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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar 1942   • The Financialization of the US Economy (WS) • Fed Chair Powell Repeats Vow To Act ‘As Appropriate’ (
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar 1942

    Intriguing study of Dora Mar over the years; this piece strikes me as how we might see her…


    I loved Graebers book Debt but how can he write a whole article on this issue without mentioning Aipac, Friends Of Israel, the Israeli embassy or any of the other Israeli lobby operations reverse weaponizing antisemitism. Watch Al Jazeeras in depth undercover reporting about the Israel Lobby in both America and Britain. Scandalous.


    I inserted a correction since clarification was required.

    “Our obligation is to use our tools to support the economy,

      (for the rich and powerful, not the rif-raf)

    , and that’s what we’ll continue to do,” Powell said at the University of Zurich.


    Okay, this morning my email lists all came back undelivered, over 100 addresses in total, most going back 5-10 years. Since they are sent from Gmail addresses, it’s hard not to link that to Google’s overall harassment of TAE. I am getting real tired of this. You got something to say, say it, but don’t take my money and my readers away hiding behind some no-reply mail account.


    Then, from yesterday, Relentless94111 asked:

    May I ask: why are fat girls on the sidebar of this blog? I’m mystified. What on Earth would convince you to promote fat women as the next thang?

    And all I can say is that Google Ads tailors the ads you see towards your browsing history and behavior. We have zero control over that and don’t promote anything, neither fat girls nor smart phones or slimy lizards. So if you see fat girls, that likely means…


    Also yesterday from J.A. Kosmos:

    What are your thoughts on Trumps connections to Pieter Thiels surveillance empire and his support of Neurobehavioral surveillance technology?

    I wouldn’t formulate this in a Trump sense, it’s CIA/FBI. Whoever’s president, they do their thing. The options for surveillance are just starting to be unveiled, and we’ll have a whole new world coming that most of us will not like. And Thiel is an obvious creep, who’s going to get even richer off of this, but he didn’t invent it.

    We need laws that prevent them from spying on our every moment, but I don’t think we’re going to get them. There’s too much money and power involved,

    Thiel and Musk and Zuckerberg and Brin are spy agency’s -soaking- wet dreams. We better get used to that. Look at the Hong Kong protesters tearing down the face recognition phone poles; they understand, way ahead of us.



    Ali and Jerry Lewis is a must. Note that Jerry saw real early that Ali was a “showman”, and that that was going to take him far. It’s a delight to watch I find. 1963. Way before he became Ali. So much respect, and humor.


    And of course there’s Billy Crystal at Ali’s funeral, but i think I posted that before:

    Dr. D

    25% and more than half is financial rigging and kiting. 17% and the price structure is at least twice as high as is healthy. So that’s 25% of U.S. GDP that’s fake right there. I’d wager a bunch more is false in insurance derivatives, bubble home prices, and government mandated monkey-shines, so count on a solid 33% of GDP being complete garbage. Then add the fake inflation number, overestimated by half, and you have some idea how important the U.S. is anymore. More than Canada, perhaps, but a lot closer to Italy and behind China. That’s what Cheeto is trying to fix, but not only is everyone stopping any attempt at diet and health, but he needs 25+ years to turn the dial. …But we could always surrender. I hear that’s in fashion these days. Any time, to any body, for any reason.

    Note that if we have 30% less GDP, our debt:GDP ratio is 30% worse. And since our debt is perhaps twice what is public, it may be 230%

    “Fed Chair Powell Repeats Vow To Act ‘As Appropriate’ (R.)”

    I’ll say it ‘cause it’s always funny, “The A-hole at the J-hole”, 2019 edition. “As appropriate” clearly means the Fed picks the President, not the people, and has a mandate over everything, every body, every decision, every thought and every action. He didn’t release anything countering Dudley, so I have to assume he agrees.

