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    Kazimir Malevich Woman torso 1932   • The Dark Continent: How ‘Green’ Power Insanity Will Black Out Europe (TCW) • Europe: How to Become Poor Pea
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    ‘Hopefully, Russia will not stop sending gas to Europe using the existing pipelines. Then, a strong push toward renewable energy may help Europeans a lot.’

    I agree RIM. It rather looks as though Ugo Bardi has lost the plot. or has sold out to the almighty dollar.

    Renewables? Is he talking about burning trees? Or maybe burning dried human dung once the electricity-dependent sewage system stops functioning.

    Everyone reaches a physical peak and a mental peak. Usually the physical peak occurs long before the mental peak. But in the dumbed-down society created by politicians and corporations, some (many) people reach their mental peak at around age 15, and then go into decline.

    Come to think of it, a lot of children reach their physical peak around 6 and go into decline as a consequence of inactivity and ingestion of junk food.

    Maybe Ugo Bardi has been jabbed a few times -pretty sure he would have been- and the toxins in the jabs are starting to take effect.

    Here’s a fellow whose intelligence is usually significantly underestimated.

    (I hate the stupid title but had the link saved before RIM posted a portion.)


    The fog of war is getting foggier. Canadian Prepper continues to provide good information.


    Although from nearly 80 years ago, this is very pertinent to the current situation.

    Dr. D

    That Canadian article, Screenshot: “The Bottom Line: The risk of Armageddon has risen dramatically. Stay bullish on stocks over a 12-month period.”

    This should be framed and put on our tombstone.

    StyxHex, running the numbers on NordStream. Someone wants a significant escalation. Why? Notes It’s meant to prevent any withdrawal from Ukraine and “If anyone other than Germany or Russia blew the pipeline we’d be a few seconds closer to Armageddon.” So okay, it’s “Germany” in quotes, because some faction thereof wants to prevent their own people from protesting for peace. The same people who cannot “Build Back Better” if there is a remaining German middle class. A class whom they have declared worldwide need to “Own nothing.” How else can the EU be fully realized? And, if it’s “Germany” then they’re throwing their weight around as a colonial power, f’ing with the gas of all Europe. Which again, an area and 36 ethnic peoples Germany feels they bought, own, and deserve to control in the 4th Reich.

    Just imagine it was…Portugal. And Germany would stand for this? Italy? Belgium? No. Again, suppose it was London, with the bad blood running between them: you think Germany wouldn’t go ballistic on England’s recklessness, an act of open war on the EU they just rejected? No? They just say, “Thank you sir, may I have another”? “Here take your fishing grounds too”? That leaves only the U.S., which is fine, but not all that very different. NATO’s largest member just attacked Nato’s seventh largest, and perhaps most strategic member? Nobody bats an eye. Really? They blew up German property and stole German money. No interest? Tell me how this could possibly be other than with “German” permission and approval. Because “Germany” is not the people, of course. It’s hardly the government. It’s a group installed over them, interwoven into the EU and NATO.

    How about the UN? As far as I know, the UN isn’t bothered in the slightest, although infrastructure worldwide is at risk that could kill…well…nearly all humans on earth. That shows the UN – that is the people we commonly admit run and direct the UN – heartily approve. They are getting something from it, know who did it, and therefore aren’t worried at all. Commonly speaking, who runs the UN? Davos and like globalists. Not China. Not Russia. Not India. Not the Global south. Not the Deplorables worldwide. Not the Capitalists, i.e. the Industrialists who believe in making things. Heck not even Wall Street. A different sort in Davos/Globalists.

    Odd quote: “[John] Kerry also proposed “repairing it as fast as possible, which is an underwater operation but that’s going to have to happen.” Kerry is currently the Biden Administration’s special envoy for climate policy.”

    Well that’s some whiplash. Especially as next sentence points out that Kerry fabricated evidence for MH17 in order to fabricate a (U.S.) war on Russia. Who gains from the capture and end of Russia? Kansas? Or Belgium?

    Here’s another thought: okay, major nuclear-ready escalation in dropping NS2. BUT. But NS2 only hurts Europe! Really? Think again: the last nuclear-ready escalation ONLY LAST WEEK was 1) non-stop shelling of the next Chernobyl with 2) a Boris-created active attack on BOTH the reactor AND the Inspectors. Did we forget a 400-man special forces false flag attack?

