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    Ralph Amdursky Model Men March 1943 OK, this is enough, I’m getting seriously pissed off now. Time to introduce an idea I’ve been thinking about for a
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    Will this affect the jobs of “stork delivering a baby”


    let’s see

    Hmm, definitely will go on the to do list. 1 pic didn’t work, 2 pics did. Then I got to choose between detach and delete, picked detach, and the 2nd pic is gone. Thanks for pointing this out, jal.

    BTW, pipefit, you back among the chosen few? 😉

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    [sigh] Gravity is an encrypted algorithm.

    steve from virginia

    Jam, Baby jam! A $50 police radar jammer was enough for the Iranians to gain control over a multi-million dollar drone belonging to the military.


    Won’t disturb stork baby deliveries, cuz most babes are over 5 lbs.

    So still jobs for storks.


    Won’t disturb stork baby deliveries, cuz most babes are over 5 lbs.

    Bit of a shame, that, it would have been nice to have the Humane Society on our side too.


    This idea is pipe dream. He’s saying 5 years. Sure. Well maybe in a few tony suburbs as a demonstration. Where all dwellings are single family on large lots with no riffraff to steal the items or the drone itself or to vandalize it. All while losing more money than they usually lose on a sale. Recall Amazon makes no money and forget all that ‘because of capital investment’ stuff. Amazon is not making particularly large capital investments now compared to most corporations. More than pure tech companies sure but for a retailer not so much.

    Those drone components, should they be built, will be in high demand going forward. I am sure those here can imagine how and why in 5 or 10 years the demand for advanced drone hardware will not be fueled by just fun loving backyard hobbyists.


    I like it. Need to come up with a little release mechanism to drop eggs on assorted .gov registered vehicles. And maybe some teabags filled with high sudsing detergent into the fountains at Amazon’s headquarters. Possibilities are endless.


    Parallel Universe ….
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    John doe

    Stop him? By god what for, it sounds like he is building a perfect paradise for skeet shooters.


    WordPress is horrible.
    I can’t even load articles.
    Go back to where you were previously, or else return to blogger.
    Really, I don’t understand why you left blogger, it was the best overall user experience.

    This is not an improvement.


    Lord B, we left Blogger because we had to, spammer and idiot attacks were insane and Google wouldn’t do anything about that. Our comment moderation box became inaccessible to ourselves, and comments got stuck in it. Joomla was never ideal, and WP will take a bit of work apparently. We simply have no money to pay people to do this stuff for us.


    Hi Folks,
    Long long time no post.
    However….. Everyone MUST check out the chart posted at john ward’s “the slog” this morning, absolutely incredible, and enough to drag me out of hibernation.
    Still following TAE faithfully as always.
    Back to slumber.

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