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    We have been engaged in many discussions here and on TAE lately regarding how the monetary system collapse will play out and our various philosphies on how this should be dealt with. Embedded in this discussion is my interpretation of Revelation 18 from The Bible.

    I have been engaged the last couple of days with debates inside the Diner and on TAE, and have not had time to write another feature. Tonight I went back to look for an Oldie but Goodie, and Fortuna has it the very first one I turned up quotes that very passage from Revelation 18 also. This post was written originally as one of my Frostbite Falls Daily Rants on The Burning Platform, directly after I received the news of the Death of my mother a little over a year ago now.

    For those of you also currently involved in the Goodness Gracious! Great Wall’s on Fire! discussion on TAE, this post also has more of my thoughts on the value of Gold and Silver in a Collapse. All in all, a fortuitous post for me to dig up tonight, and I am not sure it was coincidence that I found it as the very first one I turned up.

    It was the Finger of God.

    All that is written in there remains as true today as it was then.


    Read the rest in Revelation on the Doomstead Diner


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