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    Joseph Mallord William Turner Wreckers, Coast of Northumberland 1834   • A Blueprint For The Complete Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza (Ofir) • Israel A
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    When I first heard about balkanizing Russia I thought hmm. Now it looked to me as if the actual target was the USA/west. The globalists have successfully neutered Europe by shutting down its industry for the most part. They aren’t looking for the “resources” of the US, they want it shut down in the same way they have closed down Europe. A global war will not pull america together, it will further the split between the various factions. It looks as though there are three distinct regions forming now, the northeast, the west coast and the south. Nationalism must be crushed, everywhere and always. If this or some form of autonomous regions can be created it would massively slow down consumption of global resources. This would give the globalists more control and it seems with the CBDC’s and such that the blueprint they are looking at would be China, with social credit scores and mass vax’s, total control over media in all its forms. On and on. Drain the military might, cause the dollar to lose hegemony, install a global currency i.e. digital. No need for cameras in every corner of every building, the digital currency would be enough for most of the control desired. I’m not a US citizen so I don’t need US$. A national digital currency is a different animal. What’s the difference between a Digital yuan, digital US$ or digital Euro? The spelling? A euro or ruble or Uk pound is useless to me at my local grocer but a digital currency wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t matter what country I got my bits from, they would spend the same if my local was set up to accept digital currencies. Calling one a Uk cbdc or American or German or Chinese wouldn’t matter to the computer. Computer language is the same everywhere. the key boards may vary but the machine runs on the same root language, ones and zeros. You will stay put and wait to die or be killed for the good of the remaining, same difference. It’s not so much a big club and your not in it as it’s a big plan and you can’t be allowed to know it. Correlation is not cause but without cause there wouldn’t be any correlation to be found, would there?


    I give Zelensky 24 months left to live. He has the fingerprints of far too many handlers on his little comedic crime scene of a body. We will see. He may be of further use but he may have wrung up a hell of an IOU account too.


    The Duran.


    Where did the ‘log out’ button go?

    Dr. D

    “Everybody knows that a ghoul was installed in the now-haunted White House. And everybody knows that the method of his installation was a fraud, a gigantic falsehood.” — Kunstler

    “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died
    Everybody talking to their pockets
    Everybody wants a box of chocolates
    And a long-stem rose
    Everybody knows

    Everybody knows that you love me, baby
    Everybody knows that you really do
    Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful
    Ah, give or take a night or two
    Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
    But there were so many people you just had to meet
    Without your clothes
    And everybody knows” –Leonard Cohen

    Reality has Houdini-like powers to escape because reality is true magic. Reality is the ultimate super-power. Reality is not some asshole in a spandex suit with a cape and a mask. Reality is the white light that reveals the world.” –Kunstler

    Yes, Reality is #Logos. The Word. Like the Tao, it is the #Way, the #Truth, and the Light.

    “​ King Abdullah said forced displacement “is a war crime ​(“genocide”) according to international law, and a red line for all of us.”

    Yes, but the UN is uniformly FOR war crimes. There’s nothing they like better.

    “Russia Accuses US Of Stoking “Escalation” By Mideast Force Build-Up As Pentagon Blames Iran

    Who? Talk about Torrio being in a different state and still given 20 years, Iran wasn’t within 1,000 miles of Gaza.

    “Illinois Hands Out $536 Million In Tax Credits For 2,600 Jobs, Beneficiary Is China

    There goes another billion we’ll never get back. Better, China was also importing workers for those jobs on the universal H-1B visas. Don’t know why they bother though: nobody else is a citizen, a SS#, or has any paperwork. Why pick on China, you racist? We need to give China half a billion AND employ all Chinese workers only.

    “what Arafat walked away from in July 2000″

    I mean yes, but he walked away from a “Not Agreement Capable” cosigner. Clearly. So why sign when neither side will bother to keep it? For the press op, the feelz? Clinton himself was “Not agreement capable” as he steamrolled all this advisors telling him no and expanded NATO while he sent Broward in to rape Russia. …That turned out well.

    You either need good faith (unlikely anywhere) or you need enough arms to MAKE them. Sorry, I don’t live on the Teletubbie’s planet.

    Steve Gern: He can’t be a real Marine. He’s not 110 pounds and transgender. He’s an affront to the U.S. Military.

    “but advocating for the complete population transfer of Palestinians from Gaza.”

    This is a great and peaceful idea. Too bad it’s still ethnic genocide and a war crime.

    “I consider that a threat to the… state of Israel, existential in nature.”

    They say that this is a “Threat to the United States of America.”

    “ . . . . ” How??? How is anybody doing anything 10,000 miles away a threat to the United States of America? What, they’re going to stage their amphibious landing from Tyre? All 5 ships? Who the heck is threatening us? That’s like saying the cylon chicken-people from Alpha Centuri are planning to invade our part of the galaxy. Well, tell me when they get here, ‘coz that’s a Loooooong way off. Threat to Israel. …THEY ARE A DIFFERENT COUNTRY THAN US, if you hadn’t noticed. And a threat to US? Puh-lease. You’re seeing pink elephants, man, lay off the sauce.

    …But don’t believe me, I told you 911 wasn’t the size of a warehouse fire, and we probably lose more people every day in traffic accidents, or intentionally-imported fentanyl, than died that day. It’s a pinprick. A zero. A joke. The only POSSIBLE way it could harm us is if we overreact, stomp around the world pissing everybody off and bankrupting ourselves…and bin Laden very helpfully told us his master plan so we’d be sure not to do that. See?

