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    I must be getting old as much of the text is too small for me. I wish it were a similar size to ZH.

    Also, I must be getting soft in the head as I cannot find anything of interest to me. I really miss Ilargi’s links to articles and the content that went with it – it saved me many hours of searching for interesting stuff. Maybe it is still here somewhere. I don’t know.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Hear hear

    If you’re going to post pictures or decals or things, please make them beautiful.
    The little thing-bobs (pics of Euro) in the upper left hand corner of all commentary etc. are both ugly and distracting. Simultaneusly out-of-focus and not-worth-looking-at.

    The black and white cyrstal clear images of yester-year packed a punch. Let that and the quality of your writing tell the story.



    Whilst this is a somewhat more complex venue, I see no reason why we can’t be who we always were. Same group of people, different room. I think we just need to “work the room” as an entertainer would say.

    If the fonts are too small, most browsers have a zoom function, I know, my eyes are getting old and tired. This format has a lot of potential, it is up to us now to make it work.

    Now, I just thought about posting a youtube link to an old Moody Blues song, Knights in White Satin and realised I do not know how to test if the link is working before posting. Not going to panic, I’ll work on it, very gently, let’s see how it works out.

    The Moody Blues – Knights in White Satin

    Buddhist platitude: There are only 2 things in creation: “Change” and “That Which Changes”


    Whooaahh! Automatically embedded, very flash.


    “Knights in White Satin” is a timeless classic. We loved it in the discos of Cataluña at that time.

    Here is another unforgettable one from that epoch:

    Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale – 1967


    Dammmmmm … it seems to me that you’all are learning faster than me.

    Stop feeling sorry for your age

    you know the saying … its futile …

    Everyone who posted has a “Karma: 1 – +”, except me.

    Do you’all see the same as me?

    update I just gave a – to someone and then I got a message that I can only do it once every 6 hour.

    Too bad Glennjeff, you wont be able to pump up the score consecutively.


    Hi jal,

    I have given you some karma – since you seem to need it 🙂

    I don’t feel sorry for myself – only for my kids. I wish I had the ability to think “Après moi, le déluge”, but I can’t.

    I know that the bit about font-size seems like nitpicking, but I am being quite serious – in my own way. If it is too difficult to read, people won’t read it.

    ZH understands that a huge share of thinking and moneyed web-users are over 50.


    Doesn’t hitting Control + work on all browsers? I depend on that trick.

    As for getting old – lol. Everyone is “getting old” even the 10 year old who will never be single digits again. It’s only the teens and 20s that don’t complain about getting old.


    Ta Da! With El G and Ash holding my hand I made it here. What a complex journey. I was beside myself watching Athens burn and not able to connect with good friends here for comfort. Watching the fires I suddenly wondered if the tar sands tailing ponds are flamable and if they are how long would they burn? Those ponds are mother fucker huge and growing. whoops there goes a lit match. Whoops sorry…
    I was thinking that the insistence by the politicians and bankers on evermore debt could be called enticement to committ a crime or enticement to committ suicide . Looking like a perfectly legal way to committ crimes against humanity.
    And what do you think of the latest float that there be a global minimum wage? How low will it go? Is that a global stipend for each and every person on the planet with a heart beat or are there other criteria:)
    I hope I’ll figure out to-morrow how to get back here looking for any responses.
    I know I’ll be one of the first to fall off the back of the bus, wondered when. I didn’t expect that technology would push me off the TAE bus. Didn’t envisage this new complex TAE format when I was holding my breath with excitement waiting for the new TAE. As one of the older gezzettes I guess I have to be left behind sometime.


    Hi Scandia,

    You’ve overcome the biggest hurdle, first posting. Just persist and in no time it will be easy, really. Change is usually a challenge, just make lots of posts for a few days, say anything, and then suddenly the lights will go on.

    Glad you’ve made it. No sign of snuffy or greenpa yet, fingers crossed.


    I think the problem with font-size has been partly fixed – I no longer can see the ants on the screen. 🙂

    However, when I drag an emotion to this space, a link appears which does not show the emotion in the resultant message. I am not sure whether it is a feature or a bug. Here is an example:


    I gave you some “Karma” so you won’t be stuck at 1.

    It’s ME who is unable to have karma, not you. :p

    I suspect this is the beginnings of some kind of filter system, like on Slashdot. (haven’t visited /. in maybe 10 years but suspect they still have the karma thing)

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