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    Max Ernst Untitled 1913   • Russian Lawmaker Reveals Mobilization Plans (RT) • Checkmate (Schryver) • Four Occupied Ukraine Regions Plan Imminent
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    You can watch Putin’s speech, (and get an absurd commentary from Lies R us as a bonus) here:


    If you’re not feeling unease today, you’re not paying attention.

    Veracious Poet

    We are facing the worst socioeconomic and geopolitical crisis in modern history. The Covid war, this happened and that happened because of the pandemic. There was no pandemic. This happened because of politicians, little pieces of scum crap . . . one after another said close down your business, don’t go outside, don’t go to the beach, close down the swings and don’t let kids go and play. You have a socioeconomic crisis, the likes of which are unprecedented, and the damage caused by the Covid war is incalculable. (The CV19 Vax is part of Covid War.) Office occupancy rates are at about 45% tops. So, all the businesses that depended on commuters are gone. 30% of dry cleaners are out of business.

    No more happy hours. In New York City, there are about 1,300 less people that clean office buildings now.

    The natural progression of “Emergency Powers”.

    As previously mentioned, 25+ years ago I was part of a group of men around the USofA that tried to educate people out of their ignorance (99% of the public didn’t have a clue), alerting them of the related toxic manifestations (suspension of Natural Rights + Constitutional restrictions + MIC Wars of Conquest et al.), further warning our fellow “citizens” of future atrocities & crimes against the Republic (not to mention humanity at large) that without a doubt would be committed by sociopath “little pieces of scum crap”.

    Outside of our core group *crickets*…

    Yesterday Dr. D mentioned briefly during his daily commentary:

    We haven’t rescinded an “Emergency” since before WWII. They’re all still in place. Because: emergency. That means you have no God-given Rights. And we have no accounting for the money. Ever again. Why would we stop? Everything I do in an emergency is now “legal” so Make me.

    Again, *crickets*…

    America’s inability to coalesce around the underlying truth that “Emergency Powers” have perverted/transmogrified the former Democrat Republic, with it’s intended goal of Inalienable Natural Rights for All, into a Military/Banking Empire where only the “Rich & Powerful” have “rights” & protection from harm.

    I do realize that it’s been 89 years since the establishment of the “Emergency Powers” abortion, that such a multi-generational phenomena has become embedded into the society, but I am constantly amazed to witness “aware” commentary (here & elsewhere) constantly churning through the blow-by-blow symptoms of the underlying rot like dogs chasing their tails…

    I honestly have achieved a level of acceptance where The Empire under “Emergency Powers” is the undeniable reality, but I have to mention “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

    The so-called “Emergencies” that have been fomented over the last 20+ years are clearly manufactured & have become increasingly despotic (9-11, financial crises, COVID+Vaccines, Jan. 6, Ukraine et al.) leaving me to wonder, what’s next?

    The last thing I have to say (I’m almost at a loss for words), is that the madness of the collective EGO in the USofA is breathtaking in it’s ability to absorb & ignore the onslaught of chaos unleashed by those wielding “Emergency Powers” ~ Mass formation psychosis indeed!

    Peace to all,


    Dr. D

    Thinking again — problem is I can’t see signs, measurements, gauges, effects – that the basic problem is the runaway compounding interest. So Europe, the present center of the problem, can’t get enough money to sustain. To shelter money they have stopped paying out. To Russia. So the sanctions have nothing to do with Russia, with war, with energy, which is why they are so implausibly illogical. And yes, they need Ukraine to hypothecate 300:1 but even that is short-term. At the same time, the U.S. is capable of adding money, but needs a premise or can’t get it over. So the premise is war. No questions asked. We are bailing out Europe’s banks, exclusively, which is why none of the “weapons” are getting anywhere near the front. There are no weapons, there are no soldiers. Only money. And only half the people/government are for it, so only Congress is bought, the Fed presently is not, nor the people except in theory, if they have to spend money or do anything, they’re not.

    Although that idea improves sense, there are still a lot of problems. If Russia uses Euros, anywhere Russian Euros are is “IN” the banking system. So it would help compounding in my guess. Although gas shelters money to banks, the banks now won’t get paid by the people, which is only changing WHICH default they experience, and no help, except they can murder themselves now and increase fascism. And they + the U.S. government, we know print money for no reason. $40 Trillion missing? Are you sure the $100 bill Treasury plates aren’t missing? Plates for U.S. T-bonds?

