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    We survived without food banks
    The first food bank in Canada opened its doors in 1981 in the city of Edmonton, Alberta.[4] In 1987, the Canadian food bank community created the Canadian Association of Food Banks to represent food banks nationally.[3]

    There are now over 700 food banks and 3,000 food programs available in Canada.[5]

    John Day

    Putin address to the nation, with subtitles (“Subtleties”?)

    Address by the President of the Russian Federation


    The ultimate state of emergency is the declaration of martial law. This pretty much allows the PTB to do anything they want under the color of war, including massive censorship and the jailing of violators. So I suspect the challenge now is to get the actual hot war started, but keep it from going nuclear and completely destroying the planet. However well-equipped and protected their doomsday bunkers are, even the plutocrats don’t want to spend the rest of their lives inside a hole, even a luxurious one.

    Regarding Transnistria, I saw this a couple of months ago, pretty interesting writeup:

    Michael Reid

    Beyond the Peak

    Beyond the Peak


    Taking off the gloves
    Should there be an expectation of imposing/enforcing, a “no fly zone” anywhere in the Ukraine, by Russia.


    Taking off the gloves
    No more elite tourists going to Kiev

    Michael Reid

    Martin Armstrong discusses his new book based on declassified documents where in the 1990s the West, NATO, and Russian oligarchy plotted to seize Moscow, loot Russia, and takeover its natural resources. Yeltsin turned to Putin who was not a communist and is not an oligarch. The Moscow apartment bombings or propaganda surrounding them being a false flag would likely have come from Boris Berezovsky. The Great Reset is basically a debt default and the EU is a disaster that will fall apart. At this point most of the attack on Russia is related to “climate change” and to shut down fossil fuels.

    Martin Armstrong: The Plot to Seize Russia & Make It a NATO Vassal


    Armstrong: “”The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.””

    John Day

    The Money Economy Is Not the Real Economy: “The Global Banking and Financial System is Fatally Flawed”

    This shift toward commodity backed national currencies, while not a total solution to the money problem, is a positive step toward reconnecting the means of payment to real economic value.

    This will eventually lead also to the emergence of a new standard of value against which the value of currencies, as well as goods and services, can be measured, not only against one another on foreign exchange markets, but more objectively against the value of real goods and services. That standard will not be gold, as it was in the past, but a wide assortment, or “market basket,” of useful commodities like the commodity standard I’ve been proposing for more than 40 years. History shows that, as exchange systems evolve, credit instruments become the primary payment media because the quantity of credit money is able to expand and contract in step with economic activity and the actual supplies of goods and services. Then, the selected standard commodities serve only as the measure of value and unit of account to quantify credit obligations.

    Just as happened in the past with gold, I expect the commodities in a standard “basket” will serve as a new measure of value, but payments will be made using credit instruments and the credit clearing process, with perhaps, occasional settlement of residual account balances by the transfer of actual commodities. As I’ve repeatedly explained in my books and articles, it is crucial that these credit currencies be spent into circulation on the basis of an adequate real value foundation and without interest charges.



    That image of lava flowing across a road reminds me of the idiotic volcano movie in which a jeep-type vehicle with rubber tyres was driven across lava so that the heroes could reach safety.

    Americans have lived in an increasingly surreal puppet show since WW2. And the US projected the idiotic puppet show onto much of the rest of the world once televisions became cheap enough for most families in ‘developed nations’ to have them.

    Does anyone know why every minor metal-to-metal impact results in a shower of sparks, or why angle grinders are used so extensively on space colonies?

    One of my favourite space adventures: Galaxy Quest.


    For people who don’t read books or read internet articles; for people who avoid truth; for people who take their propaganda straight from the liar’s mouth:

    “Made me laugh out loud.”

    [Biden] “…to hold Russia accountable for atrocities and war crimes, because if nations can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences…”


    Oroboros- That grocery store video reminded me of when the Gorbachevs came to the Twin Cities, and visited the local luxury store called “Byerly’s”, from whence I have just returned. It’s just a regular grocery store now, except it still has premium prices. But huge pumpkins were going for only 9 bucks, so we had to visit.