    That is to say: If Europe cares so much about themselves, about Europe, why are they hell-bent for leather to irradiate all of Europe with a dirty bomb out of Zap? They were actively at it for weeks, and again, Europe: nothing. Found out Boris staged it all in England: nothing, total (German) approval. Embarrassment, could have caused the greatest nuclear holocaust in 40 years? Nuttin’. Already memory-holed, total consent.

    It’s only when they couldn’t succeed in BLOWING UP EUROPE with Zap because Russia secured it that “they” moved on to NS2. So, what kind of person are we talking about here? 1) Blows up civilians. 2) Blows up warships 3) Blows up Nuclear plants 4) Blows up civilian infrastructure Europe needs to survive. 5) Isn’t embarrassed an approves, joining the UN, EU, Germany, England, and U.S. in thinking it’s not only ok, it’s FABULOUS.

    So EUROPE likes radiation releases. EUROPE likes to sink battleships that will put 300,000 Russian troops in Berlin. I can understand the United States, what I’m not getting is why EUROPE likes and approves so much. Doesn’t that seem worth looking at? And if they like it so much — and I don’t understand their liking it so much — maybe they like it enough to CAUSE it? I mean, they just did in Zap and Moskva, why not?

    P.S. Boy that sure was psychic of Siemens to know not to repair it. Do they have a Vice President of Prophesy?

    Sorry to harp on this, I think we learn a lot by disassembling it.

    Brennan says Russia dun it? That’s it! Cast-iron proof they’re innocent. As even John Oliver said, but that was before 2016 before the Trump changed the laws of physics and War = Peace, Ignorance = Strength.

    “Renewables are not dispatchable – their output cannot be increased minute to minute to meet a shortage of supply – so from a grid perspective they are unreliable.”

    BESIDES that they have a 1.1:1 energy ratio. We told them this at the time and every day since. Yet they built it all – at a loss – knowing this. WHY? No really: why? It’s not for the “money”; they’d make more money doing something that worked.

    “Europe: How to Become Poor Peasants Again (Ugo Bardi)”

    Who has written billion-dollar papers that if only Europe becomes peasants again, they’ll be happy? Need to be run by a Noble Class that “knows better” what’s good for them.

    And you can do an awful lot more with renewable power: BUT that means you only work when the sun shines and the wind blows, a VERY different culture and practice. You strand bank-breaking infrastructure as useless maybe half the time like the old English windmills did. (Dutch could be said to be “reliable”) Like using canals to move goods, you have to be “Patient”. Wait for the thaw, have grain elevators that store through the canal draining, etc. Maybe that’s good. But it’s different, and resiliency (as they have) is the enemy of efficiency. In the short run, max production will win wars and bury your competitors. Until they reach the red line of efficiency and collapse themselves, taking you with them.

    Can’t we just move slower and with more thought? Roughly speaking, it’s free money that allows these bad ideas to be built too quickly, leaving the old behind before adequate testing, and when they could have gotten more use.

    I see on his chart a motive for killing NS2. The only country that doesn’t have to worry about Russian gas imports is? …Britain.

    RAND: As we many here said we suspected this doc as 50/50 or less from Rand. Also note Rand writes A LOT of docs, not all of which they mean to enact. The idea isn’t false, but let’s float Luongo’s theory that lo! What a coincidence that a (claimed) fake paper blaming the U.S. appears just one week before NS2 commits the crime. Keep it in mind.

    If I can get Jimmy-Bob to visit some bank, then two weeks later, I tell him we’re all robbing that bank, guess who’s now on camera “casing the joint”?

    Against this idea, lambasting the Greens as idiotic, war-mongering patsies would undercut Davos’ continuing use of them.

    1,800 RAND employees? Isn’t that more than Twitter and Instagram combined?

    Big Serge was a good article, not overblown at all. Someone said yesterday the West is ignoring what is a “Completely Practical” war. That is, not one made of drama or PR, but merely doing what must be done in the most efficient way. The map is a listing of UKRAINE, not Russia. Once Ukraine Provoked the “unprovoked” war, they were going to take all in red to make it worth their time. If Ukraine keeps it up, as they probably already have, they will take orange too. If they make it more costly yet, they finally take red and hand blue to Poland.

    That is “Practical”, but it remains to be enacted on the ground. Perhaps they won’t get there, but I don’t see any major blocks yet, including up-ending all geopolitical rules since Westphalia with blowing NS2. Russia remains the “Good Cop” but then battered wives of the Global South still need to stand up and take a frying pan to the “Global West”.

    “Putin has Left no Option but Regime Change.”

