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    absolute galore

    Mandate This.

    Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. –CDC, March, 2020

    Let’s fire everyone who smokes and make them take antismoking medications. In 2020, revenues from tobacco tax in the United States amounted to 12.35 billion U.S. dollars. On second thought…

    In 2019, an estimated 1.5 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. Another 2.2 million deaths were attributable to high blood glucose in 2012. –WHO

    Let’s outlaw corn syrup and Coca-Cola and McDonalds! Let’s raise the insurance for people with diabetes! We must protect our neighbors, we care a lot. Also, they are taking up hospital beds that could be used for gunshot victims and Ivermectin overdose cases. Oh. On second thought,maybe not.

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    Wait wait don’t tell me, it’ll be called…………… a once in a lifetime event


    Girl reading…

    I find myself wanting to know the content of the letter….


    @ boiling frog regarding ivm safety data: “ Wish i could recall the data, but it’s out there.”

    John Day reviewed the data earlier this week.


    So…did some work for clients at the local retirement community the past two days. They are raising costs for their residents. They are telling residents that it is because with the pandemic they have not been able to fill all of their units. I like speculating between the lines:
    – is this because seniors are more hesitant to live in communities with a pandemic on the loose? Or, do prospective not like the idea of all of the community imposed Covid rules?
    – is this because many more residents have died in the past 18 months than is usual?
    – is this because they are finding it necessary to pay their employees more? They had only *strongly encouraged* vaccination of employees up to now, but part of their facility is a nursing home, and I’m sure they have more than 100 employees. I noticed yesterday on their digital marquee that they are advertising that they are hiring low level staff. These new federal vaccine mandates are likely to compound their difficulties in getting staff.


    My sister and brother in law have 5 kids; the youngest is about 2. Where he works has been threatening layoffs for months, and he had just decided to accept a voluntary severance package rather than to see if his job got axed with no severance package. My sister has primarily been a stay at home mom, and homeschools their kids. Their family already survived Covid and is unvaxxed. My sister was preparing to apply for a job with the large corporation she worked for prior to having children, so that one of them would be employed while he transitions to self-employment. Biden may have just rained out that plan…..


    “Listen to the voices of unvaccinated Americans who are lying in hospital beds, taking their final breath,”

    Question: WHAT unvaccinated Americans lying in hospital beds? Sure isn’t me, nor do I know any unvaccinated in hospital beds, nor have I seen them when I needed a service in a hospital (MRI)?. Maybe in rural areas with phantom gunshot victims? Or the ones with dancing nurses? Because I haven’t seen them.


    Though I’m pretty hard on Doctors given my past treatment, I would like to commend Dr. Day as well. It’s really too bad you can’t come here, as the clinic I go to seems to have relaxed the vaccine pressure. Please keep fighting for your patients, even if it’s in an unorthodox fashion (such as private practice from your home). We need those like you who keep the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Those doctors are few and far between nowadays.


    Off topic: This nice man and his collaborators made a nice video for us. The more you know the less you know.

    Threading that led me to this on topic article. Evolution

    Teri, Doc Robinson and Raul might enjoy that last link.
    Check the date of publish. Ha!


    The American President, last night, making me a scapegoat is not pleasant. It is clear that the Biden Administration is even worse than Trump Administration. They simply do not know what they are doing. The corporate/state has embraced full fascism.

    Forcing Americans by mandates, shaming, and vaccine passports to be injected with mRNA vaccines that do not prevent transmission, that have significant side effects, and that increase the percentage fatality rate of the vaccinated in Scotland according to Raul’s graph above in the comments, while ignoring natural immunity, is just plain demented crazy.

    Similar stories are coming from Australia. Correct me if I am wrong. New South Wales (NSW) has reopened based on the pipe dream that vaccines will control the pandemic. The virus is now endemic there, people are dying, and the other States that have controlled the pandemic, so far, are trying to stop the movement of infected people across NSW borders. All to get business restarted. The number of deaths from the vaccine campaign may be similar to the number of deaths from COVID itself in Australia and New Zealand was mentioned here yesterday. Of course, my take is that this indicates that functional public health systems do work. mRNA Vaccines don’t.

    The reason the USA is #1 in total COVID deaths is that its public health system has failed. The USA no longer works. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.”


