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    Rembrandt van Rijn Old Man Seated 1631   • Iran Warns Israel Escalation in Gaza Conflict Threatens Regional War (Sp.) • UN Warns Of Mass Ethnic C
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    Michael Reid

    David Gosselin discusses Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and ‘The Island,’
    visions of a system of psycho-spiritual manipulation.

    For elites the real problem has become the Promethean and Judeo-Christian image of man itself,
    the Classical and religious Western heritage,
    where the Renaissance idea of man as endowed with a divine creative spark
    allows him to master knowledge of “fire.”

    They seek to move from a post-Renaissance Western paradigm towards
    a new more sustainable Gaia-centric “ecological ethic” and a more efficient system of control.


    Bob Menendez & Egypt

    Current Egyptian government president (ex-military general) removed Muslim Brotherhood after Obama installed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, during Obama’s crafted Arab Spring.

    DoJ’s criminal charges are just Obama’s last minute payback to Bob Menendez!

    US State Dept saying Egypt warned Israel, when Egypt did not!
    US State Dept saying Iran not involved in Hamas, when Iran was involved!
    It is about who supports the Muslim Brotherhood!
    Punish Egypt!
    Reward Iran!

    Dr. D

    “US Confirms 2nd Carrier Group En Route To “Deter Hostile Actions Against Israel”

    In case you were worried they weren’t insane. What are they planning to hit?

    Gaza: Yes, now that we hear all about Gaza, we know what they have planned for our 15 minute cities.
    And her story reminds me of the American-Indian wars and settlement.

    It’s all well-planned, well-researched, well-practiced plan. Years and years, all the same, all the bugs worked out. Like Rome actually. So like Rome you need a much bigger paradigm change than just “We resisted”. You need a thing like, “This offensive weapon has completely tipped the balance of power for 200 years.” E.g. last time, “the rifle” or in a bigger cycle, e.g. “Iron weapons”, not bronze. Right now there is a turn but no one will like it: Offensive weapons are more powerful than every defense. As we see in Ukraine. That’s a recipe for killing everything (civilian).

    “Iran…made it clear that it may need to intervene if Israel’s military operation in Gaza continues,”

    Yes, and Israel wants this, they need a world war to cover up the casino robbery. I don’t know how much clearer to make this, or how many dozen times they have to try (Zaporizhzhia) before people credit their eyes. This isn’t an accident, the events aren’t unrelated, they need a war or they will be killed.

    So anyway, that is not good.

    Because like Russia, since they WANT a war, and WANT everyone killed, they are certainly able to do so. I mean if a guy with nukes wants a war, he can get up, have covfefe, and push the button. It’s not plausibly stoppable, so thank God they have the caveat that they prefer – but don’t require – that it be “Somebody else’s fault” as well or they would have done it 5 years ago. …When they pushed the button on the worldwide bioweapon. Can you see why if you’re a good guy you have to be so slow and careful now? Be an adult.

    Israel will FORCE Iran to attack. They will do anything, everything, because it’s in their long-term “Plan”. Whatever they have to do, however long it takes, they will do it.

    ““In the name of self-defense, Israel is seeking to justify what would amount to ethnic cleansing,” UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese said,”

    Wow! The UN actually SAID something. Like CPS, I want to credit somebody for doing their job correctly, although of course she’s not near the installed, paid, maniacs at the top.

    Again, if the People vacate Gaza, Israel will merely take it. The End. Those people will be in Egypt. The End. So total win, unconditional surrender. Didn’t we just say you can’t just invade other countries and kill everyone? That’s evilly-evil PutinHitler? Nope. I just forgot. (While we invaded and today occupy Syria)

    Also, following Mossad paying Hamas via Qatar, Joe paying $12B to Iran knowing it goes to Hezbollah and nukes, it’s to MAKE your enemy. CREATE them from nothing. But then you pick winners and losers by making sure one side is unwinnable, not strong enough, sabotaged, whatever. Like we did with Japan. Say it’s fine, we sell oil, then when they do, cut them off and say “What? We never dun nothin'”

    ““forcible population transfers constitute a crime against humanity,”

    And shutting off the water is a complete genocide in what, 3 days? That’s much more effective than the showers.

