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    Now … talking about how those in power will use “climate change” to extract money from common folks, that’s worth discussing. Because that’s all this is.

    Prime example: carbon credits, which is truly a piece of work. Wealthy can buy and sell them, with the exponential derivatives investment market coming to an area near you soon.


    Just in time for the rolling blackouts, no heat or hot water and expensive hard to get food!


    “Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are approaching the Turkish city of Edirne, calling themselves the “Convoy of Light”.
    They storm the border with Greece and move north through the Balkans. The final destination is the countries of Western Europe, mainly Germany.
    In total, up to ten such “convoys” can be formed this fall.”


    @Mr.House: I read the article you linked (“Z Marks the Spot”). I don’t know what to say–this guy is talking about a completely different war than the one I’ve been reading about. Some of his statements are even completely at odds with video evidence I’ve seen. I’d be interested to know what sources he’s using.

    I noticed there is only one comment on the article. Perhaps he lost all his followers after such a long layoff.


    As foretold
    The hungry immigrants are on the move. The EU is not ready.

    Here is what I found

    Ali Kassar, acting president of the Emotional Well-Being Institute, says roughly 115,000 migrants are preparing to cross Greece’s land border from the Turkish city of Edirne.

    Refugees seek convoy to Europe from Turkey to flee hardship
    A large number of refugees and migrants, many of them from Syria and other neighboring countries are seeking to move to Europe from Turkey.
    By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Published: SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 22:00

    Goes to the borders of Greece “Convoy of light”
    September 12, 2022

    The “convoy of light”, consisting of 40,000 Syrian refugees who were in Turkey, began its march towards Germany.

    The news of this evening and probably in the coming weeks in Germany will be tracking the route of the Convoy, which Turkey promised to release to Europe. The number of convoys of light may already be about a dozen this autumn. The main question is whether the Greek authorities will interfere with the passage of the “Convoy of Light”, to the borders of which the refugees will approach by the end of next week.

    The “Caravan of Light” campaign was launched by Syrian refugees in Turkey to migrate towards Europe, according to Athr Press.
    After announcing the “Caravan of Light” campaign launched by Syrian refugees in Turkey to migrate towards Europe, organizers began to reveal the campaign’s details and the purpose of announcing it in this way.

    The convoy’s plans are being worked out via a Telegram channel, which was set up six days ago and is followed by nearly 70,000 people. The organizers are calling on people to bring sleeping bags, tents, life jackets, water, canned food, and first aid kits.

    The French news agency AFP quoted the organizers as saying: “The convoy will be divided into groups of 50 people, each led by a supervisor.”

    ‘Caravan of Light’: Activists, Thousands of Syrian Migrants in Turkey Plotting To Break Into Europe
    The organisers of the caravan are allegedly telling those who wish to participate to bring tents, life jackets, first aid supplies, food, water and other supplies according to a report from the European Union-funded website InfoMigrants.

    To the borders of Greece there is a “convoy of light”
    12.09.22 23:45
    Author Pavel Onoiko
    The “convoy of light”, consisting of 40,000 Syrian refugees who were in Turkey, began its march towards Germany.
    The Caravan of Light: A Dark Future for Europe
    September 15, 2022
    Posted by Callum Greene

    The ‘Caravan of light’ is a name that might inspire hope to some, but for a native European it’s a stormy nightmare that’s about to hit our borders. An army of over 100,000 fighting age men are preparing to flood our homelands.

    Independent reporter, Klaus Arminius, has helped uncover a well organised network of human smugglers on social media platform Telegram calling themselves the “Al-Noor Caravan”, translating to “the Caravan of light”. Their channels vary massively in numbers and are rapidly growing some even reaching up to 72k followers, presumably all refugees and gang members. Here they coordinate the flow of illegal immigrants into Europe; safe directions and the contacts of smugglers in various countries are handed out. The group has multiple social media accounts which regularly post graphics and propaganda material; a video even features some of the software the traffickers use to plan their invasion. It’s evident that we’re not dealing with some small gang but a regimented international mafia that’s profiteering off Europe’s demise and the open access to our borders.

