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    Oroboros thanks for the graphene oxide link. Looks like it is becoming part of the official narrative by stealth. Oh yes of course we use it but we had to deny it because it was a secret ingredient. Next the parasite which really gives me the creeps. Of course we include parasites in injections after all leeches have long been used in medicine. And people will take time off and stand in queues for it.


    Mister Roboto:

    I used to work for a mining equipment manufacturer, BE now Cat, and I can say Milwaukee is very similar to Toronto, especially weather wise. While not based there year round, I did visit headquarters frequently, so spent many months in Milwaukee and loved it.


    Michael Reid:

    I see himicane Larry is going to hit the southern half of Newfoundland Friday. Hope you escape any bad stuff as it brushes by.


    Does anyone else have the sense that given the “default” word has been introduced out in the open by TPTB the actual default isn’t far behind? One, from the events that Dr. D noted, and two, they unleashed north of $6 trillion in deficit spending for 2020 (though actual could be higher or lower), but need to wait for everyone to be jabbed and we critical thinkers are holding up the announcement? That would mean there’s a new “shutdown” coming to blame the financial crash on COVID.


    “I think I can safely say that we have TEOTWAWKI.”

    I’d actually feel fine if I could leave Florida and find a nice farm to work on where my paternal side lives.

    Mister Roboto

    I used to work for a mining equipment manufacturer, BE now Cat, and I can say Milwaukee is very similar to Toronto

    Well, I’m essentially giving away exactly where I live, but their HQ is just down the road a few blocks from me. I live on the street just past the Dairy Queen (which isn’t a DQ now anymore) near there.

    Mr. House

    No they’ve used the word default before. All a part of the theater. Does anybody remember when US debt was downgraded way back in 2011? .Gov ended up going after the firm, believe it was a french firm.

    Mr. House

    “That would mean there’s a new “shutdown” coming to blame the financial crash on COVID.”

    You mean like they did with the last crash back in feb of 2020? 😉

    Mr. House

    I do remember the credit downgrade, but even then they only spoke about the threat of default and not actually letting it default or “on track to default”.

    Just have this feeling we’re onto the next stage of their attempt at the “Great Reset” since the repo market bazooka, along with the last crash in 2020 meant they were running out of schemes to kick the can down the road any farther. But if our overlords are anything they certainly are creative and lots of gullibles would still go along with the next leg down. That said, they really don’t have many tools left to avoid an outcome that isn’t worst case scenario.

    Mr. House

    “When you think about it, the parallels between the Health bureaucrats’ insistence on the safety of Covid19 “vaccines”, and the bromides being issued by those in charge of the US economy, are striking. Or suspicious, depending on your outlook.”

    Ive also had similar thoughts. QE and the jabs are the same. They don’t fix the problem, but you gotta do em FOREVA!!!!

    “Vaccines high in safety, debts low in risk”. Allegedly.


    “ about 950,000 people are getting vaccinated each day, according to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

    Of course…but that doesn’t mean that the vaccine recipients are receiving the 1st dose. Approved or not, many are already receiving the third dose. I already know one recipient of the third dose, (she says her doctor’s office was full of folks there for shot #3, doc was handing out both Pfizer and Moderna jabs, on demand.). Most of those whom I know that took two doses are now making plans for the third.


    Symptoms from infection of Covid spike proteins shed by the vaccinated..

    Wait. I had a very mild headache that did not respond well to Advil or Tylenol for three days over the weekend. I seldom get headaches, and usually they respond to either Advil or Tylenol. It was odd. I wasn’t particularly stressed and I had no other symptoms of being unwell. I spent about 3 hours Friday morning with someone who had received her third Moderna jab a couple days prior. I probably breathed in a lot of spike protein. Maybe THAT was the cause of the headache??