    Donbass votes, NATO declares war on Russia? (Hah! Nothing today is ever so straightforward.)
    That would be a day when I would remember where I was.
    If that were to happen, they will “round up” the pro-Russian commenters, I think.
    Has war always been a means to cover up slimy crimes?
    I just ordered Whitney Webb’s new 2 vol. book: “One Nation Under Blackmail”. I’m very eagerly awaiting it. We’re going to have a big agreement.

    I have a copper hammer. It doesn’t spark.


    “The $64,000 question is this: Is there an interstellar “prime directive” that prevents them from interfering in the affairs of other planets?”–Maxwell Quest

    It may be this is what the Council of Five is for, delicately steering the human race to a better, less dangerously animal like behavior before we destroy ourselves and ‘our’ beautiful planet. Indications are that time is running out, or their patience is, and that something must be done soon, a “Childhoods End” sort of thing. However, that said there are probably several other species, not of the Council, who may not see the prime directive as “Prime”. This can help explain many of the unusual reports around the globe.

    I don’t think that it is a coincidence that Roswell occurred just after our first open nuke tests. Sent them scrambling.

    Michael Reid

    I remain of the opinion that we’re headed into the biggest economic smashup in history.

    The Height of Idiocy


    i just posted this in NZ. Little enough but venues here for such comment are virtually non-existent.
    At the risk of bringing the conservatives out of the woodwork, and attracting the attention of the S.I.S. or even the CIA, with the likelihood of WW3, probably in the end nuclear, it seems to me to be desirable, indeed critical, to not allow those whose ideological stance fosters it free rein.
    The propaganda that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is illegal and immoral omits the history of intervention since 2014 and before. Much like the bully provoking and provoking, and then screaming blue murder, and feigning innocence when there is a reaction.
    Ardern’s reported comments at the U.N align her squarely with Biden, Trudeau, Truss, Macron et al – a motley and dangerous group to ingratiate oneself with.
    Sure, in the fifties there was the domino theory, followed by Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran Syria etc. All for whose benefit?
    So who determines our diplomatic and foreign policy? To say war is ultimately in the domain of parliament, while true in a sense, would be to ignore the stoking of the fire, and the effect of unchallenged propaganda.

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay regarding
    about the fatally flawed money system.

    Cool article on fatally flawed money system. The movie looks familiar.

    After a society has accomplished the easy part of establishing a broadly agreed standard or “benchmark” (such as gold or a “basket of commodities”) which can then be represented by symbolic currencies and used to facilitate a real economy, then comes the hard part.

    The hard part is in detailing a systematized administration of laws and protocols that will enable moving those symbolic currencies and physical commodities in such a way that cheating does not destroy the whole structure. So far they haven’t had much luck at that.

    The lack of luck . . . . as has been observed by countless other people . . . . is because the “the Devil is in the details.” Any decent criminal can “back engineer” a reasonably good and well intentioned rule of law, to find the loophole which can then be turned to criminal advantage. It’s a lot like life itself. Heaven help us when (as in the present case) the shysters get to design the rules directly, from scratch, to serve their dastardly purposes, which are always the same. Namely, to take more than they give and get away with it.

    Honestly fair people don’t need many rules. Efficiently accurate accounting pretty well covers it. Professional scoundrels, on the other hand, will not be constrained by any set of rules, no matter how enlightened and refined they might be, except the immutable laws of the Universe itself. That one stumps them every time, but apparently doesn’t seem to stop them from trying the other way.

    I think making them sane is the only financial system with much hope of success . . . . but that it is a cosmically complicated ( and BIG) balancing act in itself. The trick seems to be avoiding both death by violence AND cessation of physical life by means of spiritual rapture . . . . but to somehow manage living precariously in the middle with acceptable levels of anxiety about accidentally going to far in either direction.

    Still waiting for the Jury on that one. A little worried about the look on the foreman’s face when they filed out of the courtroom.

    Dr. D

    Denunciation, as I do, is from constant, chronic frustration and disappointment in people you care about too much. If you want to live, fight! …And by ‘fight’ I mean maybe buy one extra can of beans at the store and have a happy wood stove with a flashlight and batteries. NOPE! That’s why it’s so frustrating and disappointing. Can’t get that single step.

