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    Wilhelm Trübner A Gorgon‘s head 1891   The news still isn’t the news, and I’m getting afraid it never will be again, because not the news just si
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    If a billionaire, (Trump), cannot drain the swamp, then stand back and enjoy the fun until you realize that you won’t make it among the surviving 5%.

    My point, I think, is that political strongholds are being defeated everywhere at the same time.

    …. a Pandora swamp that’s been DC’s lifeblood forever.

    …. None of which is going to make your situation any better, but who knows, you just might feel better about it for a bit. Until you don’t.


    Facts can’t be hidden despite the best attempt of the media moguls. The USA, France and the United Kingdom are led by second rate incompetents; each pushing the West towards collapse. Failure is built into rule by corrupt oligarchs. With the rise of neoliberalism, building infrastructure was privatized. Users pay the costs to global financiers. In Northern Virginia the tolls range up to $47 for a one way commute in rush hour. Drivers who can’t afford this, adjusted their work hours and jammed up free side roads. Loudoun County Supervisor; “This tolling system has just made driving impossible and not affordable.” This is identical to picking fights with everyone else by the military and the legal/finance system to extort money. It is not sustainable. Either government by and for the people is restored or a Western Middle Class revolt is inevitable.


    Poor NRA, duped by the thought that they would have a new Russian branch promoting private citizen firearm ownership and great new market for their manufacturer members.

    Dr. D

    Somebody needs to tell Butina that she didn’t need to sleep with anyone or pay bribes to join the NRA, she could just send in a check like everybody else. It wouldn’t even be illegal!

    Wait. Hold on: WHY was it illegal for an immigrant to talk to Americans about their private tree-house club? I thought immigrants were welcome and had full rights here. So confused.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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