    Now HOW do they have the war as above? Iran is going to provide that food and water, using Russian ships and escorts. As Armstrong said, “Opening a second front on Russia”. Again, they are planning this for 80 years, admitting they are doing it. Who are “Gog and Magog” in “Armageddon”? They interpret the Bible, then make it happen with tireless work. I wish their desk manual was “Harry Potter” or “In the Night Kitchen” instead, they’d have spend $100 Trillion dollars on something much nicer. But you have to understand they don’t READ this, they WANT this, they MAKE this happen. Like Club of Rome, “Limits to Growth.” They release it to us with the premise that it’s passive. When they consider it a live, active blueprint.

    So they are CAUSING Armageddon. Ask them. Pompeo will tell you. Bibi will tell you. This is their GOAL, and the fact of the prophesy just means they need to HELP. Only then can you have your perfect world.
    Anyway, so that means this is all just a puppet show. It’s made up. Essentially there are no real problems, they are CREATING them. Cue quote from “Three World Wars.”

    “The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement essentially envisaged the death of all Ukrainian industry,”

    This is straight colonialism, as always done. They are commodity producers, the banking and value-added is for the master country. …This is what they did to the United States. We are exported and also held hostage to world-wide banking (and oil, and shipping) flows, under their nexus. Internally, and maybe this wasn’t intended, the coasts are colonizing Iowa, as they do the banking and value-added, Iowa does the raw corn and molybdenum. Then the Coasts say “Hey, we have all the GDP, we’re sick of supporting you lazy, backward sub-human Neanderthals.” Sure, you have the GDP, because, like London and India, you STOLE it first. Depends where you start the counting and what you count. 1/3 of our GDP is government, welfare (corporate). That call that “Production.” Production = Consumption.

    Anyway, like above, maybe people want to recognize the pass play they’ve been running 400 or 200 years now? FINANCE IS THE COLONIALISM. In Ukraine, in Africa, in Asia, and Here.

    “Ukraine has achieved “nothing,”and Russian troops have switched to offensive operations along the entire front,”

    They are hammering Ukraine with mobilization, but haven’t broken through anywhere. I can’t say that’s a GOOD sign (cue meme here). I imagine they want to save lives, but you can’t flip from full defensive as a whole year, to full attack, which requires the opposite behavior. Example: Every second Russia is careful and doesn’t break through, Ukraine can move additional material to Adiivika and fill the hole. So you’re at a point where you can’t care a whit about men, when you’ll need to care about them again in 6 days. …But I’m not a general here. What if they, like Ukraine, hurl forward, double down, and DON’T break through?

    ““And they did what they should have done,” he said. “They immediately called the Archives — immediately called the Archives, turned them over to the Archives, and I was briefed about this discovery.”

    …And then arrested Biden for stealing classified material. No? Why not?

    “The two-page document claims the magazine “provides a platform for a Russian influence actor,”

    Yes. They did. It’s called “Reporting”. That’s what a “Platform” is. What we need to do of course is NEVER TALK. Never ever talking is the path to pure peace.

    Dr D Rich

    Divided loyalty or just plain old cuckolding of a submissive country expressed by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as a second carrier group is being sent to shore up Israel’s defenses:

    “The increases to US force Posture signal the United States’ ironclad commitment to Israel’s security and our resolve to deter any state or non-state actor seeking to escalate this war,” Austin stated.”

    Lloyd Austin probably could not recall the USS Liberty and would not recognize the name William McGonagle. So I will.

    The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War. The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members, wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.

    “Captain McGonagle’s Medal of Honor citation does not list the nationality of the military forces which attacked his ship. This omission is highly unusual and was allegedly due to a supposed cover-up by the incumbent presidential administration, although this remains highly contentious”

    McGonagle received the Congressional Medal of Honor…not at at the White House, not presented by the President of the United States, BUT presented “secretly” at the Navy Yard by the Secretary of the Navy.

    What (((entity))) controls another nation and its military through time and space?

    V. Arnold

    What (((entity))) controls another nation and its military through time and space?

    That’s a very good question: and the answer is??????


    Whitney Webb interview.


    This may interest people. Opinions expressed are not my own. Israel and the US
    Love his voice though.


    “..The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement essentially envisaged the death of all Ukrainian industry..” ..“we now see exactly that there’s nothing left there already.”

    Eurotardistan envisaged Ukronaziland as a backwater, money laundering, child trafficking bread basket full of Hicks & Hookers.

    Like Las Vegas as a vacation destination;

    “what happens Ukronaziland, stays in Ukronaziland”

    At least that was the plan.

    All talk of ‘negotiations’ for Ukronaziland is a joke, moot point.