    Celente’s injection of THOUSANDS of dollars — his whole 401k — is a good example. During a war, he holds a rally for peace. On his own dime, as a life-long media person, with THOUSANDS of press releases. Nothing.

    No-thing. Nada. Zip. Nuttin’. Not even the usual rally-which-does-nothing, but no rally, no cameras, no people, no press. No PEACE. They, the people, are clearly by this response, #AntiPeace. Violently, actively, tirelessly #AntiPeace. What can you say? I’m happy, mom? Don’t worry about it, dad? It’s nothing, son. I’m sure doesn’t mean anything and nothing bad will happen.

    Uh-huh. VERY bad. Very grave. Highest urgency and alarm. Being in a country that is default “pro war” has never come to any good yet and won’t this time either.

    “nuclear blackmail” noting that “if its territorial integrity is threatened Russia will definitely use all the means at its disposal” to defend Russian territory.”

    That is, when Donbass joins Russia, Russia will nuke NY. And London. ¿Comprendes, Méndez?

    Yes, totally blind to money. I listen to a lot of financials and they interviewed Wall St traders: “Hey where do you think the money from your front-running insider trading comes from?” Da Boyz literally didn’t know. Literally didn’t know because they literally didn’t care. The guy asking the question (Pento? Celente?) joked they think money comes from a magic Keebler money tree. Like LITERALLY think the money comes from thin air and no one was harmed, no one should be mad.

    That’s the one-sided coin. Because all the little working stiffs can’t get back at them. Yet.

    They didn’t use gold COINS, they used gold notes. Long history of it. So back-end all promises up to the customer gave 30 days credit wholesale. Very normal. Paid in gold. That’s the limit, the put up or shut up. The notes were then immediately sold at pro-rated discount for working cash, and speculators sat on these other peoples’ notes for their (small) risk. But as even the actual, 500 year gold standard was based on credit. Because credit is promises and people can promise things; you can’t stop them. However, the tie to gold still gave foundation, and the credit still gave elasticity. …Which were the reasons they gave to erase the gold standard and all ties to reality. But who doesn’t want the magic golden goose that gives unlimited credit with no risk*? I sure do. (* Actually the risk is transferred from ME, the printer, to YOU, the person or whole society, which is undermined from within. Because the printer then buys all problems, competitors, policemen, judges, and Kings, it cannot be stopped but can only collapse.)

    “Is there an interstellar “prime directive” that prevents them from interfering in the affairs of other planets?”

    Yeah, well, they’re CLEARLY interfering if they’re doing that. And they’re CLEARLY letting other people interfere without stopping them and holding them to their supposed rules. So some “Galactic Federation” or whatever we have: They’re the same useless s—t show as every other useless, crooked bureaucracy in the known universe. Why bring it up? If they exist, their own actions mean they’re good for f—k all. You’re on your own. If they had any love, or would lift any finger, it would never have got this far.

    I Do have questions about why they would stop it, if they are enlightened beings. (And clearly don’t stop it, much, or well) If they’re enlightened then don’t they recognize that consciousness will just change forms back to the eternal spirit? Therefore nobody “died”? So…who cares? I thought only us frightened unenlightened Joes cared. If you believe anything about Heaven, death, or spirit, why wouldn’t you ENCOURAGE going, death, transformation? …Right? Or does the explosion mess up their favorite transdimensional beach house?

    Yeah, some aliens. Some Federation. Some help. They’re about as useful as OPCW, AIEA, the BBC, and Amnesty International. Tits on a boar hog.


    All the commentators are making the argument/reason why you should not educate the slaves about money.


