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    @ John Day

    A curious tidbit about gardening tips on Facebook recently.

    (I refer to it as sh*tFacebook because it has the intellectual quality of drunken college students)

    A guy I know who’s really into gardening for self reliance reasons said the people who are judged to be ‘preppers’ are getting notices on their Facebook posts about gardening that pop up and say that this gardening post is a little bit too much like ‘survivalist information’ and should be regarded as unreliable!

    Detailed gardening tips that resembles ‘preparedness’ advice are now labeled possibly dangerous on sh*tFacebook.

    So watch out about your avocado tips John, you’re undermining the System!


    It’s getting pretty insane


    “…first they came for the left wing, I said nothing, then they came for the right wing, I said nothing, then the writers, I said nothing ……..and then they came for *the gardeners*…..”‘

    Whoa I said, who gonna grow the food!

    If you touch my zucchinis you’ll never see another sunrise dude!



    More than half of all car deaths are people who were wearing seatbelts.

    For cowardly liars like yourself…

    Got your crash helmet yet? You will need it.



    a kullervo


    No worries, no ire from me (maybe because i’m not an expert.)

    Optimists, realists, pessimists, they’re all alike: they gaze endlessly at their belly buttons and cogitate, “what a wonderful view!”

    We all do the same: we spend a lifetime doing our best to satisfy our needs, justify our blunders and boast our petty achievements and then… fear, maybe relief and finally oblivion…

    And if anyone reading this is thinking they did what they did to improve the lives of future generations all I can say to you is you still have a lot to learn.


    I would venture to say that we have crossed, in “well-vaccinated” countries (and what a term that will turn out to be), the threshold where more people die from the vaccine than from Covid. I know you can mock me for it, and we won’t know for a long time since the relevant info remains hidden, but there you go. That’s where I think we are.

    I was talking to a Dutch guy earlier today on a terrace in Athens, (haven’t spoken Dutch in forever), ad all I got was official positions. “That can’t be true, they would have told us!.”

    Yes, I do despair at times. No, they don’t tell you, that’s the exact problem. They won’t tell you until they’re flooded by it, and then they’ll blame it on the Mu variant.


    Re Rickovers speech.

    Pre Chernobyl
    Pre 3 Mile Island
    Pre Fukushima

    Nuclear cannot be done without the support of fossil fuels. JHK has done an excellent job explaining.

    those darned kids

    cow paste works better than horse paste for the mu variant.

    a kullervo

    @Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    More worrying/annoying, IMHO, is the threshold of gullibility that was crossed and stands as a clear point of no return (that will only be solved through violence.)

    a kullervo

    @those darned kids

    Excellent point!
    (Thank you for the good humour.)


    “It’s not so bad to lock it in until we can find a plan to use it responsibly, but know it IS in there.”
    I fear an Ice Age. I think keeping some oil for that future is a good idea. The technocrats want an energy based currency. When the time comes to convert, their mega-inflated shares of fiat will convert to huge shares of energy. There won’t be enough for the Deagel-doomed states to keep their teeming masses warm. So it’s only kindness to kill them now./s

    Species 8472 could not be assimilated. They lived in “Fluid Space”.
    The humans that survived the end of the Borg then went on to torture them, as per “Picard”, the intensely dark continuation of the series. Last night on “Voyager”, two crew members were held by “Patriots” in 1996. (“Voyager”, set in the 24th century, has a lot of time travel in it). The leader said to the captives: “There’s two kind of people in this world: the Collectivists, and the Individualists!”

    Remember when theaters and broadcasters were told to stop subliminal advertising? They have broken every other law and rule of decorum- is there any reason to think they aren’t back to their old tricks? They Live.

    Maxwell- I love your Turkish Taffy metaphor!


    an interesting thread from Patrick Lang’s blog:

    Mr. House

    Obivion. Yep. I have known so many individuals who have gone. They are hardly remembered at all. Even “the great ones” are only know superficially at best. You are correct in that the human experience is fleeting. I cannot lighten up that particular fact.

    My take on the energy issue is based on the unpredictability of innovations. They are non-linear (one could even view them often as ‘mistakes’) and as outliers they have taken us thus far (who would have imagined it!) Along with the horror of the human economy we have the stunning beauty of the natural world we inhabit. And the rules of the cosmic universe that govern “reality”.

    At this point one could take the entire human experience and put it down to a cosmic joke. I’m sure Alan Watts, Carl Sagan and Terence McKenna would have been in on that one (come to think of it, so would George Carlin)

    The future is as yet unwritten. It will probably look a lot like the past. I guess I am an optimist at heart. But I’m also a realist.

