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    Pablo Picasso The Rooster 1918   • Supreme Court Rules 9-0 That Trump Cannot Be Kicked Off Any State Ballot (PM) • House Dems Implode Over Suprem
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    My Insomnia night post

    You know how to remove space to activate the link)
    SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS: Don’t ignore the most important news

    Live: Special coverage of opening of China’s top legislature’s annual session

    https:/ /
    Highlights: China’s top political advisory body starts annual session

    China’s top political advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, opened its annual session in Beijing on Monday.

    Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders attended the opening meeting of the second session of the 14th CPPCC National Committee, held at the Great Hall of the People.

    At the meeting, the agenda for the session was reviewed and approved.

    Wang Huning, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, delivered a work report of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee to the session.

    On performing duties in 2023

    Over the past year, the CPPCC has strengthened the overall arrangement of field research, streamlined the number of team members, avoided overlapped research, and reduced the burden on the grassroots, said Wang, in a report on the organization’s work to the session.

    The CPPCC received 5,621 proposals last year. Of the 4,791 proposals filed, 99.9 percent were handled, according to Wang.

    Its members participated in 17 inspection groups of the National Committee of the CPPCC a total of 202 times, and participated in 81 thematic research activities over 600 times.

    The CPPCC has revised proposal regulations to improve the quality of proposal submission, review, handling, supervision, and evaluation, Wang said, adding that 1,982 CPPCC members participated in proposal submission in 2023.

    The political advisory body has also formulated and improved the system and mechanism for members to connect with the public, with a total of 6,806 activities conducted by members of the CPPCC National Committee to connect with different social groups, according to Wang.

    Main tasks in 2024

    In the next year, the CPPCC must leverage its role as a specialized consultative body, closely aligning with the major decisions of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, the strategic needs of the nation, and addressing significant practical issues in development, providing counsel and suggestions.

    The CPPCC should implement its consultation plan for 2024 approved by the CPC Central Committee, strengthen the foundational role of specialized committees and the role of CPPCC members, leverage the advantages of different sectors and conduct thorough investigations and research, Wang said.

    It should delve into frontline experiences, understand the desires and demands of the people, identify the difficulties and bottlenecks in policy implementation and enhance the foresight and precision of policy recommendations, he added.

    (With input from Xinhua)

    Highlights of 2024 government work report
    09:05, 05-Mar-2024

    , Updated 15:37, 05-Mar-2024
    Low turnout as conservatives dominate Iran parliamentary election
    The country saw a voter turnout of 41 percent in Friday’s elections for the national legislature and Assembly of Experts, the lowest participation since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, according to results released on Monday.
    • Is Tehran Winning the Middle East? (Juan Cole)

    In truth, not Iran but the U.S. and Israel are the countries that have most strikingly tried to use their power to reshape the region in a Napoleonic manner.
    The disastrous U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, and Israel’s wars on Egypt (1956, 1967), Lebanon (1982-2000, 2006), and Gaza (2008, 2012, 2014, 2024), along with its steady encouragement of large-scale squatting on the Palestinian West Bank, were clearly intended to alter the geopolitics of the region permanently through the use of military force on a massive scale.

    • Supreme Court Rules 9-0 That Trump Cannot Be Kicked Off Any State Ballot (PM)

    • House Dems Implode Over Supreme Court Decision (ZH)

    • ‘Uncommitted’ Voters Unite Against Biden Ahead of Super Tuesday (RT)

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    Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.
    • The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War (Bittner)

    The space for debate has become increasingly narrow, and the authorities are no longer relying on the previous psychological warfare. Rather, the pressure on those who think differently, their patronization and harassment, is increasing dramatically. Anyone who doesn’t step up and stand out must expect the destruction of their existence and worse.

    • Zelensky and the West Have A New Scam – And Taxpayers Will Foot The Bill (RT)

    “Our country will become one of the world’s key producers of weapons and defense systems. And this is no longer just an ambition or a prospect, it is a potential that is already being realized,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in September 2023.

    Much of the weapons-making infrastructure from the Cold War has been decimated, and in a country that ranks near the top of the global corruption index, it probably won’t come as a surprise that the industry itself is rife with “mismanagement.” While it’s clear who’s going to pay, what’s less obvious is who will actually benefit from turning Ukraine into a giant factory showroom for Western weapons. Some Western arms manufacturers have rushed into Ukraine to set up shop, such as Germany’s Rheinmetall, which started operating an armored vehicle plant in the country last year. Guess it’s just good business to be cranking out tanks right on the battlefield where they can be blown up coming off the assembly line. May as well just set fire to that Western taxpayer cash funding this charade the moment that it pops out of the ATM.


    Proof! Cheap Drones sink expensive sitting ducks war ships
    Ukraine war: Russian Black Sea fleet ship sunk in drone attack, Kyiv says

    By Thomas Mackintosh

    Dr. D

    “Hunter Biden Held Previously Undisclosed Meeting With The “F**king Spy Chief Of China”

    We already knew. And watch: no one will care. ‘Cause “Us”. If you’re a “pal” we all understand, if you’re “them” you’re stupid and wrong. That’s the Feelz.

    Via Kunstler: “How many of these places where polite society turns out to be provably insane do we have to see before we stop taking their judgment on anything as significant?” — Bret Weinstein

    Infinity FUBARS, of course! Infinity x Infinity, now “Thank you sir, may I have another?” For I am a coincidence theorist, and 3-5 new coincidences a day is not surprising.

    Continuing his article: “top generals were caught on a leaked recording last week discussing their plan to blow up the Kerch Bridge that connects Crimea to Russia. Do you understand that this would be a direct attack on Russia, an act of War by NATO? And what the obvious consequence would be?”

    No. They don’t. Because Rulz are unthinkable, inconceivable to them, don’t exist, rules, boundaries, order are their sworn enemy, they ALREADY are in Ukraine and ALREADY bombed the Kersh Bridge. UK Provided all the materials and targeting for that AND a top Russian Flagship. “And what the obvious consequence would be?” It would be not so obvious. This is PCR’s lament, and a reasonable one. IF you allow them to keep creeping over the lines like Sauron’s Shadow, then eventually they’re bombing civilian city centers in 1990 Russia proper. Oh. Wait.

