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    So in reading this it sounds like they are trying to kick the can down the road…for a few more years…I am guessing maybe 4? Is that possible? I know that Stonleigh said that when the other countries fail that there will be a run to the u.s dollar but will that be in hard currency or stock market investment…and when people are scared maybe they won’t do either just panic and sit and freeze..I could see the U.S stock market crashing with the European fall.


    Hi Ted,

    It might be Japan that goes down first – Abenomics seems to be causing some of the darker swans to take flight… As Stoneleigh has pointed out earlier this year, things are starting to happen. I might add that when they do happen they are likely to happen very fast, literally in the blink of an eye as the phenomenon of flash crashes proves. :blink:

    The can kicking has been more like the can-can in that it has provided an entertaining distraction, where as the reality is all the more dire for it.

    As for people freezing, I think they are going to be doing that both psychologically and physically. Those that take the view of “you can have too much information” (that’s what a respectable business man said at a meeting the other evening) and those still banking on techno-saviorism like solar panels (a proposal for a ‘sustainable’ local power generation project) to provide ‘growth’ and or some semblance of a sustainable/utopian BAU are in for a big shock, and are as much the problem as anything else. Like the Rapa Nui, all they want to do is to continue carving big giant heads. :dry:

    Return of the Big Giant Head – again
    Reality is looking more and more like some cult sci-fi sit com… 😆



    Thank you for sharing this information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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