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    @phoenix: the vaccinated people shed *something* … probably spike proteins.

    I don’t think most people are claiming the vaccinated shed the virus itself – that counter argument is a manipulation tactic used by those who don’t want to look at a very real possibility. They twist around what is justifiable concern over shedding spike proteins and say “can’t shed virus, it’s not in the vaccine.”

    No sh*t, Sherlock. That’s not what we said, is it?

    Two times now when I’ve been in close proximity for a length of time – hours (with my adult son) following his vaccinations, I got sick with odd symptoms and also had resurfacing of a couple health issues I hadn’t experienced in years. At first I dismissed it as coincidence. But then I realized the health issues I was experiencing were in keeping with the adverse events following vaccination reported in VAERS.

    They’re shedding. Not sure how much, how soon, for how long, exactly what it is … but they are. Probably varies between people, proximity, how soon after vaccination, etc.

    I also think that being in close proximity for brief periods with someone who has been recently vaccinated – even having a conversation in a shop – can provoke mild symptoms in the unvaccinated. (here’s a question … what about the cropping up of symptoms in someone who was vaccinated 7 months ago that’s exposed to the newly vaccinated??)

    If you’d asked me 8 months ago about this, I’d have said no way. That’s ridiculous.

    Now? I’d say yes. They. Are. Shedding. Something.


    The Big Picture is that those who control the fraudulent, zero-sum game debt-based money systems are playing “Last Bloodline Standing,” and they are doing so with a very particular ideology.
    What is that ideology? They believe they were CHOSEN by SOURCE, the author of the Bible they want to believe, to FINANCE Biblical prophecy upon the masses! As God’s faithful, prophecy financing clan, they plan on being crowned the Messianic Bloodline! Are they right? They run the world, right, and most can’t even admit it! Obviously they are more “fit” than us!
    Read Daniel 2:43 — they financed toxic metallic iron filings into the food supply in 1941, and under the cover of bombs dropping on England. Notice the effect of this toxic inorganic iron overload in humanity — they will lose the ability to “cleave” the Biblical word to describe the Biblical model of a perfect marriage — care, love, empathy, intimacy, trust….
    Poof — rusted away with the rusting of your nervous system and higher levels of your brain function.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT “shedding”: Several of us over at JMG’s Dreamwidth blog are of the mindset that these unfortunate effects the unvaxxed get from the vaxxed are because of the effect of the vaccine on something called “the etheric body”. Some people call the etheric body your “aura”. When we’re in close proximity to one another, our auras mingle. If someone has something very messed up happening in their physical body, it can affect their aura. If the effect is intense enough, it can affect the auras of other people when this co-mingling occurs for an extended period of time.


    Oops, I spelled “persuasion” incorrectly in my poor above. Funny how spell-check doesn’t catch the words that really are misspelled and flags the ones that aren’t.

    : “teri, I started reading that and can’t tell it from Babylon Bee. Too many people catching is just more testing.”

    Yes, there is that. But how on god’s green earth can Fauci keep altering what he says is the goal without people noticing? Herd immunity is herd immunity, whether it comes from the magical, mysterious vaccines (snort) or from catching the disease. He kept saying we needed herd immunity. Now he demands immunity only via vaccines. What’s that? A better form of immunity? Clearly he is panicked because if the damn vaccines worked, there wouldn’t be so many people getting covid right now. It’s becoming a tad obvious that they do not want any unvaccinated as a control group, in case this uptick in positivity is ADE or OAS [original antigenic sin].

    @polder dweller:
    “Read the Vanden Bossche piece I posted above and you will understand a lot better why the existing vaccines will never bring us herd immunity and are only exacerbating the problem. Early treatment is far and away the best way forward and the best way to achieve HI.”

    I knew that without reading the latest vanden Bossche. He’s a bit over the top for my taste, but the same things are being said by so many other doctors and virologists that one can find similar conclusions all over the place now, should one simply look. The problems with the current vaccines vis a vis herd immunity was kind of my point when I mentioned Fauci and his foggy blather.

    : “Some may enjoy this as well, a good take from Nina Power.”

    Excellent essay. Thank you for the link.

    Mister Roboto

    @teri: According to Fauci, there is no natural immunity from Covid {/eye-roll}. So some people at JMG’s recent Covid thread are saying that Biden said in his speech that he will mandate that companies with more than 100 employees force their employees to get the jab as a condition for being employed by these companies. I’m going to go read some news reports and see if this is actually the case.


    “Someone will do something stupid, and when they do, things will turn nasty.”