    I guess I just have to point out and touch-stone that these people are insane. Don’t get pulled off your feet a levitated by their lies, every American knows, “What threat?” I don’t see no threat. Ain’t to threat in Utah, or North Dakota, not even any threat in New Jersey and Charleston. Can’t find a threat for increased security in San Diego, or the shipyards of Connecticut or Maine. No threat at all.

    So I guess Gaza is going to throw a rock at us? What?

    “Ep. 33 Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran. Are we ready for this?”

    No we’re not. The US financial system would collapse. Iran would have sanctioned US. And won.

    ““the U.S. is changing its plans for the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group. The change could place the strike group in waters where Chinese warships have been active”

    They need to sink the USS Liberty. They have the same playbook and no imagination. Like “Chemical Weapons”, they just say and do the same thing over and over, decade after decade, it’s always false, reported false almost immediately, and everyone acts like it’s real. The terrible Hun. Incubator babies. So we need a ship to be “attacked” by our own guns shooting into empty space like the Gulf of Tonkin, then the “plucky Americans” say “Let’s Roll” and save it from sinking at the last minute, all caught by Pelosi’s IMAX camera crew that just happened to be aboard.

    ““If any group or any country is looking to widen this conflict and take advantage of this very unfortunate situation”

    As usual, so this is Austin’s and the US Derp State plan. Well, thanks for telling us, I guess. We knew.

    “The US doctrine of self-defence while attacking states like Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Somalia isn’t new.”

    Always self-defense when you’re 10,000 miles from home. Gosh, they were practically in my kitchen! T’rrrists! Under me bed! PutinHitler! He made them make my Latte wrong!

    THAAD has been tested in combat once, against a Houthi missile, rocket and drone attack against Abu Dhabi targets in January 2022.”

    Yeah, um, like everything else we own, it doesn’t work at all. It’s just sales-job monkeyshine.

    “US officials have expressed concerns that Israel has no workable plan for sending ground forces into Gaza,”

    Nice of you to divert all our attention to a possible genocide WHEN THE ACTUAL GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Is cutting off all food and water to a prison population, perhaps, maybe, akin to mass murder? I don’t have to worry about “later”, you are killing them, NOW.

    …And, as said, half of the population are under 25, children. So. Proud. American values. Democracy on the march. Makes my heart swell.

    “Defense Secretary Austin reportedly emphasized “the importance of civilian protection,” and “encouraged” the Israeli military to “conduct their operations in accordance with the law of war.”

    Like bombing hospitals and civilian areas with 8,000 bombs? Really guys, you’re distracting the world from you getting invaded, kidnapped, and shot up because the very next things that happened was YOU invading, kidnapping, and shooting people up.

    “Mr. Biden also said that the United States is capable of building such an order. We disagree”

    The U.S. can’t even build a railroad. Thanks to Biden, we can’t even keep the existing railroads we have. A drunken illiterate Irish peasant in 1850 could build a railroad, but it’s far too complex for us.

    ““Loans” have long been a source of controversy with the Bidens.”

    Yes, if I claim a “loan” the IRS will arrest me so fast it’ll make your head spin. This is A#1 fraud central and they are on any such nonsense like an planet of face-huggers. That loophole is closed, kaput, a joke. It is no more, if it ever was. No person, from sea to shining sea, could, would, or ever has attempted such a thing since it would throw a red flag flare into a orbit for the IRS to track, and they would arrest you for it as soon as they stopped laughing.

    Don’t buy that this is some, sort of, or any kind of plausible thing. In accounting, it’s not. I means you HAVE fraud, and worse, you KNOW you have fraud, and you KNOW the regulators are paid and in your pocket or you wouldn’t dare. Three crimes of the highest order, all stacked to the moon. “No evidence was presented…”

    “Even if Joe Biden did loan almost a quarter of a million dollars to his brother”

    He’s a public employee to begin with: where would he GET a quarter of a million dollars? Like two Stanford professors raising a BILLION dollars on a weekend? Just. Stop.

    “in this case actually murdering journalists, that is a violation for the CIA.”

    How is this a violation of the CIA? The CIA knew and greenlighted it. Then the CIA covered it up for a year. And the CIA kills journalists worldwide for decades. They have one in prison tortured to death even as we speak. But they “Would never do” what they did, have always done, and do daily.

    “It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.” – Harold Pinter

    WaPo is no better. They didn’t JUST come into this information. They were lying, covering up, and helping. Helping murder fellow journalists. So. Proud. Makes me swell with pride just thinking about it.

    “• Orban Blasts EU As ‘Parody’ Of USSR (RT)

    That is kind of funny since the whole EU apparatus were Soviet apparatchiks who had been put out of a job.

    “Hungary’s October 23 holiday commemorates the start of a 1956 revolution, which was crushed by Soviet troops after just 12 days.”

    Yeah, we did that. We set up Hungary with the CIA in 1956saying we would step in and support them, then when they did, Oopsie! Whoa pilgrim, that’s just too far! …And all opposition were identified, outed, and purged, giving a tremendous help to Soviet control for another generation. Thanks Dulles! You’re a pal! Uncle Joe will mail your check shortly. You can get that secret volcano base and space laser you always wanted.

    Now I don’t KNOW that’s what happened, as in, Intended, but that’s what DID happen, as in, Fact.

    “the true deficit doubled from $1 trillion in 2022 to $2 trillion this year.”

    Ever-increasing at an ever-increasing rate. …Purely coincidentally, of course. Nothing to do with how the math of a debt-based system requires this or collapse.