    Nevertheless, keep it in mind because otherwise their war makes no sense, and our funneling of money that doesn’t arrive makes no sense. “Where’s my money, Brian?” You just got more than the initial ‘08 bailout, now where is it?

    AND, if they’re playing for time, what are they trying for? Surely they have “A Plan”. Like taking over Zap, or a plan “We will all remember like Kennedy.”

    Mobilization: Well that’s not good. Where did you get the idea you could mobilize NATO against Russian border, then bomb some nuclear power plants and have nothing happen? A: They don’t/can’t care, since if it falls, they will die anyway. Taking us all with them is a benefit, not a liability.

    “the Russians will be viewed all around the world as an unprecedented defeat of American hegemony; a watershed moment that will carry with it profound geopolitical consequences.
    As I have argued for months now, it will mean the end of NATO as a credible military alliance. It will mean the end of the European Union as presently constituted.”

    See, here’s what I thought would occur. But that’s not a single, sharp, historical event.

    “including using nuclear blackmail in order to freeze the war and solidify its territorial gains”

    Yes, but they haven’t gotten to Odessa to solve the problems there, and land locked the nation. So my guess is, they can’t “freeze the war” at all, which means this statement makes no sense, won’t occur, and something else is happening.
    Guardian says this to meta-dialogue-presume that Russia is losing. They’re losing by having already erased most of the Ukrainian army and taken two provinces and are about to finalize their gains. That’s #Losing in #OppositeLand.

    If so, the article isn’t worth considering, because it’s made of nonsensical ideas that have no reality on the ground. But: “The Guardian”, so obviously. That’s little help to us about what IS happening.

    I just need to know how many flats of beans to buy this year. (All of them? They will only be more expensive next year.)

    Yermak added that “Ukraine will solve the Russian question,” insisting this could be done “only by force.”

    Learning to identify the language styles, this sentence is all emotional implication and means nothing. What is “The Russia question?” Who posed this question we apparently all know? What do you mean by “Force?” How will you deliver this force without a functional army?

    Kiev previously threatened any person who takes part in such a plebiscite with … up to 12 years.”

    Yes, but you get much longer for having the thermostat over 65f in Zurich. Freedom!!! Probably they will arrest anyone who DOESN’T rat out their neighbors as well as an accessory to this terrible, terrible crime. Meanwhile, Newsom is wearing a sweater inside on TV when it’s 110f in California.

    “The West Is Waging a War to Destroy Russia (Kornilov)”

    That would make it a voluntary, violent, war of aggression. Obviously. The problem is it’s not obvious to low-information voters, which is most of them.

    “The general hopes the collapse of our state will be fueled by our ethnic diversity … in which it will be impossible to feed 144 million people. The American has clearly not thought how these arguments could also be applied to his home country, which has been torn apart by racial divisions in recent years.”

    Sure they have. Joe was on TV just last night saying how he would hunt and kill half the nation again. The half that is extremely well-armed and largely well-trained. If they started that war, it would mirror Ukraine in which untrained, unhealthy, unready, unwilling people are drafted to fight far fewer well-trained, highly motivated, highly military thinkers. Gruesome. Pickett’s Charge. Let’s not try it. Blue hair is not camouflage.

    However, the projection of these psycho-narcissists holds true. They only say what they see, and they only see themselves. So we can count on it being true, and them telling us their plans every time.

    “the collapse of Putin’s Russian empire” has begun.”

    Read as above. Everyone knows the “American” Empire is already over, unrecoverable, although the pieces haven’t come to rest on the ground yet.

    “Ukraine Unlikely to Get US F-16s Soon – Politico (RT)”

    Note of how desperate and helpless they are. “Please, please give us your 46 year old planes. Just one. We’re not asking for the 80 year old ones.”

    I thought this was a war, not a re-enactment or classic car revival. Can you send them some saddles and Jane Austen costumes as well?

    “The speech was greeted with applause not only by the Linke leadership but also by delegates of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).”

    If the Left and Right agree all the time, are they really Left and Right? A: No, none of these words have meaning anymore except ‘You’re a smelly stupidface.’

    Europe’s Economy and Living Standards Are Plummeting (OR)”

    And I would expect this is minimum 30 days late for the reporting period. That would mean, dropping so fast it might be twice as bad as even this article suggests. But they did their job well: as they stopped the existence of bread, French Bastille-style, they also psychologically arranged for there to be no opposition, no blowback, and no resistance. Thinking if they tried this before staging the psy-op, people would have gone to town hall and be unified to shed them. Now they are not and let it happen, even as they know with more certainty than ever that they will freeze and starve.

