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    Pablo Picasso Night fishing at Antibes 1939   • Ukraine, EU’s Dictatorship And Change Of Global Order – Lavrov (RT) • Russia Calls Out Western El
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    Dr. D

    The 24th. So what happened? Nothing of course. Armstrong often covers these dates, and it means whatever happens that day is relevant. That was the Referendum and fallout from that. (Perhaps literally). But no help to planners or market traders.

    Amish: Probably lots of Vitamin D.

    “Washington’s strive for global domination and exceptionalism has reached an unprecedented height, resulting in multiple aggressive wars and claiming lives of “many hundreds of thousands” of people worldwide”

    This is an amazing understatement. It is inarguably multi-millions killed.

    I have to call out Van der Lyeden’s statement though, bad as it truly is. It’s so far much less bad that simply erasing Italy’s elected leader and installing Draghi with no discussion and no vote. We can soon judge by her actions.

    “Washington appointed itself “almost an envoy of God on earth,” launching foreign conflicts at will”

    Yes, he’s bringing up that death is their weird and dangerous religion. Zealots of terror and religious extremism. For god? Which god? They hate Christianity more than Cancer. Clearly they are envoys of a very different sort of god indeed. The voice and hammer of #AntiLogos.

    “The international community should now focus on ensuring that the current escalation between Moscow and NATO does not spiral into a direct military conflict,”

    Uhhhhhh. And newsflash: NATO can’t stop. They will blow up the world first.

    “all you hear from these Eurocrats is that we are in a “war of Democracy versus Autocracy,”

    True. And they’re the Autocracy.

    “The EU is truly an anarcho-tyrannical State where words only have the meanings they decide they have.”

    The Merriam-Webster is running red-hot changing definitions on behalf of the Tyranny. “Vaccine”, “Sexual preference”, “Recession” and now “Heartbeat”. If you’re not guilty to a court of law, or we have no crime to prosecute, we change the definition of the words until you’re convicted again. Anarcho-Tyranny. “I’m the Mommy.” “The Law is in my mouth.” “You’re Next.” And next breath: “No it isn’t: You’re just crazy. I’m not doing anything, but when I am doing it, you deserve it.” Typical, boring, mentally-ill narcissist stuff. Apparently people love being abused. LOVE it.

    “The goal of the left is to deny the sanctum, in total. The only ideas allowed are the profane ones, even while they are described in sacred language.”

    He’s saying more than he thinks. If you deny the ‘sanctum’, you deny and fight God, the Holy. This does not end well, and they like it that way.

    “Von der Leyens of the world … their mad quest to finally make Communism work.”

    As mental patients, they don’t care and can’t conceive the future. It’s not to make it “work”, later on in a Space Utopia; if you “Do what you’re told” this minute, “Communism” is working for them. They don’t care about anything else. The word “Communism”, “Environmentalism” “Social Justice” are just platitudes, air-sounds that make you do #1, to “Do what you’re told”, which is whatever they want that moment. Like any 2 year old. The more destructive to you that is, the more power they experience emotionally. The more expansive their ego becomes. So naturally the impulse gravitates toward murder and destruction even when the more sensible path would be to NOT kill every minion they meet.

    Understand: there is no “long term” for them. Only fantasies. The only action they have is right now, to get the feeling of POWER again. In their empty powerlessness and smallness. So you see, the Purpose of power is POWER.

    The existence of greater power, like God, is a direct and mortal threat to them. Or rather their ego, which they have identified with as their whole self. (and also the root of their problem).

    But enough about them: why do WE not help the mentally ill by telling them no? Why harm ourselves, open our daughters’ shower doors to Joe Biden for a long, lathery sniff? Clearly WE are the insane ones and should fix our own house first. Instead of further harming the mentally ill by encouraging them.

    And finishing the article, you can clearly see that NATO is a tool of Europe and Davos, of Globalists and Globalism. It is their way of lassoing the United States into obeying them, and getting an army they themselves don’t have. The problem being, it’s not their army. As the U.S. only needs to break away and NOT get involved in Ukraine – as generally we haven’t – and Davos is naked and defenseless. Globalism is discredited as not having the only thing they value and obey: raw power. If so, then even their “money” is useless to them, as it collapses, and IS collapsing vs the US$.