    40 years to double, then 20, then 10, then 5, then 2, then 1. Now a Trillion every 6 months, and a billion an hour. That charts stops in 2020, and we’ve added 20% in two years.

    Again, totally coincidentally, of course. And we pinky-promise to pay it all back. And it’s not like interest payment themselves have gone up 500% in a year. Naturally interest isn’t crowding the Federal Budget at all and will shortly consume 100% of all tax receipts. That’s just silly.

    “They” will never let that happen. Just like “They” will never let Tech, Stocks, or Housing crash.

    It also never causes Inflation or nothing, nor does the ensuing stress topple oligarchs and governments. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

    “• Imran Khan Charged Over Exposing Alleged US Meddling (RT)

    So his crime is that he dared mount a courtroom defense? Sounds about right.

    “More Americans Are Rejecting the Constitution and Embracing Violence (Turley)

    As an insider, he can’t understand this. First, polls? Hahahahaha! Okay pal. When I stop laughing and try to take you seriously again. Next, the government isn’t SUPPOSED to be doing all this. So if it stops, that’s a GOOD thing that puts law BACK. Next, you’re SUPPOSED to be suspicious of government and not trust them, therefore chase them around, get inside, and watch them like a hawk. I guess his view is, “We either have fully central, authoritarian government, or there can be no possible government at all.” T.I.N.A. Certainly that’s possible, but really it’s going to DEVOLVE. Already Biden comes down with Pot laws and the States refuse to enforce them. “Whatever, dude.” He refuses to enforce the border and the STATES ignore the Feds and enforce them instead. Biden and … Karl Rove… say a lot of things like the jackasses they are. MAKE ME.

    And like every movie ever, if the government fails, if Aliens blow up the White House, all humans run wild in the streets, without their parasitic overlords telling them what to do every minute! Uh, no. They just keep doing what they always did. They go to work voluntarily, to get voluntary money from their voluntary boss, and then trade it voluntarily at the store for voluntary food. …A thing totalitarians – and lawyers – cannot understand. Then I go home and build a voluntary treehouse – for free – for my kids. Then I try to give apples to my neighbor but fix his lawn mower instead.

    If they disappeared as they did in the last shutdown, no one would even notice. Because WE are the government. We are either self-organizing…or we don’t exist in the first place and will end because we are too immoral to cooperate.

    “Riomaggiore is a village in Italy”

    Yes, and it’s in the animated movie “Luca”. Which is pretty good.

    Dr. D

    Simplicus from yesterday is enormously long and enormously complex. Let me break it down to a sentence or two concerning Adiivska and war. THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE. Period. The new drones, etc, see everything, day and night. As said earlier, therefore there are no blitzes, no surprise attacks, nothing. If you were to mass immediately US Intel would see it and Ukraine would mass there too. Nor can most of the goals be hidden, like obviously a slag heap that can shell everything for miles. Everyone knows you want it because you MUST want it. It exists. Not even a single man can hide. Yet we fight.

    So what IS done then? You go forward like Normandy beach, drop your men, have them take one treeline. Maybe your APCs are shot up on the advance. Then you support them. To win or lose, but overwhelming firepower, overwhelming size of bombs, etc comparatively means the Russians more often win. Everything is nuked, leveled, razed, so there is nowhere to attack INTO. Therefore you must attack the crater you just made of Ukrainian trenches and treelines, build your own trenches which takes forever, then do it all again.

    So this is by nature trench warfare, BECAUSE nothing can be hidden. Maybe all the way from Moscow, I don’t know. So each and every tree is fought over, and it proceeds like GO, or like Chess, where you position, then hope to gain a hook, then a few won hooks make a cauldron, you flip that area, and so on.

    Okay, Docktor, that’s obvious, why? Only because that’s the #Opposite of the MEDIA, the Narrative, the Reports. They all say Russia means to take Kiev in 3 days and “Won” because it didn’t happen. Using Putin-telepathy they say Russia “meant” to charge across the whole township but they “lost” because we were so super-awesome and they’re so stupid.

    NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. Mostly Ever. Don’t listen to morons who are discredited month after month. Remember how “Russia was losing” for 6+ months yet every day the map showed them on more territory? Yeah, well, fine, but don’t listen to those guys. CNN, NBC, BBC, CBC, Sean Penn and Madonna. They don’t know what they’re talking about and want YOU to be as stupid as they are, down to their level and beat you with experience.

    WAR SUCKS. Yay, I died because we captured oak tree #784! And the Ukrainian defense is fully admirable. However, as we all knew and Joe Biden did too, completely useless as Russia has 10x the size, 10x the population, and can produce more bombs than they can shoot each day. And they’re shooting 100,000-odd without getting tired. If no one shuts off those factories – just like American factories and Liberty Ships – every and all things are a foregone conclusion.
    Well that’s not a sentence or two, but it IS just one idea or two. Russia is doing what they love best: slowly, methodically, brutally, crushing each and every field, one acre at a time, forgetting all about it, then coldly, brutally crushing the next acre, on and on for 1,000 years if necessary. In a war like that, it’s 1) you run out of men. 2) You run out of bombs. 3) you run out of time. Ukraine has run out of all three.

    But that doesn’t make it easy. The #Media watches TV and wants it easy. If it isn’t over in a half-hour, it’s not worth doing. I got bored, so Russia is losing! QED.

    Dr D Rich

    War crime as qualification or Fallujah for General Glynn.

