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    Rene Magritte Memory 1948   • We Don’t Serve a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Says Retiring US General Milley (Sp.) • Biden Warns of Trump’s ‘Extremist Movem
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    V. Arnold

    Rene Magritte Memory 1948

    …apparently a series…
    Still a dynamic viewing…….


    Regarding the frog. I have family only to understand my deeper roots. I grew up in subtropical rainforest country and have for over 3 decades lived in a dry temperate region. When it rains I am out in it. As long as it rains. The sound is like a kiss from my mother. The feeling it gives me is safety, joy, peace.

    They think it is a bit silly and m hands freeze.

    It has been the driest start to spring on record here in Castlemaine. Hasn’t rained in a while.
    Rain is forecast in a few days.

    I will be in it and I am thinking about it now.


    Donald Trump is not a small man at 6’3‘‘ (190cm). But his son Barron, at 17 years old, is already 6’8‘‘ (203cm).


    Something that annoys me with some of the articles presented is this continuing idea that resources are those of the nation. They are located there but more often than not have nothing to do the people of that nation bar minor government payments. When a writer says Australia’s Lithium – what exactly are they talking about?. We have the highest natural gas exports in THE WORLD – makes Russia look like they need to get there act together and party with us like Qatar – yet we pay the highest domestic prices IN THE WORLD.
    So I humbly ask what is Australia specifically referring to? Are we a component of a block (5 eyes AUKUS etc.) or are we simply a front shop for British Oligarchs? If it is the former then America have no problem competing with Russia because our Lithium is America’s or Britains (or the Iron Banks).
    It just seems like we talk a lot in images not realities – not that there exists no competition.


    Here are some of the highlights of Dr. Stuckelberger’s interview:

    When during the organization’s earlier times, WHO stood for protecting the lives of the elderly and children, today WHO is promoting suicide for older people and forced killer vaccination for children.

    WHO is eliminating staff – scientists, doctors, and researchers, who are ethical and true experts, replacing them with people who are no experts, unethical and corrupt.

    WHO programs on food, nutrition or basic sanitation, have morphed into programs that are largely overseeing the extermination of people on planet earth, rather than promoting the health of people.

    In the 1990s WHO was still warning about the dangers of 5G microwaves, the negative effects of holding the phone to your ear… how it affected the brain — no longer. These warnings have been eliminated from the WHO’s website. This is part of accelerating elimination of old age people and of dumbing the brains of children and young adults.

    Also, WHO warned of the danger building 5G antennas on school buildings – as the effect on human brains and the development of human brains is devastating – this warning too, has disappeared from WHO’s website.

    Around the year 2000, the private sector, with lobbies came into effect – and Bill Gates put his foot in WHO’s door. In 2012 he was literally in charge of WHO’s vaccination / immunization programs.

    Today, WHO alone has a monopoly on all that concerns health – it is a tyrannical dictate – and is followed by severe censoring, including with punishment for those who do not follow the mandate. UN Secretary General, António Guterres, is echoing what WHO is doing, by promoting censorship [banning “fake news”], and digitizing health information – with a monopoly for WHO.

    But WHO alone cannot control the world, as Ministers of Health, usually countries’ representatives at the World Health Assembly, may not agree with some dictates and they must listen to their governments [though, most of which have been corrupted], they need an overarching body to assure full compliance, the United Nations.

    Therefore, the UN will claim the overall right of controlling censorship as well as dictates on health, i.e., vaccination / programs on immunization, delegated to WHO — no questions asked, all with the objective of massively reducing the world population, an objective which has been on the political drawing board since the 1970s.

    See the Kissinger Report published in 1974, in the year following the U.S. sponsored military coup in Chile (September 11, 1973).

    The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and WHO: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a “Global Health Dictatorship”

    Dr. D

    France says that it will remove troops from Niger by the end of this year:

    Again, the Empire-killers seem to be at work, with the Pentagon not lifting a finger. Huh. I thought the Pentagon was the one pushing empire and with an unlimited ($1Trillon dollar literally) budget.

    Also without African colonial tribute, Europe will collapse. Already M2 continues to collapse faster than ever since records were kept. But gotta hand it to them: nothing happens. …I mean other than $40B/mo in Powell bailouts putting TARP $700B to shame every few weeks, running year-’round.

