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    Vincent van Gogh Courtyard of the hospital in Arles 1889   • China’s ‘Silk Road’ Project Runs Into Debt Jam (AFP) • Should Africa Be Wary Of Chin
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    The only way to “play” Brexit is a hard exit IMHO. All these warnings about the dire consequences of regaining some control of immigration and the laws are just scare stories.

    The whole thing reminds me very much of the Year 2000 Problem

    Personally, I made a lot of money out of it. I automated the conversion of thousands of programs and database for Exxon’s refinery businesses in the UK, France and the Low Countries.

    V. Arnold

    Definition of Capitalism
    : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

    Oxford Dictionaries

    An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
    ‘an era of free-market capitalism’
    ‘private ownership is a key feature of capitalism’

    Collins English Dictionary

    Capitalism is an economic and political system in which property, business, and industry are owned by private individuals and not by the state.

    The Wordsmyth English Dictionary

    an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and prices are chiefly determined by open competition in a free market.
    The individual’s right to pursue material wealth with little interference from government is considered one of the tenets of capitalism.

    Alas, che surprise; nowhere is mentioned the blatent exploitation of the workers who are the production.
    This is a serious failing of western, aka, American capitalism.
    Marx predicted exactly this…
    Disclaimer: I am no scholar of Marx, so give me a break.

    V. Arnold

    By the way; here’s a great link to the online dictionaries I have access to;
    It enables one to compare definitions, because they do vary, ever so subtly.


    Ilargi, may be you are right about China BUT at least they are building not destroying as the West has done for so many centuries AND may be there is another way rather than the western form of economics. I am sure there is. I have often wondered what would happen if we gave up the US$ as a reserve currency and had an international currency such as the Bancor (I think that is how it is spelt) that Keynes suggested. But how that would be controlled, if it needed to be, I don’t know. It couldn’t be used as the ECB does with the euro but all it would be is an international currency so that you paid for the things you bought overseas in Bancors. If you didn’t have them or weren’t entitled to to any more then you couldn’t buy. I think his Bancor is worth looking at in greater depth.

    Dr. D

    There’s no capitalism without competition, that competition forestalled by the merger of the special people and their corporations with the power of the state. So if corporations, at least the top 200 all with interlocking boards and people, are all also interlocked with lobbyists, lawmakers, and selective enforcement, don’t you really have central planning, or more of Mussolini arrangement? And that’s to say nothing of a central bank, making capital free while other programs: health care, etc, make labor very, very expensive and inflexible. Oops. All an accident I’m sure that all decisions, made by these same 200 companies, governments, and their people always advantage themselves and central control, and disadvantage the common man.

    How much worse when, after central planning and lack of enforcement collapses their industry, as it always and inevitably does, AND the poorest donate their houses and pay for it in taxes — or more properly, inflation? Yeah, I can see how Capitalism failed when we have central planning, paid judicial special protection, and no possibility of bankruptcy. In the sense that it failed because there is no Capitalism. Or “Capitalism for thee, not for me.” It’s not said, but Capitalism relies on the strength of property rights. Property rights depend on a rule of law, and we have none. They will argue that corporations have all these rights, but that’s the negative — their ability to steal, cheat, bribe, is paid on the destruction of other people’s property rights, particularly the citizens’. It’s those rights, those laws of the common man, for common justice, that haven’t been enforced in decades…except against them.

    Am I over the top in this? Remember MF Global? Mixed internal and customer funds for years without caring which is which, lost a trade, owed billions, and simply stole client funds to cover it, locking them into whatever trade they had open that minute. No one cared. The SEC insurance, which covers only and exactly this kind of crime, refused to cover. No one cared about that either. How about Sachs’ aluminum rigging, I think reported in the NYT, where 5c of every can in the nation was going to them for price fixing? Not enough theft, not well-known enough, Congress, the FBI didn’t notice when their case was published for them in black and white? Wells Fargo, creating fake owner accounts on felonious signatures, then ginning, again felonious fees, then arranging repossession of property never owed, again…and again…and again…while Wall Street doesn’t mind their stock and Buffett, one of their owners, considered squeaky clean cowboy. No need to go on as you could fill the gigafarm with documents and examples, but you do not have capitalism without property rights. That means law enforcement must punish theft and fraud, or there are no property rights, no capitalism, and no production. Why? Because whatever you make is stolen, so why bother? And that’s where we are with hard work and production in the U.S., : they won’t pay you and they’re going to steal it anyway, so why work? Why go through the heartbreak? As the Soviets said, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” And so, the non-capitalism we don’t have collapses, as all socialist or their sibling fascist systems do. Do we blame the thieves, the liars, the frauds, the brutal enforcers of crooked justice? Not on your life. We blame the productive, still trying to get things done for reasons no one can explain, to succeed on a productive and voluntary, non-violent basis. To be somebody and own something, instead of falling into line, joining the cartel, and telling others what to do, to pay up or else.

    The West did used to build things. Even as much as I don’t innately approve, most everything presently on earth. They built New York out of a forest, Phoenix out of a desert, Johannesburg out of a savannah. Other cultures didn’t, or at least not many of them. It’s the “western” way that Japan emulated, other nations, to survive against the technical and industrial success of the west, which led to their military superiority for a time. But all that building was almost exclusively “the West”. Now China is going to fall into the same trap no one means to fall in, because, what are they going to do when so many of these countries do what they’ve done for a hundred years, keep being who they are, and don’t pay? Is China going to smile and donate those trillions like a pal, when their own people work so hard and need so much? No, they’re going to act just like that horrible, unfair West and want to get fair return on what they gave. So they don’t know, but will be dragged out to the Pacific Rim, protecting it, and begin meddling in Africa and all over, so maybe we can finally stop this nonsense about how it’s only white, male, western guys who colonize, who militarize, and extract. A 99-year city lease sure sounds like colonialism to me, just as these empires always turn, if you look back more than a blip in time, back 4,000 years instead of 400, and learn world and cultural history as I hear we’re supposed to, instead of being myopic on the West. The West was at the bottom for millennia, and we can go there again, quick. Every other culture has histories at least as dark as Europe has.