    I mean I’m into it but the timing is eerie. Never let a problem go to waste. Sudden Adult Dirt Syndrome


    @oxymoron ‘I mean I’m into it but the timing is eerie. Never let a problem go to waste. Sudden Adult Dirt Syndrome’. CORPSE RECYCLING DAY. October 1st, 2022- 9am-11am or Until the truck is full.** Borough will Pay Recycle Charge for 1 item per residency** NON CONTACT!! YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR & AND WEAR A MASK!! Please have exact change prepared for additional items Envelope preferred. RESIDENTS ONLY WITH ID


    “Medvedev’s Map” of the New “Ukraine” 2023



    Baby steps
    Mapping the Ukraine regions ‘voting’ on joining Russia
    Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia say they plan to hold ‘referendums’ on becoming part of Russia between September 23-27.


    I followed John Michael Greer about 15 years ago. And then I realised that, although he got some aspects quite well, there were other aspects he just didn’t get at all.

    From the linked article.

    ‘Further out, as new civilizations rise on our ruins, technologies well suited to function within the long-term energy budget of our planet will doubtless blossom in turn.’

    On a planet stripped of resources and further into the bottlenecks of The Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event and Abrupt Climate Change? ‘New civilisations? Technologies?

    Let’s be blunt: Stone Age by 2040, if any of our progeny are lucky. Or complete extinction by 2040 if they are less lucky.

    Okay, if ‘we’ were to reduce annual fossil fuel extraction by 90% immediately and stop making war, maybe there could be a third scenario.

    But I put the probability of cutting fossil fuel extraction by 90% and stopping war at approximately 0.00001% because the nation that controls much of the global financial system and the global propaganda systems has a war economy. And it has sociopaths and psychopaths in control.


    @Polemos – a truly exciting post! I love the view expressed throughout.

    For the sake of love – we do our part to heal in every breath, thought, spoken word, and action/deed. Heaven’s here on earth. Heaven’s in our Heart.

    Day. Such a worthy practice! Keep God’s presence in your Heart and move on. I would walk with you anytime.

    LOVE to All.

    John Day

    @Susmarie108: I love that Tracy Chapman album.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    Denunciation, as I do, is from constant, chronic frustration and disappointment in people you care about too much. If you want to live, fight! …And by ‘fight’ I mean maybe buy one extra can of beans at the store and have a happy wood stove with a flashlight and batteries. NOPE! That’s why it’s so frustrating and disappointing. Can’t get that single step.

    Celente’s injection of THOUSANDS of dollars — his whole 401k — is a good example. During a war, he holds a rally for peace. On his own dime, as a life-long media person, with THOUSANDS of press releases. Nothing.

    No-thing. Nada. Zip. Nuttin’. Not even the usual rally-which-does-nothing, but no rally, no cameras, no people, no press. No PEACE. They, the people, are clearly by this response, #AntiPeace. Violently, actively, tirelessly #AntiPeace. What can you say? I’m happy, mom? Don’t worry about it, dad? It’s nothing, son. I’m sure doesn’t mean anything and nothing bad will happen.

    …and there it is…the reality of todays U.S. citizens…
    Spot on Dr. D
    I couldn’t bear, so I fought back…