    Okay, great. Fine. AND IF YOU DO, THEN WHAT? PCR doesn’t bother with that question, because it’s difficult. So, the first U.S. CEO lands in Kiev, staking out land for the Slavic Taco Bell and you claim “NATO has landed?” Okay, how about the first CIA agent, I mean Western reporter? They’ve been there all along, since 1400. THEN NATO has landed? What if the Polish general staff holds an in-person meeting and goes home? THEN NATO has landed? When? When Ukraine buys a Humvee? — I – can buy a Humvee. And all Europe owns Russian kit, is that considered Russian aggression because Turkey owns an S300, and we should bomb them because Turkey is now “Russia expanding”?

    And I don’t know if other nations do this – probably – but the West is a Mutant Superpower at doing it. Nevertheless, Russia has done this many times and will respond at some point, obviously when they’re way, way over the line. Like when Napoleon sees the roofs of Moscow, only then will they counter-attack.

    And this has happened, past tense. Only BECAUSE Europe has seen Russia at work, now suddenly everyone’s got cold feet and realizes they just left the stove on. It took this long and this savagery to COMMUNICATE through their thick skulls and lies-from-birth in the panopticon media that “Sumthin’ R wrong here.” Europe has already lost the will to fight. Except 20 crazies in the basement. They need this to be universal, and THEN do what they want to. Close, but not quite there.

    Speaking of timing, so Leticia James of NYC is just as illegal, merry spending millions, much of it taxpayer dollars on lavish vacations, etc., hardly ever in the office? But no one knew, could figure that out in the six months BEFORE now, BEFORE the judgment? No. They needed the FULL RUN of Trump to be convinced so that all business in NYC would flee. Or more importantly, put PRESSURE on the Mayor, SAY that are going to do this, and change the political attitude of the City and State. Which being dumber than a box of rocks and with thick necks of lead and fury, incapable of looking, much less turning, is a big ask. NY is the worst state in the union and doesn’t get enough credit because California always takes the Prize. NJ is close as well, having every problem of the others, and nothing to recommend it for living there either, being America’s Hell-hole.

    Anyway, there wasn’t enough support in NY to CARE, to think about “other people’s problems” as a theoretical, outside of money and their own hustle, so they didn’t pull the trigger. Only NOW, when it’s a real actual fact on “Family Office” desks in NYC and worldwide, will they order every millionaire on the planet to take residence in any other location, as a matter of settled law. Since they don’t care, they will say yes, but the monetary implosion will be shocking. And slow. Only THEN do they reveal what absolutely had to be known all along about Ms. James. And toss the case, not in the judiciary, that is in NY which is crooked from Nassau to Ohio, but among PUBLIC SENTIMENT. Ego. The only thing they care about.

    But I am a coincidence theorist, and this is not suspicious at all.

    Biden keeps falling. Yes but that is “Reality” and our sole enemy. You hater.

    Kostintin(?)… He doesn’t add, because he has a lot to do to punch through their impossibly thick skulls of denial already but Russia has 150M people and Britain has 67M. That is, it’s at least twice as bad, say equal to 6,000ppl/year. ONE whole town. 20 years, 20 towns off the map.

    Btw, not to pick on Britain, the U.S. in incarcerates more people than anyone one earth, even China. No, you read that correctly: not more people PER CAPITA, more people absolutely, by a wide margin, Although we have 330M and China has 1,400 Million. That is, we’re like 6x worse than China that “Fascist Dictatorship”? Uh-huh. We are also arguably imprisoning a certain ethnic group, putting them in free-work slave camps, and they’re not the Uighurs. So. Proud.

    USSC case comes down just like I said. It won’t matter though, since Biden and the Democrats (plus 2/3 of Republicans) have demonstrated they just ignore all court rulings at will. No one is arrested.

    “BBC: “Donald Trump

    Alexander says all Europe is having a meltdown over Trump. This is highly amusing on many levels. First, they are running things or they wouldn’t approach the whole issue in this way. So AS they are running things, London can’t understand: We TOLD them they had to hate Trump. We TOLD them they had to love Nikki Hillary. Now why won’t the Americans DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD??? Not only that, they are incredible pin-heads, and lo these 300 years about it. WHY don’t they love Mad King George? Nothing has changed. Nothing’s different here. In fact we’re more on the HMS London than ever in history. You guys just are TERRIBLE at your jobs. So Alex says – LITERALLY – that London, and therefore Europe, all “Decided” that if they put up a “proper” candidate, equal to the waterboy in London who says “England never dun no wrong” (in INDIA) in his speech about Galloway – He stopped all action in Britain to present and attack Galloway BY NAME, which may be unprecedented – that OF COURSE they would pick Hillary 2.0. Because we love Hillary 1.0 so, so, so, so very very much! Much! Much!!! Uh, NO. How about No, with a side of “No”. How about we’d rather burn the Federal government to the ground and scatter its ashes to the winds than vote in Nikki Haley?

    They are Shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!!! It’s only just sinking in. It was SO OBVIOUS to them, that Americans would “Know their betters” Obey any brown person, and DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, that they had no need for a Plan B. Now in Ukraine they’re like, “What happens if Trump actually DOES get in? Where now?”

    I find it incredible to believe, but Alex has been reporting for months on that and their actions confirm. They just can’t understand. Okay, thanks! Wot a relief you’re so INCREDIBLY BAD at this. Makes our life easier and it’s hard enough.

    Anyway, Hillary 2.0 is still in, that means they have to Whack Trump. It’s A Plan. We’ll see if they can pull it.

    CNN: whose ratings are below cat food commercials and still falling: If you wanted a demonstration of how outside reality they are all day, this was the obvious and only possible decision for even a Liberal court. That’s why it was 9-0. Soooooo…what were you smoking for 6 months not to know that? You can do lots of other things, and have. This is not one of them. Besides, w half a Trump, it would go to Congress as determined by the states (that is, an even larger GOP majority) and they would choose RFK. Incapable of thinking ahead, they appear incapable of thinking at all. As they are completely wrong AGAIN it has no effect on their viewership or America at large. They can be wrong ever day for 25 years – and just have – and yet they are the “experts” telling the “Truth”. Like Germany, below “I watch reputable mainstream news all day, and mainstream news says…” You mean they’ve retracted every article for 25 years, including the Pulitzer Prize ones?

    ““The bigger [sic] problem, however, has been Putin’s for quite some time, after one red line after another has been crossed by the NATO countries, without Russia really reacting to it, apart from warnings…But so far, Putin has accepted any military support for Ukraine.”