    The Empire of Lies has no diplomacy

    The Empire of Lies is “agreement incapable”

    The Russians have point blank just said outright that Nazilensky either TOTALLY capitulates with unconditional surrender, or Ukraine ‘ceases to exist’

    The head of the Russian Duma said that the other day.

    Pretty definitive.

    But not the the NeoConJobtards©

    They will have their collective backs broken by Ukronaziland’s utter defeat.

    Putin to the NeoConJobtards©:



    I got this video from a comment on ZH. I wasn’t going to post it, but it meshes with the reporter on Rogan’s show. It’s about IsraAID- an NGO that abets Muslim immigration to install enough “antisemitism” to force Jews to flee their countries for Israel…where they become “settlers” in Palestine.
    It’s kind of like punching a hole in the dam because you want a sip of water.


    Don’t foget that the Empire of Lies showed it’s True Colors toward the Muslim world at Abu Ghraib


    Empire of Lies true military professionalism



    Is Israel Unprepared to Fight Hamas?

    Is Israel Unprepared to Fight Hamas?

    “It is one thing to drop bombs or artillery on a population without air defense or counter battery units. It is an entirely different animal to put troops on the ground to engage entrenched forces.

    Just ask the Ukrainians.

    The Begging Bowl is open for business


    Oh PLEASE, please can you spare an extra $760.42 for IDF boby armor, please!

    “Based on the the image above, which showed up in my spam today with a plea to kick in some cash so Israeli soldiers can buy body armor, it appears the Israeli Army is not ready for prime time.”

    “Israel’s problem may be something more serious than an equipment shortage. According to Sy Hersh,.
    the Israeli Army, which is comprised predominantly of reservists, is not ready for urban combat:”

    “While the Israeli Air Force is turning northern Gaza into a moonscape, this does not guarantee that Hamas bunkers and tunnels have been eliminated. German soldiers who entered Stalingrad after the Luftwaffe leveled most of that city in August of 1942, found themselves unable to move freely because of the massive piles of rubble that blocked the streets and avenues of Stalingrad. The mountains of broken concrete not only hindered the ability of German tanks to maneuver, it also provided cover and concealment for Soviet soldiers who then counter attacked the German columns.”

    So I guess the idea is to slaughter IDF reservists who don’t have a fucking clue what real urban warfare is like, they are softies.

    This will generate more outrage in Israel and the Empire of Lies diaspora

    “While the Israeli public are united in their outrage over the Hamas attack and the failure of the Israeli Defense Force to safeguard the border separating Gaza from the Israelis settlements, there are deep political fissures, actually a chasm, separating the Jews with roots in Europe from those who came from North Africa and the Middle East.

    It is sort of like the divide in the United States between the Black Lives Matter crowd and the Freedom Caucus.

    They don’t have a lot to talk about with each other. If, or when, the Israeli Army starts to incur massive casualties, the political support Netanyahu currently enjoys will evaporate like water in the desert.”


    My Dream is your nightmare!

    The US’ efforts is to deter Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah or others from entering the conflict, claims US media.
    The US has deployed an aircraft carrier group and fighter jets to the region to reinforce its stance.

    Iran has “red lines” and would respond if Israel continues its military operation, particularly if it proceeds with a ground offensive in Gaza.

    (Explosives in the tunnels will destroy Gaza and does not require a ground offensive in Gaza. Too bad for the hostages that might be in the tunnels.)

    Note: Violence has also escalated along the Israel-Lebanon border and in the West Bank.

    Israel is seeking to justify what would amount to ethnic cleansing,” UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese said


    The IDF ground forces are not the Israeli army of old.

    They are not Wagner

    They are not the Chechans

    They are the TikTok Army, texting and posting selfies for Victory.

    Al-Qassam Brigade (Military Wing of Hamas) Manufactures 105mm Tandem Charge RPGs

    Great for shooting IDF tanks trapped in the Gaza rubble piles.


    The 105mm Tandem Charge RPGs is a tank killer, guaranteed to stop an IDF tank

    Then you can finish of the tank crew even with Molotov cocktails, burn them in or out of the tank trapped in rubble piles your Air Force created for Hamas.

    Well played, well played sirs.


    Figmund Sreud

    Re Message to the Israeli People, … this Russian-Israeli guy, Israel Shamir – archive of just some of his latest articles here => ,

    … pretty well is in agreement with the man in that vid.