    Why this emotion, mental construction, how it’s arranged, I don’t know yet, but I can see and feel it. Here too: limp, no resistance. Not no emotion, but emotion dissipated and not focused, which is all they need. (For good men to do nothing)

    “As long as you don’t recognize Taiwan as an independent state, you’re meddling in the internal affairs of China.”

    This is interesting, since, expanding on Day’s history of the matter, the reason we say “One China” and no more, is that Taiwan is supposed to be the REAL government of ALL China, not the CCP. That’s from Chiang Kai-shek retreating there (Japan?) in 1949 and never surrendering. So technically the Chinese Civil War is still running, and Taipei is the seat of government. That’s my understanding, and it’s past history, irrelevant until it isn’t. Perhaps the commenters can add to it.

    Anyway, that’s why specifically we agree on “One China” policy: it’s Taiwan’s China. And Chiang is our ally, not Xi. Let’s add the requisite “Every one of these morons is drooling insane, veins-in-their teeth, broke-from-reality psychos if they think the U.S. could do anything across 10,000 miles of ocean and beat China in their own backyard. That’s a special kind of stupid.” “Land War in Asia” type stupid. If the entire U.S. was NOT a wreck, AND we only had China alone to fight, with no one allied with her, we couldn’t beat China. Much less as a 3rd world country fighting three fronts including our own civil war.

    “Americans Drowning in Long-Term Credit Card Debt (ZH)”

    This has also changed. The slow blinking-in of rules has standard rates being 28% now. That’s worse than what used to be Guido break-your-kneecaps Mafia boss rates. Which were only allowed and raised when Volcker’s base rate was 20%. Now rates are 3%, Credit is 28%, and they’re claiming they need a bailout. Just can’t figure out how to make money at a 25%p.a. spread and the government collecting for you. Too hard. So what’s compounding? If they were paying 8% with some jockeying, but now 28%, that’s 3-4x worse than ‘08? If you were bankrupt in a year then, you’re now bankrupt in just 3 months? Time is a killer in bankruptcy and business.

    Within a decade, the CIA was directing the coverage of American news organizations, overthrowing democratically elected governments”

    As 100% of the time in history when you create a secret service. He should source this, as “Conspiracy Theorists” say it’s true. However, all of these events are public record as legal fact. Worse, the CIA has merged with all corporate governance, with CIA contracts to Amazon, running WaPo, then sharing purchase info. Facebook takes direct calls from Congress or CIA and shuts off accounts within minutes. (Dore just showed the date stamps). All FB, YouTube, Twitter info is logged and entirely, openly shared, with representative hired and working in the building with the clearance codes. (P.S. why are you using them?)

    Merger of Corporation and State. Only worse: only that part of the State that has no voting or accountability. That openly contradicts the President every day on TV. The Voting part — be it the Congressman or the People — have no effect whatsoever on the Secret State. As warned, published, advertised, and designed.


    Gonzalo Lira round table talking about the CIA, the US intelligence community, and other topics.


    Blue hair is not camouflage.



    Old peanut Head fled to Taiwan and the civil war continues. Interesting. I’d never thought of it that way. Can’t blame them as I’d never want to live under CCP rule.

    BTW did Sitting Bull ever surrender or are the Sioux about to reclaim the US mid west? Don’t send those F-16s to Ukraine! We’ll need them to carpet bomb South Dakota.


    Regarding our current Cuban Missile Crisis redux, I take comfort from considering that US troop morale is surely at an all-time low. It’s faith in its commander(s)-in-chief(s) is surely dismal.

    Therefore, I see it likely that our boys will refuse to launch missiles, or at least most of them will do so. Same thing happened in the 70s/80s. Russian military personnel refused to follow orders. Said orders were just machine errors, but they couldn’t know for sure at the time even if they believed so. I assume that their lack of faith in their leaders, per the dismal Soviet reality of that time, is why they chose to risk major punishment rather than obey apparent orders.

    For all the AI going around, I don’t think that Skynet is in charge quite yet. I have more faith in the common man than many people here have in the omnipotence of TPTB or in the mass hypnosis formation gullibility of people. Yes, “the people is a great beast”, but individual persons are individual persons, and some of them are fairly savvy and decent characters.

    But it is also likely that we may soon discover what a nuclear exchange is like.