    As above. And you want him to do what exactly? Nuke NY? Okay, granted. What’s your plan and advice? Russia’s appears to be to CAUSE A COLLAPSE, of Ukraine, > then Europe,> then Banking, > then the U.S. probably as 40% of the Western weight vanishes off the stern gunwale. The BRIICS are seriously harmed but remain standing.

    “• The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War (Bittner)

    I know. You present them with all 100 illegal coups and a list of American wars, they nod, and then a second later it never happened. It’s not in the feelz. It bounces right off. For days, months, years, decades. His description is why propaganda works. It seems to work without limit on some 30% of any population, which for the rest of us is incomprehensible. I mean, aren’t there SOME limits? We all woke up to whatever at some time, it was difficult, integrated it, changed our views. Some earlier, some later. But BIDEN as PRESIDENT levels, with hundreds or thousands of people being killed in the streets, and nothing? Yes. Literally. No effect, no impact.

    For Germany “You are all going to be nuked to ashes, ending all life on earth and nothing?” Yes. Literally. “But Putin…” that’s the end. Given so, what do you expect PUTIN to do to affect your denial? Why’s that his job? Don’t care: thought stops, I guess we’re all nuked and I support it. Literally. This is literally their end-state. Shut up and Nuke me now, Daddy! ‘Cause I am NOT. Changing. My. Mind.

    “• Losing to Russia Shatters Western Leaders’ Belief in Their Exceptionalism (Sp.)

    Nothing can shatter that, because it’s “Reality”, our only enemy. However, they are correct that is the challenge. Unless this shatters, they will end-state happily in worldwide nuclear war. “It’s all a cartoon to them” as Putin said.

    “But in 2019, Von der Leyen was not the Spitzenkandidat of her European People’s Party (EPP) — instead, she was handpicked by EU leaders”

    That is, they only JUST made a new rule yesterday. …Then broke it immediately. Because “rules.” They’re for Thee and not for Me!

    “s article 41.2 of the Treaty of the European Union explicitly prohibits “expenditure arising from operations having military or defence implications”,

    Yes, but that was a rule, so obviously we did the #Opposite.

    In the larger sense, so you have a power, a “government” which follows no rules at all? But “the government” is supposed to protect you? How can a government that follows no rules be rusted with anything, much less your freedom and property?

    “Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!” Man for All Seasons.

    ““Companies that fail to abide by the EU’s rules may face fines of up to 10% of their total worldwide annual turnover, or up to 20% in the event of repeated infringements..”

    We “Just made it up”. In our heads. If that doesn’t do it, we’ll “Make up” that it’s 30%, 50% or whatever we like. Make all the money you want: we’ll steal it!

    The Constitution defines that you can’t do that, but that’s a law and we don’t follow it either. And obviously Europe is way, way worse than that, having no set law at all.

    Livestock dogs. That can’t be right. The Government experts promised that wolves take zero livestock, and that’s why it was no problem to reintroduce them all over the west, but not on Martha’s Vineyard, also a former wolf habitat.

    Surely this video was staged and coyotes and wolves eat carrots or something. I mean, “Experts”, amirite?


    German Defense Ministry uses ‘1234’ as password

    The Deep Dipshit State is dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Cookies “the Literal Whore of Babylon” Nuland undoubtedly uses “password” as her password.

    And let’s not forget Oh Canazida!





    Letitia James Stars in Classic Children Tale!

    Awesomely Awesome!



    Ritual Humiliation Normalized

    Mental illness is now fashionable



    Deploring the SCOTUS decision, Jena Griswold (Colorado Sec of State, on msnbc via CSPAN): “So ultimately it will be up to the American voters in November [to save our democracy]”.
    She seems to think this is a terrible thing.

    John Day

    Leopard and fawn

    Perhaps there is not so much incongruity in fondness for my flock of hens while I continue to eat cooked chicken….

    D Benton Smith

    Don’t expect Nikki Haley to go away. She’s in this thing to the bitter end because she is totally the creature of the Republican Party wing of the Military Industrial Complex (Warmongers-Is-Us) and that extremely powerful little club is 100% set against Trump getting his hands on the Imperial-purse-strings.

    If that were to happen then the bountiful largess of the Western Empire of Blood and Lies would flow in the direction that Trump’s team prefers (traditional smoke-stack-Capitalism-Industrial-style-crime) and NOT in the direction preferred by the Team currently in charge of the debacle (Woke Wacko Satanic Death Cult AI Mind Control Style Crime).

    Expect the Never-Trumper Republicans and pseudo conservatives to pull a Clinton style “Bernie Sanders” against Trump in the final hours of the nomination process. It probably won’t work, but it is nevertheless a serious threat and should not be dismissed. Cheating elections has become a highly refined art recently (practice makes perfect) and the anti-Trump rhinos have no other choice. Cheating (or literal assassination) is the only option still open to them, so they SHALL use it.

    It is only a battle. It is not the war. Trump winning is a necessary victory within a much much broader conflict, and as such it should be viewed with that perspective. It is a big and important battle, and provides significant advantages, true, BUT Trump is NOT your friend. Like every other big shot that I have ever encountered, he is just using us by lying to us, and the lie is a very very big one (which statement must qualify as one of the wildest understatements of the epoch.)

    The lie is that the world wide Kabuki Theater called “government” provides any opportunity whatsoever for human freedom and advancement. The truth is that it does not. It is (and has been for many thousands of years) a completely locked-in and locked down hierarchically organized criminal syndicate designed for human enslavement, and it is still in charge.

    Only the truth can untangle and break the overwhelming magnitude and complexity of those arrangements. Another way of saying it is that only God can save us now.


    What! Another CIA story from NYT.
    How the CIA “Nurtures” Zelensky’s Ukraine

    04.03.2024 Author: Phil Butler
    How the CIA “Nurtures” Zelensky’s Ukraine

    According to the reporters, Ukraine soldiers are being coddled, hugged, urged forward, and protected not by the billions of dollars and euros America and the EU are providing in weapons and bribes but by the Central Intelligence Agency. Yes, the mother of all lying, cheating, and killing organisations has set up camp in bunkers across the Russian front in Ukraine. As the NYT’s story reveals, Mommy Dearest in Langley has built a “network of secret spy bases along the Russian border” since 2014 (Operation Goldfish). Or, in other words, everything we alternative media analysts have been saying all along is out in the open.