    I can’t locate his one, quite lengthy article of few years past, but in a nut shell, he is very much a proponent of one Middle Eastern state for all Israelites and Palestinians.

    Anyway, … just but one sample of his essays: The Israeli Farce – July 10, 2021
    [ Note: … no snips, with snips this message does not go through! ]

    Fwiw, …


    Dr D Rich

    POTUS, SECDEF and Joint Chiefs let White Deplorables in uniform AND General Anthony Taguba take the hit for Abu Ghraib.

    “What I found in my investigation offended my sense of decency as a human being, and my sense of honor as a soldier. I’d learned early about the necessity of treating prisoners humanely. My father, Tomas B. Taguba, a member of the joint American-Filipino force during World War II, was captured by the Japanese and endured the Bataan Death March.
    It was clear to me in 2004 that the United States military could not be the institution it needed to be as long as it engaged in and tolerated abuse.
    But the military’s path to accountability was a long, and its leaders hardly welcomed oversight. A few months after I completed the investigation, I was reassigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where i could be closely monitored Then, in early 2006, I received a telephone call from General Richard A. Cody, then the Army’s vice chief of staff, who said, “i need you to retire by January of 2007.” No explanation was given. But none was needed.”

    The Army would eventually dismiss the single conviction against Steve Jordan the officer in charge at Abu Ghraib. Taguba ascertained that Jordan was operating outside his chain of command even during the investigation after all he was subordinate to an Army Intel officer Colonel Tom Pappas while assigned at Abu Ghraib. Jordan’s only conviction was for disobeying a general order NOT to discuss his case with anyone except his lawyers.

    For my part trying to counter this malignancy, a Navy Nurse assigned me to a USAF junior flight surgeon billet in Afghanistan in 2007 as a response to my request to be assigned as Senior Medical Officer at Bagram, Abu Ghraib or Gitmo. Give the United States Air Force some credit for sensibility when they, unlike the “stupid as fuck” Navy Nurse , recognized that Navy Captain is the equivalent of USAF Colonel NOT USAF Captain.
    The USAF placement officer’s exact words follow when I didn’t refuse the assignment: “Don’t you think your commanding officer is trying to get you killed because otherwise she’s as stupid as fuck
    Eventually this “stupid as fuck” Navy Nurse ruined my career by labeling me “Hannibal Lecter” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Yet, the people who raped, tortured and killed other people’s children at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Gitmo weren’t labeled as such by that same “stupid as fuck” Navy Nurse.
    Are you paying attention aspnaz? You think there’s not one American unwilling to kill in defense of their children or your kids?

    Add that to the body count of Taguba, Eric Shinseki, Joseph Darby and John Murtha.

    Dr D Rich

    In Reply to V.Arnold’s #144768

    “That’s a very good question: and the answer is??????”

    The answer is V.Arnold’s “leash” response from yesterday:

      Israel is presently a rogue state that needs to be put on a leash…


    I’m a little unsure.

    It doesn’t look like Israel will launch the full scale ground offensive. Or they would have already. Bad weather my donkey. But they will do a smaller one; can’t lose all of Bibi’s cred in one go.

    But why? Is it the resistance from the west against killing 100,000 civilians? Or is it Iran saying we’ll have no choice but to become involved. And then that bringing in Saudi, Turkey etc?

    As I wrote yesterday, Bibi should not be in charge of the country. He thinks what’s going on today actually takes place 30-40 years ago.


    From a paper in Current Issues in Molecular Biology (MDPI). [I can’t recall where I got this from]

    “5. Conclusions
    Our study is the first in vitro study on the effect of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 on human liver cell line. We present evidence on fast entry of BNT162b2 into the cells and subsequent intracellular reverse transcription of BNT162b2 mRNA into DNA.”

    all your cells are belong to me!



    TE Lawrence and The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    At the age of 15, Lawrence cycled with his schoolfriend Cyril Beeson around Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire, visiting almost every village’s parish church, studying their monuments and antiquities, and making rubbings of their monumental brasses.

    In the summers of 1906 and 1907, Lawrence toured France by bicycle, sometimes with Beeson, collecting photographs, drawings, and measurements of medieval castles.

    From 1907 to 1910, Lawrence read history at Jesus College, Oxford. In July and August 1908 he cycled 2,200 miles (3,500 km) solo through France to the Mediterranean and back researching French castles. In the summer of 1909, he set out alone on a three-month walking tour of crusader castles in Ottoman Syria, during which he travelled 1,000 miles (1,600 km) on foot.

