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    DPC The Mammoth Oak at Pass Christian, Mississippi 1900 • UN Warns Of Millions More Refugees Coming To Europe (Reuters) • Migrant Crisis Could Be ‘Big
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    “Germany is currently experiencing a period of economic sunshine, which has led to a reduction in xenophobia. I will be interested to see what studies find a few years from now.”

    Delayed payback is still payback. The perpetual goal is always chaos, more chaos, leading to that wonderful, glorious, New World Order.


    For the most part the US opinion makers have not connected the dots between the US and it’s Gulf monarchies partners plan to oust Assad and the refugee crisis. They probably never will.

    Dots that are being connected is that among the throngs entering Europe are Jihadists . One crackpot theory I have held for a long time, since 2000 to be exact and Bush vs Gore, is that ultimately it will be anarchists of various sorts that are going to be the catalyst for systematic dislocation. It turns out that to this day there is not a hint of domestic anarchism in the US or Europe but now from out of the blue there is another source. It may be a stretch to call the latest iteration of radical so called Islam anarchist but functionally it will do.


    re. the NY minimum wage. why not just pay everyone $100k a year, whether they work or not? it’s all just computer money anyway. that would be like QE for the people instead of for the banks. then people could consume to their hearts content, and the economy would be at full speed.



    “…why not just pay everyone $100k a year, whether they work or not? it’s all just computer money anyway. that would be like QE for the people instead of for the banks…”

    Uh, it’s nothing like QE for the people at all. QE monitized debt, buying junk/toxic assets to increase liquidity within the banking system. Simply paying everyone $100k/yr doesn’t monetize any underlying collateral, it just increases the cost of labour which in turn will drive up prices.

    As far as everyone consuming to their heart’s content, unless you’re being sarcastic I suggest you read more of the articles here at TAE and better understand the concept of resource/systems limits.



    well it was tongue in cheek. of course if you did pay everyone $100k a year they’d all stay home and watch TV. oh..there wouldn’t be any TV. i’m just trying to illustrate what an idiotic system we have.

    i’m well aware of resource limits which i why i live in community and share resources.


    Paul Craig Roberts published a good article about 9/11 and the cover up:

    “Millions of refugees from Washington’s wars are currently over-running Europe. Washington’s 14-year and ongoing slaughter of Muslims and destruction of their countries are war crimes for which the US government’s official 9/11 conspiracy theory was the catalyst. Factual evidence and science do not support Washington’s conspiracy theory. The 9/11 Commission did not conduct an investigation. It was not permitted to investigate. The Commission sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. Afterwards, the chairman and cochairman of the Commission said that the Commission “was set up to fail.””

    9/11 Fourteen Years Later

    Personally, I have checked into the number of Israelis who died in the 2 WTC towers – the third, WTC7 was unoccupied.

    It seems that there were precisely two Israeli nationals in these buildings – out of the 2,606 victims. In fact, there were also 2 victims from Zaire – a country with few people in the financial district of New York.

    It would seem to me that Israelis comprise a good deal more than 0.07% of the people working in the financial sector of New York. I suspect the figure should be more like 5%.

    A simple Chi-squared mathematical test would prove that the absence of Israelis from these buildings on that day was most unlikely to have been by chance.


    Please listen to this video. If you are time-short, go to minute 31 and listen for truly mind-boggling revelations about 9/11



    HI Nassim, the biggest mind boggling revelation about 9/11 is that the top of the North Tower never decelerated as it fell through the lower section of the building.
    Anyone well versed in basic physics would know that this means the top of the building never crashed onto a solid lower section of the building.
    That means that the top of the North Tower physically could not have crushed and destroyed the building below it.
    What a Gravity-Driven Demolition Looks Like

    V. Arnold

    @ TheTrivium4TW

    After your post; I’m out of here. That is the most ignorant summation I’ve ever read.
    If this blog supports your contention of 9/11; then kiss my ass goodbye…


    it’s all mind boggling. the enormity of the crime causes cognitive dissonance. many people simply can’t handle it. their brains freeze and they go on the offensive. it completely torpedoes their world view of their government, the media, and everything else they’ve been led to trust. some crimes are so enormous they exceed the ability of governments to prosecute, particularly since the government is complicit in the crime. the perpetrators will never be brought to justice. there is no justice that can fit the enormity of the crime. only god can judge them.