    However that brings to mind Jackson’s 1828 slogan, “A bank and no Jackson, or Jackson and no bank.” The bank did indeed come out in a public newspaper and declare he would bring the president to heel. He did indeed crash and crush the economy for two years. However, we see how that turned out: they people hated their everloving guts, and would rather die than obey such feckless, idiotic, ineffectual, stuffed-shirt, coastal tyrants. But hey: we’ll see! Everyone likes slavery now: they buy Apple, Nike, and support wars in Libya.

    “A Trump Brexit Threatens (Wight)”

    This gentleman is quite a bit over the top. Britain can do whatever it wants, even boycott the United States, although there will be consequences. 50 years of terrible decisions, hollowing out every aspect, every business, every convention, all wealth and all hard work and self reliance will do that. But that’s not Trump or Pence’s fault. It’s not even Boris, May’s, or Thatcher’s fault. There hasn’t been a man born there in 50 years that would work to put it on the right path, and no different than America or Europe. Be yourself. Do what you must. Live for what YOU most value and are willing to sacrifice for, for these are the times that try men’s souls. Wight seems to vote surrender and is looking for a slave master if not Europe than must be in the ‘States. Don’t be a slave at all, sir. Be a man.

    …But you can’t have this disaster capitalism without Socialism, because you cannot possibly create adequate distortions without government force. That’s not against Socialism if you want it, but pointing that such disasters he blames on Capitalism, aren’t.

    “CIA, Mossad, “the Epstein Network” and an Orwellian Nightmare (Whitney Webb)”

    Isn’t it amazing Joe Schmo from Kokomo like me knew all this decades ago and top reporters only now suddenly discover it? Golly, wot a shock! It’s almost like they weren’t doing their jobs and were being told to shut up, or their cars mysteriously ran into trees, had strange heart attacks at 30, or were shot by muggers who didn’t take anything, while I commented on that too. Yawn. Call me when someone’s arrested.

    Since Epstein was Mossad, then he is channeling funds to MIT projects Mossad wants, from a group of people Mossad helped build. Am I wrong? He’s a busy guy, raping three teens a day, so it had to have been pretty important to him to bother.

    “For The First Time In My Life, I’m Frightened To Be Jewish (David Graeber) “

    Stop reading the news. It’s almost completely fake, and it’s making you crazy. Obviously there are not significantly more racists or Semites than 2-4 years ago, people don’t change that fast. But media and editors do. They drop one story proven to be hilariously, overwhelmingly fake and pick up another fake push in a single staff meeting. ‘Lookin’ at you, New York Times.


    For The First Time In My Life, I’m Frightened To Be Jewish (David Graeber)

    Well, then Mr. Graeber, don’t insult our intelligence with this pity-the-poor-Jew hasbara and tell the prominent Zioglobalists and their ilk to clean up their act. They won’t; they care as much about decent ordinary Jews and their welfare as the .01% care about the deplorables. They care not that the anger they legitimately provoke is eventually focused upon people who cannot escape living in the real world.


    That was supposed to be directed to dr. D. Really enjoy his posts, witty and eloquent but sometimes it seems as though he thinks Trump is interested in protecting old fashioned American freedoms and I just dont get that part of his reasoning. Appreciate your answer Raul! Well put. But I think Trump in his Law and Order naivete will enable this development in surveilence technique even more than other presidents. But we’ll see. I respect both of your opinions of course and appreciate your levelled stance and dr. Ds more optimistic stance on Trump.


    Are you rich? Have you got the power of hiring and of firing people?
    Blue collar workers are not and have not created our social/economic situation.
    We only built it.

    The rif-raf, the flunkies, the worthless, the poor, the downtrodded, the dispicables all helped in building the society that you commanded to be build.( with their sweat tears and pain.)

    Look in the mirror.
    We built that mirror. We built that house and that bathroom that you enjoy.

    Drive by those homeless camps and say “Thank You”. Thank your good fortune that you are not camped among them.

    Ohh! I heard that some really smart people are obliged to live in trailers in California

    Geee! The problem is getting closer and closer to me all the time.

    V. Arnold


    You made my day with those two vids; Ali and Crystal…
    Just stunners, both, thank you…

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