    In 1910, Lawrence was offered the opportunity to become a practising archaeologist at Carchemish, in the expedition that D. G. Hogarth was setting up on behalf of the British Museum. Hogarth arranged a “Senior Demyship” (a form of scholarship) for Lawrence at Magdalen College, Oxford, to fund his work at £100 a year. He sailed for Beirut in December 1910 and went to Byblos, where he studied Arabic. He then went to work on the excavations at Carchemish, near Jerablus in northern Syria, where he worked under Hogarth, R. Campbell Thompson of the British Museum, and Leonard Woolley until 1914.

    The Arab Revolt began in June 1916, but it bogged down after a few successes, with a real risk that the Ottoman forces would advance along the coast of the Red Sea and recapture Mecca. On 16 October 1916, Lawrence was sent to the Hejaz on an intelligence-gathering mission led by Ronald Storrs. He interviewed Sharif Hussein’s sons Ali, Abdullah, and Faisal, and concluded that Faisal was the best candidate to lead the Revolt.

    Lawrence made a 300-mile (480 km) personal journey northward in June 1917, on the way to Aqaba, visiting Ras Baalbek, the outskirts of Damascus, and Azraq, Jordan.

    Lawrence was a keen motorcyclist and owned eight Brough Superior motorcycles at different times.

    For my work on the Arab front I had determined to accept nothing. The cabinet raised the Arabs to fight for us by definite promises of self-government afterwards. Arabs believe in persons, not in institutions. They saw in me a free agent of the British government, and demanded from me an endorsement of its written promises. So I had to join the conspiracy, and, for what my word was worth, assured the men of their reward. In our two years’ partnership under fire they grew accustomed to believing me and to think my government, like myself, sincere. In this hope they performed some fine things but, of course, instead of being proud of what we did together, I was continually and bitterly ashamed.

    An amazing man.


    A couple of ideas about finding the purported Gaza tunnels by meta data surveillance:
    – The accumulation of cell phone blinking off in one location, then popping up in another (or the same) location hours or days later.
    – Historical drone footage noting the arrival of fresh dirt somewhere, and then “played backwards” to see the location of a popular source.
    Once one entrance is know, I would think it game over with no mass civilian casualties. Is it yet another way we are being played?


    The locations of the tunnels are known.

    The manipulators believe that we are too stupid to realize that we are being played.


    Biden pledged to support the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to bring much-needed humanitarian assistance to Gaza, according to a White House summary of the call.

    The snake tries to persuade the Palestinians to leave Gaza so that Israel can steal even more Palestinian land. The USA really is a disgusting depravation of humanity, it supports the starvation of the Palestinians and then pretends to be trying to support the Palestinians. No wonder the Islamic world hates America, it is difficult to see what other stance they can take. US citizens are depraved fuckers who claim to not support their government yet where is the outrage?


    The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees warned on Saturday that its shelters in Gaza “are not safe anymore

    The depraved USA continues to refuse to enforce any UN resolutions on it errant child; it protects its child from the consequences of its actions and gives its child whatever it wants. The is entirely the work of the USA, allowing its depraved child to turn into a stinking puss filled sore on the face of the planet. It is time to rid the world of Israel, there is no other solution now that the Israelis have wasted the opportunity of a peaceful existence in their own homeland. Ship them all off to the USA to join their fellow depraved sores on the face of humanity.


    From the moment I got here, the jewlovers jumped on my ass, way before any of this WWIII shit happened. Well you’re awfully quiet now motherfuckers, have you finally seen the face of the demon under the tiny hat? When I’m around these dismal sonofabitches, my dog gets very unsettled. He knows and senses the Evil. People are too lost and mindfucked by TV to figure out the obvious. They want us all dead, plain and simple, wake the fuck up.

    John Day

    Just The Beginning

    ​ Ramallah, October 14, 2023—More than 724 Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli military’s relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip since October 7.
    ​ Israeli forces bombarded convoys of Palestinian evacuees yesterday as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip fled south after Israeli authorities warned them to evacuate from the north ahead of a suspected ground invasion. At least 70 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli attacks, reportedly mostly women and children. At least one of the Israeli airstrikes happened on Salah-al-Din street, which is one of two evacuation routes from north Gaza to the south, according to the BBC.,Gaza%20Strip%20since%20October%207.

