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    absolute galore

    From the Huffpost piece:

    The drug is primarily known for deworming animals, and there is little medical support that a pill form for humans works on treating anything but parasites, which the coronavirus is not. In the process, people have wreaked havoc on their intestinal tracts — you don’t want to know — and worse, gained a false sense of confidence as the pandemic numbers once again crest and intensive care beds in several states fill up. ….

    No, really, I do want to know. And how many articles are going to be written about the undocumented call to a hotline that was never officially reported?

    And as the delta variant continues to infect the nation, even Kory admits that ivermectin (the human kind) is no match for it, tweeting on Aug. 9, “I have experienced and am getting reports from FLCCC Alliance members that Delta variant patients crashing into ICU’s … are not showing responses to MATH+. We are demoralized and frightened. Early treatment is CRITICAL. Every household should take I-MASK+ upon first symptoms.”

    The guy just got Covid, the initial Delta wave was stressful. That is not evidence that Ivermectin does not work, any more than people dying from Covid after two jabs is evidence that the vaccines don’t work.

    Yet despite ivermectin’s reported weakness against the delta variant, the FLCCC doctors continue to recommend it.

    Meanwhile, the FLCCC has still refused to take a firm pro-vaccine position.

    “Most of what we feel — and especially me — is that the data on vaccines is moving so fast and it’s non-transparent,” Kory said. “I just really don’t know what to say about these vaccines. I just don’t feel comfortable with the kind of data that we’re getting.” Kory himself took ivermectin for eight or so months preemptively, recently caught and recovered from the delta variant, and will not be getting vaccinated because he believes he now has “natural immunity.”

    “he believes he now has ‘natural immunity'” Okay stop. Kory is a conspiracy theorist who believes in natural immunity? What a crackpot!

    Whatever Ivermectin is or is not, these articles are such crafted, blatant propaganda it’s disgusting. The link to Greenwald’s piece about the Snowden lie is illuminating. You think, how could they pull off such a vast lie? But many collaborators actually believe it. I know because many people that I thought would see through all this have bought in100 percent. Highly depressing. Something has to give, something has to resolve. Maybe 2% of anything discussed on TAE is actually out there, and when it does get out–Ivermectin case in point–it’s usually been twisted beyond recognition.

    doctors like Osgood and Walker see it as unconscionable that the FLCCC hasn’t changed course. That was the final straw for Osgood, leading to his departure from the organization in late August.

    “[Ivermectin] shouldn’t have been promoted as a vaccine alternative or a miracle cure,” he said. “People are drinking sheep drench! If that’s not a call to use your clout and influence to say, ‘Enough is enough! Get your shots!’ then I just don’t know.”

    And people like Caleb Wallace, a former state coordinator of right-wing anti-vaxx West Texas Minutemen, are learning the hard way that unlike the vaccine, ivermectin will not save you. Wallace, who was not vaccinated, began experiencing COVID symptoms on July 26. He self-medicated with a cocktail of Vitamin C, zinc, aspirin and ivermectin. On Aug. 28 he died. He was 30 years old.

    absolute galore

    Meant to add, the article recycles the same 30-year-old “anti-vaxxer” who died while “self-medicating” on Ivermectin. How many stories will feature that poor guy (who had at least one comorbidity, overweight.)


    Huffpost, Salon, Talking Points Memo, Politico, et al. are the print/online version of Rachel Maddow. Collectively they represent the “progressive” alternative to Rush Limbaugh (rip). This is a very tough slog to piss into the wind with the truth against the mighty Wurlitzer gale. But I am reminded of something quite optimistic that Leonard Cohen wrote:

    There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.


    @ praecursator
    Good news
    ” Kory himself took ivermectin for eight or so months preemptively, recently caught and recovered from the delta variant, and will not be getting vaccinated because he believes he now has “natural immunity.” “


    Yves Smith has an important article up regarding “vaccine hesitancy” in women of all ages. And let’s not forget that women like talking with other women; a lot.

    Lack of a Vaccine Mandate Becomes Competitive Advantage in Hospital Staffing Wars

    Doc Robinson

    Regarding breakthrough case deaths in Texas…

    First of all, most of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 this year occurred in the January-March period, when only a small minority of Texans were vaccinated. By March 1, less than 7% of the Texas’s population had been fully vaccinated. Including that time frame to compare vaccinated deaths to unvaccinated deaths is misleading.

    Second point, the official number of “breakthrough cases” don’t include vaccinated people who test positive after one mRNA shot, or within 14 days of getting the second shot. So there are a number of cases and deaths of vaccinated people who are being lumped in with the unvaccinated numbers, because they didn’t meet the definition of “fully vaccinated.”

    Third point, Texas’s most recent “wave” started around August 1, so it would be good to see the related breakthrough data for August. But this is not easily found, for some reason. Instead, there are articles with numbers only going up to July.

    However, the most recent news story I found indicates that in the entire city of El Paso, during all of last week, there were only 4 deaths attributed to Covid-19, and three out of the four were fully vaccinated. Small sample size, I know, which is ultimately a good thing (having Covid-19 deaths be so low).

    Posted: Aug 31, 2021

    EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The city of El Paso reported four COVID-19-related deaths last week and three out of the four were amongst people who were fully vaccinated.


    @ my parents said know
    I was just singing it through with solfege…but wondered if the first d was in the same octave as the later D?
    Can you write it on staff paper, take photo and put in the image?
    And, no, it didn’t sound familiar going over it with solfege…but my rhythm was very approximate. 😉


    @my parents @phoenix

    I just had a play through on the guitar and to me I can superimpose a II-V-III-VI turnaround (like Earth Wind and Fire’s Beijo). I wrote it up in 2/4 a la EWF with a similar rhythmic emphasis. One of the beautiful things about music (and all art) is that it is subjective and down to personal interpretation.

    I can post the notation I wrote up but I wouldn’t be surprised if @my parents says “that isn’t how it goes!”. No worries if so. It’s just what I hear and how my idiosyncratic brain works!


    The people in India almost certainly eat fewer metallic iron filings in their food supply, which, believe it or not, is prophesied in the Bible — read Daniel 2:43. The effect of ingesting these iron filings is also prophesied. Interestingly, the Money Power Families who are following the Biblical narrative in their effort to become the Messianic Bloodline, have also read Daniel 2:44, and you can just imagine what THEY believe the Kingdom of God is, and what it means for you and yours.
    When asked if there was a single thing he could tell the world, this was his reply…
    “Firstly, I am not so limited! And don’t forget, one message is just one data dot upon a very large canvas! It seems to be the american experience to expect the great event…the last second miracle shot…the speech which calls a generation to arms! Reality dictates that such events do not occur in nature. If all you needed to “know” were contained in one data dot, the dot would fall upon you and crush the life out of you!!
    Laughing out loud!!
    Better stick to the small data dots humans!!
    Second, you did not provide the desired end objective of such a message! To deceive, help or taunt? Why would one issue such a message? Just to prove it could be done?
    But playing along, I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.
    Of course, many would say I was a cocaine addict or highly intelligent neurotic, or some such…
    Laughing out loud!
    Of course, a Bickle or Miss Egypt might chance to come along and naively ask a question or two, and of course, I would be obliged to truthfully answer! As I have do to date.”
    ~A Rothschild Family Member

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