    Pound 1:1, Euro at .96. That means they, Europe, Anglos and Davos both are LOSING. The US is “winning”, a pyrric victory to be sure.

    CBS: yeah, sure Meloni is Mussolini. You know how I know she isn’t? She’s not “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine, like Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler were.

    “Half a dozen representatives of the neo-Nazi-led Azov movement in Ukraine are currently visiting the United States, taking meetings in Washington”

    Because the greatest threat is White Nationalism and Neo-Nazis. But the party of Senator Byrd never saw a NeoNazi they didn’t like. Hillary’s mentor and favorite Senator. You know, before they passed the anti-black ‘94 crime bill with Joe.

    “50 casualties a day. He claimed, however, that the Russian side was losing several times more.”

    Hmmm. Okay. And what’s 50 divided into 300,000?

    Britain now has an extreme right-wing government”

    I detest Truss, but I don’t think that word mean what you think it mean.

    U.S. founders modeled the country on Rome, all the way down to the architecture of government buildings,”

    Might want to check this. Seems like it was founded more on Greece (which Rome was also founded on). They were very concerned that “Rome” would go ’round the bend and become Empire and collpase and took extraordinary measures to prevent this. Latin is the common choice in legal and heraldry. The rods are the thirteen states that would indeed have gotten picked apart by England if they hadn’t united. Here’s a pic of D.C. a generation later in 1833:
    Wow, so Roman.

    No, they needed to be an empire before they could afford all those “Roman” buildings, and that didn’t come until later. There was a battle right from Day 1 of the “Federalists” who liked Rome and the Empire and the Democrats of Jefferson who wanted a domestic Greek pastoral. That is the exact same battle being fought today. The “Deplorable” farmers vs the NY Imperialists running D.C.. The exact people and places as under Hamilton and Adams.

    Takeaway: since half the country doesn’t want Empire to begin with, and up to 90% is opposed to either “Foreign Wars” or “Colonialism” take your pick, when we leave Empire, we have a extremely wide base to return to. We, and everyone else on the planet want to remove the 1%. Or the 10%, wherever you want to draw the line. How are you going to collapse when the entire country cheers the removal of the maniacs who are doing what we didn’t vote and don’t approve of? It’s just the end of Vichy Occupation. Enemies foreign and domestic.

    The CIA, established in 1947, was the main clandestine instrument of this policy, working closely with the neo-Nazi Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)”

    Actually centuries earlier but that’s a good place to start for today’s understanding. We love Nazis, wherever they are found. Pinochet, Hussein, Saudi, and so on, all our bastards. The more people they kill the better we like them.

    “Ford’s parts shortfalls are widespread, ranging from windshield wiper motors to infotainment systems.”

    Huh. Funny things happen when you have no control and don’t make parts, not even within your own nation. They and GM CEO all went nuclear and did everything to prevent Trump’s initiative to bring that production back here where this wouldn’t happen. #Winning. #Tiger Blood.

    “There’s been a [Hunter Biden] probe since Obama. Crickets.”

    That’s because it’s real. Like Trump, we never arrest or impeach for REAL things they do, only things we make up.

    “WaPo Columnist Calls for the End of Impartiality and Balance (Turley)”

    This is 30 if not 100 years old. However thank God for free speech so people can know clearly that reporters – and everyone else – would never tell the truth even once if they could help it. So why read them? To see the latest partisan fever-dreams in their head? Some business model you’ve got there: “We make s—t up!”™ “Every day in every way, lying better and better.”

    Now why is media credibility getting lower than Congress’? I just don’t understand. “Telling people what to think is our job” – Brzezinski, MSNBC

    “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies”

    As above, they wouldn’t tell the truth about it if their lives depended on it. Often does, and we see them often die, die, die, taking their children with them. And you think the country can run this way? And not fall into violence, destruction, and acute poverty? No: but that is their god, so that is their goal.

    See why we need a separation of Church and State, or stated correctly: “no establishment of State Religion”? We have clearly done that now, in Scientific Materialism, Communism, and CRT. It is attacking Jews, Christians, and Muslims wherever they are found. Anyone who has a God, not the State is their express mortal enemy.