    It’s Time for NASA to Step Aside and Let Private Industry Take Us to Mars
    Funding forays into space is a mission for investors, not taxpayers.”

    That’s not right: Like other government agencies, NASA is the Space PREVENTION Agency. Because they existed, everybody was trying to work through them. Now all you need to do is control and direct it, which is easy and don’t even need a lot of money, and all human exploration is sidelined for 50 years. Again.

    This is the point of the SPLC, or FBI, or BLM, or practically any organization I’ve seen since I was born. Like the SEC, FDA, EPA, they do the #Opposite of their mission, — broadly at the behest of paid corporations, but certainly exclusively power groups – but because of their existence, I, we, can’t get anything done on those issues as we’re bogged down in “Reforming” them and “Scandals.” Like FTX you can be inside, authorize the entire thing, track it, fund it, and when it comes out it’s a multi billion dollar ponzi laundering scheme, nothing happens to anyone. The SEC and Gensler go “Oh well. Oops.” The SEC, CFTC, Federal Election Board, FBI Congress, go “Carry on good sir!” The magic being I can’t get any traction with my fellow man because they can’t believe its purpose is the opposite of what’s on the box, in the headline, or on the Title Page. Daddy would never lie. He “R” Us.

    “Mike Lindell Says MyPillow ‘Crippled’ By Major Credit Card Company
    “They took our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000…”

    Every day I feel like I’m reading the headlines from the Robber Barons of 1910. The kind that still show up in the movies of the 1940s. And why did they act like that back then, what was the sentiment, then and now? Because they were criminals and felt like it. However, banks are cutting all credit lines across the board as they crash, just like 07 when nothing happened either.

    A title that’s not hyperbole, “Could Be the Most Significant Chart of Our Lifetime”

    We’ve looked at this with false starts for decades, as this is a looooong chart. It should have broken in 2000 for instance, as the Greek crisis condition fundamentals were there.

    As it exits, you have all the indicators: flag at half mast at the breakout, continuing. Creates a pennant for a year. Breakout. Only would be nicer to see re-test but it’s a long way from the channel right now. Maybe when the rate hikes collapse the planet shortly and they attempt – or rather just DO – cut rates. Maybe for the last time in this present Fed system structure. After that it will be rebuilt.

    This is the real control grid. This is how “The War” is really going. Somewhat related, gold is in a death cross.

    Markets derive off interest rates for sometimes arcane reasons. That is why the Fed is so powerful and why you can’t allow it to be captured by a cartel. But this is not following the structure and will be remedied:

    You can’t have the 10x larger bond market—with legal safety – competing to draw cash out of stocks, the money flows already starting (we know this as people withdraw from banks to buy money markets) and nothing ever happens. Historically, the bond market is always right. The only reason jPow will lower is if there’s a crisis. A crisis in what? What is a “crisis”? A crisis in Europe, but “crisis” to idiot journalists, apparatchiks who are their foot soldiers, and Congressmen is a crisis in the Stock Market, their 401ks. As demonstrated, the other 90% of the nation can be shot to h—l and die in a ditch, overrun, beaten, robbed, burned, bankrupt, dying in a box, their daughters overdosing live on OnlyFans, and it’s not a “crisis”.

    So any POSSIBLE event would lead to a stock fall. EVEN jPow lowering. The only opposite view is that jPow will lower and stop defending the US$ because stocks are doing so GOOD, and you should lower rates to heat up a market at the tippy top which has had no correction in a market where housing just went up 40% in 4 years. …Yeah, I don’t think so.

    Yes, this is 100% straight out of the same playbook of 500 years. They are running the “Russian Revolution” plan on us. It is going pretty well, at least the structure, payout, and setup of it. However, America may be constructed differently and not respond the same. Can they adjust for the Not-sameness and win the game? Or not? In general “this time it’s not different”, and why allow your country to be 90% wrecked even if you win?

    Tucker says about “shooting time” is just what I commented a minute ago on yesterday’s post. One of the problems is when you decay family, church, community – which they are tireless at – then there are no other approaches. There’s only “Is it “natural law” shooting time? Or should we catch a movie?” In a functioning … brain… not system… there are 20 approaches and responses you fire at them all at once and hope one sticks you can keep jamming them with.

