- (Kogon)”

    They would station legal HQ in Libya or Dubai, (or Russia) then good luck collecting settlements.

    Bitcoin is interesting, but not if people don’t use it, or never use it on the blockchain.

    Ukraine peace prize. And here I thought they’d never outdo Obama.

    Since we’re already in WWIII, I have to go get real work done and see if I can find some useful, actionable facts.


    Assange, chronic lung condition, poor overall health, tests positive for Civid. That’s one way to get rid of hiim. Just add some remdesivir.


    And Bernanke getting a Fauxbel for economics is also wonderful.


    Erik Ollsen is dead.
    Who is Erik Ollsen?
    Tweet reads: Olsen, found at home. Bee sting cause of death, cremated within hours. In charge of investigating Nordstream sabotage.
    “Let me repeat that: The LEAD INVESTIGATOR of NS just died of a BEE STING and was CREMATED WITHIN HOURS.”

    V. Arnold

    “Let me repeat that: The LEAD INVESTIGATOR of NS just died of a BEE STING and was CREMATED WITHIN HOURS.”

    Stinks to the high heavens…

    Dr D Rich

    From the Nobel Committee’s citation of Bernanke’s co-awardees:

    “…Diamond and Dybvig’s work, meanwhile, looked at the socially important role banks play in smoothing the potential conflict between savers wanting access to their money and the economy needing savings to be put into investments…”

    “The economy” as nebulous a delusional system interchangeable with the “free market” makes a claim according to Bernanke, the Nobel committee et al on your savings account because the “economy” holds priority interest on the physical deposits in a living being’s savings account.

    I think the solution is less Haldol and more Quantitative Easing for a concept that wants your money

    Dr D Rich

    25 years or more for Robbing a Bank under the following statute:

    10 U.S.C. £ 2113

    And under the same statute, the perpetrator doesn’t even have to enter the bank to have violated 2113. So, some folk go to jail while other folk receive Prizes (Nobel) for robbing others which certainly parallels Obama’s pre-Nobel prize for planning to bomb lesser countries to smithereens.


    Report from the war zone:
    Escalation, Indiscriminate multiple/waves of missile strikes on non military/civil/non critical infrastructures across Ukraine

    Yesterday, I asked, two different young man, ” Among your friends, who is the bad guy, Russia or Ukraine?”
    Their answer, Russia.
    Yet when questioned, their knowledge is superficial and in line with the propaganda and not informed/ not interested.
    Obviously, Russia will lose.
    Using expensive, missiles against civil/non military targets will bankrupt Russia.


    From Russia: A different point of view.
    Russian MOD comments on results of strikes in Ukraine
    The attack was a complete success and all targets were destroyed, the ministry has claimed
    Apart from Kiev, several other Ukrainian cities were targeted, including Dnepr in east of the country, and Lviv in the west. Following the strikes, Ukrainian authorities reported blackouts in Lviv, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkov and Ternopol Regions, adding that in other parts of the country power supply had been partially disrupted.

    On Monday, President Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine that if it orchestrates any new terrorist attacks on Russia, it “will respond firmly and on a scale corresponding to the threats created against” it.

    r 10, 2022
    Russia, Having ‘Run Out Of Missiles’, Launches Barrage On Ukraine
    Back in March I had warned that Lies Do Not Win Wars. Here is another practical example.

    After allegedly having ‘run out of missiles’ and, more importantly, patience, the leadership of the Russian Federation decided to de-electrify Ukrainian cities with a ‘barrage of missile strikes’.

    But first came the propaganda blubber:



    An overhead view showing two leaks must be out there, but I can’t find it.
    Is it possible that some factions in Europe don’t like the way things are going? Maybe Erik Ollsen found out that the damage was actually much less than thought (only one pipeline hit). That news had to be suppressed. All it takes for such a plot is sanity, and a way to hide it from the US.
    The bee must be symbolic.


    I found one that shows two at once. Sorry.




    Slowly but surely, but also secretly, the war is destroying the electric generation on which the Ukraine depends for everything – trains, water pumps, sewage treatment, light, heat, mobile telephones, refrigerators, radio and television, not to mention production lines in factories, in abattoirs, sausage making and other farm and food processing.

    However, there remains electricity for the Ukrainian military operations to continue on the eastern front, and for cross-border trains to run into Lvov from Poland with fresh arms, ammunition, and rotating allied military staff advisers, together with NATO politicians and journalists keen to advertise their support.

    In the wake of the attack on the Crimean Bridge, the electric war can now be expected to escalate.
    read more …..


    Here it is.

    I’m trying my best to make some sense of things.
    I dearly hope that things can be defused.
    But as for now and what the future brings:
    Well- I reserve the right to be confused.

    Yesterday’s limerick from TAE Summary was great.


    @ Dr. D

    “Nah, I’m still around, I just stopped because: what’s the point? ”

    Politicians don’t care what their voters think, that’s for sure. It’s not about changing politicians’ minds (if any of them have one). The gaslighting from “official sources” is heavy handed and everywhere. Reading comments here is a like finding a stable pole star in the words of other people who aren’t falling for the MSM narratives.