    Israeli PM describes actions in Gaza as ‘just the beginning’
    Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that in conversations with US President Joe Biden and other world leaders, he was trying to ensure “significant international support” for Tel Aviv

    Section Commander of the Gaza Fence: “The obstacle is built so that even a fox cannot pass it”. They Let It Happen.
    The Hamas Attack Was Allowed to Close the Book on Palestine.​ [Detailed, point by point analysis​ of how border defenses had to be shut down before Hamas could cross]

    Section Commander of the Gaza Fence: “The obstacle is built so that even a fox cannot pass it”. They Let It Happen. The Hamas Attack Was Allowed to Close the Book on Palestine.

    ​John Helmer looks in detail at Russia’s internally stressed position of neutrality on Israel/Palestine. The Russian military and Russian people, particularly outside of Moscow, increasingly see Israel as an enemy. There are many Islamic Russians. Putin’s friendship with Netanyahu can no longer be shown openly.
    ​ By equating Jewish ethnicity and religious faith with nationality of the Israeli state, this constitution eliminates Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim rights with the formula, “the exercise of the right to national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish People.” The corollary is that any Palestinian exercise of the right to self-determination on the expanding Jewish national territory is illegal, anti-Semitic, and terrorist. Internationally, it is the policy of Israel and its allies to make support for or discussion of Palestinian right to self-determination a thought and speech crime.
    ​ In Russian politics, this is the one international conflict on which President Vladimir Putin has said so much since the start of his term, and done so little – this has been to advocate the two-state solution in public while in private to impose a do-nothing, say-catchword line on diplomats and military officials, and the state media.
    ​ The gap between the Kremlin and the General Staff and Defense Ministry became visible in September 2018 after the Israel Air Force caused the shoot-down in Syria of a Russian Ilyushin-20M electronic reconnaissance aircraft, and the killing of all fifteen crewmen on board. At that time the Russian military expressed a loss of confidence which had not been seen in public since President Boris Yeltsin countermanded orders for Russian military support of Serbia under NATO bombing between March and June 1999, and dismissed Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on the US demand.
    ​ In the present fighting between Palestinian, Arab and Israeli forces, the options for Russian action are numerous; the public debate over what the options should be has been nugatory. There have been no national opinion polls; no State Duma debate; no meeting of the Security Council since October 3.


    John Day

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his complete rejection of attempts to relocate the population of the Gaza Strip during a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the Jordanian capital of Amman​.—reports-1114168199.html

    Egypt Mulls Allowing Refugees Entry As Over 600,000 Gazans Move South; FBI Warns Of Hamas Attacks On US Soil​ (False flags R-US​?)​ Updates.

    Iran Warns Israel that Escalation in Gaza Conflict Threatens Regional War​ (Iranian President ​Raisi made Mideast rounds ahead of Blinken​. He knows.)—reports-1114206023.html

    CNN Retracts Hamas Beheading Babies Claim and Apologizes. Sara Sidner Says It Came From The Israeli PM’s Office And Was Originally “Confirmed,” But Later Disintegrated Into “Cannot Confirm”​ ​[Celia Farber has much more than the headline.]
    It Should Trouble Everybody Deeply That Israeli PM’s Office Mainlined The Most Inflammatory Story Imaginable To The Entire World.​

    Los Angeles Times Retracts Allegations of Hamas Rapes: ‘Such Reports Have Not Been Substantiated’

    John Day

    300 killed, mostly children and women, in Gaza on Saturday — Palestinian health ministry
    bombed kids

    Children’s hospital in Gaza hit with white phosphorus — health ministry
    Earlier, Human Rights Watch, an international rights organization, accused Israel of using white phosphorus munitions during its military operations in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip

    Israel’s use of white phosphorus verified – Human Rights Watch
    Munitions that pose a high risk of maiming civilians have been fired over Gaza City and in Lebanon

    John Day

    Egypt opens air corridor for aid to besieged Gaza
    Humanitarian supplies for Palestinians should be delivered to El-Arish International Airport, Cairo has announced

    ​ UN warns of mass ethnic cleansing as refugee shelters overflow
    ​ “In the name of self-defense, Israel is seeking to justify what would amount to ethnic cleansing,” UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese said, noting that “Israel has already carried out mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians under the fog of war.”
    ​ “There is a grave danger that what we are witnessing may be a repeat of the 1948 Nakba, and the 1967 Naksa, yet on a larger scale,” she warned, referring to Israel’s mass expulsions of at least 1 million Palestinians from their homes and land in 1947-48 and 1967. “The international community must do everything to stop this from happening again.”