    But Tucker’s falling into that – really bad – Americanism right here.

    “You can’t criminalize half a country”. Sure you can. They did. It just means they want and have arranged, and paid a lot o’ money Jack, for Civil War. This is the Russian Revolution plan, they need the country destroyed so they can take it over for 70 years and you can “Work AND Starve.” …Slightly more than already.

    “We Don’t Serve a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Says Retiring US General Milley (Sp.)

    If this was a comment, I was very confused. I could only think “Which one?” and couldn’t tell. He certainly has no oath to the law or Constitution. Even as a General the law on “Congress Declaring war” is crystal clear. And Dictators always abdicate without comment, right on schedule. That’s practically the definition of “Dictator”.

    “[Milley] was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States.”

    Don’t care, already forgotten, nobody’s thought about it in years. Don’t care he did it when they do think of it. OF COURSE you backstab your boss. What self-respecting middle manager apparatchik in America coast to coast doesn’t? You’re not going to get votes from the millions of Federal Employees with a line like that.

    “Some Republicans have claimed such actions would represent a violation of the chain of command set forth in the US Constitution.”

    Yes. Taking action on such things is the predicate proof of a coup. By General Milley or his plotters. I’m not big on conspiracy, but he took difficult, embarrassing action on this regard, in defiance of all law and custom, demonstrating specific intent.

    Obviously we arrested the other guy.

    “We are currently standing watch on freedom’s frontier”

    They must be “on the frontier” ‘cause they sure aren’t at home. Protecting us. From 2 million? 10 million? Military age invaders?

    “There is an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy.”

    Um…??? In what way??? My experience of MAGA is that they can’t shut up about the d—n Constitution and wave the flag all the time. The Constitution is not a basic belief of our Democracy? …’Cause, reasons?

    On the flip side, there is a party that says, “It’s just a d—d piece of paper!” and “Burn it all down” and “We need to fundamentally transform America” and…

    “New York Attorney General Letitia James, who asked the judge for a summary decision”

    That means essentially that no case was heard.

    Why would Trump do this? Why? Honestly, what’s the difference? He sat up there in 2016 with his kids we all knew they would do this. His wife and kids knew they would do this. But if they continued on Ye Olde Russian Revolution Plan, all this would happen anyway, but slower and with more control. It’s only that he forced them to move too fast that is alarming people. Causing them to take action. See what I mean? If you’re going to lose it all anyway, why not make the loss mean something? If Bosch knew he wouldn’t be running or controlling any of his companies, and the Reich would have him under essentially constant house arrest, why not risk some of your company to stop that ahead of time? Which would be better? We know since until recently (with Dimon and NY) that Trump was all alone that most billionaires had mostly taken the “let’s wait” line. There has to be a first, that’s how time-space-reality (that thing they can’t understand) works: someone has to be first. Was it JFK Jr with “George” magazine? Sure, probably. But someone has to be first and they’ll attack that person before the others are mobile. C’est la guerre.

    I can be the sort of reckless historical loudmouth who will say this and also act on it. But that makes me a different personality type than property-acquiring entrepreneurs. One is simply not the other, nor is it a common type. Let’s say there are 30 types, so one would have to be born into a family, then happen to be this type, happen to inherit, plan to overcome inertia, win at overcoming it, and act. Some have of course, but you see the challenge. The Social Engineers know this and capitalize on it.

    The host on Luongos’ podcast pointed out they’re like small-minded rats. If all I have to do is give you a G6 private jet to Epstein Island and you give me your whole country, s—t man, that’s the easiest sale all year! …Or maybe you don’t know what a “country” is worth or what it can do. I’ve got nothing to worry about, since I’ll just shoot you all later anyway. They think they’re a player, the Bill Gates, the Paul Pelosis, but they’re hapless chumps. Two-bit. Strictly small-time.

    “• US House Republicans Plot to Oust McCarthy Amid Looming Shutdown (Sp.)
    That could make the shutdown last much longer.

    God I hope so. There are several layers of – as we noticed even defunding is no control, no bring-to-heel — the only way left is to bring the entire GOVERNMENT to heel: the whole thing. All at once. To heel to what?

