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    Fan Ho Obsession 1964   • Who Will Be There To Buy When Everyone Wants To Sell? – Howard Marks (FuW) • The Pricing of Risk is Kaput (WS) • Art Ca
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    V. Arnold

    Is Fan Ho Vietnamese; in Vietnam?
    I can’t, for the life of me, think of anything to add to what I’ve said, many times, in previous posts…
    Maybe this: Guard you mental health with diligence, distill the facts; just the facts; ignore propaganda at every opportunity…

    Dr. Diablo

    What’s not working for Keen is exactly that there is no risk, no pricing, and no markets. That means by definition the markets and their economies are run by Soviet-style Central Planning and Central Control.

    When that happens, anything you say about “markets”, “economies”, “capitalism” or “prediction” goes right out the window. There is now only raw power and force of will, and its opposition, people who would restore markets, pricing, and economic reality. They are mutually exclusive. It’s the sum total power of men vs mathematics and nature. Whoever would return truth and economic reality would crash all markets, break the economic dictatorship, and must be destroyed.

    V. Arnold

    ^ Above; answered my own question with click or two; Fan Ho is/was a well known Chinese photagrapher.
    Died June 19, 2016 (aged 84), rip…

    V. Arnold

    Who ever would return truth and economic reality would crash all markets, break the economic dictatorship, and must be destroyed.

    Wow, my thoughts exactly.
    I see it as one of the major reasons nothing will change…


    “So we’re actually mistaking the shortage of the easiest thing in the world to create, which is money, for a shortage of the physical resources we’re trying to create, which you need money in the first place to make.”–Steve Keen (~18:35 in the video)

    That’s a lie. Money isn’t *required* to make anything.

    See? Everyone’s lying, V. Arnold.


    It’s the “skimming and scamming economy.” Where the only profits to be made are from extracting a percentage for doing little or nothing.

    Thanks for remembering Tom Petty, some of the little decent rock music from the 80’s.

    V. Arnold

    Many, times many, are lying, yes.
    Okay; I was a coppersmith in the U.S. (true); I needed copper sheet and bar to make my wares. Without money I can’t buy my raw product. Hammers, stakes, and anvils; I also had to have. No money, no tickee…
    So, your point is?

    John Day

    Last 3 days of blog stories and comments are excellent ll around.
    Bicycle-helmets off to all participants.
    Gotta’ go dig up sweet potatoes and pull weeds.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    If it isn’t grown, it’s mined. Then you have something with which to manufacture.

    “Money isn’t *required* to make anything.” -SteveB

    – True, if you’re vertically integrated and 100% self-sufficient (I’m thinking of undiscovered tribes in the Amazon).

    – True, if all labor is slave labor.

    -True, if barter doesn’t qualify as “money.”

    – True, if distributed ledger technology “coin” doesn’t qualify as “money.”

    The struggles between socialism (all forms), capitalism (all forms), and caste systems (all forms) are “soon” coming to a close due to worldwide deflationary collapse. Those systems all require money. Thus, the Cabal is already well underway preparing for a wholesale return to slavery (technocracy).

    The Cabal will fail. Distributed ledger technologies — outside the current systems — will prevail. It’s a struggle between permanent tyranny and permanent freedom. So, here’s a riddle. What does John McAfee’s prediction for the price of Bitcoin have in common with Ilargi’s prediction for deflationary collapse? Hint: “soon” is a relative term. (Wincing while I laugh.)

    Diogenes Shrugged

    All choked up. It never used to occur to me that I might outlive these guys.

    Now that it’s commercially available, I’m contemplating taking C60.
    Anybody else here struggling with that? Not the sort of question one should answer quickly, IMO.


    Diogones Shrugged, it’s true unconditionally. Believing otherwise is just a belief and where the lies come in.

    V. Arnold, my point is the logical extension of Keen’s commentary in the video about humans being belief systems (metaphorically speaking, of course). It also fits with his comment about physicists finding economists frustrating, except that it extends to our entire culture, which is based on exchange belief. Exchange (not even barter, DS) isn’t required. I can’t convince you of that; you’ll have to determine it for yourself if you’re able and care to.

    Dr. Diablo

    I was walking down the street the other day
    A woman stopped me
    She said: “Why are you looking so down in the mouth?”
    And I told her:

    This is a burnt out town
    New Emperor, same clothes,
    And the Mayor is cooking the books
    while the filthy money flows.

    This is a burnt out town
    Is full of dirty looks
    Now even my best friends are turning into crooks

    This is a burnt out town
    It’s going down but no one knows.
    And here I am, stealing gas with a garden hose. –Tom Petty (roughly)

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