    Back in Feb. when Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine I was a major Putin/Russia supporter.
    The upper most thought at the time was , “ Purin , don’t fuck this up!”
    and what did he do? He fucked it up!
    When the Russian forces made the dash to Kiev the world, NATO , myself thought it would all be over very quickly and it should have been , but Russian intl was fooled by Ukranian intel , there would be no overthrow of the Zelensky government and no Russian puppet goverment put in place to implement Putin’s SMO plan. While the columns were parked on the highways , throwing flowers to the locals and moving to the curb to politely let the civilian traffic through , there was no coup , the Putin plan had already fucked up.
    Then the manpads and Ukranian forces appeared , columns were destroyed as manpads were deployed at close range. The Ukranians had lured the Russians into a trap.
    So then Putin fucked up more , instead of calling in the missles and airforce to vaporise Zelensky and co. he called the first retreat. Many dead Russians and heavy equipment lay burning in the fields and highways and byways of the Kiev region. Rumor has it that many Russian intel personnel found themselves in prison for thatmistake .
    Things like that happen when you have a powerful intimidating leader like Putin. Sychophants tell them what they want to hear , not what the need to hear. For example not so long ago Putin declared war on heart diseae in Russia . The beaurochracy and the system scrambled to acheive his goals. Soon the system was changed and fantastic results were pouring in , Purin’s intitiative was a huge success, but was it ? Slowly it was revealed that all the data was faked and that the health system was actually compromised not enhanced . The event became a national scandal in Russia .
    So the Russins retreated under fire and set up with another plan, fight a long ground and pound war of attrition , a war they were not prepared for.
    They had some success in the south with Mariupol being the moment of greatest triumph. Then everything slowed for the Russians and they had some big setbacks, the sinking of the flagship Moscow , the retreat from Snake island, isolated heavy losses , strikes inside the Russian border occurring.
    Meanwhile the alternative media channels I had begun to watch at the beginning of the op had moved from a position of reasonable neutrality to become full on spruikers of the Russian narrative. About three months ago it started to become obvious that they were being blatantly dishonest in their coverage of the conflict. I refer firstly to the two Alexses , the Duran and co , Ritter and Gonzales.
    Ritter described the debacle in Kiev as a great strategic victory that would go down in the history books as such. They begun to sound like MSM fake news all parroting the same buzz phrases , “ This war is already over , Russia has won” they spewed in unison. Exscuses were made non stop for the pathetic Russian attempt to take territory, “it is not about territory , Putin is playing five-D chess , the rest are running along behind trying to catch up.” On and on it went. The Ukranians were about to break and run their moral was so bad, Russia was systematically destroying their supply lines and ammo dumps , the Uky air force was destroyed on the ground , totally. Russian military tech was so superior , all imports of equipment coming into the country was destroyed as it crossed the border , the HIMARS and triple sevens were all vaporised and they were useless anyway because the Ukys were too dumb to operate them. The UKYs could never mount an offensive , it was all in their imagination Mercurous said. The wall of Russian artillery was invincible and Russia was having no casualties at all while Ukraine was losing so many it was unsustainable , the next big town was a key to Russian victory , take Yzium and all of the Ukrainian plans will disintegrate,they are about to break and run. blah , blah blah.
    Then the imagined and impossible offensive happened and Ukraine took about sixty thousand square kilometers of territory from the Russians.
    Suddenly the emporer had no clothes , Putin was swiming naked , the famed SMO was all fake , Putin had fucked it all up!
    The Russian public were embarrsed , humiliated and absolutely furious, politicians , pundits and the head on RT were apoplectic on Russian tv.
    But no body called out Putin , funny that , scared maybe?
    So there was about three weeks where the Russian people are in uproar and panic , how can they be losing , well Putin had fucked the whole thing up, thats why.
    Putin started fucking it up right from the very start. When the Maidan happened the Donbas and the Russian people were crying out for those territories to be annexed at the same time as Crimea , but Putin was scared and did nothing , remember he only recognised the Donbas republics the day before the invasion!
    Now the fuck up is obvious and some weeks have past Putin is back with a new plan , because he fucked the first one up. However every one in the alt media Putin cult continues to fake it and say that it was always part of the plan , now the final devastating move will be made that will illustrate it was all planned to be like this.