    John Day

    Boscohorowitz signed off with this last night:
    “As much as I want to dismiss the risk of nuclear war, that is based on emotional wishful thinking powered by the usual logical fallacies. When I remove my emotional bias and remove the logical fallacies, I must concede that nuclear war is eventually inevitable, and we seem to be approaching a zone of maximum inevitability.”

    There are rumors that the aliens don’t want nuclear war on this planet and are capable of preventing launches. Stories from the silos go back a long time… Rumors…
    What is the nature of intelligent life in the cosmos?

    I think individual Russians, including the nuclear sub commander who had a nuke and did not launch while being depth-charged off the coast of Cuba, have made spiritual decisions to not kill millions, every time they have been painted into that corner by protocols.
    That is my opinion.


    Energy is the Master Resource


    Eurotardistan will NEVER have cheap energy again.


    Eurotardistan will NEVER be competitive on the world market place ever again in producing anything cheaper in price than from the East.

    Maybe truffles and champagne, maybe.

    All the cheap affordable resources, energy being the most important, are flowing East and will NEVER return in at least the next several generations, if ever.

    Everyone and their children will be dead and gone before Russia ever gives resources to Eurotardistan, thats how long, at a minimum.

    They say science advances one funeral at a time.

    The entire Collective West ‘leadership’ will have to dieoff before the East ever trusts the West.

    This is generational.

    Eurotardistan has lost the where-with-all to even develop much less transition to another energy infrastructure.

    Too late.

    Way too late, their fate is sealed.

    Winter is coming and no heat for you!

    Eurotardistan will be the new capital of the emerging Third & a Half World

    Not quite the outright open sore of the classic third world country poverty, but damn close.

    I’ve told my EU friends to run for their lives.

    Some did (to Thailand), most didn’t or can’t.

    The EU sheeple, on the rump ass sub-continent, are spineless gutless jellyfish, soyboys and childless cat women.

    They will never rebel.

    Hopelessly confused by their satanic blood drinking Euroturd Lords & Masters.

    Another Thousand Years of Serfdom & Humiliation

    Bend Over!

    Standing in the road tweeting while a lava flow destruction envelopes them.

    Hey, maybe they can finally warmup.

    Tot ziens



    Here is an interesting tour of a supermarket in St Petersburg after 6 months of Collective West sanctions.

    Wow, they’re really biting!

    In Russian Supermarket after 6 Months under Unprecedented SANCTIONS! Can You Believe It?


    While we pray to the aliens (me too:) ), I’ll also note this: today’s Russian military personnel have high morale and high confidence in both their commanders-in-chief and their weapons systems. This makes them more likely to pull the nuclear trigger than they were during the Cold War, when Soviet morale was very low.

    But they are not my worry. My worry is USA nukes, and I am happy to say that I perceive today’s USA military personnel as having very little confidence in their commanders-in-chief and their weapon systems.

    I place my hope in, again, the common man.

    Ordinary Man

    But I’m all for help from the aliens or demiurges or whoever, if anyone, rules the stars above.


    “The EU sheeple, on the rump ass sub-continent, are spineless gutless jellyfish, soyboys and childless cat women.”

    Yeah, well your mother was a cow and your father smelled of boysenberries.

    What exactly, I wonder, is this chronic denunciation of so many people about? It’s fun to pick on victims of circumstance? The masses are tragic and frustrating but they are also real live human people. Classing them as hopelessly deluded sheeple smacks of classifying Jews as despicable parasitic semi-human vermin. Oh well, whatever gets ’em into the cattle cars, I suppose.


    People are dying before their time


    1. Conflicts – Ukraine/Russia, diminishing resources, have/have nots, sanctions, immigration, other opinions
    2. Covid/vaccine
    3. Opioids/pain relief
    4. Starvation
    5. weather/wrong place/wrong time
    6. Money – credit card debt
    re-assimilated, legitimacy, collective desire, democratic voting/election
    “Russian aggression” and “sham election”

    submissively acquiescing to the outcome

    • Russia Will Support Donbass Referendums – Duma Speaker (RT)
    • Kiev Vows To Use Force Against Breakaway Regions (RT)


    Creating the Worst Socioeconomic & Geopolitical Crisis in History – Gerald Celente

    Creating the Worst Socioeconomic & Geopolitical Crisis in History – Gerald Celente
    By Greg Hunter On September 17, 2022 In Political Analysis 228 Comments

    Celente points out, “Nobody is talking about peace . . . and don’t you dare talk about peace. . . . We are being driven to war by mentally ill people . . . All they want is control.”
    America’s Open Wound
    The CIA is not your friend

    Edward Snowden

    John Day

    And there was this, with Bush/Cheney still in office. Rumor was they were going to nuke Iran. Working airmen on the ground in Barksdale reported the nukes under the wings of the B-52. They were supposed to keep quiet. Military Times picked up the story.