    It seems we’re about to face another migrant crisis of monumental scale and understandably Greek authorities are on high alert as reports of the caravan amassing in Turkey are coming out. Some Turkish media channels have even started running stories of the build-up and interviews of the migrants are being published.
    The prospect of this invasion is deeply concerning, our continent is being plundered daily and the next big raid is brewing on our shores. We must adapt to bulwark this oncoming tide; we have seen what repels these people time and time again. Whites must start to collectivise and form the lost communities in their homeland now more than ever. We are facing economic turmoil, food and energy shortages, and now another flood of immigrants. The writing is on the wall, times are about to get tough, we either unite and stand as a people or fade into Europe’s dark future.

    D Benton Smith

    @upstateNYer asked quizzically, “Point is, what’s the point to the debate?”

    That’s a really good question, and the answer is that by initiating a debate about whose fault it is (“Did human activity cause the Climate Change Crisis?”) just skips merrily right over a number of crucial questions that now won’t be asked.

    I would compare it to discussing gallows construction and rope strength estimates being done before any capital crimes have been committed. Looks like someone wants a hanging and has gone looking for plausible excuses for having one.


    From Naomi Wolf’s repost

    Better not need a transfusion, you’ll get spike proteined to death.

    What a crap ‘medical mafia’.

    American Red Cross Under Scrutiny After Confessing It Does Not Separate Vaccinated from Unvaccinated Blood

    by Kyle BeckerSeptember 23, 2022

    None of the blood banks separate vaxxed blood. Transfusions can get you boosted without knowing. Or vaxxed without consent which is illegal for experimental vaccine


    D Benton Smith

    @Oroboros about that shoulder to shoulder phalanx of “immigrants” marching toward Edirne, Turkey.

    I suppose it’s a purely rhetorical question to ask who’s providing the enormous logistical support for such an operation. Food, water, sanitation, transport, sleeping accommodations and coordination are on the scale of moving armies. I don’t suppose Soros or WEF are writing any checks?

    John Day

    I stated this morning that oxygen drive was primary and CO2 drive was secondary, and that’s just wrong.
    I’m sorry to have written that, and sorry to have to retract it.


    I’m not sure you’re allowed to make a mistake on here, John. /sarc 😉 😉 😉

    Added all those winks to make sure you understand that was a joke. Not to worry. Pretty sure everyone on here has misspoken at some point.


    Oro, medical mafia indeed. The Red Cross never had any intention of separating the blood of vaxxed and unvaxxed. They encouraged the vaxxed to donate and stated there was no reason for them not to.

    Kind of like when AIDS first popped up. How many people got that from contaminated blood? Are we supposed to believe health officials didn’t realize the virus (or whatever HIV actually is) is in the blood? What, are they stupid? That stupid??

    Veracious Poet

    If what you say is true, in other words IF “We can always tell when fuckwits have lost arguments: they resort to insults”, AND the assignation of “fuckwits” is an insult, THEN that would make you a fuckwit.

    Yes, it really is as bad as the “religious right” are saying it is.

    Veracious Poet

    Pretty sure everyone on here has misspoken at some point.

    Veracious Poet


    …. who’s providing the enormous logistical support for such an operation.

    I’m sure that there must be someone, on TAE, that is interested in finding out, will be able to tell us.




    “Ad hominems are useful at times to force science and discussion. This will take a while, so I’ll make short installments.”

    No, we’re wrong.

    Having used everything from ad hominems bordering on physical threats to being very nice and softly, meticulously spoken, I would scientifically challenge this notion. Based on almost 20 years of online discussions in fora like this, I adamantly assert that all ad hominems do is trigger an ego-shield against examining openly and objectively whatever is to be scientifically discussed.

    That said, being polite and respectful and wise and careful with data will also get your tires slashed on the typical online form. In real life, most of the time, too.


    So, ad hominems are counter-productive.

    But of course that is wrong, because third parties to the discussion will often enter with the calm voice of reason and a dispassionately organized trove of solid data, and increase the quality of understanding of the topic at hand.

    In so doing, the Calm Voice of Reason will likely invoke the enmity of both the ad hominer and ad hominee, for the CVoR usually clarifies the issue in a way that shows that the -er and the -ee are both wrong.

    Michael Reid

    WES the storm had wind at 110 KPH here but we have had more rain at other times this year.