    ​ Russia is Ready to Mediate in Palestinian-Israeli Settlement – Putin
    ​ “Collective efforts are more than needed in the interests of an early ceasefire and stabilization of the situation on the ground. I would like to emphasize that Russia is ready to coordinate with all constructively minded partners. We proceed from the belief that there is no alternative to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through negotiations,” Putin said.—putin-1114165573.html

    Russia can play crucial role in Middle East settlement — Hamas official
    According to the Hamas representative, the Palestinians highly appreciate Putin’s stance

    ​In Ukraine/Russia, Russian forces are using artillery preparations and are advancing along the front in about 5 areas along the combat-line, especially Adveevka fortifications.
    Ukrainians seem to have been preparing for an offensive across the Dnieper river, near Kherson for over a month. Russians have been bombing and shelling, but still expect an offensive. This looks like the last Ukrainian attempt to give the west a PR accomplishment “victory”.
    “The Drowned Man” (Zelensky) Will Drown His Insane Hopes In Dnieper. Military Summary For 2023.10.15

    John Day

    Military Agrees To Pay $1.8 Million To Settle Lawsuits From COVID Vaccine Mandate
    ​ In a settlement agreement submitted on Oct. 3, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, and Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro agreed to settle the pair of lawsuits—known as U.S. Navy SEALs 1-26 v. Biden and Colonel Financial Management Officer, et al. v. Austin—which challenged the legal basis of the military-wide vaccine mandate.

    WCH Expert Panel Finds Cancer-Promoting DNA Contamination in Covid-19 Vaccines​ , By​ World Council for Health​ (Peter McCullough MD sent this to share)

    WCH Expert Panel Finds Cancer-Promoting DNA Contamination in Covid-19 Vaccines

    ​A Midwestern Doctor , How Big Pharma Bought The Federal Government
    Dissecting the decades of corruption that paved the way for the unconscionable COVID-19 response

    “Died Suddenly” reports have increased by 82% and 1,400 athletes have died since the rollout of covid injections​​ (Another long, depressing list)

    “Died Suddenly” reports have increased by 82% and 1,400 athletes have died since the rollout of covid injections

    ​Peter McCullough MD , mRNA Booster Acceptance Trickles to 1.3%
    Americans want Pandemic Closure, End Menacing COVID-19 Vaccines

    John Day

    The world’s largest study on light exposure and its impact on mental health, with almost 87,000 participants, has found that increased exposure to light at night increases a person’s risk for psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, bipolar and PTSD severity as well as self-harm. Importantly, the study also found that increasing exposure to daytime light can act like a non-pharmacological means for reducing psychosis risk.
    ​ Humans in modern, industrialized times have literally turned our biological systems upside down. According to Associate Professor Cain, our brains evolved to work best with bright light in the day and then with almost no light at night.
    ​ “Humans today challenge this biology, spending around 90% of the day indoors under electric lighting which is too dim during the day and too bright at night compared to natural light and dark cycles. It is confusing our bodies and making us unwell,” he said.

    Pictured with Jenny and dappled eclipse shadows through tree


    re. language issue, Ukraine, meme: “Nobody speaks Ukrainian.”

    When the Donesk, Lugansk Oblasts split from Ukr-Kiev, 2014, one of the first things they did, in the space of a very few months, was to align the educational system (roughly, 6 -14 + years) with the Russian one. They up-ended the curriculum, changed the marking system to the Russian one – the aim was for children, later young ppl, to be able to qualify automatically to enter all schools (primary, high school, vocational, Uni..) in Russia.

    Russia supported this effort and sent some financial support (afaik not tremendous ..?) but school books aplenty. This has worked out, the Russian ‘acceptance’ is automatic.

    Ukr. post 1990, had a very peculiar basic edu. system. Parents could choose if they wanted their children to be educated in Russian or Ukrainian, with Ukr. naturally always being a ‘nationalistic’ choice. Anyway this meant that teachers either taught in one or the other lang. incl. say for math lessons, gym..

    Basically, language was used as a ‘ethnic – political’ marker. Very bad…

    In the D + L , teachers in or ‘of’ Ukranian were re-cycled, not fired. As the no. of pupils who wanted Ukr. education dropped, everyone just switched to Russian.

    Naturally, this is a very broad summary.

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