    The interesting thing for me (and I hope some of you) is that Russia’s Vladimir Putin alluded to the CIA and a “deep state” running U.S. presidents in his interview with Tucker Carlson some days ago. I won’t elaborate here, but Putin gave examples of American chief executives changing course after consultation with “whoever” it is standing behind the curtain. The Wizard of Oz comes to mind for a plethora of reasons. Returning to the referenced story, it also gave us this:

    “Since 2016, the CIA began training an elite Ukrainian commando force — known as Unit 2245 — which captured Russian drones and communications gear so that CIA technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow’s encryption systems.”

    Read the remainder ….


    Dr D

    • The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War (Bittner)

    Published by Paul Craig Roberts:

    The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War

    Original article in German:

    Deutschland vor dem drohenden Krieg – ein Trauerspiel

    Palestinian Canadians sue Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, alleging Canada’s military exports to Israel are illegal
    The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights, joined by a Palestinian non-governmental organization called the Al-Haq-Law in the Service of Man, and a number of Palestinians living in Canada.

    Tonda MacCharlesOttawa Bureau Chief
    Tuesday, March 5, 2024
    By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours

    5 Mar 2024
    Montreal, Canada – Palestinian Canadians and human rights lawyers are suing Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly over exports of military equipment to Israel, which they argue violate Canada’s obligations under domestic and international law.


    Doritos Just Hired A Self Described Pedophile As A ‘Brand Ambassador’

    A clip was posted showing the person previously advocating for “the destruction and for the annihilation of the traditional family.”

    Somehow, THIS is what unlimited printing is for??!? Sigh. Alright, Doritos, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, let’s do it.

    Is it just unlimited unbacked printing for madness, or was my $4/month hot cheetos purchase holding up $48 trillion in liquidity via re-re-re-hyphothication? Just in case, I’ll switch to something healthy like a small business locally sourced regenerative pork rind product.


    It’s better to be the predator, right?
    Well, the smart phone lets you feel that way-
    Catching the morsels with nary a fight,
    Forgetting that, actually, you are the prey.

    Figmund Sreud

    And so it goes, …

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Secret Biolabs in Ukraine, Now Revealed!

    DOD Operation Warp Speed confirms – pathogens are made in the labs. It’s ok when WE do it! It’s to save grandma and for warfighter readiness…

    Just Some Randomer

    Victoria Nuland is “retiring”!

    Good riddance. Maybe she can return to her ancestral home in Ukraine and enjoy at first hand the complete and total clusterf*ck she’s made of the place. I’m sure the population there will be effusive in their thanks and will welcome her with open arms.

    D Benton Smith

    We are all very familiar with the expression, “It is what it is”, right?

    Well, I would like to point out that the actual and real state of something being whatever it happens to be, is more or less independent of what people say about it. Regardless of theories about what it might be, or lies about what it isn’t, the inescapable fact is that underneath all the chatter the thing continues to be an objective reality that keeps running like the REAL thing that it happens to be. It is what it is.

    Another way of saying that can be expressed as a single word. That word is “truth”.

    The truth is what it is, too, and the truth is that truth is simply a descriptions of reality. Reality is what it is as well. The words can be used interchangeably, and frequently are.

    Every time that a truth is revealed, and you finally reach a state of acceptance of it as a true description of what actually IS, then your awareness of reality is raised to exactly that extent. To that degree, on that particular thing, your awareness is higher than it was before you saw that truth.

    These revelations don’t come easy. A lot of people put a lot of time,effort and treasure into making sure that certain truths NEVER come out. Likewise, a significant number of OTHER people put a lot of work into chasing those truths down the rabbit holes where truths are hidden under mountains of garbage.

    Meanwhile, the reality that actually exists continues to chug right along.

    Acceptance of truths is not the goal. It’s just the minimum level of awareness that is required to knowingly BEGIN, of one’s own free will, proactively striving for the correct goal, which is awareness of truth. Sky’s the limit, or maybe even better than that.

    D Benton Smith


    Finding disreputable truths about other people is a lot easier and less discomforting than finding similar and CLOSELY RELATED motes in one’s own eye. Also, punching the other guy’s lights out does not cure one’s blindness.

    John Day

    Doritos Just Hired A Self Described Pedophile As A ‘Brand Ambassador’
    The ‘transgender artist’ Samantha Hudson, formally known as Iván González Ranedo, has been given the role of brand ambassador for Doritos, and featured in a sponsored program called “Crunch Talks.”


    “Treason!”: Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States

    There was a book on the roman empire I loved as a kid – the center of the large book had a double-page illustration of an entire Roman Legion – all 5,000 men. You could see the whole thing laid out at once.

    Imagine if someone plopped 64 Roman Legions down in your town, starting with your house and filling in outward from there, shoulder to shoulder. What would that look like.

    Also, doesn’t flying 320,000 illegals create quite the carbon footprint? You’re going to have to move over Taylor Swift. Insert: “Biden’s 320,000”

    March 5. /TASS/. Abkhazia sees its future in a Union State with Russia and Belarus, Abkhazian Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba said.

    One of the key tasks today is the Belarusian project. Although we have no diplomatic relations with Belarus so far, the heads of state have exchanged visits,” he said during a discussion on the topic of Russia in the current international environment as part of the World Youth Festival.

    “We understand that a path to a Union State is quite long and difficult, but a large part of our population supports such an approach,” he stressed. “That is why we will be seeking this.”

    “As for Belarus, we are now building the basis. We maintain trade and economic relations, investment cooperation, active development is beginning,” he said.

    “We see our future in this – in strengthening union with Russia and in our striving for a Union State,” Ardzinba said and thanked Russia for supporting his country. “Our people appreciates this. And, I think, the results of voting at Russian presidential election in Abkhazia will give a clear picture that you people know what thanks and gratitude are,” he added.

    The top Abkhazian diplomat also said that his country plans to invigorate humanitarian assistance to and information support for Donbass. “We hope that we will be able to go to Donbass soon to support our brothers and friends. As a country, we support the special military operation, we support fair international relations, and we support [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” he stressed.

    According to Ardzinba, the majority of Abkhazia’s population “support the special military operation because they pin their hopes on forming a fairer world order, on respecting nations’ rights, their specifics and history, regardless of their political or economic might.”

    “Our people and government believe that although having a geographically local nature, the special military operation has global mission, including from the point of view of integration processes in the post-Soviet space, which are very important for our country,” he added.


    Re – The “Ukrainian Grave Digger” Cookies Nuland -Retiring:

    This reminds me of the deep state’s classic 3 steps monti when the sh*t-hits-the-fan.
    1. Change the narrative
    2. Change the faces
    3. __________ ???? (I can’t remember the 3rd step but maybe you know)

    One thing is for certain the deep state isn’t backing down.