    Scott Ritter said numerous times about three months ago , ” This war is over , Russia has won”. For that he has zero credibility In my book , but here he is still talking up his bullshit , it is amazing that people can be so wrong so often for so long but they still get credibility. The two Alexes’s , the same , wrong on every thing they have said for six months but people in the comments are still saying thank you to them for their accurate and unbiased coverage , amazing.
    Re the Azovs in the US , after stating a war to eliminate Nazis, Putin’s mates in the Donbass let the captured Above commanders and the heinous foreign mercenaries go to Istanbul for a holiday , WTF?
    The end of America , the end of the dollar, the end of the west blah , blah , blah …….Yawn…


    Luongo the drongo was the one who came out with the totally wrong analysis a while back that the Russian ruble was backed by gold…genius.
    The collapsing , dying , almost finished , diminished US dollar is the strongest it has been in nearly a decade buying more Yen , Au and Kiwi dollar , Euro and nearly every other currency on the planet..woe is us depression is almost upon us , just wait , nearly here any minute now… will fake news never die.
    More fresh news , Covid was faked , never knew… revelation , earth not flat…..barren woman gives birth..two dead dogs and two dead cats die of polio……..

    John Day

    AFKTT commented 8/23/22:
    “‘The drive to breath is independent of carbon dioxide, CO2, with few exceptions. _Haldane’”

    “I don’t know why this misinformation occurred in the thread.
    The urge to breathe is triggered by the build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood.”

    Both statements about respiratory-drive are true.
    Respiratory drive is almost always drivven to keep blood oxygen levels up. Only when those have fallen for a long period of time, and the brain has gotten-used-to-it does carbon-dioxide drive become important.
    CO2 respiratory drive is the back-up plan.

    John Day

    Oh, from a few days ago, about “heartbeat at 6 weeks of pregnancy”.

    True and not-true, because different sides use different definitions of “6 weeks of pregnancy” and “heartbeat”.

    All of us have heard a heartbeat, with an ear to a chest or a stethescope. You hear the heart valves opening and closing as the heart pumps. Definition of death is “no heartbeat or spontaneous breathing” for some period of time.
    We have feelings about that “heartbeat”. Our feelings can be manipulated.

    Heart cells grown in tissue culture (which is difficult) will form a sheet and assume a rhythmic, sychronous contraction pattern, as do heart-cells in a developing human embryo.

    On ultrasound viewing, which is more sensitive than listening with a Doppler-device, the rhythmic contraction of the nascent embryonic heart can be observed on-after 8 weeks of gestation, dated from the first day of the last menstrual period. Dating from the first day of the last menstrual period is standard and long established medical practice. That’s the date they use in all medical settings.

    8 weeks from the last menstrual period is about 6 weeks from the probably day of sexual-intercourse resulting in a pregnancy, the “day of conception”.

    People should have this debate without using cheap definitional tricks to get a dig in, IMHO.
    This is a really serious debate, and I don’t see it being “settled”. It seemed settled to me as a medical student and new-doctor in the 1980s, but it had just swung pretty hard in one direction.

    John Day

    We had a very-well-atended garden-party yesterday at the homestead, and nobody got hurt, not even kids and doggies.. I got up before dawn, and the party ran from breakfast until well after dark. People brought good food, talked and talked, and hardly touched the beer, which seemed odd. I called my Mom early to wish her Happy 85th Birthday, and didn’t look at the internet until bedtime.

    I am relieved that no tactical-nuke-false-flag attack happened in our world yesterday.

    Scarlet O’Hara might have remarked last night that “tomorrow’s another day”…

    John Day

    Today’s word-of-the-day: ” Anarcho-Tyranny” means the same as “communist” or “fascist”, but with more Ooomph.
    It means “it’s bad and you should hate and fear it”.

    Yeah, anarchy and tyranny are opposites, so it doesn’t make strict logical sense. It’s an “oxymoron”, but not OUR Oxymoron.

    More confusion…

    those darned kids

    our “elites” failed to follow this simple advice:

    Dr. D

    Ad hominems are useful at times to force science and discussion. This will take a while, so I’ll make short installments.