    Polder Dweller

    Good chance that Vanden Bossche’s latest will be in tomorrow’s Debt Rattle. He is as gloomy as ever since the pandemic is progressing very much as he thought it would, with breakthrough infections set to continue to accelerate. According to GVB, those of us who are still unvaccinated are doing a great service to humanity, which is not to say that we have nothing to fear.

    “As an independent expert, I have come to the conclusion that if stakeholders override the emergency brake, it is better to concentrate on solutions for when the crash takes place. The wake-up shock is unlikely to occur before the percentage of Covid-19 disease and death in vaccinees largely exceeds that observed in the unvaccinated group in at least several of the ‘model’ countries (let’s hope that by then we will still have an unvaccinated control group). “


    CDC is buying Google ad space to debunk vaccine shedding:

    COVID-19 & Vaccine Shedding – Get Your Questions Answered
    Individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine cannot shed the vaccine components. None of the U.S. authorized vaccines contain a live virus so it is not possible to shed it.
    ‎Debunk Misconceptions · ‎COVID-19 Vaccine Facts · ‎Key Things To Know

    But the claim is not that “vaccine components” are being shed, the claim is that the spike proteins created by the body are being shed. We know that they are in the blood…it makes sense that they’d be elsewhere in the body as well.


    Please Miss the powers that be said ‘ default’ and also ‘New World Order.’


    Well, given our betters are acting like the Golgafrincham PMC in Douglas Adams, “The End of the Universe” portion of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that guess is as good as any.

    Under the heading “Too Dumb to Live”:

    “The Golgafrinchams colonizers are all defined by having skills pointless to society and just being generally dumb and crazy. They were all easily tricked by the rest of their race into evacuating the planet where they crash-land on prehistoric Earth. From then on they prioritize holding meetings, filming documentaries and basic hammer-to-nail logic to get by; considering how one markets fire over actually building it, deciding what color the wheel should be before they actually invent it, declaring war on an uninhabited continent and making leaves into currency (and burning down the forests to stop inflation when changing the currency would be easier). Curiously, the fact that their descendants would become modern-day Humanity makes their idiocy seems less detrimental to their own survival as it is to everything else, the native neanderthals eventually going extinct.”

    Dr. D

    So the name of the Company defaulting — largest landowner in China — is Evergrande? Sort of like the “EverGiven” that rammed up the butthole of “Evergreen” in the Suez and was towed by the “Barak”? “Evergrande” that is the top candidate of being the Credit Anstalt of 2021?

    Does someone have a sense of humor here? You do know Evergreen is HRC’s name, right?

    I cannot fathom how they think they can hold this together.

    “Do you know what’s going to happen?” “A perfect pattern. …Someone will do something stupid, and when they do, things will turn nasty. And then the Sutler government will do the only thing he knows how to do. And then…” Boom. The dominoes fall. …And the governments. Back to us, the people.

    “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.” — V for Vendetta

    A movie where a fake, made up pandemic is premise for destroying all human rights.


    “…. treating patients who have COVID to the best of my remaining ability.”

    My doc told me not to tell anyone. He is working underground.
    I’m sure that my pharmacist is also cooperating.
    With an RX there are many places willing to do business.
    Maybe there are salesmen that will leave you with samples


    US Congress begins drafting historic $3.5 trillion spending package

    How to pay for the giant raft of measures.

    Just like before
    Pretend the rich will write laws for the rich to pay for the spending for the rifraf.
    Print money for the rich to be able to pay their tax bills.


    A brain-dump for @Wes 😀

    My cousin worked for Bucyrus-Erie! I guess that would have been in the early 80’s, probably his first FT engineering job, definitely Cold-War era. He spent Glorious Time in Soviets Union as well. 😀 He has some interesting stories from then but not as colorful as yours, lol. I have a SU souvenir he brought my parents, a toy with three carved wooden bears on it. You move the base around and a weight swings and around and animates the bears, eating porridge (I guess, vegan bears?) from a bowl. He told me some stories about being in the SU when I was a kid. One was about how the BE equipment was designed to self–assemble at the job site – the pieces go together and you can use the shovel’s power to assemble itself. IF the crew knows what they’re doing. If not, they’d bring two other cranes over and try to put a big shovel together the hard way and futz it up in the process. Great lulz.