    Hi Arnold, the rational approach is to use physics to explain how the top of the North Tower could crush the lower section of the building without ever decelerating (a requirement in reality if the top of the building struck an intact lower section of the building that would oppose the motion of the upper part of the building – at least for a time).
    We aren’t talking my view or opinion here, we are talking physical observable fact. If you can rationally explain the facts as they exist, please do so. But you didn’t. I propose that is because you can not do so. I also propose that your effort to immediately end further debate of the facts is indicative of your sub conscious knowing the truth which your conscious doesn’t want to accept. Otherwise, let’s talk some physics! I’m not scared of physics.
    I get that comprehending the facts are disconcerting. But some people seek out and identify facts whether others are capable of dealing with them or not.

    re: charlo – The Big Lie works for a reason. The problem is that people who enable the Big Liars because they refuse to rationally deal with the OBSERVABLE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, become un/witting accomplices to all future acts committed by the people for whom they protect by avoiding the facts. That’s karma that I don’t want weighing me down.

    V. Arnold

    No, you are not using physics; you’re abusing physics. I know for a fact steel starts to go plastic when heated past 800°f.
    Having worked as an engineer I’ve read it all and the Truther’s are just; oh never mind.
    The top floors did pancake the floors below. Truther’s are wack jobs and conspiracy paranoids.
    Compare a true demolition and it goes from the bottom up; not top down.
    I believe my own lying eyes; not fantastical theories. I have zero doubt the government knew the plane attack was coming and did nothing to stop it.
    I’m done with this…believe what you will.


    all you’ve got to do is read rebekah roth’s book methodical illusion or watch the video interviews. no planes hit the towers…the video is fake. the wings would have sheared off and fallen to the ground. a missile may have hit one of the towers…there was an object traveling at 600 mph on the radars. all the towers were rigged with thermite…hence the clouds of dust. it’s all about money. trillions of dollars were made out of this event.


    >>No, you are not using physics; you’re abusing physics.<<
    Yes it is. If you think it isn’t, do explain in detail. The video explains the physics in detail. Your criticism should have detail as well instead of an unsupported claim.
    >>I know for a fact steel starts to go plastic when heated past 800°f.<<
    That’s completely irrelevant to the point of the video, but it is the official narrative. The official narrative won’t touch the contents of that video because they have no answer for it.
    >>Having worked as an engineer I’ve read it all and the Truther’s are just; oh never mind.<<
    No, don’t use ad hominem, explain how a falling object can hit an intact object AND NOT DECELERATE. Even a pool ball decelerates when it hits another pool ball… and that 2nd pool ball is not even a rigid structure.
    >>The top floors did pancake the floors below.<<
    If that is your claim then you have to prove how that could be done sans any observed deceleration. You can’t just claim it. You can’t just repeat someone else claiming it. Why, specifically, is there no deceleration observed as the top of the building crashed into an allegedly structurally sound building engineered to support 5x the weight of the falling top portion of the building?