    The comparison showing a higher percentage of deaths in the UK with individuals vaccinated is incorrect.
    If you look at the current population spread of vaccines 89 percent of UK have one dose and 80.6 percent have two. Therefore 11 percent of the population are totally unvaccinated.
    The figures on deaths are 60.6 percent fully vaccinated, 9,58 percent partially vaccinated and 29.82 percent unvaccinated.
    The spread of death across the population as whole is still in favour of the likelihood of death being higher in the unvaccinated.
    This is not a pro-vaccine post as it is fairly evident from the figures the vaccines do not work as originally sold to the population, but currently a higher likelihood of death amongst the vaccinated from a COVID infection is not correct.
    The argument has become so polarised it has lost sight of the middle ground. What are the long term implications from being infected? In short we currently don’t know but it is absolute rubbish to keep harking on about 98 plus percent rate of no harm in infection. When we know the implications then rattle on about the 98 percent recovery – I doubt if we will get there – a lot of deaths by vaccine and a lot of long term morbidity and ultimately death through infection.
    Another peer reviewed research piece. We need to understand fully the implications of infection and are only at the start.


    Ilargi, the art rarely shocks me, but you got me this time! I always knew there was something under that rectangle on the back wall of that Vermeer, but what a delight to see the painting in its full glory.

    10 sep 2021

    Resist! Resist! Resist with all your might!
    The battle has been started-
    We’re in this war to fight:
    To fight to keep us healthy,
    To fight to keep us strong-
    This fight will prove the diktocrats
    With pricks and jabs are wrong.

    Stay true! Stay free! Stand up against the power!
    The war against humanity
    Drives forth each passing hour.
    Don’t let them breach your body,
    Don’t let them steal your soul,
    Don’t let them have their thirty coins
    To put you in a hole.

    Connect! Unite! Find others of your kind!
    They don’t just want to kill us
    They want to warp our minds.
    We’re in this war to win it;
    We’re fighting on our soil;
    We will survive and bring them down
    Stay true! Stay brave! Stay loyal!


    Thanks for the honest analysis of what is going on in the UK. What I’d like to see is an analysis that includes people taking vitamin C, D and zinc etc. I accept that the vaccines are somewhat effective but with some terrible side effects and unknown long term consequences. The questions is how the vaccines compare to other treatments in the short and long term. That information will probably never be gathered.


    Re: population vaccination rates. Doesn’t matter the country … question is …

    Is the vaccination rate the percentage of the ENTIRE population, or is it the percentage of the population that is eligible for vaccination? (12 and over, 16 and over, etc.) I’ve not been clear on that detail and no one seems to address it.



    “I surf through all the major cable news channels, of course, to detect the textures, flavors, and odors of the American zeitgeist — the spirit of the times. It’s a harsh, sour thing these days, with overtones of dead skunk wrapped in a used diaper and dipped in vinegar, almost impossible to choke down and process, like being trapped in a room where evil dwells in a bad dream. It’s gotten so that some of us are beginning to wonder about actually living in the presence of true evil. As embodied, say, by “Joe Biden,” the ghostly figure said to be chief executive of the US government — but apparently in the service of forces and entities outside these fifty states.”

    I too expect them to go full-on Exorcist pretty soon.

    Then What…?


    My Govt’s spiritually bankrupt Politicians, CEO’s and “expert” Dr’s have just notified me that my body is now their choice medically,socially, employment wise, travel and my basic human rights.

    They think they own me and you.

    I reject their assumptions and actions politically and spiritually.

    I also consider their actions and choices as assault with intent to hurt, punish, abuse and kill myself and you.

    This Regime is neither benevolent or compassionate- it consists of scum humans who are corrupt and spiritually bankrupt to their core. They have chosen the next tier of their War Vs Unvaxxed, war against, terror, war on drugs, war on life and beauty

    “There is a special place in hell for” Tyrannical scum with vaccine needles stuck in their necks, may they contemplate their horrible actions alone in their own personal hells.

    Resist, Do Not comply, have Courage and fight the good fight- it is here and now, not maybe, not later- Tyranny is knocking on your door.



    Dr Peter McCullough interview posted 9/10 on Mercola site. Will be taken down within the next 36 hours. I’m listening now – it’s informative, as McCullough always is.