    In another job he was there with a Japanese group that was setting up mining operations in Siberia someplace. The Japanese delegation volun-told him he was going to represent them to the Russians. He asked why, since he wasn’t even part of the Japanese company. They told him since he was an American, the Russians had more respect for him than the Japanese. (A surprise during the Cold War!) And that way he could negotiate getting the work done better than the Japanese team could.

    Also on your LED installs – I earnestly think the White LED will go down in history as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. No exaggeration – it provides more light at better efficiency and less of a waste footprint than just about anything else. From whale oil to kerosene to Edison’s incandescent to the CFL – hands down a more pleasing light from less energy and less fuss. That said, white LEDs DO take a non-trivial supply chain (semiconductor technology, solvent-etching, rare minerals.) I hope that humankind can manage to keep making them as we clatter down headfirst the Long Emergency or the Long Descent + Catabolic Collapse with our fearless PMC leaders pushing us along. 😀

    My understanding is that temperature and on-off cycling is what kills LEDs, especially the white LEDs. Basically the temperature swing from on-off generates cracks in the bonding that makes the electrical connections to the chip. Overheating makes atoms migrate causing conduction tunnels that slowly grow and eventually ruin the chip. Not much of a problem in a well-designed light, with a proper ballast and heat-sink. But over-driven LEDs die pretty fast. You can see this in cheap flashlights – where they took a too-small LED and fed it from a too-big battery and it overheated.

    TAE Summary

    What No One Would Have Believed Five Years Ago

    * There will be a virus that spreads around the world
    * It’s origin will be either from a lab where it was genetically engineered or from an animal where it crossed to humans; The true origin will be contested
    * It will mostly kill the old and people with other health problems like diabetes
    * It will also have long term adverse effects for many that contract it
    * A unreliable test for the disease will be used; Anyone testing positive will be counted as a ‘case’ and anyone dying with a positive test will be counted as a death from the virus; Public policy will be driven by the number of cases and deaths
    * Many websites will publish daily statistics of the number of cases and deaths in every state in the US and every country in the world
    * Initially it will be hoped that the virus can be quickly conquered but measures to combat it will continue for a long time
    * Countries will respond by mandating masks, keeping your distance from others, closing businesses and having people stay at home
    * Many things will go online and human to human contact will be greatly diminished
    * Initially it will be believed that the virus is mostly spread by droplets landing on surfaces and washing hands and not touching your face will be stressed
    * Eventually it will be believed that it is mostly spread by aerosols which are finer than droplets and can stay in the air for a long time
    * Mask wearing will be introduced during the droplet phase but will be continued to be stressed even after it is known that aerosols are the main way it is spread
    * The medical system will tell people that contract the disease to stay home and take the things they would take for a cold or flu and to come to the hospital when the think they might die
    * At the hospital they will be treated in a variety of ways; Some will recover but some will be put on ventilators and die
    * The main treatment that will be actively pursued will be vaccines, but instead of the traditional vaccines that use inactivated viruses a new technology will be created that, when injected, will get your own cells to create a small part of the virus and your immune system will create antibodies for just that part of the virus; This small part of the virus will itself be pathogenic but won’t be able to propagate
    * When the novel vaccines are tested they will be claimed to be 90% effective at stopping people from contracting the virus
    * Drug companies who create these novel vaccines will make tens of billions of dollars from them
    * Websters dictionary will redefine ‘vaccine’ to include this new technology
    * These novel vaccines will be quickly authorized for use without full approval; This will be claimed as necessary because the virus is so dangerous to society
    * It will be claimed that the vaccines will eliminate the disease but this will not be the case; Vaccinated people will still be able to contract the virus and spread it to others; It will still be claimed that they lessen the impact of the disease
    * It will also be claimed that natural immunity after recovering from the disease is not as effective as immunity from getting vaccinated
    * The virus will mutate and vaccines will be less effective on the mutated virus
    * Some doctors directly treating patients will claim there are existing medicines that cure or mitigate the disease
    * The medical establishment will not accept any of these, claiming there is insufficient evidence to approve any treatment using existing medicines
    * Some people will use existing medicines improperly causing bad reactions; This will be cited as another reason not to use existing medicines
    * The novel vaccines will have many reported side effects; Little effort will be given to accurate reporting of side effects or to determine if reported side effects are caused by the vaccines or are just coincidental
    * Countries will react in different ways; Countries with resources will attempt to get as many as possible vaccinated; Some will introduce draconian measures including total lock down of the population
    * There will be a large percentage of the population that refuses the novel vaccines for various reasons including possible side effects and unknown long term consequences
    * Governments will go to great lengths to convince people to get vaccinated including offering them perks like million dollar lottery tickets, requiring vaccination for employment and limiting what the unvaccinated can do
    * There will be a movement to punish the unvaccinated and some people will blame them for the mutations and the continuing spread of the virus; Some will suggest that the unvaccinated should not be allowed to associate with the vaccinated and that they should have to pay extra for health care or not receive health care if they contract the virus
    * The news cycle will be dominated by stories about the virus, the vaccines and the unvaccinated
    * People will will wistfully talk about the way things used to be and wonder if it will ever get back to ‘normal’