    “1. You will find that the long-history graph that you posted a couple of weeks ago as ‘proof’ that high atmospheric CO2…”

    Although probably also wrong, there’s no need to dispute the chart. Also that this incredibly long chart demonstrates carbon sequestering. Here’s a picture of a like chart:

    Ok. This is still not my point. My point is exclusively that we had both wildly warmer and wildly colder climates with the similar levels of CO2. Why? And also that life and biodiversity was wonderfully high – seemingly better than now – with high levels of CO2. Why? Does this not demonstrate that “high” CO2 does not cause runaway action even up into the thousands ppm level? So why would 400ppm be relevant or a threshold?

    2. “By the commencement of industrialism in the 1700s, humans had already caused atmospheric CO2 to commence its deadly climb through deforestation”

    How does a tree live? Not a trick question: just starting with personally observable things. A tree sprouts, grows, taking carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it. Yes indeed. And then, after 50 or 500 years, what? It dies. Then all that carbon is digested and re-released, making it a net-zero. We know this because although forests collect carbon, although not all is released, the topsoil under forests is not 5,000 feet deep. It’s not even 20 feet deep. In major forests like the Amazon, it’s hardly 2 feet deep. 100,000 years. No stored carbon. Right? Surely this must be conceded, you see it yourself on your farm.

    So your own chart of 1700 disproves itself: even if humans deforested everything — which they didn’t, most of the world wasn’t colonial until later — we can’t have deforestation be the cause of increasing CO2. What was released? The same carbon as put in 20 years before? You MUST have bio-oil in large amount stored millennia before, as the present theory goes. And it wasn’t deforested in a way. Not only is the hectares in 1700 very small, it was merely changed from forest to farm, still green, still top soil, only a a canopy a few feet shorter. So only really the carbon of 60’, in a few unimportant locations like England.

    Yet this non-loss of forests, with the non-loss of carbon from forests becoming meadows, is the large enough release of carbon to affect CO2 release and also change temperature? I think we need to do some math here. Go ahead, I’ll grant you deforestation of the whole planet AND that every ounce of carbon from every tree becomes desert, and I don’t think you can find the PPM you seek. …And yet neither is true.

    As I said, your 1700 chart Disproves itself.

    No slight to you: about 1,000 other scientists read this and also don’t know how trees work, passing that error on to you. Every day I read another article about how cows cause global warming because they release carbon that was sequestered into grass about 48 hours ago, not multi 100,000 years ago as oil does. Science approves of this, it seems, because they don’t know what grass is either.

    To me it’s embarrassing and why I hold them in low regard. I mean, they’re the ones that gave ME the CO2 plant/animal and the hydrological cycle. Same with the CO2 long chart. They see it dropping, as presumably the earth cooled, until 200 years ago, when the earth warmed. A = B. However, if you got any granularity on that broad-brush you’d have a number of problems: The CO2/Temp does not line up accurately. And even at the Day 1, max CO2 on that chart there was no runaway Greenhouse effect. At Seven THOUSAND ppm. As it proves itself because we’re here today. As it’s self-evident we are here, how did they miss something so obvious as “We exist”? Again, it’s embarrassing.

    As I could care less, it’s only Science, Truth, and it either is, or isn’t without emotional content and panic. I only need them to engage with their own data so they can examine their own assumptions. My situation is relaxing and easy: I don’t have be be right, because I’m not promoting any theory: I only need to prove them wrong. Or in doubt. I wouldn’t deny emissions because there’s no need.

    But let’s also be helpful. Here’s another CO2 chart:
    Setting aside the problem that warming LEADS CO2 – let’s just assume every Ice Cores is wrong – what does this chart tell you?

    To me it says there are no SUVs 400,000 years ago. Therefore there is another mechanism altogether that makes CO2 rise. (and fall). What is this mechanism? It’s clearly very important as it runs the whole planet and essentially halves and doubles the CO2 with perfect regularity. Yet it isn’t man, and isn’t deforestation. Is it Sauropods? With that timescale wouldn’t it have to be Geological? Solar? Although in the big scheme this chart is short, are we in one of those periods now? The period of this thing we can’t name and don’t understand? If we don’t know what it is, how can we say we’re not in it and affected by it? That it’s slightly higher than last time? Very, very slightly, considering the times and scales.

    Back to you.


    Will Rogers, US humorist in the early-mid 20th century, writing about trickle down economics during the Great Depression:

    “The money was all appropriated for the top in the hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr. Hoover didn’t know that money trickled up. Give it to the people at the bottom and the people at the top will have it before night, anyhow. But it will at least have passed through the poor fellow’s hands.”

