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    Veracious Poet


    I gotta admit I love seeing German Uber tanks wasted on the steppes, it never gets tiring.

    Here an FVP Russian drone follows a Leopard 2 across a field while it’s firing three times in motion.

    Then the drone gets a near perfect hit to the turret.

    Instant cookoff!

    No one seems to get out it’s that spectacular.


    When O’ When Will The Sadism Ever End… 😐



    How would the Jews behave differently if they were the devil’s chosen ones? Can’t see the difference.


    I’ve heard it said that organized religion is human’s attempt to describe how the Universe works

    All organized religion’s attempts are deeply flawed and inconsistent on many levels

    Take Christians



    Carlson then asks: “So what would war with Iran mean? Well, it’s hard to know because virtually no one who’s talking about it in public is operating from a deep interest in America’s interest. Is this good for us, or is it not?”

    Carlson wondering whether the Jews are acting in America’s best interest. Tucker is awake, he knows the answer, can he wake up the rest of the USA?


    US officials have expressed concerns that Israel has no workable plan for sending ground forces into Gaza, and are questioning whether the IDF can achieve its goal of annihilating the Hamas militant group without the right preparations, according to the New York Times.

    We all know the Israelis want to remove the Palestinians from Israel, they have always wanted that and it’s achievement would turn Netanyahu into a saint. The question of how to do it has been the issue ever since the land was first stolen from its owners. Basically, there is no change, they would have wiped out Gaza years ago if they had a military force capable of such genocide.

    The Israeli robbers have the title holders locked up in the kitchen while they use the rest of the house; how to get them out of the kitchen without the occupiers killing them or escaping to return another day.


    Speaking of Carter-

    What do these Men have in common besides Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia?

    Carter- Peanut farmer / 1976-1981
    Regan- Actor (Bush.cia)
    Bush- CIA
    Clinton- Pedophile
    Bushrub- Idiot child of
    Obama- Hope changing faggot Cia ?
    Trump- Actor Reality TV casino owner
    Biden- Pedophile thief / 2023

    47 combined years of murder and deceit in the Mid East.
    All Zionist Jew ‘supporters’


    The Biden team is insulting what’s left of the intelligence of the American people.
    What is left? Just as morally and financially bankrupt as their Regime.

    Kunstler great read for Halloween fantasy Murica.
    Shotguns for the droning win !

    Rumor that Putin…

    John why post tabloid gossip without a disclaimer or context ? I realize Western trained Doctors are not critical wholistic thinkers- vs systemic conditioned meat slab pharma idealogues- as Biden would say- ‘c’mon man’. Why reinforce the narrative ?

    The Biden team is insulting what’s left of the intelligence of the American people.

    Rumors- Second Hand “News”

    Now here you go again
    You say you want your freedom
    Well, who am I to keep you down?
    It’s only right that you should
    Play the way you feel it
    But listen carefully to the sound
    Of your loneliness

    Like a heartbeat… drives you mad
    In the stillness of remembering what you had
    And what you lost…
    And what you had…
    And what you lost

    John Day

    @citizenX: “Why post tabloid gossip?”
    Sometimes that’s the only source available.
    In SIGINT (signals intelligence), you look at everything, weigh it, see if it is rational/plausible or not, and consider the source and what the motives of the source are likely to be.
    I took a year of “Intelligence and National Security” in college in 1981-1982.
    Interesting stuff, taught by a guy who had “worked at the American embassy in Moscow”, but wouldn’t say who for.

    Mr. House

    This comment is for anyone from Naked Capitalism that reads the automatic earth and its comments. This was posted at naked capitalism but it will be deleted:

    Representative clients include:

    American Express
    Bankers Trust
    Dresdner Bank
    Industrial Bank of Japan
    Lehman Brothers
    McKinsey & Company
    The New Republic
    Soros Fund Management
    Swiss Bank
    Tech Pacific Australia
    The Weather Channel

    In addition to serving well-recognized concerns, we have also worked on behalf of Forbes 400 families, mid-sized investment firms, boutique investment banks, and substantial individuals.

    Yep those sound like the credentials of someone looking out for the little guy! You’re being had, she is the deep state.

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