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    John Day

    @zerosum: You posted it too, but I didn’t notice until I read it and thanked DBS.

    This is most provocative on the part of the US, shortly before November 8 erections.
    Russians presumably have a better idea of exactly who made this decision, and will serve revenge cold to that entity or group of “deciders”, who are bound to have “interests”.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alistair Crooke latest screed, … it all about “America’s liberal-élite enunciation of their global hegemony (defined as ‘our democracy’)”

    Tearing Down the Pantheon of Western Founders and Heroes

    Tearing Down the Pantheon of Western Founders and Heroes



    “On his telegram channel, Ramzan Kadyrov absolutely accused General Lapin, the General Staff of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for losing Lyman.”
    Do you notice that everybody cops the blame but Putin? How come the commander in chief is above criticism?
    If you want to know who has the power over you , find out who you can’t criticise.


    Are there more explosions in the pipeline? Most likely yes. Now Russia will be justified to strike at other EU supply lines. Asymmetrical warfare and nukes are about all they have at the moment.


    What if they printed euros on 12x4x1 inch pieces of wood…?



    More signs of troubles, infighting and scapegoating.

    Lapin, who was recently awarded several medals by Putin himself for taking Severodonetsk, was replaced by Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov.

    Prigozhin has also been publicly critical which tends to signal that Putin no longer controls relationships between subjects of power.

    As far as the peeps go.

    Polling suggests that support for the war has fallen sharply. The latest shows that from 48% of Russians wanting the war to continue in August now only 29% are determined about pressing on. Another 15% are lukewarm and 48% want peace.

    That was per the Economist mag (grain o salt) but is somewhat supported by Ozon (Russian Amazon) stats that Z-merchandise dropped 8% of price last week and additional 70% this week.

    Kashevarova has 144k followers on telegram and posted the following rant a few days ago.



    We have something in common!
    Both of us have 26 year old sons!
    Both sons like their phones!


    I guess we will know by the end of the month.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)
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