    **You know that deceleration should be observed, that’s why you avoid the central issue of the video and bring up irrelevant points and call names instead of actually address the issue, right? Just address the issue.**

    >>Truther’s are wack jobs and conspiracy paranoids.<<
    More name calling, more avoidance of the lack of observed deceleration.
    >>Compare a true demolition and it goes from the bottom up; not top down.<<
    The video compared a gravity led demolition AND THE EXPECTED DECELERATION WAS PRESENT AND OBSERVED. Did you even watch the video? How can you judge a matter before you hear it?
    >>I believe my own lying eyes; not fantastical theories.<<
    No, you aren’t believing your truth telling eyes of observation and you are believing the Debt-Money Monopolist financed establishment rhetoric.
    >>I have zero doubt the government knew the plane attack was coming and did nothing to stop it. I’m done with this…believe what you will.<<

    **Please watch the video before criticizing it** If you had, you would know that the physics of an actual gravity led demolition was analyzed and it produced the expected deceleration at the point of contact with a structurally sound building beneath it.
    World Trade Center North DID NOT EXHIBIT THE DECELERATION, therefore, something other than the top of the building wiped out the lower section of the building.
    It is elementary physics and reason.
    BTW, I don’t like it anymore than you do, but I reach conclusions based on evidence analysis and not on evidence and evidence discussion avoidance.

    V. Arnold

    I already told you; I’m done with this “conversation”; I’ll leave it to you to understand your framing and belief system; bye.


    Hi charlo, Roth’s perspectives are interesting. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do think there is enough evidence to support the contention that 1. planes hit the building (what type of plane is a different matter) or 2. something that looked like a plane hit the building.

    That’s why I don’t put too much value in those kinds of arguments – they could go either way and aren’t “proof” of anything.
    I have, and posted, ABSOLUTE OBSERVABLE PROOF that the top of the of the North Tower never hit a structurally sound lower section of the building as evidenced by no upward force increase (deceleration) applied to the top of the North Tower building.
    Most people disagree with the conclusion demanded by the observed physics… BUT THEY DON’T EVER ADDRESS THE RELEVANT PHYSICS – even when asked repeatedly to do so.

    I believe it is because they can’t rationally address the physics and their subconscious knows this and won’t every let their consciousness address the relevant PHYSICAL LAWS.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to hit something and not decelerate. It takes a force to change motion absent even any structural integrity… like when playing pool the cue ball will decelerate as it hits another ball of equal mass loose on the table. It would decelerate if the two balls were weightless in space.

    There is no getting around that the top of the building must’ve decelerated if it crashed into the lower section of the building BUT IT OBSERVABLY DIDN’T. Therefore, logically, something had destroyed the building before the top section of the building had an opportunity to smash into it.

    Arnold tried to claim there was justification for the initiation of collapse. That’s completely irrelevant as the argument here has to do with the expected collision and deceleration of the two building parts, NOT THE INITIATION OF COLLAPSE. The reason Arnold has to go there is because HE CAN’T GO TO THE ACTUAL POINT OF THE VIDEO (which I don’t even think he watched based on his claim of the necessity to watch a gravity led demolition – which was done in the video!).

    Update – Arnold chooses to avoid actually addressing the issue in the video by choosing to opt out of future discussion. That’s the tactic of choice for people who can’t handle the conclusions of the physical truth.

    PS – Arnold, debt-money systems are a conspiracy to asset strip and control humanity. Yes, rich and powerful people conspire to remain that way. Search “Adam Smith conspiracy quote.” Even Adam Smith knew about this tendency and wrote about it in Wealth of Nations.

    Of course, the wealthy conspirators that control the media don’t want YOU to know about their conspiring… so they train you that questioning the known lying establishment declarations, even when supported by basic physics, is conspiracy theory… like, human nature based conspiring to manifest their self-interests? Yeah. That.


    NO 9/11 AT THE AUTOMATIC EARTH! I’m going to start deleting posts.




    Why is that again? I didn’t think TAE was a place where I had to censor myself as long as I am polite and open-minded to everyone’s comments/ideas and don’t promote hatred or violence…


    “Truther’s are wack jobs and conspiracy paranoids.”

    And sleeping Sheep are ignorant. I’m not taking either side of the debate, but dismissing a whole group of individuals and their argument because you think they are wack jobs / conspiracy paranoids seems awfully dismissive of you.

    “Conspiracy theories” can end up being “conspiracy facts”.


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