    Well, David Rothkopf, I guess you’re joining up to parachute into Moscow? No? You blue-blood types are “too valuable” to leave your latte cups? STFU then. This is why men of no action are a disgrace.

    Oct 25th peace conference? I guess we know when the next “false flag” will happen. …If you can even call it that. We’re at the point where a “false flag” is me punching you in the face, in an empty room, and blaming John Rambo: a fictional character that isn’t there and never existed. Like, mental patient, children under the age of five wouldn’t believe this stuff territory.

    And – will the Western markets have collapsed by then? They’re already down 10,000 points. Europe needed war NOW to hide their voluntary insolvency due to malfeasance and theft. To re-set the global financial structure and BBB.

    Let’s take a guess: “They” of NS2 want a world war. “They” of NS2 want all the world in poverty, hunger, and despair. Outside guess: “They” won’t want to blow and impoverish the U.S. where we might be P.O.d enough to investigate honestly for it. Like what? Attack assets of Exxon, the size of some European countries? Who will be very mad at you? Nope. Next strike is on energy again, and in Europe. They have better control in their own zone.

    “the results from all four territories were clear—by an overwhelming majority [approved]”

    Noting objections to this, these areas voted 80% for Russian candidates through all Ukraine’s history. I would expect the equal and opposite vote in the far West that voted 80% Ukrainian for 30 years. That is, there’s nothing particularly suspect about the referendum. They had “referendum” votes since Ukraine was born, and they all matched the same.

    What you have is two different cultures forced into one nation – a western specialty. That we want to alter borders to their cultural reality and therefore stop the trampling and even murder of 14,000 people a year is considered a bad thing, to the West. Looking at Iraq, Kurdistan, or Michigan.

    “We firmly stand behind the 2008 Bucharest NATO Summit decision concerning Ukraine’s future membership,”

    Great! Did you stand behind the three treaties upholding the present conflict? The 1989 USSR dissolution that prohibited NATO, the Ukrainian independence = non-nuclear neutrality treaty, and the 2014 Minsk Treaty?

    No? Tell me all about how you support “Peace”, and “Treaties” then.

    “Stressing that NATO “has an open door policy,” Stoltenberg said”

    No they very adamantly and specifically do NOT. It’s written right in their charter. They do not have solid borders, and they are in an active war, so they are not eligible. Door closed. …Among other issues.

    “Biden Must Know He’s Losing His Mind (Rice)”

    That’s what makes him the perfect President. Like George Bush, and the late Reagan. We need to realize Presidents haven’t been in charge of anything since Nixon. That’s what Nixon was in trouble for. Look at Trump: gave orders, zero orders were executed. They more or less entirely sidelined and ignored him. So if the elected leader has no effect whatsoever, obviously and publicly, how are we in any way a “Democracy”?

    We’re not, as the College study showed 20 years ago: the will of the people has zero effect on policy. We are run by a hereditary government, doing whatever the like, that is the express enemy of the people. Too strong? Follow the FBI overreach and railroading cases for the last 20 years and tell me what you think. If they didn’t falsely imprison a couple (political) people a month for all of 20 years I’m very much mistaken. Protecting Epstein and Whitey Bulger, and fabricating the most preposterous nonsense against Armstrong and Hatfill. (He created anthrax at home, underwater in a dirty, shallow pond wearing scuba gear??) When exposed, nothing happened. Ever. From then to now. Fabricating evidence is cause for active promotion. Thus Mueller.

    Germany Spends €2.5 Billion on Bivalent Boosters, Nobody Wants Them (Eugyp)”

    “Bivalent” Cool word bro’. It means “The Covid that no longer exists” + “the Covid that is past-tense but won’t hurt you”. I wonder why they can’t get buyers? Because if you have an inoculation against smallpox, the vapours, and bubonic plague I don’t need that either? Again, what do they care? The merger of corporation and state forced my money into Pfizer’s hands, and they got paid 50x their honest value. Late-stage ‘capitalism’ VIOLENCE and extortion is the only profit center left. Like Obamacare.

    Maybe we can just pay them NOT to make the vaccine, save themselves the energy and trouble, and we’ll just pay them for doing NOTHING? It’s more ecological and efficient that way. 100% profit for 0% product. Same thing, why waste valuable natural gas?

    From the funny pages, Joy Reid from MSNBC says Florida looters are all Black. That’s why you’re not allowed to stop them. Uhhh, whut? Racism much?

    Also from MSNBC: “No matter who wins Brazil’s presidential election, Brazilians will be the biggest losers”

    Yeah, Brazilian people: You’re Losers!