    New Zealand VAERS so far…

    Suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to vaccines are reported to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). The Ministry of Health (through Medsafe) contracts the collection of this information to CARM, based at the University of Otago in Dunedin. If CARM detects a possible safety problem with any vaccine, they will inform Medsafe and the Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee

    31 July 2021, a total of 22 deaths were reported to CARM after the administration of the Comirnaty vaccine.
    15 of these deaths are unlikely related
    2 deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information
    5 cases are still under investigation

    Total doses administered 1,921,913 (+245,456‬)

    7 August 2021, a total of 26 deaths were reported (+4)
    17 unlikely related
    4 deaths could not be assessed
    5 cases are still under investigation

    Total doses administered 2,188,771 (+266,858‬)

    14 August 2021, a total of 31 deaths (+5)
    17 unlikely related
    4 deaths could not be assessed
    9 cases are still under investigation
    1 death was likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis (awaiting Coroner’s determination)

    Total doses administered 2,483,436 (+294,665)

    21 August 2021, a total of 37 deaths (+6)
    19 unlikely related
    5 deaths could not be assessed
    12 cases are still under investigation
    1 death was likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis

    Total doses administered 2,755,117 (+271,681‬)

    Data to 21 August was published 8 September 2021

    The Adverse Effects reports are delayed by about 18 days.

    Total weekly doses for weeks not yet reported
    28 August 2021: 3,295,124 (+540,007)
    4 Septemb 2021: 3,854,344 (+559,220‬)
    8 Septemb 2021: 4,100,657 (+246,313 week not complete‬)

    Based on the complete 4 weeks of reporting (31 July – 21 August) there is about a 13 in 1,000,000 chance of reporting death post vaccination (1st or 2nd dose)
    Extrapolate that out for the weeks 28 August, 4 Sept, 11 Sept we could see an additional 7 or 8 reported deaths per week based on the cumulative total doses given.

    Looking at mumber of incremental deaths over incremental doses it is a bit more bleak.
    When the doses per week were ~245k to ~270k there were 2 to 6 deaths per week reported. 8 to 22 deaths per million doses.
    With ~540k to ~560k doses currently being adminstered we may see 12 addtional deaths reported per week at rate of 22 per million.