    Good to share a few words with you here. All the best


    @deflationista: Facebook and the Gates Foundation occupy the #2 and #4 positions on the all-time donor list for the Texas Tribune. I’m sure that fact has no effect on editorial policy, and would never cause them to cherry pick facts and dates in support of The Narrative.


    I know for me, if it weren’t for my domestic partner, my parents, my sister and her husband and TAE, I would be going out of my mind, sure that I was the only one able to see the wizard behind the curtain and feeling very alone. It isn’t enough to simply know that there are people out there who see what I see, I need to also be in active communication with people who can see what I see.

    @ TDK “ cow paste works better than horse paste for the mu variant.”
    Hope you don’t mind if I pass that joke on.


    With the utmost apologies- I hope this makes sense to anybody who actually reads music.
    This tune goes with the poem I wrote down here on 21 August. I can’t get it out of my head. If it sounds like some other tune, I’d sure like to know.
    I woke up in the morning with it, after a night of discussing how bad my mate feels that he may have to quit if the “vaccine” is required in his Netherlands job. This came up after mentioning John Day, Willem over at OffG, and a number of other commenters at various sites expressing their sadness about it all.

    d b b a b bbb C D a (pause) [repeat]
    a a a b C C b a b (pause) [repeat 3 times]
    a a a g fsharp g

    Where capital letters are high notes and more space is a longer pause.

    Polder Dweller

    “ The only doubt remaining: will a major armed conflict/destruction be avoided?”

    The way I see it, the US is likely to have fairly serious internal problems which may lead to the break up of the union, but in the short to medium term, a major conflict with an external power looks avoidable.

    Unfortunately for those of us in Europe (including the UK) things don’t look rosy at all. I expect some kind of war here a bit over a year from now. Buoyed by their success in Afghanistan and massively aided by the ongoing vaccine debacle, the various sleeper cells in Germany in particular (where they accepted a million “Syrians”) and throughout the west of the continent thanks to the refugee crisis from a couple of years ago will rise up and attempt to take over.

    I start wishing we had a 2nd amendment here.


    Dang! It corrected my extra spacing, so I have inserted commas, instead.

    d b b a b, bbb C D a (pause) repeat
    a a a b C C, b a b (pause) repeat 3 times
    a a a, g fsharp g
    Where capital letters are high notes and more space (or comma) is a longer pause.


    @MPSK I can hear it. Sounds nice. I’ll revisit your words from the 21st to hear the syllabals in time with the melody.


    I would venture to say that we have crossed, in “well-vaccinated” countries (and what a term that will turn out to be), the threshold where more people die from the vaccine than from Covid.

    Raul has officially jumped the shark.

    September 1, 2021 at 6:06 pm. Reply #85987.

    those darned kids

    of course.

    no one is as cool as the fonz.

    they didn’t send richie or potsie ¿now did they?

    Polder Dweller

    “Raul has officially jumped the shark.”

    Oh sorry I forgot, you don’t do evidence.


    Texas data:

    “DSHS doesn’t track the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations among vaccinated people statewide because hospitals are not required to report that information to the state.”

    If any part of the data is manipulated, I reject it all.

    Mr. House

    Words we can and should all live by:

    “I’m called ‘the poorest president’, but I don’t feel poor. Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want more and more,”

    “This is a matter of freedom. If you don’t have many possessions then you don’t need to work all your life like a slave to sustain them, and therefore you have more time for yourself,”

    “I may appear to be an eccentric old man… But this is a free choice.”


    Speaking about manipulated data:

    Florida changed its COVID-19 data, creating an ‘artificial decline’ in recent deaths*

    * You should probably just ignore this 1) because it harms your political/world view and 2) Bill Gates might have donated money to the Miami Herald at some time in the past

    absolute galore

    The seatbelt analogy is lame. A seatbelt is a mechanical device you can take on and off when you are riding in an automobile. An mRNA vaccine is genetic code that goes into your body and makes changes. It has a very short history of observation as to outcomes in humans. You can also choose not to ride in cars. You can’t choose not to get the virus.

    Oroboros wrote: A guy I know who’s really into gardening for self reliance reasons said the people who are judged to be ‘preppers’ are getting notices on their Facebook posts about gardening that pop up and say that this gardening post is a little bit too much like ‘survivalist information’ and should be regarded as unreliable!

    I’m putting this “A guy I know” info into the apocryphal folder until you can come up with something more substantial. Smells like leg-pulling to me.

    Dr. D asked where Illich saw the cutoff point. That’s what Energy and Equity is about–how to determine that point. This was written in the early 1970s. From what I understand, he was more discouraged later in life that we would be able to control our appetite for energy.