    Red, that is a very thorough, accurate rundown of “Theory”. The one thing to add is that the higher, firmer definition of “Theory” is functionally identical to a “Paradigm”. Or roughly equal to “Religion”. That is, a system of thought that provides a hardened structure by which to interpret other facts. Such that you can’t think openly and so easily consider other hypotheses or theories. You know: a Religion.

    It’s fine, short of enlightenment there’s no alternative to it, just should be noted. A religion is just a belief system, a paradigm; all minds must have one or they don’t function. I don’t know why this is so resisted. As in: your atheism is your religion.


    CIA Director John Brennan announces“Russia is the most likely suspect” in the Nord Stream pipeline attacks, says Russia will attack the other Russian pipelines to Europe soon

    The Indian pipeline will be next … their mission is to strangle Russia and steal all their goodies, the carbon based goodies that they pretend, for the moment, to hate.


    No northern Europe, no western. Just former Soviet Union neighbors.

    Russia is well rid of them.


    Gonzalo Lira Roundtable #20 on Rumble with Dr. Peter M and Brian Berletic.

    Dr. D

    Movie: The Sum of All Fears

    Plot: “An Austrian Neo-Nazi plans to trigger a nuclear war between the United States and Russia so that he can establish a fascist superstate in Europe. After the Neo-Nazi’s scientists build a secret nuclear weapon that destroys Baltimore, and a rogue Russian officer paid off by the Neo-Nazi attacks a U.S. aircraft carrier, the world’s superpowers are pushed close to the brink of war. CIA analyst Jack Ryan is the only person who realizes that the Baltimore bomb was a black market weapon, not Russian. With the clock ticking, Ryan has to find a way to stop the impending nuclear war.”

    Replace “Austrian” with “German” Schwab. Replace “Carrier” with “NordStream”. Replace “Chechnya” with “Ukraine.” You have today’s news.

    Why? The movie in one quote:

    “You don’t fight Russia *and* America. You get Russia and America to fight each other… and destroy each other.”

    Dressler: “Most people believe that the 20th century was a death struggle between Communism and Capitalism, and that Fascism was but a hiccup. But today we know better. Communism was a fool’s errand. The followers of Marx gone from this earth, but the followers of Hitler abound and thrive.

    Hitler, however, had one great disadvantage. He lived in a time when Fascism, like a virus… like the AIDS virus… needed a strong host in order to spread. Germany was that host. But Germany did not prevail. The world was too big. Fortunately, the world has changed. Global communications, cable TV, the internet. Today the world is smaller and a virus does not need a strong host in order to spread. The virus… is airborne. One more thing. Let no man call us crazy. They called Hitler crazy. But Hitler was not crazy. He was stupid.”

    You don’t fight Russia *and* America. [Germany] gets Russia and America to fight each other… and destroy each other.”

    …Reducing Russia and America so much that Europe their equal again, and controlling Russian resources, preventing — or rather swapping — their collapse. All they have to do is play victim.


    Are Green Parties ‘Green’?

    Green policies don’t seem to make sense.

    Spending hundreds of billions on fossil fuel to create ‘renewable’ energy. These energy sources have to be replaced every 10 to 30 years and are difficult to recycle, so mostly aren’t. This means using more fossil fuel to provide a constant source of new materials. The only thing ‘renewable’ is the power source : sunlight and wind.

    The current ‘green’ push is for fully electric cars at the same time as they are trying to close down every reliable source of electricity! The German Green Party is still insisting on closing the last remaining nuclear plants this winter. Lithium batteries only last 10 to 20 years and are difficult to recycle, so mostly aren’t. This means using more fossil fuel to provide a constant source of new materials. The higher cost of fossil fuels increases the cost of these raw materials – lithium has tripled in price over the past year.

    The European power grid was built as a stable source of electricity with built in redundancy. Like Jenga you can remove several pieces and it will still be stable, BUT at some point it will completely collapse. We appear to very close to that point.

    Some years ago India banned green parties when they realised their influence was being used to prevent Indian industries from competing with US companies. Are Europe’s Green Parties similar trojan horses?


    The Big Man fetish is alive in most of us, and all of us were taught to believe in and worship the Big Man, but virtually all Big Men on the global stage have proven tiny except in terms of greed, lust, and general depravity.

    Putin doesn’t. His actions walk a different course than every Big Man I know of including Xi and his other allies.

    But he’s allowing Russians to be killed off en masse by kovid vakzinazions.

