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    Hey Gang! Miss me? :silly: LOL.

    Just dropped by to PLUG an Article by former TAE commentariat member Agelbert on Renewable Energy now published on the Doomstead Diner under the title Hope for a Viable Biosphere of Renewables

    In the article, Agelbert takes to task many commonly held perceptions of Renewables as insufficient in EROI to replace the Fossil fuel and Nuke Based Energy Economy.

    Here is a “snippet” (in Agelbert’s terminology) of the article:

    Agelbert wrote: …The Procrustean bed “real world” of these experts is, and always was, a predatory capitalist, destructive and inhuman contrived “world” that they and all the lackeys that have benefited at the expense of the overwhelming majority of the human race and the biosphere cling desperately too by claiming it’s “the way the world works and we just have to live with it”. No, (Ashvin, Stoneleigh and Ilargi: pay attention) that is not “the way the world works”; That is “how a predatory capitalist con works”. Any mathematician worth his salt can, given a standard upstream and downstream time frame from energy extraction of e.g. ten years before and ten years after, quantify all the above Energy Expended Inputs in Mega Joules per Liter. But because that would shrink the EROI numbers for all fossil and nuclear fuels to a fraction of 1, well below any justification there ever was for making use of these poisons, they won’t do it. Furthermore the improper use and interpretation of thermodynamics by arbitrarily assuming that things that go boom (rapid explosive oxidation) are the gold standard in defining energy per se, they have made important “energy of activation” and “reaction velocity” variables seem irrelevant. The science of hydrocarbon chemistry and nuclear fission benefits from this flawed view that the more HEAT density in an exothermic process, the greater the potential EROI. That’s certainly true with hydrocarbons and nuclear fuels. That is NOT true with renewables….

    As usual the Doomstead Diner WELCOMES all interested in these ideas to a Free and UNCENSORED debate examining the ideas. If you will not defend your POV in free debate, it loses all credibility.

    Join the Diners in discussion of these ideas in the Waste Based Society thread inside the Doomstead Diner.



    Cencorship is so terrible no !

    Go fuck a chainsaw.


    I’d like to point out that the #1 contributor to CO2 output is Big Finance Capital and the criminal bubble they blew taking credit exponential to actual output.

    Now Big Finance Capital turns around and supports “carbon taxes” and “carbon credits” to enshrine their already existing mega corporations as essentially monopolies (they get the credits, their competition gets the taxes and, therefore, can’t compete).

    Even worse, oligarchs get the credits, sell them and move “shop” to countries that don’t tax the carbon!


    Regardless of whether CO2 is the world’s greatest threat or not (I’m more worried about the spent fuel rods sitting above Fukushima Reactor #4 right now – if they fall into the reactor… WOW! But the bankster media doesn’t cover and the banskters don’t fund countermeasures with billions so it can’t be important), the banksters are taking the chumptocracies for a ride.

    They are masters at playing off noble intentions in order to further entrench their tyranny.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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