    The Bancor is essentially the terrible system we have now: a tiny group of unaccountable insiders have no limits on the creation of money backed-by-nothing, mainline ties to governments and violence, and inevitably abuse it for their own ends. The difference is, national currencies can be rejected by other nations and brought to heel, as Russia and China are destroying the dollar system now. Once in place, however, a Bancor supersedes governments and sovereignty and their fraud, corruption, and totalitarian power would be inescapable. Which is why they want it so much, and have worked tirelessly for 100+ years to get one. Hundreds of their white papers are all on file, ready to read.

    If you want a pan-national currency that is not corrupt and run solely by the weakness of men, we have one. It’s called gold, it enforces honesty, and it has overseen the most successful periods in human history. That being the case, why would they want the unproven Bancor instead? Is it because they know it will enforce fraud and power, and not honesty and fair trade? Beware geeks bearing gifts.

    V. Arnold

    Dr D;
    If you want a pan-national currency that is not corrupt and run solely by the weakness of men, we have one. It’s called gold, it enforces honesty, and it has overseen the most successful periods in human history. That being the case, why would they want the unproven Bancor instead? Is it because they know it will enforce fraud and power, and not honesty and fair trade? Beware geeks bearing gifts.

    Dr D nails it! Gold. The universal constant of economy/economics..
    All else fails; and corruption flows from there…


    Here is my labor day contribution.
    Who are the elites?

    The rich and those in power are the people that decide who will get rich and who will get poor or who will stay poor.

    Yes, if the rich paid more than a starvation wage, then poverty could be reduced/eliminated.

    Yes, a health care system that collects taxes from the blue collar workers and enriches the rich is decided by the elites to enrich themselves.

    Modicare: India plans free healthcare for 500 million
    Total spending on healthcare in India averaged $267 per person in 2014 — the latest year for which data is available — compared to $9,403 in the United States, $3,377 in Britain and $731 in China, according to the World Bank.
    Many Indians have no choice but to use private hospitals, where treatment is unaffordable for someone earning the average annual wage of less than $2,000.
    That forces many to go deep into debt or sell their valuables and other assets to pay for treatment.

    Who are those individuals elites?

    You can go to the collumn “country” and enter any country
    ie. Canada and you get 46 names
    You can then click on the name and get a short bio


    Someone has done all the hard research work for you – Andrew Gavin Marshal

    Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty! « Andrew Gavin Marshal
    Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!

    Have a relaxing LABOR DAY!


    The gains of the recovery have accrued absurdly, extravagantly to a tiny sliver of the world’s superrich.

    That is because most people have remained relatively decent and honest and logical, The self-proclaimed “let us show you how it’s done” Zioglobalist central bank/deep-state/packed judiciary crowd, especially after the post-2008 bailouts, understood that “risk” as normally understood, did not apply to stock or other capital investments. Ordinary citizens…especially retirees…, lacking a huge cushion of wealth or political power as a buffer, correctly perceiving the increasingly absurd ignorance of risk, opted for traditionally safe, liquid…and zero or less yielding… vehicles for their saved capital and have been bled dry of their principal. It has taken a long time for people to begin to understand just how hideously the game has been rigged by the one-worlders.


    Data seen by The Independent shows hundreds of civil servants went elsewhere as the department tried to get on its feet and cobble together a negotiating stance for the UK over the last two years.

    This illustrates a key but infrequently discussed mechanism that the NWO folks have employed to fortify their positions of power; namely the enactment of numerous byzantine, often vague, self-serving pieces of legislation. Easy to do when the legislative and judiciary branches have been packed. And earlier done on the sly with a largely absent legislative body; i.e., passage of the Federal Reserve act. But exceedingly hard to reverse once in place.


    What a lot of nonsense you talk Dr. D


    In a con, things are not what they seem. This is what the top 10% are playing on all the rest of us. They offshored labor because it made them money and the power elite really dislike lowlifes. Symptoms are ignored. Americans are dying earlier despite spending $10,000 a year per person on healthcare. Guess where that money is going? Or, how can China be building infrastructure in Africa or 16,000 miles of high speed rail while the West crumbles? They utilize money sent there for the goods that they make. Compare this to the trillion dollar student loan debt in the USA that has created only wealthy 10% college towns, and gated communities.

    V. Arnold

    Gold’s value at this time is a con; it is in fact worth far more than the paltry $1206 USD per troy ounce.
    There is a lot of discussion about a gold backed currency; but some information needs be understood to put this in perspective.
    Foremost is the fact that there is not enough physical gold in existence to back currencies at gold’s present valuation; which again, is a manipulated pricing.
    I wish I could find the source, which said, that for gold to back currencies its value would have to be somewhere around $220,000 USD per troy ounce.
    If that is true (I believe it is), then it portends some profound implications.
    Going back a bit; what is gained by this ongoing manipulation of gold prices?
    The obvious first thought is; those who do this would likely hoard gold for the day when gold reaches its true value.
    The SCO is not backing currencies in gold, but rather backing transactions with gold so trade can occur without the USD.

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