    Possible reasons for Nuland pretending to retire are:
    – she is the face of Ukraine
    – get new face in place before Ukraine goes south
    – she is hurting Democrat’s 2024 election chances
    – to get her safely out of the spotlight ahead of possible FBI investigation of Ukrainian corruption?
    – to protect and reward her for her service
    – retiring her to a more influential spot/think tank

    John Day

    Change Of Course

    There has been a tension between reality and political ideology recently. We have all wondered how long it would be before western policy-inertia would capitulate to public political sentiments, military and economic facts, which are all in opposition to imperial policies and control-narratives (“noble lies” per Plato). There are signs, which might be intentional political communications, that imperial policy of support for wars in Ukraine and Occupied Palestine may be poised to change, to better match physical and political realities.

    ​ ‘Israel’ kills twin babies conceived after 10 years of trying
    “I screamed for my children and my husband. They were all dead. They’ve gone together and left me behind,” Rania Abu Anza, the mother of twin martyrs Wissam and Naeim said.​ The strike occurred late Saturday night while Rania was asleep with her husband and children.
    ​ Rania said she woke up to breastfeed Naeim, her baby boy, and went back to sleep with him in one arm and Wissam, her baby girl, in the other. Their father was sleeping beside them, she recalled tearfully.

    ​ UN Security Council calls for protection of civilians in Gaza
    The UN Security Council (UNSC) has expressed “deep concern” after nearly 120 Palestinians lost their lives in an Israeli attack on civilians waiting to receive humanitarian aid southwest of Gaza City…
    ​..They urged for the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, and reminded all parties that they “must comply with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”
    ​ They called for parties to the conflict to allow, facilitate, and enable the immediate, rapid, safe, sustained and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance at scale to the Palestinian civilian population throughout the Gaza Strip.
    ​ The council members said they also have “grave concern” over the estimation…that all 2.2 million people in Gaza would face alarming levels of acute food insecurity.

    ​ Great Legal Clarity and Erudition on the Illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine​ (Tune in at minute 18, for instance)
    Legal Scholar Ralph Wilde Representing the League of Arab States Before the International Court of Justice Just Days Ago

    John Day

    ​ So much here… Simplicius , Rifts in Bibi’s Camp as Gaza War Drags [The economy is imploding, and Bibi even burned bridges with Russia recently.]​
    In summary: it seems that Netanyahu is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Ostensibly he wants to ‘root out’ and destroy Hamas, but at the same time fears doing so would force the inevitability of creating a Palestinian state—as there would no longer be any real excuse not to allow it, should Hamas be undeniably eliminated.
    ​ The only connective tissue which ties it all together is Israel’s overriding longterm goal of ethnically cleansing all Palestinians from the land Israel believes it has divine right to. With secondary goals revolving around opportunistically utilizing the conflict to either weaken Iran’s hand to buy itself time, or outright embroil Iran in a wider war with the U.S. which can maintain Israel’s center gravity at the heart of the geopolitical great game in the Middle East.
    ​ However, it does seem that, upon realizing the total expulsion of Palestinians will not be allowed by the international community, Netanyahu’s Plan B has reverted to merely creating a fully militarily occupied zone in Gaza, under even more brutal control than it already endures.

    ​ Israel’s UN Ambassador Promotes the Genocide of Palestinians as a Campaign for Freedom
    In equating the plight of Israel to the situation of the Ukrainian government, Israeli Ambassador Gilal Erdan Invokes the Nazi heritage of Israel’s Governing Likud Party

    ​ Aid Groups Slam US for Dropping Aid Into Gaza Instead of Pressuring Israel
    At least 15 children have starved to death in Gaza over past the few days
    ​ On Saturday, US Central Command announced that it conducted a “combined humanitarian assistance airdrop into Gaza” with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The command said US C-130 military transport planes dropped 38,000 meals on Gaza, which is populated by about 2.2 million people.
    ​ The international charity Oxfam said the airdrops “mostly serve to relieve the guilty consciences of senior US officials whose policies are contributing to the ongoing atrocities and risk of famine in Gaza” and called for the US to end military aid to Israel.

    Aid Groups Slam US for Dropping Aid Into Gaza Instead of Pressuring Israel

    ​ Sanders Calls on U.S. to Stop Funding ‘Netanyahu’s Gov’t’ as Gaza Children Begin Dying of Starvation
    Vermont Independent has been criticized by progressives for his stance on the genocide.

    ​ Kamala Harris calls for ‘immediate ceasefire’, more aid convoys to Gaza
    The US Vice President’s comments come as President Joe Biden refuses to demand ceasefire

    John Day

    ​ Times of Israel: Hosting Gantz, Harris balances praise of Israel with criticism over Gaza aid crisis
    VP stresses US alarm over humanitarian situation in Strip, urges boosted aid, notes Jerusalem’s ‘constructive approach’ in hostage talks; Gantz backs international aid mechanism
    ​ Gantz’s office said he had conveyed to Harris his appreciation for the administration’s support for Israel and stressed “the imperative of completing the mission of removing the threat Hamas poses to Israel, finding a sustainable solution to ensuring humanitarian aid reaches civilians and not terrorist Hamas, and the importance of completing all of the operation’s military objectives in Gaza in a manner that enables stability and prosperity for the region entirely.”
    ​ He also called for the urgent establishment of “an international mechanism to oversee the humanitarian effort [in Gaza] in coordination with countries of the region and as part of the wider normalization efforts,” the statement said.

    ​ Poll: Majority of Democrats Want a Presidential Candidate Who Opposes Military Aid to Israel
    Biden is facing protests from within the Democratic Party due to his unconditional support for Israel’s massacre of Palestinians
    ​ The poll shows that 56% of respondents who identified as Democrats were less likely to support a candidate who backs military aid to Israel, while 40% were more likely to support such a candidate.