    This just happened and federal officers are already coming out against it.

    Cause and effect. We may have seen reason for the effect today with Biden’s speech, but we shall see what the effect is going forward.

    Mister Roboto

    Sure enough.

    The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated.

    Biden will have OSHA make a rule requiring employees of companies to be tested. Companies will have to pay for the testing, but they can pass the cost on to employees.

    Well, will the act of this little drama be Civil War 2.0? I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

    Mister Roboto

    “….will the next act of this little drama….” I meant to say. (Sometimes I really wish we had an editing function that actually worked.)

    Mr. House

    if only it was all a conspiracy theory, wouldn’t that be nice. So hard to wake up from this nightmare. sigh

    What more do you need to see? I’m not repeating sloppy joe, i’m asking you people? Funny a few of us said from the getgo this would be the result.

    Mister Roboto

    What more do you need to see? I’m not repeating sloppy joe, i’m asking you people? Funny a few of us said from the getgo this would be the result.

    I know Kevin Flaherty at said at the very beginning back in March 2020 that it would come to this. At the time, I probably just didn’t want to believe him. Come to think of it, I still don’t!

    Veracious Poet

    What more is there to wait for? What more to do you need to see? We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us. ~ El Presidente Xiden Sept. 10th, 2021


    Hard to see how all this holds together when Xiden just declared war on 80 million Americans, many of them young, but we shall see.

    Mister Roboto

    One thing I wonder about these mandates (both existing and future): If the only vaccines available in the USA right now are the ones still under Emergency Use Authorization, isn’t compelling anyone to get the jab illegal, as one supposedly has the right of refusal to get jabbed? I’m sure the Devil is in the details with that.


    Tessa shows the CDC redefinition of Vaccine and interview Malone.


    John (Day),
    Spot on. My physician cousin is going though the same agony as you…waiting for the axe to drop after decades of service. My thoughts are with you both, not that that will put rice in your bowl.

    And thanks for the common-sense thoughts on Ivermectin as a possible solution. My own GP told me that taken prophylactically it will damage your liver. Badly. But here i sit drinking a beer, contemplating liver damage.

    Herr Warner, totally agree! I don’t live in a black & white world, so i really trust that data which speaks to the complexity of our existence. And that data is often gray…certainly not monolitjic in one direction. Censorship to erase any gray really rubs me wrong, and gets my “Spidey-senses” tingling.

    Dr. D, really have come to appreciate your treatises – thank you. Like all else i read, i hold it out there as a possibility and continue reading if the right-wrong edges over 50%. But as i tell friends who complain i strive to see the “30,000 foot view”, it sure helps one avoid making big, bad decisions when you see more of the chessboard.

    I often wonder how Nicole is doing (having been a reader since The Oil Drum). My thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Wow, we tjought this world was interesting before…I fear its going to get REAL interesting in the next 6 to 12 months.

    Ilargi, thank you. Because of your writings, myself and tjose close to me are happier, and positioned better (close to the earth!).

    those darned kids

    mr. biden just turned this up to ice-seven..


    Regarding iron. Once upon a time, I cleared up a serious ecoli infection using apolactoferrin. Doc thought I was nuts and actually called me the next few days to see how I was doing and encouraged me to go the ER. I told him that he blew his credibility when he tried to put me on antibiotics, which is typically not indicated for that type of infection. Lactoferrin can sequester iron and make it unavailable to certain types of bacteria. I took quite a bit and It cleared it in 48 hours and everything went back to normal.

    I remember germ had posted a protocol that recommended lactoferrin. Didn’t give it much thought as covid is a virus and thought to be more for any bacterial infections that could arise.

    Today’s iron article peaked my interest into the merit of using lactoferrin as an antiviral and I came across this statement.

    “Apolactoferrin is a synthetic form of lactoferrin, and has low to no iron (0-12%), and is not generally helpful for persons with low iron levels. … If you are trying NOT raise your iron levels, apolactoferrin is what you want. Only apolactoferrin works against viruses but both work against bacteria.”

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

    Mr. House

    Non compliance and non violent are still the way to go. After all that has gone on the past two years, you can’t tell me from actions and words, that the “left” isn’t trying to pick a fight. Why do they keep antagonizing and trying to get people to go crazy? Perhaps that would give them what i think they’ve wanted from the beginning, the opportunity to declare martial law.