    Being a Big Man fetishist myself (hey, I believe in Jesus! Hard to have a bigger hard-on for Fearless Leader than that, eh?) I revere Putin, warts and all, including what I see is some degree of psychopathic affect. His maneuvers on the global stage are consistently brilliant to my eye, especially the ones that often appear weak and foolish at first. (He’s good at appearing weak when he’s strong et vice-versa.)
    But he’s killing off his fellow Rus, knowingly or unknowingly, both alternatives equally bad.

    I don’t want to lose my Big Man comfort blanket teddy bear. An ardent Putin apologist, I’ve wrangled a scenario I can believe in and live with: Russia will obviously prevail and become the epicenter of the new multipolar reality that will emerge (even if only from nuclear rubble). If it prevails well enough (no nuclear rubble), it will be the new King of the World. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. USA post-WWII turned into the nicest little buncha Nazified “good Germans” you’d ever want to see.

    Putin has set it up, sez my wet dream vision of Putin’s ruthlessly moral 10-D chess, so that only not just the strongest (Russia today) prevails but that the smartest, wisest, most honest and mutually nurturing people predominate overwhelmingly against the mainstream poshlosti.

    Russia would, by this scenario, absorb the best and brightest of the rest of the world while culling the worst of its own.

    I can live with this vision. Call me loony and I’ll love it, seeing as we’re all stuck in an insane asylum called post-modern culture. But maybe it will make sense to some of you if I add that I believe that the reason Jeebus let His Own Bad Self be crucified by a mere Roman sock puppet is because He knew that He was beginning to experience spiritual narcissism: “The belief that your spiritual wisdom makes you more special than others is also known as spiritual narcissism. It can be used to shield yourself from criticism, to impress others, or to enhance your-self-esteem and feel good about yourself.”

    Since we perceive the historical Jesus as KNOWING He was “more special than others” (and I’m sure He often felt like a mutant freak growing up, which trauma would fuel adult-onset spiritual narcissism), He had no choice but to feel superior. This way madness lies in all of us. It is also very lonely if it’s true that One is enlightened beyond all one’s peers.

    And so, I believe, He let Himself be offed before he went down the road that Mohammed did, legitimizing divinity by the sword, shedding His Own Blood rather than leading His followers to shed blood in His Name (a very bad sin indeed).

    Putin is no Jesus but he’s the best I got. And, fwiw, if there is something to the antichrist prophecies, I’m sure that we’ll leave it up to USA to produce one come the next election or torchlit pitchforking. A Bill Graham hologram-from-the-grave, maybe…

    Putin and His Body Double

    Putin as Ascetic

    Putin as Jesus:

    Like Lennon sang, “Whatever gets you through the night.” After all, whether what one believes is true or not is not as important as what you do with your perception of reality. Looking oblivion in the face as I and many among us have done for many decades (since ’74 for me), we need something to believe in, something to keep our hearts turning over:

    The Trick is to Walk in Backwards


    While the UK directly uses only a tiny amount of Russian gas it is still indirectly dependent on Russian gas. It has gas interconnects to Norway and Belgium and the currents situation means these supplies are limited and expensive.

    The UK also has electrical interconnects with Europe, especially France. Again supplies will be reduced and expensive.


    Dr D. said

    “Bivalent” Cool word bro’. It means “The Covid that no longer exists” + “the Covid that is past-tense but won’t hurt you”. I wonder why they can’t get buyers? Because if you have an inoculation against smallpox, the vapours, and bubonic plague I don’t need that either? Again, what do they care? The merger of corporation and state forced my money into Pfizer’s hands, and they got paid 50x their honest value. Late-stage ‘capitalism’ VIOLENCE and extortion is the only profit center left. Like Obamacare.

    Talking of Covid, Hong Kong still lives in 2020, they have not received the memo that Covid is over, they are still enforcing masks and implementing a vaccine pass in order to push people into getting what is a deadly vaccine. Hong Kong university is still preaching the lies that even Fauci has withdrawn, telling us all about how the vaccine will save us, while the vaccine injured die around us. They still give daily case counts and try to scare the people, using fear to control.

    I don’t know what it is about Hong Kong, they seem like rational people but they are not. Taiwan and China never had any government vaccine mandates, although a few private companies tried to mandate the vaccine to kiss their stupid customers’ asses. Hong Kong also appears to be mirroring Taiwan’s immigration policy. They copied the last policy then, when Taiwan updated it, HK again copied the update. Very strange for an SAR that is part of mainland China.