    This brings me to focus and priorities. The weather thing has been very distracting for certain people I know, kind of like doom porn, similar to war porn distraction, climate change porn etc.

    Better time would be spent preparing
    not to get killed by accident or otherwise,
    not freezing to death, starving or dying of thirst, unnecessary disease etc.

    It seems to me the biggest issue is the bioweapon and its human degrading spike protein. I am coming to the conclusion that while the cull is on the go, we should all be on ivermectin. Unfortunately I do not have any any and I don’t know where I can get any in my isolated location here in Newfoundland.


    Michael Reid: Glad you weathered the storm ok. Interesting thoughts on doom porn. Agree with you on this: “It seems to me the biggest issue is the bioweapon and its human degrading spike protein.”

    Re: ivermectin. Are you unable to purchase/ship in from India? I also think I have a link for a US based supplier. Can you purchase from the US?

    Michael Reid

    I think the issue will be Canada customs


    @ Michael Reid
    Re Ivermectin. We ordered twice via India. Canada customs intercepted them both. We got very polite form letters telling us that we would not be receiving our order.
    We asked our vet for some to de-worm our pigs……”How much do you want? I’ll give you a little extra in case you “spill ” some”. Injectable liquid that can also be administered orally.
    Worth a try

    John Day

    Purchasing a bottle of sterile ivermectin solution like this has been useful for may people.

    It does not need to be kept sterile, but after popping the top, one should refrigerate it. It can be taken orally. It s=does not need to be injected. Weight doses are typical for mammals, but some human protocols differ. One might keep it on hand for the arising of need.


    Zombies lived amongst us before governments began increasing the number by ramping up the propaganda to get people to accept fake ‘vaccine’ jabs.


    ‘being polite and respectful and wise and careful with data will also get your tires slashed on the typical online form. In real life, most of the time, too.’

    I totally concur with that, boscohorowitz.


    Oh oh.

    PayPal’s decision this week to cancel the account of the United Kingdom’s Free Speech Union, effectively demonetizing an organization which fights for freedom of speech in the UK, shows how dire the state of free expression is today.

    Veracious Poet

    On another subject, this is a very interesting interview. Maajid Nawaz and Dr Yeadon. Gloves off.

    Upstate; I wouldn’t call that clip very interesting, at all, I would call it very disturbing considering how their discussion reconfirmed many of the worst aspects concerning the malintent of TPTB/TBTF continuous herding of sleep walking humanity towards their apparent endgame & coup de grâce

    Just when I started accepting the no-win scenario, this talk drops into my consciousness like a lead balloon 😐

    What’s really unsettling is how the vast majority follows this collective egoic madness & support it through their electoral, entertainment & social choices ~ This is like the mass insanity of 1930s Germany on a global scale…

    Anecdotal: My mother in 2019 was constantly over-medicated with Diazepam/Morphine during her hospital stays for collapsed lung/Stage IV Cancer (Feb-July), which I had to monitor daily because almost every time a new nurse or doctor would show up they’d put her on it ~ I had to complain to her oncologist to put a standing order on her chart, even then she was force fed Diazepam in the nursing home, which I had to pull her out of prematurely (still bedridden) because it was like Auschwitz American Style 😐

    Over the last month my 87yo MIL has been in & out of the hospital for AFib, where she was immediately administered Mirtazapine + Opoids for no apparent reason ~ My wife, who was my only support during my mother’s debacle, was primed to watch for this demonic behavior that has no rational explanation (we assumed the nurses were just trying to “manage” their patients due to laziness)…

    After hearing Dr. Yeadon confirm this is a western medicine phenom, it drives the maliciousness/callousness of the situation to the core of my being 😐

    Not to mention Dr. McCullough recently adding support to the massive flotsam & jetsam created in the circulatory systems of the vax zombies ~ I really was hoping it was just a hoax…

    For all of you that have family & children sleepwalking into the maelstrom, my sincere condolences.

    Meme of the moment (And no, I’m not laughing Oroboros):

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT: ‘Obviously nothing to see here’.

    His truest statement so far on the climate-CO2 nothing-burger, even if inadvertent.

