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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Triumph of Death 1562   Finally financial ‘markets’ go through a substantial dip, which Steve Mnuchin claims is just
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    Most people cannot conceive how devastating the next economic downturn is going to be at its perigee. The tide is going to be extremely low. Many baby boomers will find that their pensions, largely invested in stocks and bonds, will not be there. Savings in personal domestic real estate will likewise evaporate. “Investors” in things such as long-term care insurance will find that they have wasted their money. As the government attempts to suppress social unrest, taxes will increase to keep up with welfare assistance costs. The 1% will be relatively unaffected: losing 90% of a net worth of 10 milllion is not as devastating as losing 90% of an estate which nets at 100,000. Commentators are already mentioning stock losses of 45% near term and hinting at mortgages rates of 8.5% medium term. As the world political stage reverts to a more usual multipolar and nationalistic persona, I expect repayments of sovereign debt to be increasingly selective and conditional, with concomitant huge increases in yield to cover the increased risk of default in repayments of interest and principal. Any attempt to bail out financial institutions during the downturn as in 2008 will result in severe social upheaval. Interest in the stock market will be severely diminished for generations and central banking will probably be abolished. Some new or revived system of money will be initiated and work until it, too, becomes corrupted. All governments should be trying to repatriate untaxed income of any stripe that is sequestered in offshore tax havens. A one-time nationalization of any household net wealth over 5 million would be highly beneficial as would initiation of severe criminal and financial penalties for any major mainstream news medium or educational system which censors alternative views to sculpture a monolithic social mindset. Lack of variety causes lack of resilience which lowers survivability in all living systems, including human societies.


    Seychelles, all by design. A Rothschild explains much of the plan in a Q&A thread he started on another forum. And yes, I read the whole thing, and he knows too much erudite information to not be a Rothschild or someone **really** high up in their “food chain.”


    What most don’t know is that our property tax authority is contractually obligated to hold anything it taxes (our homes, our property) as COLLATERAL AGAINST THE INEXTINGUISHABLE GOVERNMENT DEBT.
    Given all you outlines above, imagine having an extra $200k tax levy added to the value of your home. If you don’t pay it as prescribed, well, you lose your home, even if it is “paid off.”
    If it isn’t paid off, you lose your home, you keep the mortgage, and by the time this all goes down, if you don’t pay the mortgage as a homeless person, you will probably be incarcerated in some kind of work camp. Who knows, but it won’t be good.
    The strong allusion to the fact our homes are COLLATERAL FOR GOVERNMENT DEBT is found in the last 10% of the Rothschild thread.


    Seychelles, all by design.

    I am not going to argue with you on this point.

    Dr. D

    Snappy and well-written. Cutting to the real point that the single purpose for markets is price discovery. Without price discovery, we have a soviet system of central planning, but worse. Worse because we can’t see that’s what happens, and worse because the system isn’t asking for more tractors we can need, the inputs just cascade mindlessly, demanding more houses in S.F. and more government debt. –You get what you subsidize and not what you tax, no surprise.

    Seychelles, that’s what history says alright, and it’s a hard taskmaster. However, it’s hard to be sure. The market was supposed to crash and the bonds fail, housing drop to cash income, and say metals and wheat rise 20 years ago. Or 40 years ago, in 1979, yet they keep the plate spinning, and, to my amazement, people just keep loving ever-further lies and frauds. If you’re off by 20 years, or even say 4 years, it can have big consequences. That’s why so many are in the market, trained to risk all for those 4, 10, 20 years. What else can they do? When markets are rigged, that is to say, there’s no price discovery, things that are in shortage get cheaper, and stocks that are bankrupt get richer. Hard to rest on the sidelines in the general madness.

    P.S. if you’re into the elite insider theory, 10/10/18 was a magic date for them, the window they wanted to kick off the big wars and troubles, before their plan went off the rails. That being the day they hit the market going into a midterm election is just another big coincidence, I’m sure. But history is riding them now too instead of the other way ‘round.


    But history is riding them now too instead of the other way ‘round.

    That SEEMS to be true, but they are in apparent denial.

    Hard to rest on the sidelines in the general madness.

    Yes, but when holdouts like us start getting tempted the cliff edge is much closer.


    Hi Dr. D,

    >> Cutting to the real point that the single purpose for markets is price discovery.<<

    Not from the perspective of the Money Power Monopolists, it isn’t.

    “Look at the stock market. The objective is to get the worthless fiat out of the serfs hands, not make a profit!

    Why would those who own the fiat creation have to work to get more! Silly!

    The market exists to get worthless fiat out of the hands of the little people, and for no other reason. And it is very easy to do. Think about how the markets work!”
    ~An Unnamed Rothschild

    That thread is probably the single most important data point leading towards anagnorisis, and then the realization of what the denouement might manifest as.

    But most people will ignore it…

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