    Another excerpt where he talks about limits and ranges. The full book is available as a free pdf (google will bring it right up). Also full text online here:

    In previous discussions, I have shown that, beyond a certain level of
    per capita GNP, the cost of social control must rise faster than total
    output and become the major institutional activity within an
    economy. Therapy administered by educators, psychiatrists, and social
    workers must converge with the designs of planners, managers, and
    salesmen, and complement the services of security agencies, the
    military, and the police. I now want to indicate one reason why
    increased affluence requires increased control over people. I argue
    that beyond a certain median per capita energy level, the political
    system and cultural context of any society must decay. Once the
    critical quantum of per capita energy is surpassed, education for the
    abstract goals of a bureaucracy must supplant the legal guarantees of
    personal and concrete initiative. This quantum is the limit of social

    I will argue here that technocracy must prevail as soon as the ratio
    of mechanical power to metabolic energy oversteps a definite,
    identifiable threshold. The order of magnitude within which this
    threshold lies is largely independent of the level of technology
    applied, yet its very existence has slipped into the blind-spot of
    social imagination in both rich and medium-rich countries. Both the
    United States and Mexico have passed the critical divide. In both
    countries, further energy inputs increase inequality, inefficiency,
    and personal impotence. Although one country has a per capita income
    of $500 and the other, one of nearly $5,000, huge vested interest
    in an industrial infrastructure prods both of them to further escalate
    the use of energy. As a result, both North American and Mexican
    ideologues put the label of energy crisis” on their frustration,
    and both countries are blinded to the fact that the threat of social
    breakdown is due neither to a shortage of fuel nor to the wasteful,
    polluting, and irrational use of available wattage, but to the attempt
    of industries to gorge society with energy quanta that inevitably
    degrade, deprive, and frustrate most people.

    A people can be just as dangerously overpowered by the wattage of its
    tools as by the caloric content of its foods, but it is much harder to
    confess to a national overindulgence in wattage than to a sickening
    diet. The per capita wattage that is critical for social well-being
    lies within an order of magnitude which is far above the horsepower
    known to four-fifths of humanity and far below the power commanded by
    any Volkswagen driver. It eludes the underconsumer and the
    overconsumer alike. Neither is willing to face the facts. For the
    primitive, the elimination of slavery and drudgery depends on the
    introduction of appropriate modern technology, and for the rich, the
    avoidance of an even more horrible degradation depends on the
    effective recognition of a threshold in energy consumption beyond
    which technical processes begin to dictate social relations. Calories
    are both biologically and socially healthy only as long as they stay
    within the narrow range that separates enough from too much.

    The so-called energy crisis is, then, a politically ambiguous issue.
    Public interest in the quantity of power and in the distribution of
    controls over the use of energy can lead in two opposite directions.
    On the one hand, questions can be posed that would open the way to
    political reconstruction by unblocking the search for a
    postindustrial, labor-intensive, low-energy and high-equity economy.
    On the other hand, hysterical concern with machine fodder can
    reinforce the present escalation of capital-intensive institutional
    growth, and carry us past the last turnoff from a hyperindustrial
    Armageddon. Political reconstruction presupposes the recognition of
    the fact that there exist _critical per capita quanta_ beyond
    which energy can no longer be controlled by political process. A
    universal social straitjacket will be the inevitable outcome of
    ecological restraints on _total energy use_ imposed by
    industrial-minded planners bent on keeping industrial production at
    some hypothetical maximum.

    Rich countries like the United States, Japan, or France might never
    reach the point of choking on their own waste, but only because their
    societies will have already collapsed into a sociocultural energy
    coma. Countries like India, Burma, and, for another short while at
    least, China are in the inverse position of being still muscle-powered
    enough to stop short of an energy stroke. They could choose, right
    now, to stay within those limits to which the rich will be forced back
    through a total loss of their freedoms.

    The choice of a minimum-energy economy compels the poor to abandon
    fantastical expectations and the rich to recognize their vested
    interest as a ghastly liability. Both must reject the fatal image of
    man the slaveholder currently promoted by an ideologically stimulated
    hunger for more energy. In countries that were made affluent by
    industrial development, the energy crisis serves as a pretext for
    raising the taxes that will be needed to substitute new, more
    rational,” and socially more deadly industrial processes for those
    that have been rendered obsolete by inefficient overexpansion. For the
    leaders of people who are not yet dominated by the same process of
    industrialization, the energy crisis serves as a _historical
    imperative_ to centralize production, pollution, and their control
    in a last-ditch effort to catch up with the more highly powered. By
    exporting their crisis and by preaching the new gospel of puritan
    energy worship, the rich do even more damage to the poor than they did
    by selling them the products of now outdated factories. As soon as a
    poor country accepts the doctrine that more energy more carefully
    managed will always yield more goods for more people, that country
    locks itself into the cage of enslavement to maximum industrial
    outputs. Inevitably the poor lose the option for rational technology
    when they choose to modernize their poverty by increasing their
    dependence on energy. Inevitably the poor deny themselves the
    possibility of liberating technology and participatory politics when,
    together with maximum feasible energy use, they accept maximum
    feasible social control.

