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    Victims of communism? Hilarious. What about the victims of colonialism? They could have a monument to themselves, representing the suffering of Canada under the British. Of course, the British empire killed way more people than communism or the Nazis. A monument to those killed by the British Empire would have to be huge, the many tens of millions of names, some say close to 100 million dead. Not a lot of rememberance happening for those poor sods.

    Dr D Rich

    Milley’s, that self-disrespecting fat-ass waistline 50 to 55, oath and duty ARE defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The enlisted oath requires obedience to the (commissioned) officers appointed over them. If you don’t like those facts, then tell your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to pursue a commission. They’ll find very few if any Sikhs, Jews, or Chinese in that pipeline. I wonder why.

    The foundation IS Title X U.S. Code.
    Milley General 4-star betrayed that oath, his duty, the Constitution and his Commander in Chief President Trump on January 6th 2021 as that Ass consorted with Nancy Pelos to undermine and embarrass the President.

    That Ass’s braying during Milley’s change of command is simply the virtue signaling of a coward hoping to curry favor with his (((handlers))) should the proverbial shit hit the fan when he’s brought to justice pnce WW III and Civil War II don’t go as he expects.

    After all, Milley has to contemplate a few Polish Catholics recall the tender mercy another Army General 5-star Ike Eisenhower showed Eddie Slovick, executed by firing squad for being afraid, far less a transgression than General Milley demonstrated on January 6th and allegedly with regard to the Chinese. One man’s cowardice can easily be misconstrued, perhaps, as shrewd political maneuvering that kept West Point’s finest, future Supreme Allied Commander, future 5-star General and future POTUS, one Dwight David Eisenhower out of the meat grinder…World War I.

    Fat challenged Milley evinces an absence of self-discipline in his personal demeanor that makes him unfit to be a commissioned or flag officer. Yet his body habitus appears common among the undisciplined flag rank.
    I kid not.
    Google the following:
    Navy Surgeon General Richard Dick Nelson, Vice Admiral
    Navy Surgeon General Adam Robinson, Vice Admiral
    Vice CNO Michelle Howard, Admiral 4-star
    CNO journalism major Lisa Franchetti, Admiral 4-star

    Call it what you want, Civil War redux, Internecine Conflict, an American Insurgency, but I agree with aspnaz and Celticbiker. My people are losing for the time being.

    Dr D Rich

    Self-made: a definition


    How the US’ richest physician became a self-made billionaire
    Paige Haeffele – Friday, September 22nd, 2023
    Text Size
    The most wealthy physician billionaires on Forbes’ real-time billionaire tracker are varying degrees of self-made. Thomas Frist Jr., MD, the richest self-made physician billionaire in the U.S. — worth $21.1 billion — earned a “self-made” score of seven.

    Forbes scores each of its listed billionaires with a “self-made” score ranging from one to 10, with one through five indicating someone who inherited some or all of his or her fortune; while six through 10 are for those who built their company or established a fortune on his or her own.

    Dr. Frist got a head start from wealthy parents and an affluent background, but is primarily responsible for his own fortune.

    A former Air Force flight surgeon, Dr. Frist founded Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare with his father in 1968. He owns more than 20 percent of the company. Although he does not hold an executive position at HCA, his sons are board members”


    JULY 13, 2022-

    US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his Zionism and the strong ties between the US and Israel in his remarks upon landing in Israel on Wednesday.

    “You need not be a Jew to be Zionist,” he said, repeating past comments to which Prime Minister Yair Lapid referred in his remarks at Ben-Gurion Airport.

    Biden sucks Jew dick, and he’s a pedophile.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is offering his full-throated support for Israel in its conflict with the militant group Hamas, calling the U.S. ally a “responsible state defending itself.”

    Yep, full throated support, McConnel sucks Jew dick.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says “Providing assistance for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans“.

    Zelensky, a Jew, sucks Nazi Dick.

    Trudeau, a faggot, sucks Jew and Nazi Dick.

    Anyone see a theme here?
    What’s up with all the “Leaders” sucking Jew/ Nazi Dick? Why do Jews suck Nazi Cock?

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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