    Fauci today:

    Americans are now getting infected with COVID-19 at 10 times the rate needed to end the pandemic, which will persist until more people get vaccinated, NIAID director Anthony Fauci tells Axios.
    Threat level: “The endgame is to suppress the virus. Right now, we’re still in pandemic mode, because we have 160,000 new infections a day. That’s not even modestly good control … which means it’s a public health threat.”
    “In a country of our size, you can’t be hanging around and having 100,000 infections a day. You’ve got to get well below 10,000 before you start feeling comfortable,” Fauci says.
    Once enough people have been vaccinated, he adds, “you’ll still get some people getting infected, but you’re not going to have it as a public health threat.”
    Between the lines: Despite all of the buzz about the Mu variant, which appears to elude some protective properties of authorized vaccines and prior infections, the Delta variant continues to dominate in the U.S. and around the world.
    The good news: Fauci says this means currently authorized vaccinations are still effective.
    The bad news: Not enough Americans are taking measures against the Delta variant, which has already upped the stakes.
    And, the longer it takes to end this pandemic phase, the bigger the chance we’ll end up with a “monster variant” that not only eludes vaccines but also is dangerously transmissible.

    Now I am really confused. We already know that the vaccines aren’t specific to Delta (they were made for the Alpha variant) and they absolutely won’t handle Mu. Not sure what happened to the seven letters between Delta and Mu; they seem to have done gone missing. But more to the point, I thought that the way you reach “herd immunity” is for more people to be exposed to and presumably catch the Dread Covid and then be immune, adding as well the people who are immune from vaccination (should any such people exist). But now there are too many people catching it. We must have hit Perfected Herd Immunity at some point without realizing it, then breeched the perfect number and gone straight into the Bad Herd Immunity category. Or something.

    Huh. Sounds like we are following the Crystal Blue Persuation method of medicine.


    teri, I started reading that and can’t tell it from Babylon Bee. Too many people catching is just more testing.


    “The status of other drugs, such as sotrovimab, is very different. That is an example of a new drug for the treatment of Covid-19 that has passed through the rigorous testing safety procedures of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    I had to check the graphic from the other day. Sotrovimab had the same 67% improvement as ivermectin. But based on one study versus sixty-three. Can only wonder about the price difference.

    John Day, does a prescription have to be on a form? Can the clinic address and phone number be redacted? Redaction seems to have become increasingly popular.


    I’m still hurt from what I felt to be a betrayal by the impersonator @madamski. But I have continued to read none the less. I find myself too often *only* coming here to confirm my bias. There are some very smart people here…..including @deflationista.

    Day …You are a good man! Fight the good fight my kindred brother.

    I came across this last night: From a cat calling her/himself Krittika ( @lapleiade89) on twitter. A sage insight IMO

    Some may enjoy this as well, a good take from Nina Power

    Ivan Illich called much of what we are experiencing back in the 70’s. A little on the dense side but a good read……. Tools for Conviviality


    This is the final paragraph of the ACLU Op-Ed that was in the NYT:

    “..The real threat to civil liberties comes from states banning vaccine and mask mandates. Even though most Covid-19 vaccine mandates do not infringe civil liberties, several states, including Florida, Iowa, South Carolina and Texas, have banned vaccine mandates or mask mandates — and sometimes both — in the name of freedom. But these bans directly endanger the public health and make more deaths from the disease inevitable. They trample the rights of the most vulnerable, who want to participate in society without putting their health at grave risk.The real threat to civil liberties comes from states banning vaccine and mask mandates. Even though most Covid-19 vaccine mandates do not infringe civil liberties, several states, including Florida, Iowa, South Carolina and Texas, have banned vaccine mandates or mask mandates — and sometimes both — in the name of freedom. But these bans directly endanger the public health and make more deaths from the disease inevitable. They trample the rights of the most vulnerable, who want to participate in society without putting their health at grave risk.

    We care deeply about civil liberties and civil rights for all — which is precisely why we support vaccine mandates.”