    Hong Kong government strikes me as a bunch of super stupid people who will still be reading fake PCR test results in 10 years time. The one thing they have succeeded in doing is driving out any talent that is fed up with their rather sad antics. I wonder how long they can remain in the past and whether there is any driving force to make them inprove their thinking and move into the future. Alter all, Xi has pinned his badge to the super-stupid Zero Covid policy, another turd of government think.


    boscohorowitz said

    The Big Man fetish is alive in most of us

    Your teddy bear fetish is confusing you. Big men have to make big, hard decisions, teddy bears can avoid those by looking cute.

    John Day

    Bishko said: “Plant potatoes”, and also explained the broader meaning. I say “grow vegetables” and I mean the same thing. Traditionally, armies steal grain, but not potatoes-in-the-ground.
    Armies don’t dig potatoes. Sweet-potatoes and Taro would be about the same. I doubt that they’d steal okra. They’d take dry beans, but not necessarily green ones.

    Thanks also for the atmospheric photochemistry review!


    Consummate, taut, hilarious, and absolutely convincing (imo):

    M’Kay Ultra Maga


    Things are pretty fluid, seems the need for regrouping of Russian forces is building or maybe Ukrainian forces are moving into “Russian” territory too far and too fast.

    On his telegram channel, Ramzan Kadyrov absolutely accused General Lapin, the General Staff of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for losing Lyman. He also revealed the location of headquarters and General Lapin (Starobilsk). Ukrainian general staff probably new that anyway. Careless nonetheless.

    Russian commentators are blaming a variety of issues or commanders for the fall of Lyman, but the primary problem is that they simply don’t have the forces [and equipment] required to hold the current front lines and Putin is telling his military leaders they can’t retreat.


    More on Sablin.

    The general director of Rota Real Estate is Alla Sablina (maiden name: Nalcha), who is the niece of former Moscow Oblast Governor and General Boris Gromov and the wife of Dmitry Sablin, the founder of the pro-Kremlin propaganda organization Antimaidan.
    Sablin is the first deputy chairman of the national public veterans organization Fighting Fraternity (Boyevoye bratstvo), of which Gromov is chairman.
    Sablin is also a deputy in the Russian State Duma from the ruling United Russia party.

    He is also the official owner or co-owner of several assets of the Rota Group, including the firm Rota-Krym, which owns real estate on Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. The independent Dozhd TV identified Sablin as the owner of the entire Rota holding company.
    Dozhd also said that, in terms of family assets, Sablin is among the five richest deputies in the Duma.

    Another member of the board of directors of Rota Real Estate is Ivan Ageyenko, the former head of the Border Service of the FSB in Kabardino-Balkaria and Daghestan. He is also a deputy chairman of the Fighting Fraternity.

    D Benton Smith

    Notice that the countries who voted to let Ukraine into NATO are the MOST dependent on importing Russian natural gas (ranging from 59% to 99% !). Makes perfect sense, then, from a purely financial and utterly EVIL standpoint. Stealing Russia , lock , stock and barrel, would pay pretty well.


    US military struggling with recruitment The US Army fell 25% short of its recruitment targets this year, officials admitted

    “Military leaders tried a number of methods to build up their ranks this year, such as increasing enlistment bonuses, dropping high school diploma requirements, and lowering physical standards. However the AP noted that many potential recruits are drawn to private industry in what is a tight labor market.

    “Corporations such as McDonald’s have also begun introducing perks such as tuition benefits, similar to those used by the military to attract recruits for years.

    “The issue is exacerbated by the fact that only 23% of young people meet the military’s requirements, with many ineligible due to medical issues including obesity, drug use and criminal records.”

    They just don’t make cannon fodder like they used to.

    D Benton Smith


    “They just don’t make cannon fodder like they used to.”

    That is a one liner suitable for the Ages. It belongs in some kind of Hall of Fame and is now an official part of The English Language.


    The Hokey Pokey Song

    Credit Swisse Let’s do it, all over again
    52-card pickup

    Both the US and Ukraine, as well as Poland at one time said that this infrastructure is not going to work, that they will do everything to make sure of it, so, of course, it is necessary to seriously look into it,” Novak stated.

    • Scientists Warn Of Cold Winter In Europe (RT)

    African All- inclusive resorts should Prepare for immigration/vacation surge

    “..regain control of its territory”, by force if necessary”.

