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    This may seem ‘off topic’ but I have a nearly 20 year old dog that’s still going “semi-strong” and I’d bet she’d navigate this NEW TAE better than her ‘master’. Maybe I’m failing to understand this new TAE and “where to post arena”.

    But thanks for update, Ash, on helping the ‘computer-challenged’ like me get-to some of the fine/thinking/folks that post so I can read their views and real wisdom. There are so many good-brains here that say things so much more eloquently than I might have…

    I miss the old forum but in my mind many times, (before now,) I thought TAE should get some “catagories”. Now you have- and good luck to all of us “20 year old dogs” that now have to figure this out. Regards.


    My bet is, once the mechanics of this forum are fine-tuned, you’ll much prefer this new way of commenting and conversing versus the old blog comments system. But I agree it’s an adjustment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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