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    Illegal Front Yard Garden: Canadian Couple’s Kitchen Garden Targeted By Authorities

    Take a look at Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp’s gorgeous front yard kitchen garden in Drummondville, Quebec. The cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, beets, onions, and brussels sprouts and other vegetables grown by the couple helped Beauchamp lose 75 pounds, and Landry 25.

    The only problem? It’s illegal.

    Boing Boing points us to a petition to save the garden, which authorities insist must be removed. The town code states that a vegetable garden can take up 30 percent of a front yard at most, and Landry and Beauchamp’s is in violation. They were given two weeks to comply, which means the garden must be drastically scaled back by this Sunday.

    CBC also notes that the city plans to make all front lawn vegetable gardens illegal this fall. The measure would only apply to new gardens, so Landry Beauchamp garden — assuming they scale it back — will be perfectly legal.

    How does the larger gardening community feel about attempts to remove the garden? Boing Boing has a quote from kitchen garden advocate and expert Roger Doiron: “If this garden is deemed illegal, we’re in deep you-know-what.”


    Thanks jal. Of course, these stories make my blood boil.

    Not only is their “illegal” garden beautiful to look at (a consideration that will soon be totally irrelevant), back and front-yard food growing is obviously the direction every suburb should be heading for.

    Giant green lawns of grass are a blight and waste valuable water with no return. I hope for a day when grass-lawns of over 30% of the front yard are declared illegal. The notion that you cannot use more than 30% of your front yard to grow food is yet another shocking piece of bureaucratic oppression.

    Canadians and Citizens of the World, resist!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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