    Glynn et al held siege to Fallujah multiple times AND target children in that city for collective punishment, but yeah, this about “serve” and “mitigate”:

    “before that served in Fallujah, Iraq during some of the most vicious house-to-house fighting following the 2003 US invasion. Glynn will reportedly advise Israeli forces on “how to mitigate civilian casualties in urban warfare,”

    Perhaps Dr. D can loosely opine on Dwight Eisenhower making his way into combat or Harm’s Way for the first time. Oops, that is the USS Dwight David Eisenhower


    whenever I see some crazy dangerous snake like that Iranian beast I stop and marvel that my humble 10 acres in which I live is crawling with the world’s second most venomous and by far most dangerous snake.
    We saw 6 at home last year – 2 choked themselves by trying to crawl through bird netting.
    Eastern brown snakes are very fast-moving; Australian naturalist David Fleay reported that the snake could outpace a person running at full speed.
    Although Australians die in far smaller numbers than peoples of India and Africa from snake bite – the reason is much smaller population and far far less people living on the land, but I live on the land so I don’t mess with those guys. We got a hospital close so I think the 15 minutes averge time before real problems arise chills me out abit. Still I hear grass move and my whole body goes still and very present. Yes it is snake season now and I must wait till May till they do there 120 days of rest before I can not think about them.
    I don’t have grissly bears though.


    Oh and for those who have time and are thus inclined you can click the link and locate how to watch a new movie (premiered in my home town last week) about David Holmgren’s reading landscapes. Pretty nice time to spend with a man and others who are deep in country and landscape connection.

    My ex business partner and close friend Dan Palmer – who sadly died a year ago, was behind the movie that was finished posthumously.

    Oh and hello lurkers – I know you guys are out there reading ( I met Beck at the screening who asked if I was Oxy ffs). I salute the lurkers and the quiet participants and apologise for being an over sharer but hey, I is what I is.
    Laters Homies

    PS reminds me to give a winkety wink to bosco should you still be out there the wolf you are….

    The Markster

    Marine video: I have had just about enough of the endless parade of these militaristic, exceptionalist jock morons not wanting to be bothered with “policies and this and that”, after having made a living from illegally occupying a sovereign nation for the purpose of destabilizing a sovereign nation and looting their oil. Full speed ahead with the USS Projection and Blind Eye. Will their coming home to defend this country from all the invaders Team Obama has willingly let in for god-knows-what reason actually solve anything, or will it just brutalize the domestic population here in the same way that the Iraqis, Syrians, etc. etc. were brutalized broad?

    And Kunstler is a peach but has his holy days all wrong. Halloween is not the same as All Saints Day. There is the eve of All Saints (10/31), followed by All Saints Day (11/1), followed again by All Souls Day (11/2), and only the latter two are traditionally celebrated and observed by the Christian faithful. Halloween is a just another tricked-out marketing exercise for the sugar and plastic yard ornament industries, beloved of the dying imperial matrix.

    Death and terror: now there’s something the US Consumer-citizen can get behind with both hands. And if you think otherwise out loud a few years from now, some jock moron marine may show up at your door with a little treat to put you back in line.


    Look up. Look at the big picture
    Life, Death, Conservation of Energy
    Israel-Middle East War/Peace
    NATO/USA/Ukraine-Russia War
    There are new weapons systems and capabilities that are being revealed by Russia, that are sending WWII armament into museums, (if they still exist after WWIII).

    Control of Communication/EMF Spectrum reveals secrets of war preparation/activities.

    Conservation of energy applies to budgets, leverages, relocation/building of assets

    • US Treasury Deficit Doubles as Biden Bankrolls Foreign Conflicts (Tweedie)
    Elitist academia analyze Democracy.

    • More Americans Are Rejecting the Constitution and Embracing Violence (Turley)

    Total human population is still increasing.
    Civilization is not doing a good job of increasing death/depopulation of humans.

    The Markster

    Err, uhh

    Kunstler equated the Day of the Dead and All Saints Day, not Halloween and All Saints Day. Still incorrect, the Day of the Dead being the same as All Souls Day, both of which are not Halloween. Brother Francesco keeps trying to teach me humility and silence, but unfortunately mouthy indignation keeps popping through. But then again I have known since about the fourth grade that my mouth will get me in serious trouble one day, but for whatever reason that usually fails to stop the behavior.

    Thanks to Ilargi et al for this virtual space, and apologies to kunstler for the initially inaccurate outburst. ☮️

    Just Some Randomer

    @Markster – yeah it’s incredible that the guy never even considers that maybe, just maybe, the locals don’t like him because he’s a member of a military force that has no business being in their country, blowing stuff up and generally acting like colonial overlords.

    Hypothetically, how popular/safe would a member of the Chinese military be strolling about the streets of Dallas following a Chinese occupation of Texas to ‘Protect innocent Texans from the depredations of the despotic regime in Washington’ (i.e. ensure the safety of the oil flows Beijing depends on)? Not very, would be my assessment.

    And if Americans would do that to foreigners in their own country – well imagine what they would do if they were ever let loose on the rest of the world! Why it hardly bears thinking about.


    Do you ever ask yourself?
    “What’s in it for me?”
    Do you wonder if anyone else does?
    Can you define?
    “Our strategic interests”

    love is in the air!
    “be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box” -Woodstock 1969, Country Joe and the Fish
    what’s in it for you? 1 2 3 …..I Feel Like I’m Fixin to Die Rag….”Well, come on all of you, big strong men….”
    dramamine please, straight up

    Our Bill of Rights precludes the possibility of democracy, by design, the majority has the duty to protect the rights of minorities. How did Stalin phrase it? “…….who counts the votes.”
    Want to know you can be sure you are in conversation with a Federalist? Listen for “Strict Construction” or “Original Intent”. Those phrases describe The Constitution of The United States of America as it first left Philadelpia sans the bill of rights. Original Intent indeed. Where is Burr or a Populist when needed?