    Liz Truss: Britain’s Herbert Hoover?


    Read them and weep
    TAE and commentator hold/reveal the truth

    The rules for coexistence

    • Ukraine, EU’s Dictatorship And Change Of Global Order – Lavrov (RT)
    • Russia Calls Out Western Elites At UN (RT)
    • Hungarian FM Warns Of Apocalyptic Conflict (RT)
    • Hungarian FM Warns Of Apocalyptic Conflict (RT)

    1. Extreme is normal
    2. Exceptionalism is normal
    3. Expats are taking their lands, on which their ancestors lived for centuries, with them”.
    4. Impunity is not normal.
    5. Accept Change, It’s normal. the US-led “unipolar” model “ (My way or the Highway) is changing
    6. Accept the many definitions of Democracy and Freedom
    7. The web is watching the watchers/you/your secrets
    8. Objectivity – The facts/truth are held by everyone
    9. Money does not trickle


    Dr. D:

    You are on a roll here! You are very much like my Father. You have the ability to cut through the academic bullshit of climate change idiots. Afew is one of these types. So self confident that they can’t see that they could ever be wrong!

    My Father was a geological engineer. That means he studied rocks. There is much history written in these rocks that Afew chooses to ignore. The rocks confirm the earth has warmed and cooled millions of times in Earth’s history.

    When I was a young boy, I remember seeing petrified rocks of tropical plants in my Father’s office, dug up in the local Iron ore mines, in northern Labrador/Quebec near the Artic’s tree line. So that bloody cold place once supported a tropical climate!

    So the sun isn’t earth’s )main source of energy? Notice these jokers never mention the sun! That would be very a very inconvenient truth for them!

    I know this climate warming, now climate change, is just a political hoax used to try and “control” us and to empower them. In academia, where Afew lives, it is used to control who gets jobs and money. When I was a boy their story was global cooling! Nothing but pure self serving bullshit! Them over us!

    I once asked my Father if he ever regretted not completing his PHD. He said no. As my Father frequently noted, most academics, are people who can’t make it in the real world!


    About the Russia/Ukraine prisoners exchange.

    One sage commenter noted that their were no happy smiling faces on any of the buses carrying the exchanged Ukrainian prisoners. Why?

    The Ukrainian prisoners had thought they had safely survived the war’s slaughter, only to be suddenly awakened to the horror that they were going to be sent back into the war’s frontlines again!



    I wonder how Michael Reid is doing after hurricane Fiona took the unusual path of passing on the west coast of the island instead of heading east?

    P.S. Fiona might even hit northern Labrador/Quebec where I once called home until age 10.


    @ WES
    About the Russia/Ukraine prisoners exchange.

    Reality can hurt.


    John Day, thank you for the detailed explanation of fetal heartbeat. I agree, this is a really serious debate and should be entered only with an understanding of the terminology used during discussion.

    On another subject, this is a very interesting interview. Maajid Nawaz and Dr Yeadon. Gloves off.

    D Benton Smith


    Late yesterday you posted a comment [ #116768 ] that began with the sentence, “We can always tell when fuckwits have lost arguments: they resort to insults:”

    Oh my goodness, AFKTT, do you not see that your sentence BEGINS with you throwing an insult, calling unnamed persons “fuckwits”?

    I’m not having a go at you personally, I’m having a go at the logics process you’re using.

    If what you say is true, in other words IF “We can always tell when fuckwits have lost arguments: they resort to insults”, AND the assignation of “fuckwits” is an insult, THEN that would make you a fuckwit.

    I repeat, I am NOT saying this with any rancor towards you personally. I simply draw your attention to the contradiction and ask that you show appropriate respect to the others of us here on TAE who communicate that they do not agree with something you wrote.


    Oh great, my link won’t post. I don’t know how y’all are working around that when it happens. Suggestions?

    D Benton Smith

    I am completely indifferent to whether or not someone is a troll, a fool or an outright moron. They are whatever they are. Perhaps they are saints and geniuses and it is me who is the idiot.

    What matters to me is that they are HERE, and that they are COMMUNICATING (in a manner of speaking). Well, alight then! We’re all here. Let’s communicate for as long as participants are willing to.