    Russia/NATO “War” – Card Game Rules

    • US Promises To Help Ukraine Retake Territory (RT)
    What is another word for Multitask? juggle

    a watchdog press corp that seemingly exists to cover-up real scandals,

    • Biden Must Know He’s Losing His Mind (Rice)
    Laughing out loud

    “When travelling back in time, Why don’t we get Younger?”

    OPEC+ considering cutting 1 million barrel per day

    USA considering imposing more sanctions
    Radiation false flag

    Who has used dirty bombs.
    Who has an inventory of unused dirty bombs
    Pick Up Sticks Rules – How Do You Play It

    The European power grid was built as a stable source of electricity with built in redundancy. Like Jenga you can remove several pieces and it will still be stable, BUT at some point it will completely collapse. We appear to very close to that point.

    Why some Russian elites use the hospital windows instead of the elevator?
    @ chooch

    See new Tweets
    Julia Davis
    Tonight on Russian state TV: the mood is grim, look at their faces. Dmitry Sablin, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee, admits that Russia desperately needs “to stop and regroup” and is experiencing all sorts of shortages, compared to Ukraine that has it all —and then some.


    A new survival tactic
    “The issue is exacerbated by the fact that only 23% of young people meet the military’s requirements, with many ineligible due to medical issues including obesity, drug use and criminal records.”

    They just don’t make cannon fodder like they used to.


    from article at top, quote:

    Meloni stated that tackling soaring energy prices is one of her most pressing goals. “I am in constant contact with the outgoing government, which is engaged in a very complex negotiation to seek solutions at the European level,” she said. (…)

    Italy is among the countries pushing for an EU-wide energy price cap, while Germany opposes such a measure.

    The MSM is conflicted about Meloni, as they can’t come out and say “Don’t worry she is one of us.” They need to demonise her as a Fascist Bitch (even the article up top mentions Mussolini) to keep fakelorum divisions operating. So, the MSM jitters between the two spins and gets lost. For ex. YouTube banned all Meloni videos but then suddenly ‘re-instated’ them, no doubt as ordered from above.

    Heh, price-caps are just delusional talk. Meloni also spouts the ‘we need to be less reliant on Russia’ line. She seems to be in competition with Baerbock to be the most pro-US and anti-Russian gal on the stage .. While vociferating very convincingly about family values etc. Impressive!

    Italy is far more heavily occupied by US bases, etc. than Germany, because, imho, of its geo. location. (One other important point is the control and corruption of pols.)

    Italy is dependent on Nat. Gaz. 40 % or so for its basic energy… see MSM charts etc. All such rough stats, as quoted here, are shoddy, as the qus., where does the E come from, imported from where, at what cost, how is it used, how transformed into other forms (> electricity, not a primary energy source), the wastage? are not detailed.

    Italy, afaik, is the per capita top user of wood pellets! I have seen this myself, the pellets are considered Green, plant a tree or two and yup you are carbon neutral, throw then into your super stove..Italians love them pellets.

    Pellet prices have tripled / quadrupled or more in the past 10 months. Wood pellets are made with nat gaz, to dry the wood.


    “A new survival tactic”

    It is impossible not to love zerosum. It is often impossible for me to understand much of his contributions, but that’s fine. What I do understand provides ample nuggets of online nourishment.

    Not only lol, but I’m reminded of why slacker culture evolved: to improve its members chances of surviving or at least living lives worth enduring.

    My 26 year old son tells me that one reason most 30-unders stay buried in their handroids is cuz they know they’re fucked even though they might not be sure why. Think of ‘quiet-quitting’ as 21st century’s version of the 60s ‘turn on-tune in-drop out’. Think of it also as a way of hearing these old lyrics: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    30-year-old slacker evicted from parents’ basement could prove doubters wrong, lead the millennials By John Kass Chicago Tribune • May 26, 2018



    “What is another word for Multitask? juggle”

    Driving Miss Daisy, Being John Malkovich, Juggling Joe Biden (screenplay by Trump’s combover which is obviously an alien “rider”)

    Figmund Sreud

    You just have to love the way Kunstler writes!

    “Secretary Blinken pretends that Europe’s deadly predicament will segue crisply into a new “green renewable” disposition of things as well as a stable-and-balanced new cold war between US-led NATO and Russia, like the 1950s.”

    How is that as an example?

    Anyway, Jim today: Developing Developments

    Developing Developments


    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer with jokes galore today!





    Nobody taking credit for the pipeline damage? Just pointing fingers at other countries? Here is a book to read:

    Blind Man’s Bluff by Sontag and Drew. The submarine Seawolf was in play back then, during Reagan’s presidency.