    On 29 August 2007, six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were mistakenly loaded onto a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and transported to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. The nuclear warheads in the missiles were supposed to have been removed before the missiles were taken from their storage bunker. The missiles with the nuclear warheads were not reported missing, and remained mounted to the aircraft at both Minot and Barksdale for 36 hours. During this period, the warheads were not protected by the various mandatory security precautions for nuclear weapons.[1][2]

    The incident was reported to the top levels of the United States military and referred to by observers as a Bent Spear incident, which indicates “an unexpected occurrence involving nuclear weapons or nuclear components that does not fall under the NUCFLASH or BROKEN ARROW categories”[3] or “a nuclear incident involving a nuclear weapon/warhead or nuclear component”. In the Army and Air Force, this term includes a ‘significant incident’ as defined in DoD Directive 5100.52″.[4]


    If you cannot feed your extra people/slaves/immigrants/soldiers/sheep, you will fail.


    Seizing territories full of useless hungry mouths to feed is a path to failure.

    John Day

    Biden keeps saying Putin is threatening to use nukes…

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in his own major speech addressing the Ukraine conflict announced a ‘partial mobilization’ of national forces – or rather of reserve units, as the Kremlin is now clarifying. Calling the moves “urgent, necessary steps to defend the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia,” Putin said that Russia is fighting the full might of NATO. The US and its allies, he said, are seeking to “destroy” Russia.

    Putin also accused the west of using “nuclear blackmail” against Russia noting that “if its territorial integrity is threatened Russia will definitely use all the means at its disposal” to defend Russian territory. “This is not a bluff,” he had stressed. US officials were quick to condemn what they said is a severe “escalation” of the “war of aggression” against Ukraine. Putin’s speech additionally included an order for fresh mobilization of 300,000 “reservists”. The White House issued an initial statement saying it takes Putin’s words about nuclear weapons “seriously” – but that it still doesn’t see the need to increase America’s nuclear readiness and strategic deterrents.

    John Day

    China doesn’t want an independence referendum in Taiwan, which would be cause for war.
    China cannot support an independence referendum in “Ukraine”, but has to support Russia for very practical reasons of survival, hence the very-conservative wording.

    China Reacts To Putin Speech, Urges Immediate Ceasefire & Dialogue


    Why are Canadians allowing Trudeau to declare war against Russia

    ….. Trudeau said that they will not recognize a democratic vote to join Russia……..


    Why are USA citizen refusing to enlist, (by disqualifying themselves), and therefore, refusing to join the war against Russia.

    D Benton Smith

    The world battlefield is revealing deeply profound truths as fundamental forces are (as they must be) brought into play as primary weapons in this great war. Yes, of course, it’s war.

    But before going into that, and while you still think this is worth reading, there are two things that have been brought to my attention by others who are much wiser then me, which I now feel it is my duty to pass on to you as well.

    The first one has to do with truth and the other one with “sin” [or whatever word for WRONG suits your fancy]. Time is short so let’s get right to the point.

    Truth is better than lies because truth works and lies don’t.

    Things are better than money because you can’t eat money.

    Money tries to steal things but since money is a lie (it pretends to be equal to things, but of course it is not, so the pretense is a lie) it doesn’t work as well as “things” work (things are the actual STUFF composing the REALITY that is actually the WORLD we are in), so when “money”(lies) battle “things”(truth), the fight always turns out the same. Ultimately truth wins because it works better.

    Do something the right way and then do it the wrong way and it’s

    So when lies go into battle with truth, which one do you suppose is going to win? The way that works better or the way that works worse?


    So that’s who is going to win this war.

    So what is (and I stress IS !) the big lie that “money” is trying to pass off? Well, recently money has been selling the idea that one can (actually and literally) GET more than one GIVES. The people who think that this idiotic nonsense is true can only accomplish that feat of stupidity by ONLY looking at ONE side of an arrangement which patently obviously has TWO sides. Because they are only looking at one side they are only seeing or understanding that one side and have thereby made themselves TOTALLY BLIND TO THE SIDE THAT THEY ARE TAKING FROM. I mean to say TOTALLY blind. The “takers” have become so blind to the “givers” side that they no longer recognize the need for the “giver” side to even exist.

