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    Leonardo da Vinci Head of a Woman 1475-80   • President Trump Reauthorizes Declassification of all Documents (sundance) • There are Trillions at
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    Michael Reid

    Experts with integrity explain why and how the health policy implemented in the western world is incorrect


    Apparently, the medical profession can cure a Covid-19 infection in an old person with multiple comorbidities in just a few days if they really want to. The quarter million Americans dead from Covid-19 must be due to medical malpractice.

    madamski cafone

    A headline this morning: “The only bright spot in Trump’s Soviet-style COVID-19 strategy is that it’s not working”.

    V. Arnold

    Leonardo da Vinci Head of a Woman 1475-80

    I just couldn’t let that da Vinci go unremarked; sublime fits nicely, IMO…


    Let me get this straight: Assange was travelling with 3 laptops and hard drives in a suitcase? And he gave this suitcase to the airline as if it was containing just clothes and chocolates? Not very smart IMO.

    madamski cafone

    “It’s easy to poke fun at Julian Assange. But there may be more to this than a pompous egotist whining for attention. My reading of the story is that the bag’s disappearance was immediately noticed and reported. The air carrier’s response: “We dunno.” Assange could hardly go to the cops at the time and say, “I had a top-secret video supplied by Bradley Manning in that bag, could he? ”

    from comments Assange’s Luggage

    Assange may have felt that keeping it on his person may have seemed equally insecure or worse. It may even have been a red herring. We don’t know. Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking clearly that day. We all have days like that. Add justified paranoia, fear of the nastiest global gangsters on the planet…


    how Washington operates.

    “…. highly-paid lawyers who represent the interests of the entity and actually write laws and legislation briefs. In the modern era this is actually the origination of the laws that we eventually see passed by congress.
    Again, no elected official is usually part of this law origination process.”

    No proof of wrong doing – Biden
    “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell called Tuesday for continued aggressive fiscal and monetary stimulus”
    Another way of saying, “Print more, and more.”

    Feeding America, a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks, serving more than 46 million people, is warning it may experience a massive food shortage within the next twelve months

    and ….. that is the conclusion when looking at your belly button. (In other words, “Don’t look over the wall, You might see starving bodies lying in the street”)
    Canada GDP and the printing press chart (+456%), demonstrate how the gov. saved the world.
    Imagine, “What would businesses be like without all that money?”
    (In other words, “Don’t look over the wall, You might see frozen starving bodies lying in the igloos.”)

    John Day

    Thanks for posting “The Early Treatment Of Trump” yesterday, Ilargi, and thanks for all of the engagement fellow-commentarians. I was busy at work again, so I saw it this morning.
    “Auntie-Grandma” (not her real name) was still feeling fine last evening, more than 72 hours after the positive coronavirus test that ejected her from the surgical hospital, and about 36 hours after beginning treatment. Asymptomatic… so still at goal of “better than Trump”.

    John Day

    I’ve been thinking about non-extractive economic arrangements again this morning…
    Anything that will actually develop as alternative currency will need to stand on its own in the current financial arrangement.. A transition to Community Banking, as Ellen Brown advocates, with postal banks or city credit unions, would be a workable transition.
      It is necessary to keep the wealth local. When money goes in and is taken out of a community, it is an extractive solvent. There is not actual “investment”, just resource-extraction. That process is very far along in financial capitalism. All the productive systems are sickened by it, and many will soon collapse.  Lending at interest, with all risks born by the borrower, is the imbalance that extracts. It extracts if the borrowing enterprise survives, and it extracts all of the assets if the borrowing enterprise fails, after it has been extracting wealth for a while already.
      The alternative model is that of Islamic Finance. There needs to be a sharing of risk and benefit between lender and borrower, “skin in the game” for the lender. If the enterprise fails, the lender needs to also take losses, so the lender is inherently interested in the success of the enterprise of the borrower. To that end, there is not “lending at interest” as we know it, in Islamic Banking, but a sharing in costs and rewards of each enterprise. This is like buying stock in a company and getting quarterly dividends, the way stock-investing used to be. It is “Equity Investing”.
      The return of equity investing to western finance is the necessary first step. It will stop the transfer of wealth to the few elites, who do not manage it in the interests of the (narrowly or broadly defined) economy, or community or ecosystem.
      At the point where the town is the banker, as the state is the banker in North Dakota, then real wisdom in investment can take place. The whole town has an interest in investments with local enterprise doing well, and doubly so. The community benefits by thriving and also by profiting-from-thriving. There is not extraction of life-blood to distant investors.
      When a community bank or credit union is the commons, contributing to the community government coffers, then there can be local control and oversight. People will inherently want good investments to be made, and will be diligent in judging who is reliable to borrow, and who is not.
      Money as a store of value is another category from money as currency. I think they have to be different in most cases, though everybody will accept gold as currency, always. Gold is a store of value, but it is dangerous to hold.
      I don’t see the necessity of creating local currencies, which has been done in history, as long as local banking, with equity investing prevents extraction of value from the local economy, and nurtures local enterprise, citizens, and economy.
      There is the issue of taxes to fund higher levels of organization than the town or city. This is currently done by spending money which is created by bonded debt, then paid back at interest from tax collections. This is extractive of the local economy. It concentrates wealth in the hands of those who already have wealth to lend at interest.It is not necessary, of course. Both the Continental Congress and Abraham Lincoln printed money and spent it into circulation.The amount of money in circulation is generally controlled through spending it into the economy and taxing it out of the economy, whether there is a parasitic skim of wealth by financiers, or not.  All benefits should remain with the commons, whether town, county, state or nation. All costs are inherently born by the commons, through economic linkages at the real-economy level.
      A synthesis of Community Banking, Islamic (equity investing) finance and Modern Monetary Theory, which eliminates a parasitic class of financiers is something which is obtainable by modifying the current economic structure. It would be able to intelligently invest and diversify locally and at each higher stage of organization.
    The essential factor is to avoid creating a class advantage, which would self-amplify over time, to control all wealth, which is what we now have.