    To SPENDING. What do you mean by spending? To the MARKET. The market is roughly speaking the whole economy, the nation outside of “Government.” How do you do that, what do you mean?

    That’s only the FED. That’s it. And Powell just gate-crashed the deficit with an MRAP by raising rates 500%. The interest-on-debt is Trillions, wiping out even Defense. Happened so fast it hasn’t bit yet. The Shutdown is part of this. If they ‘win’ we merely carry on as a normal country, where we vote on allocating spending that matters, and paying for it. If not, the Government goes rogue and kills the whole rest of the nation and probably the planet like a Stage IV cancer.

    Again, who is the Fed? NY. NY Banks. Wall Street. THEY are trying to bring D.C. to heel, or like Trump, die trying as they’ll only be disbanded and cease to exist anyway, just like the White Bolsheviks. Summary disbanding of Trump only double-proves this to any muppets who didn’t get the message.

    Most of the Mafia power-flows run through government. Yes Ukraine is a main money-flow, money laundering, but they’re nothing compared to the home office of D.C., who can also arrest and disband anyone they want to, and have, and do regularly. Defund them. Defund the whole thing, coast to coast. Vinny and Guido don’t go out breaking kneecaps because you told them to take a holiday on the Jersey Shore. How is the EPA going to shakedown Exxon, or the SEC collect vig, the “fine” from Morgan Stanley if they’re on holiday?

    And to some extent you halt funding for Davos’ Ukraine war, or put it on hiatus, and one of these two teams is under time pressure.

    What are we looking at? Someone assassinated FTX on ELECTION NIGHT. The DNC core money conduit. Who has this kind of power? Someone rushed money IN to FTX, then yanked it out, on a target date, and nobody dared point a single finger at them. FTX was not defended and died. WHO has that power? ‘Cause it ain’t the DNC, and in general, the DNC is the whole Federal Government right now. The DNC then did nothing but took it like a sap? Not a peep? WHO has that kind of power?

    “Efforts to condemn actor Russell Brand and silence him based on unproven rape allegations”

    They’re not “Allegations” since they don’t exist. Nobody legally filed anything. So they are “unproven” rape…rumors? Somebody-heard-that-somebody-heard….something? Doesn’t really have the same punch does it? That’s why they’re the Name-Stealers and always attack not you, but language itself. Meanings, definitions themself. The truth is their only enemy. They have no army. Give things their correct name and they all go away powerless. Stop humoring lies in your own mind. Stop being nice. They are psychopaths, this is the weakness they exploit, human emotion.

    “In two days, German and Ukrainian nationalists killed more than 30 thousand people.”

    Life comes at you fast. Faster than you can respond. Anyone think two years ago the school nurse would amputate your children? This is one of the things they count on. As the herd, the thing has to – happen – first. only THEN it’s real. To the predator, they can always act with the initiative, with eternal impunity. So long as you don’t stampede, you will always walk away free and whole. Deeply frustrating to me, but here we are.

    “ Germany-Ukraine Joint Arms Production Venture a Money Laundering Scheme (Sp.)

    Has to be. They’re talking about opening these factories in 2-5 years. No one believes that. Suppose there’s still even a nation, which is vanishingly unlikely, it’s still a sensitive factory in a war zone which can be erased by one missile 365 days of the year.

    “due to the soldiers’ reluctance to carry out combat missions in the face of mounting casualties.”

    What a bunch of sissies, they’ve only lost 9 out of 10 men. Really they need to call on the deep reserves of NY Times reporters who say they’re not trying hard enough.

    “Decimate,” the word we use in English for being annihilated, is ONE out of ten. But, words have no meanings anymore. We are fully post-reality now.

    “China completely aligns with the Global South/global majority, as in “the common interests of all peoples around the world.”

    So…when was the last time China started a war and conquered all their neighbors like a hegemon? Bueller?

    “Can the US Defeat Russia in the Lithium Battery War? (Helmer)

    Always fighting the last war. Lithium is around for +20 years now? And lithium is gong to be the only battery or technology or resource for how long, since these geopolitical positionings are on the 20-50 year timescale? Yeah, you’ll collect all the lithium to discover it’s worthless in 5 years. Just warning.