    John Day

    Thanks for the snake-information and rec. for the Holmgren video, Oxymoron. It is in my inbox, but that’s a long time to watch something. I have studied the analysis of water flows and accumulation inder the ground.
    “Holmgren’s alright with me”


    Re. top post article Oct. 23.

    The Joint ‘W’ statement emphasising the right of Isr. to defend itself against terrorism, and urging it to adhere to int’l law (what a joke), calling for the release of hostages (in fact a minor point, a few hostages in a situation of mass bombing, killing, is trivial .. and Isr. has even refused to accept the return of some hostages – according to some news – the fog of war, so idk..)

    As for celebrating the entry of some humanit. aid into Gaza, 10, 20 – 100 or 1000 trucks are completely irrelevant.

    2 + million ppl corrralled into a territory where needed inputs, water, food, fuel, all other supplies, are controlled by an outside power who cuts it off, will not be affected at all by the delivery of some baskets of cake mixes, canned tomatoes, corn, beans, band-aids, clothes, diapers, anti-biotics, etc. Cookies come to mind.

    Plus. Under bombing, transport can’t be implemented, rubble? Displaced ppl, ppl hiding, seeking shelter, seeking to escape, can’t cook up cake-mixes, right? Children with a leg blasted off don’t need antibiotics if the hopital can’t take them in and treat them…etc.

    Guardian 21 Oct. 2023:

    The Israeli government has demanded to see proof that the aid deliveries are not seized or diverted by Hamas, before authorising further deliveries. A UN official said on Saturday that “verification procedures are still under discussion.”

    USuk + Canada, 3 of the 5 eyes, rightio. The 3 ‘main’ countries of the European Union, France, Germany and Italy, are supporting Israel as lackey bowing down to the US. Not news, how to illustrate, explain, long story.

    John Day

    OK, Oxymoron, I watched “Reading Landscapes” with David Holmgren.
    It’s an invitation, not so much of a tutorial.
    Pleasant, of course. I read his Permaculture book about a decade ago and made some swales.
    He got a place with a lot of transition zones, that was short-term trashed and undervalued.
    Destiny, it seems.


    • US Fears Israel Has No ‘Clear’ Plan For Gaza Invasion – NYT

    Give me a fucking break.

    Here, correction

    • Europe Fears US Has No ‘Clear’ Plan For Ukrainian Project– NYT (RT)


    Marine and back to Vietnam-

    That dumbfuck Marine in Iraq today- completely denies and omits that he is in Iraq as a combatant, against international law- he is a war criminal. He negates the fact that his Regime, which he is serving has killed millions of Iraqis for decades. That the US scum Regime initiated a chemical war against Iran, supported, armed and funded Saddam (who the same Regime later called Hitler).

    The US Regime has been murdering. lying, destroying, stealing and lets not forget TORTURING Iraqis for over 5 decades. For OVER five decades the US Regime has been killing and destabilizing Iraq- and this Regime cocksucking American Marine moron has the retarded temerity to ignore ALL of it while he gets a paycheck from his paymaster? What a pos asshole.

    Here is a very famous interview on what a US soldier realized while in Vietnam as an aggressor- Soldier/ citizens do have an moral obligation to the Constitution and Moral decency.


    Gestapo Thugs Now Come To Your Home in UK If You Criticize Israel

    UKtardistan have become the nazis their grandfathers fought and died to defeat. Spit on their graves oh Britannia!

    Well Played



    Normal sight in the Empire of Lies

    Guess which city this is in and Win a Prize!

    What a pitiful sack of poop Duh’merica has descended into

    Luckily if you can get the key or have chain cutters so you can steal it, you can wash some of the poop off!


    Low Tech meets Hi Tech

    Russians using shotguns to destroy Ukronazi drones.

    Quite effective up to 100 meters


    Israeli Soldier Heckles Netanyahu – “You Ruined the Country!”

    Officer has to push him back

    Not everyone is on board with BiBi

    John Day

    Rumor that Putin had “cardiac arrest with arching and convulsions” Sunday night in his bedroom. Security heard him fall and came right in. Convulsions and arching are symptoms of a grand-mal seizure, not a cardiac-arrest.


    Another back to the Past..

    A disastrous dead end: the Geneva Accord.

    quote (…) Because of the Oslo process, the basis for a viable and minimally fair two-state solution has been completely destroyed. The Israeli “peace camp” and the Palestinian leadership ought to have learned from the calamities they helped bring about and changed their ways. The so-called “Geneva Accord,” an informal agreement prepared by Israelis, led by former Labor Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and other Oslo-era luminaries, and Palestinians close to Yasser Arafat, demonstrates a determination to repeat the tragic errors of the past. (…)

    Electronic Intifada, Oct. 2003.

    Imho. A 2-state solution was never viable or even serioiusly envisaged by any of the PTB, it was used as sound-sweet fig-leaf in various pol discourses.


    Defence Minister Bill Blair speaks with reporters as he makes his way to cabinet, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023 in Ottawa. Blair says Hamas is a terrorist organization that is a threat to the whole world and must be eliminated. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld.

    Does eliminate mean killing?
    Who will do the killing?
    How will the killing be done?
    Will there be accidental killing of non-terrorists?
    How many People are Amas? 50,000, 150,00?
    What will be done with the widows and children of those that you eliminate?