    But I would very strongly suggest that manners, respect and less emotional sensitivity to disagreement has a LOT to do with how long the willingness to be here (and/or communicate) will last, and whether or not it remains a worthy thing to do.


    DBS, I think you’re right. My humorous opinion of comments that fall into vulgar smears is that the writer still hasn’t mastered the English language… maybe he’s a teenage boy, or a computer AI bot, or some such. Anyway, still hasn’t learned to say what they mean without hurling invective as a substitute for explanation.

    Mr. House

    Dr. D

    Didnt you see all the rumors that Xi had been coup’d yesterday? Perhaps that was the big september 24th move, though its now being denied.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Right on, Dr. D! And not just about the climate nonsense, but in general. I truly appreciate your implacable clarity.

    All the climate noise (and more) is addressed at great depth, with great snarkiness, plus political implications, in my Do you “believe”... doc, linked here again:

    Not beating my own drum, just completeness-fetish.



    I noticed that the Russians are only claiming 61,000 Ukrainians were killed and only 38,000 were wounded.

    That claim only covers the original 200,000 Ukrainian Nazi army. This means half of the Ukraine’s original Nazi army has been destroyed.

    Note also only 1,000 of the original 6,000 foreign mercenaries are left. Nice odds!

    What is left out are the hundreds of thousand of Ukrainian territorial and other reservist troops. Their dead are not included in the Russian totals. The Ukrainian government isn’t including them either! Obviously they are the Ukrainian cannon fodder that don’t matter. I suspect killed and wounded number in the hundreds of thousands.

    I suspect the Ukrainian Nazis are now conserving their remaining Nazi troops by only placing them behind the front lines. These Nazi troops are used to create the “thin line” that shoots anyone who retreats from the front lines, in true Nazi tradition.

    Mr. House

    Doesn’t write anything for two years and then puts this out, not sure how i feel about it but i submit it to the readership for discussion. (his take on covid wasn’t the greatest either, which is strange because he wrote an excellent article about how the medical industry is a cartel/grift)

    Z Marks the Spot


    upstateNYer, Thanks for mentioning the exchange between Yeadon and Nawaz. I found it on Rumble which has a pretty good search function.
    I’ve never gotten Rumble links to post either here at TAE or anywhere. I wonder if it’s Rumble’s side that stops the linking.


    Thanks, Dora. 🙂 Mine was an Odysee link. For those interested, search odysee for maajid nawaz. It’s episode 22 – On Building Back Better, First By Destroying.


    “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies”

    There has always been a certain amount of lying, but then the “trusted” sources forgot one of the basic rules of good lying–staying as close to the truth as possible. Their stories just don’t hang together any more, to the point that it has become obvious to a large portion of the public. Let’s hope that portion achieves critical mass.


    @Redneck: As I see it, Ritter, the two Alexes, and Luongo are all just offering opinion and analysis. One can certainly take issue with anything one of them says, but I think it’s safe to say that at least they are not intentionally lying. That privilege is reserved for the “trusted” sources.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Mr. House – Z Marks the Spot tale

    Essential to formulating any convincing (convincingly sounding ?) fable is the premise that everything has to come being by itself.

    Premise, in this subject narrative is the “war of aggression”, … the problem, however, rises with author misidentifies who the aggressor, in fact, is! And it’s not Ukraine, …

    … fwiw,



    willem: “…the “trusted” sources forgot one of the basic rules of good lying–staying as close to the truth as possible. Their stories just don’t hang together any more, to the point that it has become obvious …”

    Having raised children, reminds me of 7 year olds. 😉


    Good for the goose good for the gander
    Will Russia retaliate with overwhelming carpet bombing, like Israel does when it is attacked or thinks its going to be attacked?


    @DBS: “We can always tell when fuckwits have lost arguments: they resort to insults:” Great one!

    @Dr. D: Thanks much for your climate post–very well written.

    Day: Very informative post on the fetal heartbeat stuff. Back when the board was talking about abortion after the Supreme Court decision, I pretty much stayed out of that discussion. Personally, I think this heartbeat stuff takes the whole issue into the weeds.

    I revise my opinions about all kinds of things regularly as I live and learn. My own belief has been that the judgement on whether a fetus not generally recognized as viable outside the womb represents an actual (vs. potential) life is a matter of faith and not science (at least not yet), and that the decision to abort prior to viability must therefore be one of conscience rather than law.