    The Grand Master is in his inner sanctum right now in deep meditation , any moment he will arise and enlighten us with his five-d chess superior intelligence.
    After twenty four hours in samadhi he emerges , “ Our iminent victory is at hand , I have decided eight years too late to have a referendum and take Donbass and the conquered territories, even though it is not about taking territory, or empire , into the RF and also you know that mobilisation I always promised will not happen , well it will happen but only a mini mobilisation , a mobilisation without a mobilsation. I know I said the SMO would be short and sweet but the front , you know the thing ,is a thousand kilometers long! Who knew? I just got word from Intel in the last hour that NATO is involved , Who knew? We are all pure and virginal and never tell lies but the West is so evil and wants to destroy us , who knew? Our boys at the front are all virgins , none of them drink or smoke , they spend all their time in prayer or meditation or talking to there mum , they always give the human flesh eating terrible fascists a tranquilliser shot before they kill them , being so humane and all. Our nukes are bigger than theirs , now the gloves are off we will show really show em!”.
    Apparently the truth is not allowed to surface inside the mind’s of the Putin’s cultists. ‘Cause pain , the pain of cognitive dissonance , it is just so unbearable “MUST NOT THINK WORDS LIKE , PUTIN FUCKKED UP.”
    So the Duran and the choir all sing the Russian anthem and everything will be put right now, finaly Putin the sage is awake and ready to deal the death blow.
    Except the new plan , is it different to the SMO? Well we can expect more violence but are the goals the same? How exactly does the new plan end? To win I would asume that NATO will defeated militarily and will submit to Russia in a total capitulation? What is the last move on the chess board by the master? Is he finally going to grow a set and totally shutdown the Europeans energy supplies? Is that guaranteed to bring them to their knees and the negotiating table? The Europeans have faced much tougher trials than this , London has been bombed, Germany was left a smoking rubble, is the new energy offensive be enough? For sure the Europeans will be pissed but will they love Russia because they have no gas to keep their children warm through winter? Are the shortages really going to be as bad as pro Russian media say? Will they hate their own leaders and ask Puitn to come in and save them? What will the European peoples attitude to Russia be when they are cold and hungry? All the world leaders who flocked to Russia to kiss the ring of the new Christ that had arrived to take then to heaven , what are they thinking now? Are they thinking Putin fucked up and what do we do now? How does Putin bring an end to hostilities? Right now there is only a guarantee for further hostilities. If the Donbas and other territories become part of the RF and Putin declares the new border and that the SMO is over and complete and the Russian guns stop , does that mean NATO and Ukraine also stop? Isn’t the EU and Germany planning to rearm and build a new Eu army , continue to expand NATO and prepare for a larger confrontation in the future? Will that be an acceptable future for Putin? Was not the expansion of NATO his original problem , the problem that brought about this debacle he finds himself in? Will the EU turn on all it’s old dirty energy plants in order to continue to confront Russia? The war can only end with America’s consent. America has intitated this conflict and unless they decide to have peace I can’t see how the conflict can stop. Can the EU apply enough pressure to the Banderas to make them sign away a large portion of their country? Will the Banderas ever surrender? Will Putin have to completely destroy the entire country and everybody in tit ? Has he got the cohones to reduce every city in the Ukraine into another Mosul? Does Putin have definitive answers to these questions? Does Russia still have enough arms in the warehouse to now start and win a much bigger war? Does he have some way to defeat NATO assymetrically other that the energy deprivation plan? Has he finally stopped fuckin up and got a plan that can be seen through to a successful and peaceful conclusion or is he walking into another Afghanistan , a twenty year war of attrition? How long will the Russian people put up with him fucking up? How bad will the repression in Russia get if they won’t?
    The Putin sycophants in the alt media are still kissing his ring and not one negative word has been said about his fuckups. Any criticism in Russia is being met with threats of fifteen year prison terms, some still remember the days of the USSR.
    So it turns out that most of the Russian narrativet was lies , Russian propaganda. Now it is obvious that there was an equal amount of hubris on both sides. The Russian were not the fighting force they had led me to beleive , they are not as technologically advanced as I had understood them to be , and Putin is not the genius he has been made out to be.
    I guess after writing this I won’t be getting a visa to the Russian victory celebrations in Moscow now.