    Yes, folks, it is the case that people who believe the moronic nonsense that there can be a taker when there is no giver, have indeed attempted to take over the reigns of the entire world.

    The consequence of that idiocy is the war that is quickly rising all around you complete with explosions and blood and pain and death. The REAL kind.

    The irrevocable reality is that in order for one entity to GET something (anything) then some other entity had to have made that something (anything) in the first place and then given it up. Think of it as a physics phenomenon as much as it is also a moral precept.

    Therefore, attempts to get more than one gives, (and I mean EVERY and ALL such attempts) will ever and always end in the destruction of the entity who attempts it. The destruction is caused by the fact that they are wrong. There are ZERO exceptions to this law of the Universe. I would change it for ya if I could, buddy, but I just cain’t getter done! I’m just another assshole like you!

    If you would like to survive and be happy then you must immediately and ASSIDUOUSLY start giving back fairly to those you are taking from. And while you’re at it, love them as you love yourself.

    We now return to your regularly scheduled programmed entertainment. Please don’t spin that dial.

    Post Script:

    I cannot deny that the above essay did come from my hand, my signature is stuck to it right there in plain sight. But on the other hand I do not think I am smart enough to have come up with much of it on my own. I have a fairly high opinion and regard of myself, and in my opinion I am not clever enough or wise enough to have come up with it by myself. For that reason, and for more reasons, I believe that it was assisted. The only thing I want to take credit for is to have recognized it as true when I saw it, and for fulfilling my duty to pass it on to others.

    Maxwell Quest

    “There are rumors that the aliens don’t want nuclear war on this planet and are capable of preventing launches. Stories from the silos go back a long time… Rumors…”

    More than rumors, the evidence is incontrovertible to any brave enough to look. Once this is understood, your ideas about life (and evolution) are forever changed. ET’s can come and go at their leisure, using tech that is beyond human comprehension.

    The $64,000 question is this: Is there an interstellar “prime directive” that prevents them from interfering in the affairs of other planets?


    Regarding commenter Chooch and the vitriolic rails against him and those who stand up for him…

    For as long as I remember I typically enjoy speaking with people who I know hold views that differ from my own. Even when I completely disagree, I am enriched by seeking to understand others’ beliefs and what leads them to that conclusion.

    I also understand the frustration when I am trying to communicate something complicated to someone, and (unbeknownst to the both of us) some element of the communication is an emotional trigger for one (or both) parties which serves as an obstacle to communication. This happened with my spouse a week ago Tuesday. A part of the concept I was speaking of must have triggered some latent fear he had…I found myself saying, ok, ok, don’t believe what I am suggesting is true then, just think of it as fiction so that I can point you to some of the possibilities that it opens up. And…a couple of weeks before that it was a trigger in me, an inadvertent reminder of a troublesome situation years ago, that suddenly had me on the defensive on irrational grounds.

    It happens. Own your own response.


    Ukrainian territorial integrity –
    1. According to Russian history.
    2. According to UN declaration.
    3. According to democratic vote and desires of the resident population involved.


    Regarding the ‘aliens’ and the nukes, I’m convinced that Lynch in his recent season of Twin Peaks was trying to get people to understand that a nuclear detonation is not simply a massive release of destructive energy in our 3D space resulting in a hot fireball, radiation, concussion, but it is also a release of all such and more across multiple dimensions (as in, action spaces constitutive of a perceived/inhabited reality for conscious agency). Humans who think Einstein-Minkowski spacetime is our new fundamental reality (though daily living in Newtonian-Cartesian coordinate space) are not up-to-date enough that cutting edge physics has inverted the “egg/chicken” question: consciousness does not live within a spacetime and finds itself generated from objects long since pre-existing within, but rather all-pervasive consciousness creates the dynamics of the reality it subjects to its own evolutionary unfolding. (Ask Donald Hoffman). This consciousness manifesting as humans —at least the mostly conventional kind— restricts itself from the vast endlessness of possibilities it is always already exploring across manifold evolving realities, but there are many other forms taken through which it explores. And some of these other forms are deeply aware of the limitations of not just the human expression but their own, yet are just as open to all the possibilities of their choices evolving towards integration or disintegration of/through/with others —to choose to prolong self as distinct or recognize others as One. Blowing open holes in reality, especially with the intention to create these holes as weapons to disintegrate others from the totality of the One whom one is: this is an act of Great Evil, likely to call attention not just from those who seek integration of all into One through love but also those who seek disintegration of all others through hatred (at root: fear) and rejection of the One. The former recognize the shame of the weapon and its working, and for the sake of love come to try and heal the fear and redirect the suffering, whereas the latter recognize the threat of the working and the opportunity for exploitation of such ignorance and hubris and accomplishment.