    “Edwardteach” over at Denninger’s comments offers this extraordinary video from a South African actuary.
    You’ve heard it all before, but it’s well-presented and very “pass-on-able”.

    John Day

    Blaming Dead Civilians

    “Help-terrorists” by staying at home and doing nothing!
    Israel to Consider Civilians ‘Terrorist Accomplices’ If They Stay in North Gaza
    Israel has ordered the evacuation of Al-Quds hospital, which is housing more than 400 patients and 12,000 displaced civilians

    Israel to Consider Civilians ‘Terrorist Accomplices’ If They Stay in North Gaza

    Israeli think tank lays out a blueprint for the complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza
    An Israeli think tank with ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a report on October 17 promoting the “unique and rare opportunity” for the “relocation and final settlement of the entire Gaza population.”

    Israeli think tank lays out a blueprint for the complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza

    ​ Washington wants Israel to delay its ground offensive into the Gaza Strip in order to buy time for talks on hostages and to allow more humanitarian aid into the territory, unnamed US sources were quoted as saying by an American newspaper.—report-1114417909.html

    ​In the rubble of Gaza City, with underground tunnels, the defenders would have some advantage, and might take half as many casualties as attackers, except the attackers have tanks, armored bulldozers and helicopter-gunships. What if those become targets? The main factor in this battle would become the will of the fighters, “fire in the belly”.
    ​ Hamas has released a video confirming the information that has been circulating for some time and they said that large stocks of American and generally NATO weapons that had been delivered to Ukraine are in… Gaza!
    ​ In the video, Hamas shows that it has a large quantity of AT4 and NLAW anti-tank missiles and rockets for use against the Israeli Army’s Merkava III/IV/IVM main battle tanks in Gaza.​..
    ​..They talked about, M4, various types of anti-tanks such as Javelin up to MANPADS Stinger and others.

    John Day

    ​ Reports are flooding-in this morning claiming HAMAS shot-down an Israeli military helicopter over the Gaza Strip, killing fifty (50) soldiers on board.
    Imagery (above) showing a downed Israeli army’s CH-53 Stallion (Yasur) Helicopter, which was reportedly destroyed by Hamas with a guided rocket, on fire in a field, seems to corroborate these claims.

    ​ The sudden change of ​US warfighting plans in defence of Israel, disclosed on Saturday by General Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, reveals the trap which Russia, China, and Iran have opened, and the desperate measures the US has taken as it falls in.
    ​ Austin announced that he has “redirected the movement of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group to the Central Command area of responsibility. ​ This carrier strike group is in addition to the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, which is currently operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It will further increase our force posture and strengthen our capabilities and ability to respond to a range of contingencies.”
    ​ “I have also activated the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery as well as additional Patriot battalions to locations throughout the region to increase force protection for U.S. forces.”​…​
    ..Sailing in the eastern Mediterranean would have put the strike group to the west of Israel. But that plan changed after a week in which U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq came under fire from Iran-backed militias, and a U.S. Navy ship in the Red Sea downed missiles launched from Yemen…
    ​..On Saturday, Austin said in a statement the strike group will now go to the ‘Central Command area of responsibility.’ Central Command covers a vast amount of Middle East territory, including the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.”
    ​ The purpose of “these steps,” Austin said, is to “bolster regional deterrence efforts, increase force protection for U.S. forces in the region, and assist in the defense of Israel.”​… ​..But Austin’s rush to change the sailing orders for the Eisenhower and fly THAADs and Patriots to US bases in the Arab territories reveals he’s short of time too. This is because the entire portfolio of US air defence systems is being defeated. The Russian Kinzhal has defeated the US Patriot batteries around Kiev; the Hamas swarms of drones and rockets defeated Israel’s Iron Dome on October 7. THAAD has been tested in combat once, against a Houthi missile, rocket and drone attack against Abu Dhabi targets in January 2022. “Several were intercepted, a few of them [weren’t].”
    ​ The USS Carney’s firing against Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea has exposed how vulnerable that southern line of attack against Israel would be if the Houthis try swarming instead of testing their ordnance, as they did against the Carney.​..
    ​..Tongue-biting and stammering are clinical symptoms of the mind which knows what to say but has difficulty getting it out; this usually causes loss of self-esteem. When General Austin is speaking like this, it signals the mind doesn’t know what to say, and is desperate for self-esteem.
    ​ Austin also signalled that the Pentagon is preparing rapid deployment forces for evacuation of air and ground base soldiers and airmen in Jordan, Syria and Iraq if they are swarmed by protesters. “I have placed,” Austin said, “an additional number of forces on prepare-to-deploy orders as part of prudent contingency​ planning”…
    ​..According to this source, the anti-air and land target capabilities of the DC-10 missile arming the Chinese Navy’s Type-052D destroyer now in the Persian Gulf “poses a number of security challenges for the United States. The DH-10 has a low flight altitude that increases its stealth capabilities against the air defense radars. The DH-10 can also be updated during its flight with new targeting data, allowing it to change targets. The stealth capabilities employed by the DH-10 allow it to confuse or outmaneuver the radars and defenses around ships in the region.” ​…
    ​..“Hanging out with or near Israel just became very dangerous,” according to a US military source familiar with the situation. “I think the Houthi firing, trap or not, scared the shit out of them [Pentagon]. The number of drones and missiles the Carney ‘shot down’ keeps going up. It’s not just the missiles they are worried about. Iranian drone technology, and their capacity to get them into the hands of their allies, must be causing alarm. What scares them about the Chinese task force is the range of its cruise missiles as well as its capacity to link up with Iranian and (I assume) Russian air defence radar and targeting networks. They’ve all been practicing together.”
    ​ “Every American and allied base in the region is now under a joint, mutually supportive, Russian, Iranian and Chinese umbrella. In short, a trap.”