    Over at the Slog, a commenter called RAF writes a wonderful portmanteau:
    “Opinium” [poll]. I would comment over there but the comment bar is broken.

    RIM: Or midazolam. He’s over 50 now.

    Dr. D- the world isn’t serving up enough nonsense for you to unwind?
    Welcome back!


    Yes,again,welcome back to the TAE oasis Dr. D.🙂




    Total panic in Kiev

    Nazilensky soils himself, hides in Poland behind a green screen.

    Hundreds of missiles hitting Ukronazi infrastructure.

    The Main headquarters of Nazilensky’s Gestopo leveled, killing many NATOtard ‘advisors’.

    And this is ‘only’ an initial ‘warning’ by Putin.

    Gen. Alexander Dvornikov


    Doesn’t look like ‘bluffer’.



    Michael Reid

    Dr. D:

    Credit Suisse is ONLY 10x default?
    How can anything in Europe not be a 100:1 for collapse, non-payment, and default?
    Here’s a new question: is it because they know something?

    My question to you may provide the answer.

    If the central bankers have given up on the west, moving the money out of the west, imploding the west, poisoning the people in the west, preparing to starve and freeze the population of the west would that qualify as they know something?

    I am spectulating after watching this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts

    We are experiencing a financial coup d’etat.

    The central bankers have given up on the west; they are moving the money out and they are trying to eliminate us.



    Correction, that General Sergei Surovikin.


    In Russian, the root of Surovikin means: raw

    A good name for your head commander


    A nice bridge you got there…

    y Dmitri Orlov for the Saker blog

    A nice bridge you got there…

    “…In all, I just don’t see too much for the Russians to worry about at this point.

    As for the Americans, I really don’t see any face-saving way for them out of this.

    They should just do what they always do under such circumstances: declare victory and go home. To keep their minds off the Ukraine fiasco, maybe they could start a civil war.

    If they do, I’d be willing to go to Alaska, to help organize a referendum on it rejoining Russia.

    The US lease on it ran out back in 1966, you know….


    1. Overwhelm the air defence system. “202 missiles/drones fired, 47 intercepted” then the air defence system reduced to zero effectiveness.

    2. Knock out Ukrainian electricity system

    3. Reduce Ukrainian fascist bases.

    4. Reduce capacity to repair or manufacture military hardware.

    5. Reduce ability of Ukrainian fascists to move military personnel and equipment.

    That’s one way to end a war.


    A good indication on how well the spat in Ukraine is progressing will be when the Offshore Sportsbooks add Putin to the 2024 Presidential betting market. Even with or slightly ahead of Trump.



    In Russian, the root of Surovikin means: raw

    A good name for your head commander

    Yes, but more importantly, what are his pronouns?



    First, thanks for the links, and digesting a snippet of my personal cosmology. 🙂 ‘God’ is the sum of all as-yet/maybe-always unexplained forces and tides in the universe. There’s a lot of time we can’t examine directly. Also, many forces we take for granted. I once argued with someone that it might be possible for the rules of physics to be slightly different in another part of the universe. Or different energy states leading to elemental misbehavior: carbon only has 3 slots, not 4, or more likely a generally unrecognizable periodic table. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    RE: paradox

    As an apprentice programmer, I learned that many proper solutions to problems are obviously, glaringly, tauntingly elegant. The math is clean; fewer lines of code, with no ‘gee-whiz’ optimization to cause brittleness; grokkable by successors. But to seek the elegant solution is a siren song. Most of us ‘averages’ will only stumble upon the elegant fix.


    A good indication on how well the spat in Ukraine is progressing will be when the Offshore Sportsbooks add Putin to the 2024 Presidential betting market. Even with or slightly ahead of Trump.

    Good comment. Got odds?


    So as soon as some nation threatens us with a nuke we are supposed to kneel?
    Looks like Putin’s testosterone shots are starting to kick in.


    Trump the peacemaker? Did he not send a shitload of weapons to Ukraine? Even Obummer balked at that.


    Power plant in Lyvov getting torched by Russian cruise missile.

    Winter is Coming


    Let’s have another just like the other one


    Since the Russian ‘ran out of missiles’ back in March according to Western Media Whores, I guess Ukraine bombed itself today, like a couple hundred times.




    Veracious Poet

    We are experiencing a financial coup d’etat.

    Au contraire mon petit mouton, the “West” has been “experiencing a coup d’etat” en total since War Emergency Powers were established in perpetuity by FDR March 1933, creating a defacto Bankster/Military Empire ever expanding like a Vampire Squid (now including Tech, Infotainment, Medicine) , with a long, LONG documented history of raping, pillaging, plundering & murdering anyone/everyone in it’s path.

    Indeed, The Empire is now the preeminent real reality that everyone on the planet grasps, yet few identify/question the reign of it’s autocratic authority, nay the electorate majority the “West” worships The Empire like sycophants that dread the bully cutting off “their” protections…

    The ultimate illusion, cross-generational in it’s scope, with many progenitors incognizant of the absolute casualty of Natural Rights previously afforded to each & every individual.

    Collective EG0ic Madness always leads to death, destruction & decay…

    Too bad, sooo sad, Amerikana imbecilous scoffed @ those that were aware & aghast by ascension of The Beast 😐

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