    Why is that not true of oil? Because oil MAKES energy. Oil IS the energy. Lithium WASTES energy. It uses energy to create. It is merely a carrier, a glorified gas tank. There’s a difference. As in the two things are #Opposites.

    Careful: AntiBiotics means “Kills” biotics. That is, kills everything. So…some idea how to use this wonder drug? Orally, anally? Not much good without that part is it? And if it kills your gut, then what? #Winning?

    Personal note: I was probably sick with Covid this week, for 7 days. Why take a test? Wouldn’t change my behavior or help me in any way. I’d still go to the Urgent care the same if that happened, the same. People take the tests, far as I can tell, to feel they’ve won the Covid lottery. They are very very excited and even elated about it. “Yessssss!!!!” Sympathy lottery. Weaponized emotion.

    Anyway, no vaccine, no shedding as far as I’ve ever been able to tell, yet not being a sickly person, my case runs exactly the same length and severity as all the vaccinated. So that’s disappointing. How am I going to lord it over them as a know it all when I’m no better off than they are? And what was any sacrifice for? Although the abstract stats say differently, for nothing, no difference, far as I can tell in real life, not ever, with anyone. So yes, Covid isn’t dangerous any more than any other bad flu or pneumonia, however, it’s early, good weather and noticeably stronger than previous flus over life.

    I am wary when I’m fed statistics, that are invariably partisan now, and they don’t match up with my visible experience. Again, are we being played to keep ourselves apart? Is the whole “Shedding” thing just a fabrication to mimic the “Dirty unvaxxed” view from the other side?

    Since I’m going to get it anyway and am not a touchy people person, what’s the point? Conclusion: Whatever.


    Depopulation – On the move

    Nazi exodus
    Mediterranean exodus
    African exodus
    Latin American exodus
    Ukrainian exodus
    Niger exodus
    Armenian exodus
    Truth exodus


    Partial/selected/truth to avoid naming nazi sympathizers

    How soldiers with Nazi ties ended up in Canada after WW II

    CBC News: The National
    1.55M subscribers


    The servicemen of the 1st Guards Tank Army who destroyed the Leopard tank resently during a failed Ukronazi battle were awarded a cash certificate.

    Yah Baby, burn Leopard burn.

    They causally discuss blowing up Germanazi Leopard tank and then, wait for it, eyes light up at the thought of smoking an Abrams.

    Very pumped to destroy an Empire of Lies Military Mafia tank

    Big Bonus for the first to bag an Abrams

    Ka-boom, and it’s gone.


    Gen. Milley (ret.): “We don’t take an oath to a country.”

    If that quote is accurate and not taken out of context, what the heck did he take an oath to? His career and pension?


    Sarah Ferguson’s Former Assistant Jenean Chapman Killed: ‘My Heart Breaks for Her Family and Friends’

    Not that heart broken. Fake tears

    Gotta kill the ‘Help’ if they see and hear too much.

    Like Obomber’s cook



    Perhaps this has been posted before; if so, my apologies. In any case, worth a close look, if only to understand the mechanisms of how the end game might play out.

    What is this book about? It is about the taking of collateral, all of it, the end game of this globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle. This is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which is difficult for the mind to encompass. Included are all financial assets, all money on deposit at banks, all stocks and bonds, and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment, land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property. Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will be similarly taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses, which have been financed with debt. If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.
    We are now living within a hybrid war conducted almost entirely by deception, and thus designed to achieve war aims with little energy input. It is a war of conquest directed not against other nation states but against all of humanity.
    Private, closely held control of all central banks, and hence of all money creation, has allowed a very few people to control all political parties, governments, the intelligence agencies and their myriad front organizations, the armed forces, the police, the major corporations, and of course, the media. These very few people are the prime movers. Their plans are executed over decades. Their control is opaque.

    The Great Taking, by David Rogers Webb


    Nazi Hunter Steven Rambam: Trudeau Knew He Applauded a Monster

    Oh Canazida, you harbor vermin



    Terry Crews ‘declares’ run for president in 2024 election as ‘Idiocracy’ character President Camacho


    Just what we’ve all been waiting for- a covert, airborne mmRNA “vaccine”!