    Check my logic …..Tell me where I’m wrong
    I’m continually told ….
    The hospitals are overfilled with sick people that are unvaccinated
    Therefore, those sick unvaccinated people are isolated and will not transmit the covid to others unvaccinated people
    Therefore, those sick isolated people will not transmit covid to the vaccinated workers who wear masks etc for protection.
    Therefore, it cannot be the sick unvaccinated people transmitting covid and making the tested with covid increase.
    Where is my mistake?


    All the news media people are smarter, more educated than me.
    Why are they not asking my question?
    All the politicians have more info then me
    Why are they not asking my question?


    @ upstateNYer:
    “Is the vaccination rate the percentage of the ENTIRE population, or is it the percentage of the population that is eligible for vaccination?”

    I was just goofing around with some numbers last night on that very question. I was curious because Biden mentioned the “80 million” who have not been vaccinated, which did not jive with the idea that the US is only at 53% fully vaccinated. The following is for here in the US.

    We have roughly 331 million people in the US. Of those, 258 mm are adults and 73 mm are under age18 yrs old (i.e.; children). Per the CDC, “Emergency Use Authorization has been granted for use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine among people aged 12 and older and for use of both the Moderna vaccine and the Johnson and Johnson Janssen vaccine among people aged 18 and older. Therefore, vaccine use is limited among those under age 18.” So most of the vaccinated are going to be adults – that is simply a given at this point.

    When Biden says 80 mm people still need to be vaccinated, he is talking about the adult population, since he cannot mandate for those under 18 – at least, not yet, he can’t.

    My numbers come from the latest Census Bureau numbers (2020). 331 million total population in USA; 258 million are adults, 73 million are under the age of 18.

    The arithmetic works like this:
    331 mm people in US – 73 mm children = 258 mm adults that are eligible to be vaxxed.

    258 mm adults – 177 mm fully vaxxed (current number of fully vaccinated in US) = 81 mm adults that are not fully vaccinated. These are the ones Biden is threatening with his mandates.

    Oddly, a different parameter is used when they talk about the percentage of people fully vaxxed in the US. I keep reading that the percentage of fully vaxxed is about 53% right now. Well, if 177 mm people are fully vaccinated, that is 53% of the entire population of 331 mm. But it is 69% of the adult population, which is the only group eligible to take the vaccines at their own request. Anyone under the age of 18 needs parental approval and cannot be threatened with vaccine mandates and the like. I guess they use the 53% figure rather than the 69% figure because they want to complain we need more people vaccinated. They want 100% vaccine rate, and that means they want everyone from infancy on up. However, the fact is that roughly 69% of those eligible to be vaccinated already are. (Which, by the way, surpasses Fauci’s original statement of the number we supposedly needed for his “herd immunity” concept.)

    When I saw your question, I went to the CDC numbers. You can find the demographics here:

    The CDC numbers are pretty rough because not all jurisdictions report all numbers the same way, and some don’t report at all….the CDC website admits they are just estimating some of the numbers when it comes to age groups, sexes and races. I find the CDC charts to be poorly designed and difficult to read. The graphs are in tiny print and the numbers offer too large a range. But you can get a gist of what’s going on with the vaccination rates. No doubt they have other choices of graph designs available, but I kind of got tired of the project and didn’t bother to screw around with it any more after I verified that it pretty much bore out my estimates.

    Anyway, Biden says we need to “protect the vaccinated workers from the unvaccinated”, which is seriously the most egregiously non-endorsement endorsement of a product I have ever heard, so let’s all do our part to protect the ones who are already “protected”. And get more boosters every month to protect them even better. But who will protect them when we run out of the unvaccinated? Because it sure doesn’t look like the vaccinated can protect the vaccinated.

    It all reminds me of the commercial that had my two sons cracking up some years ago. A product to help with “restless leg syndrome”. The commercial showed an airplane traveler seeking relief from his restless leg syndrome. He took the wonder drug and felt so-o-o relaxed on his trip across country. One of the mentioned side effects of the drug was “uncontrollable diarrhea”. Can you imagine being trapped in coach, one tiny bathroom available for all the passengers, and you have uncontrollable diarrhea? We all agreed we’d rather have restless legs, whatever the hell those are.

    Yeah. American pharmaceuticals. A wonderment to behold.


