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    I don't really know why it is, but as much as I see pundits and experts and everyone in between address the euro mudbath lately, nobody seems to h
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    Otto Matic

    The Greek people have had every opportunity to follow Iceland’s example and have baulked.

    Again, and again, and again.

    They have had as much opportunity to educate themselves with copious articles and sources on the internet about how their very own elected officials invited Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid into their very own country back when it was trying to get INTO the EU and LIE LIE LIE about the state of their finances. They let their very own elected officials conspire with Goldman Sachs to HIDE the true state of their economy.

    Are they mouth breathing knuckle dragging morons? Are the Greeks illiterate? Are the Greeks third world peasants masquerading as First World wannabes? Are they Phucktards?

    The evidence for their predicament started in 1981 with entry into the EU. The trail of Goldmans actions via Greece have been known to ANYONE who wasn’t so lazy to get off their asses for DECADES.

    Please, please, anyone, let’s hear your best lame apologist excuses and shallow rationals for the Greek people not even GLANCING at Iceland as an alternative to the bed they have made for themselves and now get to perish in.

    Iceland has hired a BOUNTY HUNTER with 100 top researchers to hunt down those responsible for their banking cesspool.

    The Greeks don’t have the brains or balls too hire bounty hunters to track down the Financial Reptiles that move among them.

    Unlike the brave Lakota, the Greeks LOVE dancing with Lizards!

    Offer financial bounty hunters 10% of any and all ill-gotten assets from any and all Bankster globally and watch the REAL Olympics begin, not the Fraud-lympics in the City of London and not the pitiful Olympics from Greece, their day is done.

    The Greeks still have their thumb up their ass in between shots of Ouzo.

    They are a nation of Eunuchs in blue and white tutus spinning with the has-been melodies of Zorba dancing in their self pitying skulls.


    Otto Matic said …
    “The evidence for their predicament started in 1981 with entry into the EU.
    The trail of Goldmans actions via Greece have been known to ANYONE who wasn’t so lazy to get off their asses for DECADES.”

    Let’s be clear about who should have seen it and who should have gotten off their lazy asses.

    The bankers, (Goldmans), of course. They helped the Greeks scam Germany, and France bankers. (mainly).

    Otto Matic

    Goldman Sachs alumni have infested European banking circles for decades. The Vampire Squids tentacles go deep into the Heart of Old Europe like a malignant cancer.

    The German bankers were well aware of what Goldman was doing with Greece. The Germans wanted to have a Financial Fourth Reich to dominate Europe. Why bother with Panzer Tanks when you have the Deep in Debt Corps crushing nations without a fight.


    History is written by the winners.


    @ Otto Matic

    The problem I see with hating the Greek people for their response to the crisis as compared to Iceland, is that they are two different places with major differences in their recent history and resources.

    It also has to do with the amount of power/energy to turn the ship of state around. The number of people needed to bring about a change may just be too high. People have been demonstrating and committing suicide in public to protest what is going on, so I think many of the Greek people do not want their government is doing.

    I protested, wrote letters, voted for/against political leaders in the run up to and after the beginning of the Iraq invasion. The protests against the invasion were larger than the protests against the Viet Nam war.

    Our “ships of state” have been travelling in particular directions, with a great deal of momentum. Changing direction is not a simple or fast matter.

    I think gurusid made a good point about changing/not changing systems in another thread.

    Otto Matic

    The Greeks are essentially no different than the Irish in their spineless response to the financial rape of their respective ‘countries’.

    After Iceland set the FIRST precedent of standing up to the banking PsychoOlipaths, the Ball was in the court of Greece and Ireland.

    It was a defining moment in the MOMENTUM of the unfolding global banking meltdown.

    Both countries PUNTED rather than RUN WITH THE BALL that Iceland handed them.

    Here is the whole situation in a nutshell that the Greek and Irish ‘citizenry’ could NOT intellectually GRASP, are you ready?

    The PUBLIC, in ANY country on planet earth, are NOT responsible for the privately incurred GAMBLING DEBTS of private bankers.

    That’s it.

    Would any sane adult you know not get that statement?

    Would they need to hear it repeated twice? ten times? a hundred times? a day? an hour? a minute?

    Your neighbor goes to Vegas and looses $50,000, including all the money set aside for their mortgage, food and utilities for the year, and they want the rest of the people in their town to pay their gambling losses for them.

    A REAL ADULT would just shake their head and say HELL NO.

    However, there is a new term I ran across recently called ‘adultolesence’

    It’s someone who acts like a spoiled child but is too old to be one.

    The majority of the Greek and Irish public are ‘adultolesences’

    They had a choice to absorb a very simple concept:

    The PUBLIC, in ANY country on planet earth, are NOT responsible for the privately incurred GAMBLING DEBTS of private bankers.

    They CHOOSE to NOT vote out their corrupt cesspools of bank captured politicians when they had the chance, NOT to go after the Banksters, like Iceland IS doing, in short, not to act like real adult, role models to their children if you wish.

    Greece will now descend into REAL chaos and the military junta will come back for 10 or 20 or 50 years, to ‘restore order’ and there will not even BE an electoral process to change ANYTHING with. The moment will have passed.

    Same thing for the Irish. I guess Paddy needs another drink.

    The adultolesences of Greece and Ireland, by NOT pulling the right lever in the voting booth, will greatly increase the likelihood that their children and grandchildren will have to pull a Trigger outside the voting booth to get real reform.

    The Spanish and the Italians would have had a much easier time of saying no to being responsible for paying privately incurred bankster gambling debts if the Greeks and Irish had ‘man upped’ and said no,like ICELAND, thus setting and RE-ENFORCING the PRECEDENT that the public in any country is NEVER EVER responsible for privately incurred gambling debts.


    I have read the articles for many month about the problems of the Euro zone and all the comments about why and when the Euro will collaps. Still I have not yet read any serious reflextion from the said writers why all these events are really happening and which country in the world is the most to gain (or is perhaps behind) a forthcoming Euro collaps.
    So to make the TAE readers reflect, just ask yourselves, what are the answers to these two questions.
    1. Which country in the world would gain the most if the second world reserve currency would collaps?
    2. From which country came the bankers who helped to start the Euro mess by implementing all kinds of serious financial dirty trix to fool the European Commission and Parliament?

    Alexander Ac

    BUT BUT BUT Draghi say today something different!! 🙂 And bond yields went DOWN!


    Otto Matic

    Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers at Max K’s place.

    Seems the modern day Frankenstein corporate reseachers have made a hybrid robot jellyfish powered by muscle cells from a rat’s heart.

    Max points out it’s actually the New Jaime Dimon proto-type, a spineless jellyfish robot with a rat’s heart, aka The Perfect Banker.

    They can be cloned and have a movie featuring them:

    The Rat Hearted Robot Jellyfish from Brazil.

    I guess being a Reptile-Oligarch was shooting for far too high minded an avatar concept for the likes Jaime.

    This will make it much harder to hang one of these creatures however.

    steve from virginia

    Iceland is energy independent (she imports petroleum but exports electricity in the form of refined aluminum).

    Argentina (default a few years ago) is energy exporter.

    PIIGS are all import dependent (Italy produces about 10% of current consumption). France and Germany are as import dependent as Greece. Without the euro, the Europeans lack to means to obtain petroleum.

    Europe is held hostage to Wall Street, dependent on external credit. Finance’s credit embargo allows Europe’s consumption to be exported elsewhere (US). Cutting Europe’s consumption from 15 mbpd to 5 million barrels per day is the same as finding a new Saudi Arabia.

    The Europeans? Who cares …!

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