    Veracious Poet

    “I‘m supposed to stop and walk out of the room here.” – @POTUS
    — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 8, 2021

    absolute galore

    My TAE summary for 9/9/2021 (with apologies to @therealtaesummary ) Fuck you, “Joe Biden.”

    absolute galore

    boiling frog wrote: My own GP told me that taken prophylactically it [Ivermectin] will damage your liver. Badly.
    Your doctor was almost correct. It actually causes ABS (acute braying syndrome) Initial symptoms include low whinnying and a craving for apples and carrots. Treatment includes a brisk trot around the block and a good long piss. Liver should be fine unless you wash each dose down with a bottle of Johnny Walker Red for the next decade or two.

    Ivermectin – LiverTox – NCBI Bookshelf › books › NBK548921
    Apr 9, 2021 —
    Can you take ivermectin if you have liver problems?
    Ivermectin is usually well tolerated and the liver injury reported with its use has been mild and self-limited in course. Ivermectin has not been associated with acute liver failure or chronic liver injury.Apr 9, 2021

    John Day

    Thanks all for the kind words. I can call-in and speak to a pharmacist and give my fli-phone number as a call-back number, but only for friends and family, when it comes to ivermectin. Ivermectin is not bad for your liver, by the way. Tylenol is, if you take too much.
    Anyway, it has been a long 2 days, and I think something collapsy is coming soon, but the date is not yet announced.
    Deteriorata” is from Radio Dinner (Not TV dinner) by National Lampoon, which my cousins in Colorado played for me when I was 15.

    Mister Roboto

    Good one @chooch

    We see what we look at. The majority on TAE spend massive amounts of mental energy looking at what is wrong. Why it is wrong. Looking for a remedy. I myself included.

    Just related to the SARS Cov-2 dilemma why are *we* not looking at the vast majority who have not and do not get sick? Who did not get sick for the 9-10 months before the vaccine rollout? What do they have, are doing….. what is the difference?

    There is another side to every other area(?) where things are ‘wrong’…… finance, education, food production and distribution on and on.

    I have been all over the western US in the last 18 months. My sense is that people are good, the vast majority healthy and active, open and intelligent , regardless of political affiliation.

    We see what we look at.

    Mister Roboto

    From the Schachtel article:

    The Biden Administration is losing its unwinnable “War on COVID,” and as its ratings go down in flames, it has backed itself into a corner. Instead of being honest about their failures with the American people, Biden officials are choosing to triple and quadruple down on these broken policy measures. They’re purposely pitting Americans against each other, and labeling the “unvaccinated” as the ultimate scapegoat for their failures.

    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    The hurricane should mostly pass to the east of my location. My hometown was the setting for Farley Mowat’s nonfiction book “A Whale for the Killing “


    Absolute galore:

    In 1983 I flew 2 cases of Johnny Walker Red (along with 40 cases of good Danish/Dutch/German beer) from Moscow to Siberia! Since there were no horses there, sadly we had to drink it all ourselves!

    The Russian airplane crew in Moscow refused to put the booze in the airplane cargo because it would freeze! They wisely insisted that this rather important cargo (they should know!) had to be put in the isle of the narrow bodied plane. That meant nobody could get out of their seats for the duration of the l0ong flight!

    I can only imagine what these Russians were thinking! Bloody alcoholic! Drinks more than we do! But drinks only the best stuff!

    Let me tell you I received a first class reception by upon landing! When told there was booze still on board the airplane they all madly rushed into the airplane coming out and claiming whatever booty they could carry! You know in rare situations like this, procession is 9/10s of the law!

    I never had any trouble getting my $20 bucks per case of beer!

    I hid one case under my bed. Many weeks later when all of the beer was gone, the guys were bemoaning this very sad event, I said “Oh by the way I still had a case hidden under my bed!” Let me tell you the desperate made a mad dash into my bedroom and hauled it back to drink in great happiness that the dreaded dry season was delayed by one more day!

    P.S. The Johnny Walker Red was reserved for one Englishman who preferred the hard stuff and was a raging alcoholic!


    Michael Reid:

    Glad himicane Larry doesn’t hit you. Those high winds could easily flatten your garden!


    Officials are aiming to begin distributing coronavirus vaccine booster shots

    Did my Govt just tell me they are aiming at me and will begin shooting?

    Did Bidet just declare war on US citizens? Did he just threaten the US population?

    Bidet threatened to fire and starve and punish Americans for not doing what they are told and getting vaxd?

    … never underestimate the Will of a just cause in the face of Tyranny. 9/9 it’s on now.


    << “Mandates Promote Freedom!”>>

    The uneasy feeling when lived life is trying to out-Orwell George Orwell.
    Positively Orwellian.

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