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    I know it’s early days …and I want to make a contribution .. but I’m finding it a little difficult navigating my way around the inner workings … when I click on ‘forum’ nothing happens… maybe the admin’s busy working behind the scenes. Teach me… puleeze! .. gratias!



    Yep, that button is not working yet:) You did get in however.
    I made a comment in topic BLOG/FORUM ISSUES thread as to my solution to this new challenge, basically do all reading and navigating from RECENT TOPIC in forum menu.


    The forum link from the wibiya bar at bottom should take you to the forum’s main page.

    You can also post comments to the forum directly under a feature/commentary, or get to the forum thread by clicking “posts in discussion”.

    I do what Glenjeff does and keep the “recent topics” page open, refreshing if I want to check for new topics/comments.



    I’m still getting a 404 from the wybia bar, no stress, just letting you know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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