    The energy crisis cannot be overwhelmed by more energy inputs. It can
    only be dissolved, along with the illusion that well-being depends on
    the number of energy slaves a man has at his command. For this
    purpose, it is necessary to identify the thresholds beyond which
    energy corrupts, and to do so by a political process that associates
    the community in the search for limits. Because this kind of research
    runs counter to that now done by experts and for institutions, I shall
    continue to call it counterfoil research. It has three steps. First,
    the need for limits on the per capita use of energy must be
    theoretically recognized as a social imperative. Then, the range must
    be located wherein the critical magnitude might be found. Finally,
    each community has to identify the levels of inequity, harrying, and
    operant conditioning that its members are willing to accept in
    exchange for the satisfaction that comes of idolizing powerful devices
    and joining in rituals directed by the professionals who control their

    Mr. House

    Uh except they never really shut down travel thru out all of 2020.


    A few weeks back or a month ago, someone posted a comment of yours from 2012. You never responded to that, and i’d really like to know what in your mind has changed since then?


    “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

    Ending the use of money only means that those with power and influence will find another means of exchange to put their feet on our throats.

    Money simply allows us slaves to believe that we are not slaves. We buy the stuff that our masters make for us, giving them more and more money and power. They even make us sick, so they can peddle their drugs to make us ‘better’.

    The best we can do is opt out. But even that is getting more and more difficult. And maybe even one day will be illegal.

    We are toast.”

    So again, what in your mind has changed that you do not feel that way anymore? In my mind everything you mention in that comment has only gotten worse. Curious

    Mr. House

    Also if anyone enjoys roman history you might like this:

    Collections: The Queen’s Latin or Who Were the Romans? Part I: Beginnings and Legends

    I read part five and enjoyed it so much i’m starting from the beginning. Hat tip to someone over at the archdruid report who posted it!


    The less stuff I have the better I feel. The bike’s got a bombed-out bottom bracket, though, and I’ve got to fix that soon. Garden is doing well..

    Techno-world holds no lasting appeal.


    At the end of Rickovers speech:

    Certainly no one likes taxes, but we must become reconciled to larger taxes in the larger America of tomorrow.

    It means that we must reconcile ourselves to continuing higher taxes to build up and maintain at decent salaries a greatly enlarged corps of much better trained teachers, even at the cost of denying ourselves such momentary pleasures as buying a bigger new car, or a TV set, or household gadget.

    An ever larger share of what we earn must go to solve problems caused by crowded living – bigger governments; bigger city, state, and federal budgets to pay for more public services.

    You’ll have nothing and you’ll like it.


    Pregnant and barefoot
    Does this apply to all pregnant women
    Bill limiting abortion-inducing pills nears final passage in the Texas Legislature
    Senate Bill 4, which was advanced by the Texas House on Monday evening, would bar access to abortion-inducing pills to patients who are more than seven weeks pregnant.



    I jst learned — another expression ” to lie”
    Biden Told Afghan President To “Create Perception”


    I’m coming under harsh institutional scrutiny for giving people real information about vaccine risks/benefits, and now for prescribing ivermectin based treatment.

    This is very disturbing. If they fire you, I am happy to volunteer behind the scenes to support the lawsuit.


    This story is fictional. Any similarity between its characters and actual people is intentional.

    This is very well done and humorous. Also, he is a fan of TAE Summary!!

    The Oopsilon Variant

    V. Arnold

    On February 2, 1996 Ivermectine was approved for human use:

    Lies on top of lies, on top of more and more lies…the layers of the onion are infinite in the West…
    Find those you can trust and believe, and hold them dear…

    John Day

    @Oroboros and my parents said know:
    Thanks for thinking of me.

    V. Arnold

    @ Archie
    What a hoot…thanks for that Oopsilon piece…


    Anaemic attempt at a hit piece on the FLCCC by Fluffpost:

    People Are Eating Horse Paste To Fight COVID. These Doctors Are One Reason Why. | HuffPost

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