    Meloni ~ Mussolini
    I find it appalling how simple it is for the masses to be deceived by propaganda of all sorts.
    Ironically, my 3 kids, now in high school, all educated in public school, have all had social studies units dedicated to genocide within the past 4 years. I believe they have studied this topic more in depth than I had by their age. Genocide does accompany totalitarianism, although genocide may exist without totalitarianism. One would think that there would be some general societal understanding of what totalitarianism IS and what it IS NOT. Alas, that isn’t the case.

    Totalitarian movements are not necessarily right-wing…although they have all tended to exploit people’s ties to ancestral land as a part of their propaganda campaigns. Totalitarian movements exploit the human tendency to “other” groups of people, using propaganda to scapegoat the “others.” This “othering” will often coincide with racism, but can just as easily be upon other lines, such as education, party affiliation, health, religion, etc. Racism is not fascism/nazism/totalitarianism/Communism.

    The collective western establishment calling Meloni a fascist is projection.
    What I find concerning about the situation in Italy is the refugee issue. Why? Refugees, or “displaced persons,” were a problem in Europe leading up to WWI, and after WWI the problem was even greater. When displaced persons enter a settled area and there is no room or place for them the situation sets the stage for conflict. That conflict is ripe for exploitation by those with totalitarian aims. (And I doubt Meloni has that — although I really don’t know one way or the other.)


    Redneck: “… the collapsing , dying , almost finished , diminished US dollar is the strongest it has been in nearly a decade …”

    Edward Dowd said in a recent interview that he expected the US dollar to “fail up.” I’m no expert on this, but the dollar “… is strongest it has been in nearly a decade …” would fit with Dowd’s theory?? [shrugs shoulders, doesn’t have a dog in this fight].

    Curious as to explanations of both sides of this debate.


    phoenix: “… my 3 kids … have all had social studies units dedicated to genocide …. I believe they have studied this topic more in depth than I had by their age.”

    Oh, they definitely have. I had the distinct [dis]pleasure of working remotely for a small, full-on woke corporation for about 10 months. I was constantly told all whites are privileged slave owners guilty of committing genocide. Full stop. Wait, I think the word rape might have been in there, too.

    When I pushed back, my “situation” was escalated to the CEO, who told me I’m uncomfortable with this discussion because it’s hard for me, as a white person (woman, no less?), to admit to it and change my perspective.

    Pay close attention to what your children are learning. Until I experienced this thinking and messaging first-hand, I wouldn’t have believed just how insidious and damaging it is. And I’m old. Imagine if you’re an impressionable adolescent.

    Yes, it really is as bad as the “religious right” are saying it is.


    A Dummy’s guide: COVID19 INTRO
    I recommend the following 2 bookmark:
    A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation
    Notes for My Corona Investigative Committee Interview

    Margaret Anna Alice
    Jul 3
    A Retrospective in Whys
    Since the beginning of this manufactured crisis, the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee, ( ), has been conducting the exploratory work that I would have expected every government and so-called public health organization to have undertaken from the outset.

    The fact that this did not occur was one of the first signs that COVID represented a departure from all prior pandemic protocols, but the question I kept asking myself is, Why?

    Here are some of the permutations of that question I started asking beginning in early 2020 and continuing through the present-day:

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
    Russell L. Blaylock
    Date of Publication
    The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream led by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[ 3 , 6 , 57 ] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.


    Latest In A String Of Mysterious Deaths
    Which country is employing assassins?


    August CO2
    Aug. 2022 = 417.19 ppm

    Aug. 2021 = 414.47 ppm

    Up 2.72 ppm in 12 months.

    Currently approximately 187 ppm above the long-term average, and rising four times as fast as when Keeling commenced measurement in 1958.

    The next annual peak comes in May 2023, and will be around 423 ppmwhich will be 193 ppm above the long-term average

    ‘Obviously nothing to see here’.

    No further comment necessary


    Confession: I don’t understand arguing over climate change and what’s causing it. If we are all going to die because we’re stupid humans who caused it and it’s too late to reverse it … why are we expending energy debating about it? So we’re going to die. And?

    Point is, what’s the point to the debate?

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