    Poll: Majority of Democrats Want a Presidential Candidate Who Opposes Military Aid to Israel

    ​ ‘Uncommitted’ voters unite against Biden ahead of Super Tuesday
    ​ The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist organization in the US, has urged primary voters to cast their ballots for ‘uncommitted’ rather than President Joe Biden to show their opposition to his stance on the Israel-Hamas war…
    ..“Today, DSA endorses ‘Uncommitted’ in the remaining Democratic presidential primaries. Until this administration ends its support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza and delivers a permanent, lasting ceasefire, Joe Biden will bear the responsibility for another Trump presidency,” the organization said, adding that “defeat is certain” if Biden continues on the current course.
    ​ “This week’s brutal ‘Flour Massacre’ has proven once again that Israel is a brutal, inhumane apartheid state which carries a legacy of 75 years of genocide and occupation. Over 30,000 Palestinians have already died; how many will be ENOUGH for Joe Biden to stop this war?” the DSA said in a follow-up post, referring to the tragedy on February 29 when at least 112 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 were injured while waiting for much-needed food aid in Gaza City.

    ​ Simplicius, again, so much more Ukraine War information here , A bombshell wiretap leak has set the intelligence and geopolitical world ablaze, revealing high ranking members of the German Bundeswehr openly discussing plans to supply the Taurus missiles and help Ukraine destroy Russia’s Kerch Bridge.
    Many are understandably pinning the leak on Russia’s GRU, but it seems just as—if not more—plausible that it was leaked by German insiders themselves in order to thwart the plans of their own deep-state establishment which is clearly bent on starting WWIII.

    ​ German Defense Ministry uses ‘1234’ as password
    ​ Its use was roundly mocked by German tabloid Bild. “After the wiretapping attack on the Bundeswehr [German military] by Russian spies, this is extremely embarrassing,” the paper wrote on Monday.​..
    ​..Over a WebEx video call, the officers discussed the potential use of German-made Taurus missiles against the Crimean Bridge, wondering how they could maintain plausible deniability of involvement in such an attack. The conversation also revealed that – according to the officers – Britain has already sent its own military specialists to Ukraine to operate Storm Shadow cruise missiles given to the Ukrainian armed forces.
    ​ It is unclear how Simonyan’s contacts obtained the audio. However, the deputy chairman of the German parliament’s oversight committee, Roderich Kiesewetter, said on Sunday that the Russians could have simply logged on to the unsecured WebEx call without the officers noticing.

    John Day

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, (US Neocon Queen-Bee) Victoria Nuland resigns: what can this mean for U.S. policy on Ukraine?
    Nuland was the guiding spirit of the Maidan who distributed donuts on Independence Square in Kiev to the idealistic youths who sought the overthrow of the legitimately elected sitting president Yanukovich. As we know from leaked telephone conversations, in February 2014, Nuland conspired with U.S. ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt for selection of the new government in Kiev from among Opposition leaders following the U.S. backed coup d’etat.
    ..There is no question that as an intellectual force she was head and shoulders over her nominal boss, Antony Blinken, and that she stood behind every escalation in U.S. and Allied participation in the proxy war being fought in Ukraine. The idea of sending long-range cruise missiles to Kiev in order to strike far into the Russian heartland, now being debated both in the USA and in Germany, was something Nuland was promoting tooth and nail nearly a year ago.
    ..A touching note and possibly a straw in the wind is the last paragraph in the Associated Press article on the departure of Nuland which tells us: “Nuland will be replaced temporarily as under secretary by another career diplomat, John Bass, a former ambassador to Afghanistan, who oversaw the U.S. withdrawal from the country.” Indeed, let us hope that Bass will also be the fellow who oversees the U.S. withdrawal from Ukraine.

    ​Moon of Alabama, Ukraine – Cookie Monster Retires , A big fat rat is leaving the ship.
    One might interpret this as the State Department’s admittance of defeat in the U.S. war against Russia in Ukraine

    ​John Helmer, The Good Germans Are Blowing Smoke
    ​ The audio tape is of German soldiers discussing air operations against Russia from a nuclear-armed airbase. The frankness of their war objectives against Russia, and of their attempts to camouflage their “tricks”, as Gerhartz calls them, for German political and public purposes is not what is “new” in this disclosure. Rather, what is “new” is the context of this teleconference among all the others happening in parallel – this is the certainty that when German army officers and German naval officers discuss operations at the general staff level before briefing Defense Minister Pistorius, they are just as committed to attacking Russia as Gerhartz and his airmen.
    ​ All these Germans are at war with Russia. There is no reason for their counterparts on the Russian General Staff to interpret what Gerhartz said in any other way. The identification of Büchel and F-16s in the discussion must (repeat must) trigger the Russian assessment that the Germans are capable, with US, British and French prompting, of launching F-16s with nuclear warheads.


    ​ More Helmer, who thinks (somebody in) the US tapped the phone and spilled the beans.
    ​ Germany has launched an investigation into the scandal involving the leaking of a conversation between senior German military officials discussing the attack on the Crimean Bridge. The Bundeswehr leadership blames “unsecured communication systems” for everything, thanks to which Russia gained access to this conversation.
    ​ However, there is reason to believe that the special services of an altogether different country had access to it, which then shared it with Russia. What is this about?​ …
    ​..Frank Graefe was appointed head of the Air Force Operations and Exercises Department just the other day. And since the end of 2019, he served as the German military attaché in Washington, to serve as which he was awarded the rank of brigadier general.
    ​ Thus, if anyone knew in detail the peculiarities of General Graefe’s behaviour, it was the Americans. They also knew Graefe’s phone number, which they could connect to without any hotel Wi-Fi. This is not to mention the fact that the WebEx system originally belongs to an American provider, and the European military considers it safe on account of their misunderstanding.​..
    ..Thus, it can reasonably be assumed that Russian intelligence has some kind of intelligence capabilities inside the US National Security Agency. Or if not exactly agents, then let’s say, informants who are close ideologically.​..
    ​..The internal German context is very complicated, especially during the pre-election period. And the publication of this conversation by German officers rather helps [Chancellor Olaf] Scholz, who has been blocking the whole story of the Taurus so far. The scandal, of course, hits the security system of Germany and, in general, the prestige of the Bundeswehr. But most importantly, it demonstrates to the whole world the danger and moral weakness of the very idea of supplying Ukraine with such weapons.