    ‘As Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘great reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along?’:

    Instead, Schwab and Malleret want a world changed forever by a virus which they admit is only ‘mild’ compared to others in history. Covid-19 is seen as the catalyst for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

    As to where all this is heading, I recommend you read Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’, and his earlier ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, but please don’t do so late at night, because they will probably give you nightmares. Schwab’s elitist Davos-man utopia is a trans-human, socially distanced, utterly soulless dystopia for the rest of us. Think of the most terrifying sci-film you’ve ever watched and that still doesn’t go anywhere near it. And the worst thing is that it is sold to us as some kind of ‘progressive’ vision.

    Johnson, in his speech yesterday, showed he’s a fully-signed up ‘Great Resetter’. It was, for me, the most chilling oration ever made by any British prime minister at a party conference.

    The man who justified a national lockdown in March on a purely temporary three-week basis to ‘flatten the curve’, and ‘protect the NHS’, and who said in the summer, after the lockdown had lasted three months, that he hoped Britain would return to ‘significant normality’ by November, now tells us: “We have been through too much frustration and hardship just to settle for the status quo ante – to think that life can go on as it was before the plague; and it will not… We are resolving not to go back to 2019.”..”

    Soo-prize, soo-prize, soo-prize..

    madamski cafone

    @ sumac.carol

    We are The Tragic Species, n’est ce pas?

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    “All benefits should remain with the commons, whether town, county, state or nation.”

    Sadly, this is the social equivalent of ‘and then a miracle occurs’.


    did you see this
    The Family Jewels
    Widely known as the “Family Jewels,” this document consists of almost 700 pages of responses from CIA employees to a 1973 directive from Director of Central Intelligence James Schlesinger asking them to report activities they thought might be inconsistent with the Agency’s charter. Also available in PDF format (this file is 28MB, so please be patient while it downloads).

    Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version
    Documents in this Collection
    Documents in PDF format require the Adobe Acrobat Reader®

    Document Number: 0001451843
    Pages: 702
    Attachment Size
    PDF icon DOC_0001451843.pdf 29.32 MB

    John Day

    Squalene adjuvant makes a rapid vaccine response, but creates autoimmune illness that kills some of the “beneficiaries”, not just the sharks.
    “Gulf War Syndrome” was most likely from the squalene adjuvant in the secret “Vac-A” anthrax vaccine. That’s why you could get it without deploying to Iraq!

    madamski cafone

    @ Gepetto

    I’m sorry. I forgot to answer your squestion.

    “I feel stupid and contagious” come from this song:

    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    It just seemed to fit.


    John Day -this is awful -they will potentially make people ill while killing so many sharks.
    Oui Madamski, malheureusement.

    madamski cafone

    @ sumac.carol

    Now I know TWO French words!

    John Day

    Sorry, that was the wrong link. This is the link to the right article about squalene adjuvants causing autoimmune disease, Gulf War Syndrome, as an example. We have squalene in our own bodies, in small amounts, in some cell membranes, for instance. When our immune systems are activated against squalene, it harms the cells in us that have it.


    And we call vaccine-hesitant people crazy. What’s crazier than all of this?

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