    Since the DNC are not having primaries, only a convention to probably nominate a certain dysfunctional ģovernor from totally messed up California.

    RFK Jr. is being shifted by the deep state to run as an independent so he can draw votes away from Trump and provide cover by muddy the waters when the results of the 2024 election are rigged.

    RFK Jr. is a very nasty man. He endorsed Hillary and was neck deep in promoting Russiagate among other things. People need to check out his past history not the current MSM narrative being spun that coviently omits his past behavior as a loyal Democrat.

    I am just waiting to see how they exit Joe!


    The House last night voted to defund (to $1) the salaries of Mayorkas, Lloyd Austin and John Kerry. Did I miss anyone?


    How did Nazis get into Canada? There’s an excellent documentary about that:

    49th Parallel

    Powell-Pressberger propaganda through and through, but well-crafted. The good Nazis joined some kinda Mennonite colony or something. And the indigenous peoples of Canada were still in possession of the national parks!

    Figmund Sreud

    Canada is now learning about its current non-financial Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister – all in one – in the following vid. Mind you, TAE regulars all ready knew most of these: … vid:



    Fetterman the moron slob from PA.

    A cross between Uncle Fester and Lurch the butler from the Addams Family



    Very well said Rototillerman, they have it all but they want more. Vindictivejews wont stop. We either stop them, or we’re dead.


    Progressive ‘Squad’ Democrat reportedly caught on video PULLING FIRE ALARM to delay government shutdown vote,

    Republicans call for his arrest.

    A Shit-turd Demon-rat faking a fire in the Capitol

    Flush him.

    No, on second thought, douse him in gasoline and set him on fire.

    Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) was caught on camera pulling the Cannon fire alarm ahead of this motion to adjourn vote as Dems tried to delay the CR vote, multiple sources tell me,”



    “I luv’s to pull them fire alarm things”



    Nicole Malliotakis Announces Resolution To Expel Jamaal Bowman For Pulling Fire Alarm

    They didn’t pull the fire alarm at January 6th

    This turd actually says he pulled the fire alarm by accident.

    What is he, a junior high nerd?

    How do you ‘accidentally’ pull a bright red, labeled fire alarm switch?

    Figmund Sreud

    Note: This is attempt at repost with [dot] mode in link, … hoping it goes through – all previous attempt failed.

    How soldiers with Nazi ties ended up in Canada after WW II

    Numerous ways, … but here is just example. Yes!
    https://gmpphoto.blogspot [dot] com/2012/05/ernst-leitz-canada-limited.html

    Anyway, … it just happened that my parents resided in Midland, Ontario, Canada from 1968 to 1986, and by coincident, have had their immediate neighbour named Walter Mandrel – see text in above link – and his family. Very good and kind neighbours, I might add. Aside: Walter had two daughters, and the younger one just happened to be my age, and so we went to same high school, same grade and the same class through grade 12 and 13th.

    And so, I know all about all those Germans who resided in Midland at that time. Pretty well every one of them had a military record of serving in Hitler’s military. Pretty well all of them served in WW-II.

    Btw, Midland, at that time (c.1968), had a population of roughly 5,000. About 75+ households were all Germans. Walter’s wife always believed that her younger daughter and me was a perfect match. Post grade 13, I went to the University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Walter’s daughter went to Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. I never saw Walter or any members of his family after that, …

    F.S., … reminiscing, forgive me.



    D Benton Smith

    Turns out the collective Western Empire is basically the Fourth Reich. How did we Nazi that coming?








    A group of far-right members of the Republican Party in the US House of Representatives is seeking to replace House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in order to ensure more conservative legislative decisions amid the risk of a government shutdown in the United States, US news outlet reported, citing people familiar with the endeavor.

    Really? This from a major news outlet? Who is “US news outlet”? Why would “far-right” members want “conservative legislative decisions” when they are supposedly extremists? Sputnik is seriously crap at reporting anything, they simply look lazy, like the article was written by some fat slob on his sofa who was more interested in eating chips and watching daytime TV.

    Veracious Poet

    It’s really amazing to me, how after a millennia of in-your-face, unequivocal evidence, The People still don’t get “IT”.