    ​ (Croatian Army veteran) Alex Krainer, Financial and power-structure analyst, The power behind the throne and the forever wars , We must take a stand or let our children fall, it’s that simple.
    ​ Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss gave us a stonker of a revelation which, I believe deserves to be set to the record. Truss appeared in Steve Bannon’s War Room and said this:
    ​ “What I found out when I got into No. 10 is, I thought that if I got to the top of the tree, I would be able to implement those conservative policies… And what I discovered was that I was not holding the levers. The levers were held by the Bank of England, by the Office of Budget Responsibility, they weren’t held by the Prime Minister or the Chancellor…”
    ..As the Ukrainian bludgeon broke against Russia, there is every reason for us to expect that they’ll turn to transforming other European nations to serve the same purpose. That process is now under way as we can hear from the growing chorus of European leaders talking about militarization, conscription, and the prospect of war against Russia..
    …Unless we accept that in the near future our children also be sacrificed for bankers’ pursuit of Russian collateral, we need to shine the spotlight at those behind the throne who are pulling the levers and pushing us into war. It is our duty today to push against them with all our might, creativity and determination. Anything short of that risks turning more European nations into what Ukraine is today. And no, it has never been about democracy nor about freedom. It is strictly about banking and about the collateral…​
    ..All the money in circulation represents debt. Debt represents assets on the bankers’ balance sheets. To conjure up more debt, they need to control the collateral: it directly boosts their wealth and power over us. To all the rest of us it’s all the same: whether we pay money to Gazprom for our gas or to Royal Dutch Shell, we still have to pay…
    ..Truly, the only group in society to whom the control of collateral makes any difference are the bankers, making them the one main group with the incentive to foment forever wars for control of resources. They won’t hesitate to go nuclear and sacrifice one nation after another to achieve this.

    John Day

    ​ A Midwestern Doctor, The Immense Cruelty of Population Control Campaigns , Reviewing the tragic but largely forgotten lessons of the past.
    ​ There has been a longstanding fixation within the ruling elite that it is absolutely imperative for them to control the world’s population.
    ​ In many cases, this has resulted in cruel and inhumane campaigns being enacted around the world in areas where the people did not have the civil rights protections afforded to them within the Western Democracies…
    ​..It is critical to learn what happened there, both so that we do not allow the global elite to enact similar measures here and so that we can recognize why it is imperative to have a culture which sincerely values morality as that ethical framework is often the only thing which can stop these disasters from happening.

    ​Tom Luongo, who shares the above view of wars-for-collateral, also prefers not to have Globo-Cap destroy the US for profit
    ​ Now that the Supreme Court has unanimously destroyed the dreams of Davos to use January 6th as a means to keep him off the ballot, Donald Trump has passed the easiest of the hurdles in front of his returning to the White House.
    ​ Some things, politically, in the US still function.​ This ruling was a lay-up. The SCOTUS had to rule decisively here…
    ​..Candidate Trump, he will look to shore up his weaknesses.
    ​ Candidate Trump became a guy who preached bringing the US back from a dark place. He ran on a populist platform that incorporated the Bernie Bros (remember them) as well as the tradesmen.​ He broke the Democrats’ Trinity of Victimhood – Unions, Minorities, young people — that was their base and squeaked to victory over The Hildabeast.
    ​ If you think it’s Trump’s team or even US ‘white hats’ pushing out this stuff about Biden, you may be missing the obvious player, Hillary.
    If there is one thing I know for certain about Trump it is that he’s a master of media. He knows exactly how and when to push everyone’s buttons.
    ​ For that reason (and many others) Trump’s only real choice for running mate is Tulsi Gabbard.​..
    ..When Hillary stole the 2016 primary from Bernie Sanders she resigned from the DNC. This is a woman who crossed Hillary Clinton and, so far, has lived to tell the tale. No mean feat in the 21st century.​ Long story short, Gabbard has stones.

    The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President

    ​ “Treason!”: Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States
    ​ A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has revealed that the Biden administration has flown at least 320,000 migrants into the United States in an effort to reduce the number of crossings at the southern border, according to Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith points out the Achilles-Heel of Bankers, These Four Themes Will Define the Next Decade
    Everyone at the trough believes that the transition from liquid water (free flowing credit) to ice cannot possibly happen. So when it happens, everyone will be surprised.
    ​ Morgan Stanley recently came out with their 3 Themes that will impact markets for many years: longevity, AI tech diffusion, and decarbonization, i.e. the transition from hydrocarbon fuels to so-called “green energy.”…
    ..That all sounds peachy, but the real world will be defined by four much different themes: sclerosis, dysfunction, debt saturation and power asymmetry…
    ..In a system rigged to maximize the profit and power of the few at the expense of the many, nothing works because the system is no longer capable of self-correction…
    ​..Interest rates can’t stay at zero, so the costs of servicing the soaring debt rises rapidly. At the same time, the immense expansion of credit–money borrowed from future income to be spent today–generates inflation, as the flood of credit needed to keep a sclerotic, dysfunctional status quo afloat outpaces the value being generated by all the trillions being borrowed and blown.
    ​ No one at the trough of “free money” will give up their place, and so the system is rigged to fail: we have to keep borrowing trillions to keep all the incumbents, entrenched interests and those collecting benefits happy, but as interest payments rise, we need to borrow more trillions just to pay the interest. And so on, in a self-reinforcing feedback loop.​..
    ..Everyone at the trough believes that the transition from liquid water (free flowing credit) to ice cannot possibly happen. So when it happens, everyone will be surprised. What do you mean, there are limits?

    ​ Musk’s X could face new EU restrictions​ , The European Commission has said the platform potentially qualifies as a ‘gatekeeper’ under the bloc’s digital antitrust rules​ Companies that fail to abide by the EU’s rules may face fines of up to 10% of their total worldwide annual turnover, or up to 20% in the event of repeated infringements. Businesses may also be slapped with periodic penalty payments of up to 5% of their average daily turnover.

    John Day

    ​ State Officials Raid Amish Farmer, Seize $100K of Food​ (“Destroy” is correct, too.)
    Pennsylvania authorities raided Amish farmer Amos Miller’s farm in January, seizing $100,000 worth of food products over allegations his raw dairy products caused E. coli outbreaks in Michigan and New York. Miller’s lawyer called the sudden raid “patently illegal” and a violation of state rules.

