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    It occurred to me that the glut of energy capacity and the dearth of credit is likely to sadly make it especially difficult for green and renewable energy projects/companies. At a time when we ought to be devoting more resources than ever to reducing our footprint and restoring the productive capacity of natural systems, we’ll have too little available capital, and too little demand for additional production- not to mention what is likely to happen to the future discount rate.

    As for the new site- very exciting, looking forward to new possibilities…


    The attitude of the populus of the UK to wind farms makes me a little sad: there’s a debate going on about the additional expense of renewables in general now that households and businesses are facing hard times and high energy bills. It’s so myopic and, I think, reflects the idea that the market will react in time to provide renewables just in time.
    I wish that people who speak up against renewables really study energy resources first. Otherwise it’s all noise in a vacuum. Once everyone knows the parameters of the subject, then it’s time to weigh it up!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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