    Empires rise & fall, diktat spewing despots spread carnage & chaos for an epoch (e.g. death trafficking cartels sanctioned to setup shops from Sea-To-Shining-Sea), yet the core *Problem* (human nature run amok), nor the *Solution* (Natural Rule-of-Law tempered by Spiritual Sanity) are *rarely* presented, nope, the *victims* instead EG0centrically dive into pseudo-intellectual tirades against the symptoms, i.e. da real reality of *their* CULTure 🙄

    I address this post towards “Americans” & ” America”, although TAE is an international gallery, due to the prepotent nature of the U$ofA’s *global status*, which has infected humanity like a super-modified bio-weapon, in the wake of peak EU colonizers 😐

    I don’t know the entire background of TAE’s gallery (what was Dr. D’s doctorate in?), but I was gifted/cursed with the ability to run amongst “American” circles of “society”, far & wide, from top-to-bottom…

    My perception (which began to form in 96′ following exit from the Christian Patriot Movement) has become a increasingly defined *nightmare* ~ Whereas *Humanity* is akin to a tempestuous sea, with most just treading/existing day-to-day, contrasted by the *Rich & Powerful Minority*, saved from the thrashing experience (now once-again a horror), which is *now* appears to be approaching a climax, perhaps an event horizon of catastrophe, within a generation or so…


    *Rich & Powerful Minority*

    *Leaders*, who are either card-carrying members of the *Minority*, or want to be, are busy creating illusions so the *masses* don’t overwhelm & capsize the Good Ship *Rich & Powerful*, which is growing ever more crowded due to the inclusion of thugs, servants & other assorted “contractors” necessary for the *cause* ~ Will the *Minority* survive?

    Then you have the regional control mechanisms (aka Da Gov’t.), which has built mountain-after-mountain of lies, distraction, illusions, graft, pandering et al. to keep the victims happily treading water (super-modified limited-hangouts and/or political prima facie tort, to defer suspicion/guilt away from the *Minority*), throwing scapegoats into the *valley of sin* to distract & appease (Madoff, Trump, FTX ad nauseum), running CONgressional bread & circuses in which to sweep the proverbial dung under the rug…

    All the while, here & there, rebels without a clue wake up, whiff the bull$hit, start becoming wild-eyed & disturbed. Well, at least for a little while longer 😐

    Got solutions?.


    Jamaal Bowman doing his black version of Forrest Gump ‘accidentally’ pulling in a FIRE ALARM to stop a vote on the House Floor to keep the government from shutting down.

    “Miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” – Forrest Gump [Bowman]

    I guess this is how your taught to do it in his district


    Veracious Poet

    Stultus tam stultus est.


    Things that don’t make sense. Bulgaria to staunch the flow of Russian oil even though they don’t have to.

    In multiplication, a negative times a positive gives a negative. A positive time a positive gives a positive. A negative times a negative gives a positive.
    So I wonder: is it true that two “wrongs” don’t make a “right”?


    Remembrance day is next month. It used to celebrate the lives lost in the defeat of the Nazis, and in other wars, but now that the western leaders support the Nazis, will we see Turdeau play both sides? Will he lay a wreath at a memorial to those who died fighting the Nazis or will he lay a turd on the memorial?

    As a Nazi supporter, it will be interesting to see how he squares this circle. My guess is that he will pretend to support both the Nazis and the Allies; do a Soros. Of course we know he is an admirer of the Nazis, just look at his policies.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ aspnaz – As a Nazi supporter, it will be interesting to see how he [Trudeau] squares this circle.

    Well, Trudeau will have a new memorial soon, as a construction of the monument is still underway!

    Memorial to the Victims of Communism – Canada, a Land of Refuge–_Canada,_a_Land_of_Refuge#:~:text=The%20Memorial%20to%20the%20Victims,of%20Memory%22%20has%20been%20installed.

    After all, Nazis died fighting Communism.


    Victims of communism memorial received donations honouring fascists, Nazi collaborators, according to website
    Fundraiser says the list of names to be included on the monument has not been finalized

    Taylor C. Noakes · for CBC News · Posted: Jul 23, 2021 1:00 AM PDT | Last Updated: July 23, 2021

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