    The many others didn’t travel from planets light-years away (though some will and have) but have always already been around us, not only because they are us from the past and the future and the sideways, but also because we are theirs, whether pets or cattle or children or grandparents or exhibits —you choose as much as they do. Before we were caught up in the electrochemical soup of a human holobiont and took it to be ourselves, we were the photons freely circulating in harmonious currents, resonating along magnetic fields traversing an evolving universe connecting the massive, living wells of light and radiance, and once freed of the experiences these bodies facilitate, we learn again to shed what cannot be remembered to renew what within cannot be forgotten. Or, out of fear, curiosity, self-imposed exile, sense of humor, desire to hide, desire for punishment, insatiable craving, longing to learn ever more, we climb back into some soup’s skull or ganglia or nodes or distributed computational matrix and forget in order to dramatize further the unfolding narrative of this planet, this well, and its neighborhood of hosts.

    Maxwell Quest

    “If you would like to survive and be happy then you must immediately and ASSIDUOUSLY start giving back fairly to those you are taking from. And while you’re at it, love them as you love yourself.”

    Well said, John!

    Either the Universe is based on law or it is not. I believe it is based on law. Either the Universe is just or it is not. I believe it is just. If so, then what is our duty? To learn the law and live it.

    Once you realize that you never “get away” with anything, that thinking so is just an illusion, you start walking life’s path with greater earnestness. Swindle your neighbor out of his life savings, and one day the same will happen to you. If your Karma is good, it will happen in the same incarnation so that you have the opportunity to learn more quickly. If not, you may be allowed to dig a much deeper hole that will take multiple incarnations to extricate yourself from.

    In the beginning, you follow the law because it is in your best interest. Later, you do it out of love for the law and others.


    Finally the gloves are coming off.
    Should current Ukrainian attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Russia and the Donbas regions continue, we can expect that the Russian forces will start to degrade Ukrainian infrastructure on a large scale.
    The electricity and railway networks would be the primary targets.
    (energy infrastructures)

    Text of Putin Speech Announcing Partial Mobilization

    Text of Putin Speech Announcing Partial Mobilization
    Posted on September 21, 2022 by Yves Smith
    So we are also posting a machine translation and will replace it with an official English translation when one becomes available. Update 6:30 AM EDT: official translation now posted below.

    We are also posting an English version of the mobilization order, which here and apparently in the original Russian has Item 7 missing.
    Putin states:

    In its aggressive anti-Russian policy, the West has crossed every line. We constantly hear threats against our country, our people. Some irresponsible politicians in the West not only talk about plans to organize the supply of long-range offensive weapons to Ukraine – systems that will allow strikes against the Crimea and other regions of Russia.

    Such terrorist strikes, including with the use of Western weapons, are already being carried out on the border settlements of the Belgorod and Kursk regions. In real time, using modern systems, aircraft, ships, satellites, strategic drones, NATO carries out reconnaissance throughout southern Russia.

    In Washington, London, Brussels, they are directly pushing Kyiv to transfer military operations to our territory. No longer hiding, they say that Russia should be defeated by all means on the battlefield, followed by the deprivation of political, economic, cultural, in general, any sovereignty, with the complete plunder of our country.

    Nuclear blackmail was also launched. We are talking not only about the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which is encouraged by the West, which threatens a nuclear catastrophe, but also about the statements of some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia – nuclear weapons.

    For those who allow themselves to make such statements about Russia, I would like to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction, and for some components more modern than those of the NATO countries.

    And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff.

    You can theoretically find the order here:


    As for Laetitia James’ case vs the entire Trump family, I haven’t seen any details, but I betcha it’s about what everyone in real estate does, certainly in NYC. That is, exaggerate property prices where that is handy, downplay them where the opposite is true. It may not be 101% legal, but 102% of property owners do it. How big a loan can I get? X. How much interest do I want to pay on that loan? X-Y. It’s what everybody does every day of their lives. Just, in NYC real estate, you’re talking large numbers. It’s not a real estate thing, it’s anyone trying to sell anything, it’s business. I have a real fine poodle here! What’s worth? $1,000! How much does it eat? Hardly anything, don’t worry.