    State Officials Raid Amish Farmer, Seize $100K of Food

    ​ Cat McGuire points out: America Is A Gentile Nation, and presents some useful graphics of a few elite professions, such as Hedge Fund Manager & January 6th Committee.
    ​ The United States is comprised of White people, Black people, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Arabs, and many other ethnic groups. One distinguishing feature that is almost uniformly overlooked is that we as a country are primarily Gentiles—i.e., non-Jewish—and that as Gentiles we comprise 98% of the American populace.
    ​ The distinction between Jews and Gentiles is NOT one of Gentile making. It is how Jews since time immemorial have perceived everyone who is not Jewish.​..
    ​..A good place to start is with Eustace Mullins’ account of the cryptic 1913 Federal Reserve takeover of the U.S. monetary system here and here. Then in 1963 following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the country took an abrupt 180-degree turn in support of Israel. Definitively, however, after a powerful cabal of Zionists and Israeli Firsters orchestrated the dramatic 9/11 attack in 2001, an ensuing coup d’êtat resulted in their near-complete, quasi-hidden control of the United States government.​

    ​Eleni in Athens sends this detailed, yet still incomplete list of recent imperial crimes. The Indictment of the Good Guys of the West

    The Indictment of the Good Guys of the West

    ​ How The Government Used ‘Track F’ To Fund Censorship Tools
    Officials from the National Science Foundation tried to conceal the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars on research and development for artificial intelligence tools used to censor political speech and influence the outcome of elections, according to a new congressional report.

    ​Sasha Latypova, World Exclusive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Secret Biolabs in Ukraine, Now Revealed!
    DOD Operation Warp Speed confirms – pathogens are made in the labs. It’s ok when WE do it! It’s to save grandma and for warfighter readiness.
    ​ I have been asked so many times about “secret” biolabs in Ukraine, that I got annoyed enough to locate this document on the official Ukrainian parliament (Rada) website.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, fighting for truth. We are up to 21 Members of the UK parliament speaking up on excess deaths, finally
    There are over 700 UK MPs, but recall that once Andrew Bridgen was the only one speaking up. Free Telegraph link on

    ​ UK Slashes Excess Death Estimates After Announcing New Calculation Scheme
    The U.K.’s Office for National Statistics unveiled a new methodology that significantly reduces its official estimates of excess deaths since 2020. Critics like Russell Brand and John Campbell, Ph.D., allege the complex changes mask potential harms from vaccines.

    UK Slashes Excess Death Estimates After Announcing New Calculation Scheme

    ​ Steve Kirsch, BREAKING: Seven MPs request comprehensive data transparency from the UK ONS (Office for National Statistics)
    They want the UK ONS is to produce a detailed time-series cohort analysis like they should have done 3 years ago. The request was validated by UK Professors Norman Fenton and Carl Heneghan.
    ​ The seven Members of Parliament have sent a letter to the head of the UK ONS requesting that they publish a comprehensive time-series cohort analysis of the UK data (weekly buckets for 152 weeks starting in Jan 2021).
    ​ If the ONS refuses the request, then the MPs will be able to shift the blame for this crisis squarely on the ONS. And all MPs will then pile on later I predict since nobody wants not to have a chair when the music stops.
    ​ If the ONS complies with the request, then we will have the evidence needed to go after other agencies. It will end the debate as to whether the shots were safe, and begin the debate on who is to blame and how to hold them accountable.

    ​ Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led to ‘Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History’
    Public health agencies have refused to study or to publicly release data comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, according to experts who spoke during Monday’s U.S. Senate roundtable discussion on “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel.”

    Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led to ‘Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History’

    ​ Cambridge University Scientists: 25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS​ , Also: Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) Explained
    ​Top scientists at the world-renowned Cambridge University in England have published the results of a bombshell study into the impact of the injections on the human immune system.​ The study concluded that 25 percent of all people vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots now have Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

    John Day

    ​ Ultraprocessed foods linked to heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and early death, study finds​ (Sounds like cigarette smoking, huh?)
    ​ Eating ultraprocessed foods raises the risk of developing or dying from dozens of adverse health conditions, according to a new review of 45 meta-analyses on almost 10 million people.
    ​ “We found consistent evidence linking higher intakes of ultra-processed foods with over 70% of the 45 different health outcomes we assessed,” said senior author Wolfgang Marx, a senior research fellow at the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia, in an email.
    ​ A higher intake was considered about one serving or about 10% more ultraprocessed foods per day, said Heinz Freisling, a scientist in the nutrition and metabolism branch of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, in an email.​ “This proportion can be regarded as ‘baseline’ and for people consuming more than this baseline, the risk might increase,” said Freisling.


    jb-hb- those are the special forces and they get better treatment. They have to be debriefed as to how they will instigate the “democratic takeover of the united states”.


    Fair Weather Jews:

    In the Israeli-Gaza war, one thing I have not seen mentioned is the likely exodus of many dual – citizens from Israel and the resultant economic damage this has likely caused. Naturally most of these dual passport holders would most likely be of military and working ages. (7% of Israeli work force in military but 20% economic drop in economy)

    I suspect some are Russians who left to avoid serving in the Russian army.

    Of course many more are likely “fair weather” western passport holders, especially from US and Canada, who tend not to stick around to fight.
    Their wealth exempts them from serving as cannon fodder. (Israel expects 20,000 disabled by end of 2024)

    The other thing I have noticed is the deep state’s narrative change regarding the Israeli – Gaza war.
    The creation of numerous fake ceasefire plans to divert attention.
    Low intensity war so othing to see now.
    Also less MSM coverage of the war.
    Out-ta-sight, out-ta mind.
    (US large bombs supplied up from 10,000 to 21,000 now)



    It is getting harder and harder to keep up with whichever stupid companies to boycott because they are doing anti-social woke stuff.

    Doritos a sub of Frito-Lay a sub of PepsiCo has hired a known pedophile as their new brand ambassador in Spain!

    So now we have to add Pepsi and company to Bud Light, Coke, Disney, etc to our boycott list!

    It is hard to believe the actions of these woke companies is an accident.
    Far too many of these accidents to just be a coincidence.
    Actions speak louder than words!


    3rd / 4th Abrams also destroyed near Berdychi !!!!!!!

    Burning Abrams with French Fried Ukronazi crews

    The Smell of Victory is in the air!


    Tanks are like Battleship between WWI and WWII

    Tanks are Dead Meat without heavy AD coverage and infantry in close quarters situations and and to drone tech.


    First Fully Confirmed HIMARS Kill – Possibly Counter-batteried by HIMARS-killer Tornado-S

    Finally killed a Duh’merican/NATO tech team manning a HIMAR launcher


    And…..they’re GONE!



    I just finished reading Denis Rancourt’s July 2023 paper titled “There Was No Pandemic”.
    This undermines some of the relevance of those who are all over the virus, its origins, and strains….
    But imagine that you sent geologists two rocks with extremely similar properties and ask if they can determine which one is the moon rock- instead of sending them a rock and declaring it is from the moon.

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