    Biden’s timing is interesting- almost desperate. The fall and winter are quickly approaching and with it the usual respiratory viruses. The idea that the uninjected will act as a control for those who are injected must terrify them.
    I don’t know why. It’s pretty clear that the aggregate American mind is a bowl of mush.

    There’s a terrible John Cusack movie call “Cell” (2016) about what could happen if they controlled you with your phone. The first 8 minutes are all you need to see. (Warning- gory! but too cheesy to be nightmare stuff). Perhaps there’s more to this “healthcare” saga and all it’s coming sequels. (sorta /s)


    > US ruled by unions.. <

    Say *what* ? Around 10% of the US workforce are unionized, and that number is still steadily declining (I’m sorry to say).


    Review: “Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored “ by Ray McGinnis

    A timely book review by Ed Curtin. I had read a few days ago that the 911 families had requested that Biden not attend this year’s memorial service. But I’ve heard that he plans on attending anyway. What a touchhole.

    Veracious Poet


    My Govt’s spiritually bankrupt Politicians, CEO’s and “expert” Dr’s have just notified me that my body is now their choice medically,socially, employment wise, travel and my basic human rights.

    They think they own me and you.

    I reject their assumptions and actions politically and spiritually.

    I also consider their actions and choices as assault with intent to hurt, punish, abuse and kill myself and you.

    First they authorized a private banking co-op to print control U$ofA economic policies + U$D printing in 1913, & We did nothing…

    Then they suspended Natural Law & the USCON, stealing our Au/Ag money & creating the .MIL/Banking empire with powers of Equity/Admiralty Law, & We did nothing…

    Then they started Wars to feed the .MIL/Banking empire, & We did nothing…

    Then they started confiscating our guns in 1968, & We did nothing…

    Then they creating money for nuthin’, chicks for free in 1971, & We did nothing…

    Then they legalize infanticide, murdering 62,000,000 unborn humans, & We did nothing…

    Then they legalized 3,000,000 illegal aliens in 1986, & We did nothing…

    Then they executed by fire 76 American men, women & children in Waco, TX in 1993, & We did nothing…

    Then the .MIL/Banking empire killed up to 48,000 civilians over 20 years as part of the “War-On-Terror, & We did nothing…

    Then they came for Us, & no one cared.

    Too bad, so sad that no one caed about Natural Law & the USCON…

    The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent,

      no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions

    ~ Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience. ~ John Locke 1690

    Veracious Poet

    Sorry for the typos, my body & my mind are literally shaking today with anger, fear & great sadness after the words uttered from that EVIL stench in the District of Criminals, which portends the death of hope in the former United States of America, and by extension the human race at large.

    I am so nauseated by the idiocracy of the ‘MerKan Sheeple 😐


    D Benton Smith

    @Veracious Poet

    ref: ” The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one . . . ”

    Take heart. The resolution to your distraught emotional state is right there in Locke’s observation. The state of nature has a law to govern it. He isn’t saying that the Universe has a propensity, or guidlines, or tendency. He is observing that it is governed (and I would add the words “with an iron hand and no exceptions” ).

    In other words, the bad guys are not going to get away with ANYTHING. They are as governed by nature as everyone else. This means (amongst many other things) that their blindness to truths, obliviousness to the value of others, and disregard of inevitable consequences does not actually alter the true state of nature . . . which simply IS what it it IS. Truth is still true. Others continue to have value, and consequences shall occur whether they think they will or not.

    This is not the end. It is not even the begining of the end. Stay tuned.

    Mister Roboto

    The reason the USA is #1 in total COVID deaths is that its public health system has failed. The USA no longer works.

    We really are the USSR of the 21st Century, and every bit as incompetent.


    Your comments about nursing homes seem correct to me. We know from a number of comments on TAE that nursing/old folks homes are hurting.

    One Spanish commenter from a disadvantage region in Spain said that covid killed so many of the old folks in the nursing homes, that many workers were laid off as a result. This in an area where nursing homes are one of only a few major employers.

    An American commented that he had a friend who owned two small nursing homes, a mens and a womens. The friend said that he lost no one to covid but lost about half to the vaccines! Obviously the friend would have had to reduce staff to match income.

    My own guess is between covid and now the vaccines, many of the current and future customers of nursing homes have passed away, short circuiting the nursing home route altogether.