    ​ (bluffing) Blinken Warns UN Of “Decisive” Action If Iran Proxies Attack Americans; Carrier Strike Groups On Alert​ (Houthis already fired missiles, so what?)
    ​ Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday delivered a stern warning to Iran before a UN Security council meeting, saying the US is prepared to respond “decisively” if Tehran or its proxies launch attacks on Americans in the Middle East.
    ​ Not only does the Pentagon still have thousands of troops and assets in Iraq, long under the domination of Shia paramilitary influence, but it has up to a thousand or so troops occupying broad oil and gas regions of eastern Syria. Missile and drone attacks on Pentagon outposts in Syria and Iraq have been rising in the last days. But the real concern is on Israel’s northern border, where Hezbollah has launched multiple guided missile and anti-tank attacks on Israel border posts, including on Tuesday.
    ​ “The United States does not seek conflict with Iran,” Blinken told the UNSC “We do not want this war to widen. But if Iran or its proxies attack US personnel anywhere, make no mistake: We will defend our people, we will defend our security, swiftly and decisively.”

    ​Hear it yet? The Penny Drops – The World Is Multi-Polar , Moon of Alabama
    In 2007, during his famous speech in Munich, the Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to the inevitable rise of a multipolar world…
    ..That question, to me, seems to miss what multilateralism really means. It does not mean unilateralism with a different country in the lead. It means a somewhat democratic UN system, with an expanded Security Council that includes the large population countries of each continent.
    ​ It means to follow international law.
    Will the U.S. come back into that system? Or does it need a global war to decide the outcome?

    ​ Special Ops Marine 3-Star General Is Advising Israeli Army On Gaza Offensive​
    (Israel is already using white phosphorus​ bombs in residential areas, and ​carpet-bombing them, just like the US did in Fallujah. There must be f​iner points, too, I suppose.)
    ​ Given that among the over 200 hostages held by Hamas, there are American captives, the stakes are high for Washington. The prisoners are said to be scattered around Gaza, and possibly underground in tunnels, making any kind of commando rescue attempt scenario basically impossible.
    ​ On Sunday, an Israeli ground unit with bulldozers and a tank briefly went into Gaza, but it resulted in reportedly the tank destroyed and an IDF troop death, with others injured.
    ​ Given this level of operational/mission complexity and sensitivity, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. James Glynn was sent to assist the Israeli military, Axios specified. Previously he had headed all Marine special operations, and ran counter-ISIS missions in the Middle East

    John Day

    Macron Wants Anti-ISIS Coalition To Fight Hamas, But Presses Bibi For “Clarity About Endgame”
    French President Emmanuel Macron has traveled to Israel Tuesday, the latest Western leader to do so, where he’s meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top officials in what’s scheduled as a two-day trip. He’s met with families of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack as well.
    He arrived in Tel Aviv just after Gaza’s health ministry announced that deaths from Israeli airstrikes have soared past 5,000 killed. Just in the last 24 hours, officials said that 704 Palestinians have been killed. Additionally the ministry has warned that hospitals and medical centers are shutting down at rapid pace, with lack of resources including fuel and electricity.
    Macron, while meeting Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Tuesday, conveyed that the release of the over 220 hostages held in Gaza should be the “first objective” of Israel and its allies. Macron appears to be backing Biden’s appeal for Israel to stall the ground invasion in order to provide more time for negotiations. So far, four women have been released from Hamas captivity, including two Americans from Chicago.
    ​ But Macron has also made headlines in proposing that France help provide a military solution. He has offered that France’s counter-ISIS forces be utilized for anti-Hamas action. He said his country stands ready “to beef up what we are doing in the coalition against ISIS. We are available to include Hamas in the coalition against ISIS depending on what Israel will ask us to deliver.”
    ​ Macron said at a press conference alongside Netanyahu that terrorism is “our common enemy”. Referencing the Islamic State, he explained, “France is ready for the international coalition against Daesh in which we are taking part for operations in Iraq and Syria to also fight against Hamas.”

    ​ Israel-Palestine war: Israeli officials ‘unhappy’ with released woman’s description of captivity​ (They keep having this problem with former hostages.)
    Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, who was released by Hamas fighters, said she was beaten when abducted but later treated ‘gently’
    ​ Israeli officials are reportedly unhappy with an interview given by an elderly former captive of Hamas in Gaza because she had not been well prepared for the statement.
    In a press meeting on Tuesday, 85-year-old Yocheved Lifshitz, an Israeli captive released from Gaza on Monday evening, said she was beaten on 7 October, the day Palestinian fighters stormed southern Israel, but later treated “gently”.
    ​ Sources told Israel’s state-owned Kan News that the interview was a “mistake”, adding that a “preliminary meeting” may not have been held with Lifshitz prior to her press statement and that if one had been held, not “all questions” to do with the preparation were asked.

    ​Yochaved Lifshitz : “Each of the five hostages in her group received their own doctor and there was a paramedic present who supervised medication, she said.
    “They were very generous to us, very kind. They kept us clean,” Lifshitz said. “They took care of every detail. There are a lot of women and they know about feminine hygiene and they took care of everything there.”
    Lifshitz also accused the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet intelligence service of not taking threats from Hamas “seriously” and said the costly Gaza border fence erected by Israel had done nothing to protect her community from Hamas’ attack.
    “The lack of awareness by Shin Bet and the IDF hurt us a lot,” she stressed. “They warned us three weeks beforehand, they burned fields, they sent fire balloons and the IDF did not treat it seriously,” she continued.