    And nobody ever brought it up until they figured they could use it against Trump’s re-election campaign.

    Maxwell Quest

    “If you would like to survive and be happy then you must immediately and ASSIDUOUSLY start giving back fairly to those you are taking from. And while you’re at it, love them as you love yourself.”

    Oops! The above was from DB Smith, not John Day. My apologies.


    It’s not a bluff.
    Wake up!
    Stop your useless chattering
    Your leaders are taking you to another useless war.

    D Benton Smith


    I understand the swapped-ID because the core message of what I received (and passed along) is just the sort of noble wisdom you would expect from a guy that walks the walk as steadfastly as John.


    Dmitry Orlov’s latest take on Russia’s Special MIlitary Operation in Ukraine:

    With a Baseball Bat

    D Benton Smith

    The best help and protection that we can afford to our heroes closer to the front in this conflict, and who have consequently suffered more abuse at the hands of those who would harm us, is for the rest of us to become so many and so strong that our heroes become the LEAST of the bad guy’s problems.


    Transnistria (locally called by its Russian name: Pridnestrovie; and occasionally, in English: Trans-Dniester) is a de facto state in Eastern Europe that has declared independence from Moldova, although is currently recognised by 5 UN member states (Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru, and Syria)
    How Transnistria, a Russian-backed region in Moldova, is getting pulled into the war in Ukraine
    By Rob Picheta, CNN
    ( Old story of Russia destroying its own infrastructures by missiles on itself)
    Updated 1719 GMT (0119 HKT) April 27, 2022
    Two radio towers in the territory were damaged by explosions in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Transnistrian Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement. On Monday, a series of explosions had been heard in Transnistria’s capital Tiraspol, near the Ministry of State Security building, according to Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti.
    Ukraine described the blasts as a planned provocation by Russian security services. Ukraine has also blamed Russia for firing cruise missiles Tuesday at a bridge across the estuary of the Dniester River, suggesting Moscow is attempting to cut off the southwestern corner of Ukraine that borders Moldova.
    The explosions, and a drip feed of comments by Russian officials regarding the region — including a senior Russian commander saying that the army’s plan to capture southern Ukraine would open up a land corridor stretching to Transnistria — have raised intense concern in Moldova that the disputed territory within its borders is included in Russian President Vladimir’s war strategy.
    Transnistria is unrecognized by the international community, which considers it a part of Moldova. But the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, essentially has no control over the territory, which declared itself a republic more than three decades ago.

    D Benton Smith

    Just came up with a pejorative word joke for Democrats. There are quite a few such cheap shots out there already, but they’re starting to show the wear, so here’s a new one to expand your choices when it’s appropriately inappropriate to drop into a conversation : “The Degenocratic Party.”

    Mr. House

    I don’t like the guy but this is a bit much. If only we’d have gone after the bankers and others in 08 with charges like this, but ya know, too big to fail.

    John Day

    I’m getting that lovely glow of vanity, Y’all.
    Keep it up!
    No, STOP!

    Thanks for channeling the taking-giving analysis , DBS.
    Here is something about the Jubilee cycle, which might end this Sunday:

    “In biblical times, the laws of the sabbatical year and the jubilee were created. In the sabbatical (seventh) year there was to be a remission of debts and in the jubilee (50th) year, land, which had been sold to pay of debts, was to be returned to its original owners, and slaves were to be freed. There may be academic debate about the degree to which the sabbatical year and jubilee were a regular part of life in ancient times, but there is no doubting the principles that underpin them. That is, people find themselves in debt for various reasons, often no fault of their own, and it is the duty of an ethical society to ensure that these people are not permanent social outcasts.”

    Thanks for the thoughts on life-forms, Maxwell Quest and Polemos.
    A friend of mine who is a computer whiz for NASA says that nuclear detonations tear-apart conscious interdimensional-beings, and that’s a big problem for them, so they need to defend themselves by preventing these acts. NASA says nothing about it. I have no particular way to independently assess any of this, so I’m just taking notes and paying attention and trying to see the divinity within all conscious beings, as a practice to reduce conflict. (It can be kind of tickling to see that the asshole in the big truck tailgating you is a viewpoint of divine-consciousness, while being completely oblivious to the fact.)

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