    Color me amateur regarding economics, and consider the following mostly intuition bordering on magical thinking, but it seems to me that Hong Kong’s markets are the global bellwether. Hong Kong smells to me like where the Bank of England truly resides (and that is definitely pure subconscious thought bubbling to the surface like swamp gas of an ignus fatuus).

    But it’s a powerful feeling I have, even if I just discovered it five minutes ago.

    Anyway, to me, Hong Kong tanking today strikes me as the first genuine snow-roll of an avalanche.

    Shaking Tail Feathers


    Why does this seem poetically apt of our current global condition?

    Freezing Fire

    For realz

    Imagine if the worked in large groups in synchrony to open a few hundred burn holes in the lake, made large enough to keep burning. A bit of local climate change, jah? Anthropogenic global warming, postponing imminent Ice Ages for 150 years. (insert flaming fart joke)


    “The development of the Industrial Revolution led to the large-scale use of coal, as the steam engine took over from the water wheel. In 1700, five-sixths of the world’s coal was mined in Britain. Britain would have run out of suitable sites for watermills by the 1830s if coal had not been available as a source of energy.[65] In 1947 there were some 750,000 miners in Britain[66] but the last deep coal mine in the UK closed in 2015.[67]”

    It would seem that the UK is uncommonly well and truly screwed.


    The uneven world of chemical accident investigation Experts point out differences, call U.S. Chemical Safety Board a world model in root-cause probes by Jeff Johnson, special to C&EN August 29, 2016

    ““However,” she says, “the only reason the accident got a royal commission investigation was because of no natural gas to Melbourne for three weeks. The investigation had nothing to do with the death of two workers. Nor was it formed to discover why it happened. It was about people having cold showers in Melbourne and the government needed to do something about it.”

    “Similarly, in Western Australia, the Varanus Island offshore natural gas line ruptured in 2008 at a processing port, cutting of gas to nearby Perth. It too resulted in a royal commission investigation and report.

    ““These investigations were not conducted to seek the accident’s root cause, or to discover a failure of process safety management, or see if similar conditions exist in other companies,” Kerin says.”


    Deliberate sabotage? Yes, I say, if one considers that squeezing profit at the expense of necessary maintenance and upgrades is sabotage:

    Fire at Biggest US Midwest Refinery Threatens Fuel Supplies Wholesale diesel and gasoline prices jump throughout Midwest BP still working to assess damage and determine unit restarts

    How a massive refinery shortage is contributing to high gas prices June 26, 20225:00 AM ET Brittany Cronin

    Nice slow gradual sabotage, with maximum plausible deniability, and like going broke, happens gradually and then all at once. I don’t see anyone trying to bring the masses to their knees and enslave them besides a few crackpots who are good at gaming summits and getting them into the news. To me, KLaus Schwabb is less crazy than Elon Musk, and less dangerous.

    Schwabb doesn’t really comand much of anything. and isn’t very rich, a pipsqueak, really. Elon gets entire regions turned into lithium mine devastations (a ‘devastory’).


    Closing remark: the anthropocentric world is falling apart, more or less as predicted going way back to lunatic tomes like Revelations (oh, that good Palestinian acid!). The various Herods and Neros of the world seem like good enough targets to blame, kinda like ducks in a barrel (or canards in a soundbite), but really, it’s an ancient daisy chain and while most of us aren’t in that exclusive club and its orgies of greed, we do like to watch. A hypnotic kind of anti-porn that rapes you as you watch, transfixed and condemnatory with throbbing erect index finger pointing at the news screen and a squeeze tube of lubricating epithets or, per a Firesign Theater quote: “It’s like dogs fucking in the street: I TRY not to watch, but…”

    A deft defenestration of a babbling imbecile whom history will probvably regard similarly to, oh, Marcus Garvey or the Reverend of the Jonestown Massacre: a well-meaning but dangerous crank who encouraged a lot of reckless dangerous bullshit but didn’t kill all that many people compared to, say, the world’s weekly auto fatality number.

    Meanwhile, my billion-dollar question is still: what on earth or beyond is going through PUtin’s mind regarding domestic public health? Maybe he just fucked up but is in too deep now to fix it and meanwhile, he has this existential war to finish.


    “Sudden Adult Dirt Syndrome”

    I’m all for it. I don’t what manner of political sahyte-hay the losers-in-charge make of it. They turn everything to shit regardless. What’s the diff?We extract vast amounts of life, mostly via suffering imposed on other critters, and then we deny even the worms our flesh.

    Bury me please in the lone prairie


    NZ update 22nd Sept.


    Our merchandise trade result for August brought the largest single-month deficit ever at -$2.4 bln. For the year to August it was a deficit of -$12.3 bln also an all-time record. This is driving our diving current account deficit. As others have pointed out, this is financed by foreigners and their funding will continue – until they loose faith. And then very bad things could happen. Sadly there seem almost no public policy focus on this swelling deficit, itself a corrosive deficit.’

    All going according to the saboteurs’ plan, then.

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