    Russia condemns Hamas attack but says Israel provoked it
    Peace requires honesty, Moscow’s deputy envoy to the UN has said

    John Day

    Ukraine War grinds away: The Russians Have Broken Through The Front In Several Directions. Military Summary For 2023.10.24

    German MP announces formation of new anti-war party
    ​ Prominent Left Party politician Sahra Wagenknecht claims the current German government is the worst on record
    ​ A fresh poll commissioned by Bild am Sonntag indicated that some 27% of Germans would not rule out voting for Wagenknecht’s new political force.
    Until the party’s official formation at the start of 2024, Wagenknecht and nine other Bundestag colleagues who resigned from the Left Party said they wished to keep their current seats. Party leadership has, however, already indicated that the defectors could lose their mandates much earlier.

    Pro-neutrality party wins Swiss election
    The Swiss People’s Party, which is also known for its anti-immigration stance, won 28.6% of the vote in Sunday’s general election

    Pakistan’s Imran Khan could face the death sentence in trial over revealing state secrets​ ​(But they say he lied about what was in the paper he waved and nobody saw.)​ The case is related to Khan’s speech and waving of a confidential diplomatic letter at a rally after his ouster in a no-confidence vote in parliament in 2022. The document — dubbed Cipher — has not been made public by either the government or Khan’s lawyers but was apparently diplomatic correspondence between the Pakistani ambassador to Washington and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.
    ​ At the time, Khan held up the alleged letter, claiming it was proof that he was being threatened and that his ouster was a U.S. conspiracy, allegedly executed by the military and the government in Pakistan. Washington and Pakistani officials have denied the claim.​..
    ​..The hearings will take place before a special court behind closed doors at the Adiyala Prison, where Khan is being held. Khan’s lawyers have objected to the closed-door trial.

    John Day

    ​ NewsGuard, a company which claims to rate media outlets’ level of ‘trustworthiness’ and therefore has a meaningful influence over ad revenue, has been sued along with the Biden administration by Consortium News, which also named the Pentagon’s Cyber Command for “contracting with NewsGuard to identify, report and abridge the speech of American media organizations that dissent from U.S. official positions on foreign policy.”

    ​This is a clear and concise explanation of the punji-pits in the proposed WHO treaty revision.
    Analysis of the October 2023 Negotiating Text of the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty/Agreement​ , Meryl Nass MD
    This version of the Treaty is very similar to the June 2 version, but I felt an updated analysis was needed before the hearing on the WHO tomorrow

    ​ We have been eating small amounts of quinoa instead of rice recently. It is higher in protein, has complete protein, lower in carbohydrate, higher in healthful oils, including some omega-3 fatty acids. Quinoa is not a grass seed like rice, corn and wheat, but related to spinach. I’m going to try growing some next year.

    Quinoa vs. rice nutrition

    Health Benefits of Quinoa + Nutrition Profile

    6 Health Benefits of Quinoa + Nutrition Profile

    Red Head Quinoa
    110 days. Large, showy red/pink seed heads that stood out in our 2017 quinoa trial. Sturdy, high yielding strain with edible white seeds. Normally thriving in arid climates, Frank Morton has selected his strain for its ability to tolerate humidity without seed sprouting in the head, a critical trait for growing here in the Midwest.
    Red Head Quinoa

    Michael Reid

    This video clearly articulated the destructive life present here in west

    Woke & broke? David Kurten, leader of the Heritage Party

    The great Irish playwright Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and ostracized for being gay, and for ridiculing Victorian morality, but had he lived today, he may have gotten into even bigger trouble with his progressive views. Why is it so important to be earnest or dead serious in today’s Britain, and what are the costs of imposing new ethics? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by David Kurten, a British politician and the leader of the Heritage Party.


    Thanks for the link my parents. So much top down lying it is hard for trusting types to comprehend.


    My lifestyle is sweet and I want to protect it.
    As long as my leaders comply
    To do what it takes- I’m not going to reject it-
    Though somebody else has to die.

    My paycheck is juicy; I’ve got lots of friends
    (Though they seem a bit sickly of late).
    As long as it’s somebody else it upends,
    I don’t mind the uptick in hate.

    So leave me alone and I won’t interfere-
    I’m sure that they know what they’re doing.
    Let others take care of the things that I fear.
    Who cares if a world war is brewing?


    I know so many people who feel the way my wry poem expresses. I think “The Great Taking” will wake them up more than the reinstatement of the draft.
    After all, they thought it was sweet that their kids injected their grandkids…show you love Gramma, and all that.

    John Day

    Good link and good thoughts, MPSK.


    I gotta admit I love seeing German Uber tanks wasted on the steppes, it never gets tiring.

    Here an FVP Russian drone follows a Leopard 2 across a field while it’s firing three times in motion.

    Then the drone gets a near perfect hit to the turret.

    Instant cookoff!

    No one seems to get out it’s that spectacular.



    Pedo Jo-Joe, the Goat Fucker

    His very existence is a massive humiliation to Duh’merica and it’s Constitution.

    Pedo Jo-Joe has pissed on Duh’merica’s shoe and told it’s many, many, many Sheeple:

    “Come on man, it’s just rain!”

    Leader of the Free World

    Flogging his mount to higher highs


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