    I suspect after New York willingly torching old folks to help create the perception of a crisis, many older folks are terrified of going into a nursing home! Going into a nursing home now means giving up all control of your life! You become government property to do as they please!

    It is interesting we have not heard any recent stories about how nursing homes are doing. I suspect they are doing poorly due to a shortage of customers!.

    Doc Robinson

    Re: Covid vaccine “shedding” spike proteins, and the CDC’s semantics. (What if we call it spike protein “spreading” caused by the mRNA vaccines?)
    Plus, a recently published study report which explains how mRNA vaccines cause spike proteins to “released into interstitial fluid/blood” and “distributed to many organs,” and a study on mice found spike proteins in the salivary glands!

    Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States shed or release any of their components?

    No. Vaccine shedding is the term used to describe the release or discharge of any of the vaccine components in or outside of the body. Vaccine shedding can only occur when a vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus. None of the vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. contain a live virus…

    We found a spike protein body-wide biodistribution [in mice] followed by a slow regional elimination, except for the liver, which showed an accumulation. Spike protein uptake was highest for the lungs, and this was followed by kidney, heart and liver, but, unlike the choroid plexus, it was not detected in the brain parenchyma or cerebrospinal fluid…

    In vaccines, such as mRNA vaccines, the translated SP [Spike Protein] is released into interstitial fluid/blood, distributed to many organs and triggers an immune response… Herein, we show that SP had a body-wide biodistribution, slow regional elimination, except for the liver, which showed an accumulation, and differential organ uptake…. Also, SP [Spike Protein] was present in the salivary glands.

    Spike protein is widely distribution and slowly eliminated… For some of the vaccines, the SP [Spike Protein] produced by the vaccine will be released from cells and distributed in the body before it can mount an immune response.

    SP-NIRF is differentially distributed to many organs, which may explain SARS-CoV-2 multiorgan tropism, and this may contribute to organ failure, in addition to respiratory failure, in young adults. The lungs had the highest SP levels and the brain the lowest. There was significant SP (Spike Protein) signal in the salivary glands, intestine, spinal cord and choroid plexus, but not in CSF. Thus, the brains vascular barriers were effective in restricting the flux of proteins from blood into the brain parenchyma…

    Spike protein multiorgan tropism suppressed by antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2


    Fauci is asked why people who had Covid already are being required to vaccinate, even though they’re likely more protected than vaccinated people

    “That’s a really good point…I don’t really have a firm answer for you on that””

    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith:

    Take heart. The resolution to your distraught emotional state is right there in Locke’s observation. The state of nature has a law to govern it. He isn’t saying that the Universe has a propensity, or guidlines, or tendency. He is observing that it is governed (and I would add the words “with an iron hand and no exceptions” ).

    I wish this was just an emotional issue, but this is now officially a spiritual black hole, I’m doing my best not to get sucked into it ~ Many souls will probably know torment like they have never imagined soon, unless Divine intervention intercedes on behalf of the innocent, blocking the evil rich & powerful…

    Western civilization has rejected “The state of nature”, as established by the Infinite, and chosen Free Will which has manifested into an egomanical twilight zone.

    In other words, the bad guys are not going to get away with ANYTHING.

    Why have they been victorious decade after decade for over the last 100 years?

    If you’re talking some type of judgment in the hereafter, well that isn’t a path I subscribe to…

    This is not the end. It is not even the begining of the end. Stay tuned.

    We had a good run for 245 years, even with the monster parasites murdering innocents + sucking the planet dry, but now the impossible victory that the Sons of Liberty gaves us (a Democratic Republic under Natural Law) is RIP.


    Is it, perhaps, that they just don’t believe the bullshit they are serving up to anxious viewers anymore? Or is it something even darker? That would be my guess. Next thing you know, their heads will start rotating 360 degrees, projectile vomiting pea soup at the cameras.

    Formerly T-Bear

    The President of the United States of that space between Mexico and Canada IS NOT QUALIFIED to prescribe medicine and should consider his position. Resignation is the least he should face. A military firing squad would be more appropriate. No apology for his inane stupidity should be accepted – ever. But first remove the occupant of the Vice Presidency, let Nancy have the job and get that feckless c^nt out of Congress.

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