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    St. Maarten seen through the eye of Irma   • Irma Devastates The Caribbean (AlJ) • Trump Sides With Democrats On Debt Limit In Rare Bipartisan De
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    “… extend the U.S. debt limit and provide government funding until Dec. 15…”

    The USA does not have any money. They do not have a surplus.
    There is lots of water. Too much water in the wrong places. More water coming.
    Money being created for damages from Harvey.
    What will they do for Irma and other actual expenses that will occur.

    In Canada, B.C. Had a declared surplus.
    There was an election.
    There are forest fires.
    There is still no water (rain).
    All declared surpluses have been burnt.

    Dr. Diablo

    Odd they should be upset about this, since McConnell and the other McConmen said they absolutely, positively guarantee they’d raise the debt ceiling. So it’s raised, which is what they said, and now they don’t want it raised? Or not if Democrats are involved? Or not if Trump is involved? Or was it pretty much a Congressional ambush on Trump like the Obamacare vote and DJT just avoided it?

    Who knows, who cares. These buffons and make-believe toy generals writing in and erasing more troops on the map, while having no troops on the field, have no effect on the overall reality. A reality dictated by oil supply, geopolitics, and the new lack of cooperation and support from anyone on earth with the United States. However, it does take a while for these septic molds to blossom in the autumn sun.


    I just heard that FEMA will get double, 15B, to take care of the needs from both hurricanes.

    The printing presses are hot.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    “The printing presses are hot.”

    Prices will rise on petroleum, petrochemicals and food for awhile, but on net, I would expect hurricanes like these are deflationary. How many people, do you suppose, without homes and jobs to return to, will keep paying on their mortgages? When a state loses a big chunk of its tax base while being suddenly faced with massive, unexpected expenditures … $15B only buys a couple of fancy get well cards.


    Here in Australia, we are having the best skiing season since 2000. Melbourne and Sydney newspapers are reluctant to point it out. They insist that we had the “warmest winter evah” 🙂

    Fresh spring snow closes roads and schools across Tasmania

    Australian Snow Reports

    Must have something to do with the recent visit of Al Gore.

    Dr. Diablo

    They’re talking $150B in Texas for crop loss alone. Since they’re saying $150-$200B for houses, this will give some idea of how much value is (still) in farming, in one crop of one year. But that’s $300B before we do a final count — rumor has it they haven’t added roads and infrastructure — and lost productivity. Again, calculate the people who will walk away, then look from Miami to Charleston, and multiply accordingly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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