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    Gustave Caillebotte Young man by his window 1875   If there’s one thing that is exposed in the sorry not-so-fairy tale of former Trump aides Paul
    [See the full post at: Fixers]


    Second question: if Lanny Davis only now sets up a Go Fund Me campaign, who’s been paying him over the past 2 months? Did Cohen sell assets, or is someone else involved?

    I got a third question

    Bob Mueller and his team – Are they working for free? A Go Fund Me?


    IIRC latest count for Mueller was $80-90 million. That’s a while back

    Dr. D

    Got them!!!

    Manafort on a 10 year old tax evasion, back when he was working with Podesta, Cohen on a 5 year old taxi medallion case.

    That’ll show ’em. Hey wait, no collusion? No connection to Russia at all? Still the people, Podesta, Manafort, Davis, all working with the Clinton State Dept in Ukraine and to sell 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia Russia Russia?

    So where does the Donald fit into this? They illegally, and in violation of 500 year precedent, raided his lawyer’s offices on a fishing expedition, and found…taxi medallions, not related to the Trump empire? What gives? And that charge itself is tenuous, since the raid could easily be overturned, but it was meant to let them know what dirt was going on, which they could then back-corroborate (which is itself illegal) using non-warrant sources.

    Okay, but this proves campaign payoffs, right? Um…you might want to sit down. Cohen pled to a number of charges to avoid his other crimes, but pleading to a crime does not prove that crime. Normally, this might not matter, it should be easy to prove, but in this case, what was the allegation? Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, paid Clifford hush money to stay quiet. Okay, is that illegal? No, only if he used the bank account of campaign contributions to do so. But for the love of God, why would he? Trump is a multi-billionaire, Cohen no doubt has connections to Trump bank accounts, and if nothing else would leave a paper trail to the campaign instead of a quiet, personal bank account. Even if Cohen did, all Trump has to do is say he mismanaged campaign funds, and therefore is innocent, although again, I don’t see why it would ever have happened in the first place. In fact, I believe he said it didn’t. So if he used his own money to run some aspect of his own douchebag life and empire, the crime is…?

    And this is the best they can do??? They’ve had 3 years and $90 Million dollars with a prosecutor well-known for fabricating evidence and covering it up. …That’s not just talk, the U.S. government had to pay $30 Million in reparations to several men Mueller railroaded, and those admissions almost never happen. With Davis getting his false allegations in the headlines, then retracting them. Where do they think that will get them? Trump voters already don’t believe CNN, and Democratic voters already do. The allegations, without any legal weight to press with, are just feel-good tissue, some projected lights, changing nothing, not even the election. I’m baffled. You could find better felonies on any contractor or small trucker anywhere in America. Are they too chicken to plant evidence, tamper with testimony, and arrest the guy’s family, like prosecutors usually do? Ask Martin Armstrong if I’m kidding.

    So surprisingly, these are unexpectedly weak results. Still, I stand corrected on Manafort; needless to say, the professional attorney who studied the jury was right, and I, having not extensively researched the case, was wrong. However, he was guilty, so that’s sort of a correct result. Question is, are they going to now prosecute Podesta and the other 5,000 tax-evading election-riggers, like Davis, out on K Street? I don’t think so. If they want to start a GoFundMe for those mass arrests, believe me, I’ll donate.


    Davis frequently injects himself into political disputes, masquerading as a “political analyst” and Democratic media pundit, yet is unmoored from any discernible political beliefs other than: “I agree with whoever pays me.”

    The distilled essence of Zioglobalist “situational ethics.”

    Mr. Jones

    Dr. D said

    And this is the best they can do??? They’ve had 3 years and $90 Million dollars with a prosecutor well-known for fabricating evidence and covering it up.


    Investigating money laundering and collusion cases are some of the most difficult cases for investigators to unwind. I’d say this is money and time well spent thus far. Can we not let this play out and then judge? I’m all for investigating any and all white collar crime. Please go look at the Clinton’s next…


    I have no doubt there is a coup attempt by the Globalist Overclass to push out Donald Trump. Two of his fixers have been convicted. But, Putsch Participants have lied to Congress. Since his Presidency is on the line, why hasn’t he appointed a Special Counsel to investigate John Brennan, James Comey, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok and Christopher Steele? Perhaps it is because Fox News and White House staffers avoid mentioning his Presidential powers. The President thinks Jeff Sessions has to do it. I do not see a peaceful transfer of power like 1974 when President Nixon resigned. Donald Trump loves campaign appearances. There have been no troop withdrawals. The Saudis are paying for the Occupation of Eastern Syria. The military hasn’t turned against him which would be the only way to get enough Republicans to reach the 2/3 impeachment vote in the Senate.

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