    D Benton Smith

    Has anyone else put this up yet? I grabbed it from Kunstler, but it has to be going hyper-viral as we speak. A U.S. patriot air traffic YouTuber going by the handle of “MonkeyWerx” lays out the irrefutable evidence that it was the US who blew up Nordtsream, and even draws nicely illustrated diagram of HOW.

    It is a “must see”. Here’s the link : .

    I have more to say about this event, but will put it in a fresh comment.


    “…. ample nuggets of online nourishment.” …..
    Hummmm …… writer’s de-blocker for all the fine/great opinion writers/contributors onTAE …..


    It’s not only the cops on the street who ignore/forget that everybody has a camera and can see/record/report your lies.
    “It is a “must see”. Here’s the link : .”

    This is evidence that is much better than what the 6/1 committee is presenting. It’s on par with Hunter’s laptop.


    They know how to repair the pipes
    Tie-In Process

    Once a section of the parallel pipelines was finished, a lay down head was welded to the end of the pipeline before the pipelay vessel laid it down. This head provides an air- and water-tight seal.

    At tie-in locations, the ends of the two pipeline sections overlapped. For hyperbaric welding they were aligned using large H-frames and then cut back.

    An underwater habitat or “hyperbaric chamber” was placed over the pipeline ends and the pipelines were welded together inside the habitat; the entire operation was remotely controlled from a vessel and assisted by divers.

    Once the tie-ins were finished, the habitat was removed and a survey confirmed the correct position of the pipeline.

    The Norwegian Offshore Contractor Technip Norge AS has been contracted to conduct the tie-ins. Norwegian Statoil supplied the welding habitat and the H-frames. Tie-in equipment used for Nord Stream has been specially adapted for the large diameter pipeline.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ zerosum –

    My only comment to above: This kind of terrorist act – terror by state actors – normally involves a strategy for evasion of accountability – none in it – unless, of course, it was an open act designed to trigger a decisive response outright, … which is not out of question. We shall see soon, …


    Plausible deniability


    Try this blog to get war news.


    Plausible deniability
    NOT me … It was him.

    Figmund Sreud
    Figmund Sreud

    The future is bright, … for cockroaches!


    Ursula von der Leyen –

    I’m no gynecologist, but I know a rotten cunt when I see one

    – regular bar patron friend, triple vaxd, just diagnosed with a pancreas and spleen that are no longer working

    – 2 other vaxd employees both out with cvd

    – 20 something employee with strep throat out sick, vaxd

    – another employee, vaxd, out sick

    – guest newly boosted with the 8 mice vax “headache like i’ve never had before, slept 18 hours, no energy, cried for hours after waking up”


    Biden must know he’s losing his mind

    Would you know that your mind is gone ? Would you know that you are IN a cult ?
    Would you know and realize that you’ve been brainwashed ?

    I don’t think people realize they are in a cult, brainwashed or that their dementia has taken over.

    Brainwashed in our childhood
    Brainwashed by the school
    Brainwashed by our teachers
    And brainwashed by all their rules
    Brainwashed by our leaders
    By our Kings and Queens
    Brainwashed in the open
    And brainwashed behind the scenes

    God God God
    A voice cries in the wilderness
    It was on the longest night
    An eternity of darkness
    Someone turned out the spiritual light

    Brainwashed us from Brussels
    Brainwashed us in Bonn
    Brainwashed us in Washington
    Westminster in London

    They brainwashed my great uncle
    Brainwashed my cousin Bob
    They even got my grandma
    When she was working for the mob
    Brainwash you while you’re sleeping
    While in your traffic jam
    Brainwash you while you’re weeping
    While still a baby in your pram
    Brainwashed by the military
    Brainwashed under duress
    Brainwashed by the media
    You’re brainwashed by the press
    Brainwashed by computer
    Brainwashed by mobile phones
    Brainwashed by the satellite
    Brainwashed to the bone

    “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

    They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely
    play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

    I also believe that these vaxs are psychologically fucking people up- making them psychotic.

    John Day

    @DBS: Thanks for the MonkeyWerx analysis of American P-8 Poseiden specialized oceanic bomber, which flew from the US, got refueled in the air from an American base in Germany, loitered over the pipelines at reduced altitude at the exact time they had explosions, showed flight characteristics typical of payload release, and can carry special torpedoes which can be dropped at altitude, slowed before water-contact, then released into the water as “fish”, with precision guidance to targets.
    It then returned to the US and flight log was scrubbed; cannot be found…

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