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    Re. the Victorian Heath minister and the supposed 95% vaccinated in hospital.

    As per the NSW Heath Minister video the other day, I checked and found the Victorian situation as cited in the article above is not true either.

    From here

    “Anti-vaxxers revel in slip up from Vic. Health Minister
    A slip of the tongue by the Victorian Health Minister has provided fodder for anti-vax activists who have shared footage of Martin Foley wrongly suggesting that 95 per cent of hospitalised COVID-19 patients were partially or fully vaccinated.
    “Of the people who were in hospital yesterday, 78 per cent were vaccinated, and 17 were partially vaccinated,” Mr Foley said during Tuesday’s COVID-19 press briefing.

    On Twitter, videos of Mr Foley’s statement have been viewed at least half a million times.

    “So 5% are un-vaxxed? Wow,” wrote one Twitter user. “These numbers are the opposite of what we’ve [been] told will occur.”

    Here is the correction:

    A spokeswoman for Mr Foley confirmed to Fact Check, however, that 78 per cent of those in hospital were unvaccinated, while 17 per cent had received just one dose. That means a mere 5 per cent of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Victoria were double-jabbed.

    His incorrect statement, meanwhile, has spread globally, with a US-based conservative website reporting that the “truth [was] being ignored” and that “95 per cent of the COVID patients in Victoria hospitals are vaccinated”.

    Sadly, the level of misinformation is such that the damage to credibility it causes – even on sites like this – is out of control.

Viewing 81 post (of 81 total)
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