    AFKTT: No further comment necessary

    This seems to be a very subtle pre-emptive ad hominem, a passive-aggressive way of calling us ‘fuckwits’ if we don’t (or won’t) get it. Could be a deep-denied-identity-myth projection onto the rest of us, with a little trap attached.

    I wonder if the rest of AFKTT’s apparent astuteness on other matters is also based on beliefs he holds, and if that’s so, his incisiveness is not really realpolitic astuteness, but, rather, more rote formulism. Its credibility suffers from that suspicion.

    Veracious Poet

    Peak Stupidity:

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve watched a *FAIL* video, just was reminded of why we’re so screwed…


    This story is very disturbing. Hospitals in Canada offering euthanasia as a treatment option.

    Canadian Hospital Waiting Room Promotes Euthanasia


    Veracious, I personally wouldn’t consider the video “very interesting,” either. I found it absolutely horrifying. I was trying not to be alarmist since not everyone might interpret it as I did.

    I’m sorry about your mother and MIL. It’s terrible that families have to go through that. The medical system is truly F’d up.


    Been very busy with my personal preparations for the meltdown, so missed this:

    ‘And also that life and biodiversity was wonderfully high – seemingly better than now – with high levels of CO2. Why? Does this not demonstrate that “high” CO2 does not cause runaway action even up into the thousands ppm level? So why would 400ppm be relevant or a threshold?

    Point 1. Biodiversity was wonderfully high before homo colossus learned how to exterminate species, arguably commencing with mammoths, though there is much evidence homo colossus exterminated much of the mega-fauna of Australia long before the last mammoth was killed for meat and tusks. i.e. the extermination of species commenced around 60,000 years ago!

    By the time any of us was born biodiversity -especially of large mammals and birds- had already been reduced extermination of species and by a huge reduction in the individual numbers of species by homo collusus.

    The England I was born into had no wolves, no bears, no giant deer…and the numbers of butterflies was a mere shadow of what it had been before industrial agriculture commenced the extermination.

    In my lifetime numerous species have disappeared completely, not because of climate change but because of loss of habitat and being turned into trophies and exotic food.

    Kindly note, as previously pointed out several times, that [other than the Cretaceous Extinction Event brought about by an asteroid impact] all five of the Great Extinction Events were caused by a geologically rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 which caused massive overheating and loss of habitat. The Permin of 252 million years ago is estimated to have been of the order 90% species loss.

    So your claims is entirely fraudulent.

    The ‘thousands of ppm atmospheric CO2 you referred to has already been addressed numerous times. Thousands of ppm atmospheric CO2 is fine if species are able to adjust to that level, e.g. far fewer stomata in leaf cells; migration of species towards the poles.

    When a geological-scale event that took 20,000+ years to unfold is reproduced in less than 200 years, species have no time to evolve. That is true of especially species that have multi-year reproductive cycles.

    I went over all of that -Siberian Trapps etc.- a couple of weeks ago!!

    If you look up the Stern Report to the UK government, you will note that the ‘safe upper limit’ for atmospheric CO2, beyond which all hell breaks out was estimated to be 450 ppm. That figure is actually too high for reasons I haven’t got time to explain here. But taking 450 ppm as the safe upper limit to be 450 ppm (actually 350ppm), at 423 ppm in May of 2023, we will be just 27 ppm off the ‘safe upper limit’. and rising at 2.7 ppm per annum measn we will exceed the ‘safe upper limit’ in 2032.

    2032 was the year I advised my local council it will be ‘all over’ far as industrial civilisation is concerned, and ‘all over’ as far as the idiotic policies they promote are concerned.

    We know it will be ‘all over’ well before 2032. Indeed, such is the speed that the Adern government is demolishing the NZ economy, it will be more-or-less ‘all over’ in less than 12 months.

    Look, I know none of this has anything to do with the actual science, as I pointed out not many hours ago.

    You could soon find out the actual science if you wanted to.

    But it is abundantly clear that you don’t actually want to know the actual science and simply want to waste my time.

    Well, I have wasted enough time posting information that people don’t even bother to read, and won’t waste any more.

    The collapse of the economy is the first bottleneck, whilst the collapse of the environment is still a decade or so away. So I must focus on the immediate concern of the collapse of the systems that feed the bulk of the people, and the mayhem that the collapse will cause in a matter of a few months from now.

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