    “Mandates Promote Freedom!”

    Polder Dweller


    Read the Vanden Bossche piece I posted above and you will understand a lot better why the existing vaccines will never bring us herd immunity and are only exacerbating the problem. Early treatment is far and away the best way forward and the best way to achieve HI.


    the ‘tests’ for Covid can be manipulated to produce any result you want. The PCR cycles can just be modulated to produce the ‘right’ result.

    Or even just straight out lie about the test results, hell, they’re lying about everything else with complete impunity.

    I imagine in the Totalitarian State of Oz they can ‘quarantine’ you with a fake test just to punish and shut you up at will and keep you in a ‘Covid Re-education Camp’ for as long as they want.

    He who controls the test controls the narrative.

    Arbeit macht frei


    those darned kids

    my new country song, “vaxine”:

    man, dating vaxine is tough,
    she never seems to give enough.
    you’re heart will need hurt immunity,
    as she spreads around your community.
    oh, she’ll shed some tears your way,
    while leaving you needing more today.
    you’ll boost her love until you drop,
    oh, vaxine’s touch, please never stop.

    Veracious Poet

    Mr. House:

    Is what has worried me from the beginning and it didn’t start with covid. But hey you can always OPT OUT of the mass psychosis and totalitarianism!

    My body, my choice! ~ Fine! So which do you choose, the needle, the rope or a bullet in the brain pan?

    We the People are unable/refuse to understand what is at stake,an impossible task to turnaround without Spiritual Enlightenment, the oligarchs Final Solution will continue unabated, indeed it is already unfurling…

    Without rejection of the child EGO & total reliance on the Spirit within the noise will override the signal, and humanity will enter a dark age beyond comprehension.

    As I said earlier:

    Either God is everything, or he is nothing.

    Free will is anything but an option: Either you align your life with the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Universe -OR- You chose an egocentric life, with all the maladies therein.

    Evil is a destination culminating from a gradual succession of lesser choices. Evil never sleeps, and is always open for business.

    What we are experiencing enmasse is a reckoning ~ A reckoning of societal evil.

    Prepare for the worst, western civilization is about to reap the whirlwind…


    Over 85% fully vaccinated people will get covid from less than the 20% of the people than are still unvaccinated people.
    Better yet, get a 3rd shot.
    Get children 12+ vaccinated
    Children Under 12 must be surrounded by the fully vaccinated people

    Don’t worry about the cost we can print money

    The survivors will be those people that are immune.
    ( Will it be the majority or the minority that survived)
    The survivors will be the people dealing with the printing press.


    @oros, comment #86712

    Can’t argue with a single word of that comment.


    Given what our Dear Leader told us just now, I think it is inevitable that we will see a complete shutdown of the supply chain leading to empty grocery stores, no gas at the pump, etc. By Xmas? Sooner?
    Logistics companies cant lose a meaningful amount of workers, and you cant hire the gal at Subway to drive a truck for higher pay.
    Those who drive trucks, work in warehouses, stock shelves are less married to the status quo than folks with white collar jobs and fancy sports cars. They will say F it.


    Given what our Dear Leader told us just now, I think it is inevitable that we will see a complete shutdown of the supply chain leading to empty grocery stores, no gas at the pump, etc. By Xmas? Sooner?
    Logistics companies cant lose a meaningful amount of workers, and you cant hire the gal at Subway to drive a truck for higher pay.
    Those who drive trucks, work in warehouses, stock shelves are less married to the status quo than folks with white collar jobs and fancy sports cars. They will say F it.


    Its a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
    (The blacks, the browns, they will get sick and die. Leaving the whites with a bigger majority).


    Flips bird to Biden


    Psucki and “my body, my choice.” She’s circling back. To where I don’t know.


    Did TAE eat my post on HFCS blocking copper absorption so that iron builds up in adipose tissue?

    Seriously? YT is censoring me to end, I hope TAE is not doing so as well!

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