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    Vincent van Gogh Lilac Bush 1889     Granted, there are various levels of dumb acts and theories being passed as science. Spain mandating a
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    Come on Ilargi – you know that all this has absolutely nothing to do with science, viruses or vaccines.

    It’s all about the implementation of a digital ID on a smartphone.

    From the very beginning this entire charade has been a con trick.

    “The Big Lie: How COVID-19 became a disinformation operation wrapped in a virus”

    I’ve posted previously who the Chief Executive of the CommonPass project is.
    We know all about ID 2020
    The EU were talking about ‘vaccine’ passports long before Covid
    We all know about Event 201 –

    Here again is what we’re looking at being implemented:

    Please – let’s not kid ourselves what is really going on here.



    Why are the enablers clamoring, shouting, and strutting, peacocking, parading, flouncing, flaunting to get the attention of the rifraf, irrelevant, people that have no power and no wealth?

    Those that have the power and the wealth have the enablers to make the laws, rules, and regulations that make the social order as they decree, announce, direct, instruct, proclaim, rule.

    Since when have those with power and wealth obeyed Moses and the 10 commandments?


    cloudhidden et al, if you’re still there

    I sent a mail to Shayam Solutions, this is their page at Indiamart:

    And of course their mail is shayamsolutions at gmail com.

    I have no part in this, I am just very grateful that they did what nobody else I contacted wanted to to.

    Polder Dweller


    I’m not the first to say this, but George Orwell’s book 1984 may have started out life as a disturbing novel about a dystopian future, only now it is being used as a blueprint by TPTB. Klaus Schwab gave plenty of hints in his recent Great Reset speech, and even Airstrip One has now been wrested from the clutches of Eurasia to become part of Oceania. If you want to know what happens next, you could do worse than re-read the book.

    Doc Robinson

    “Scientists are still not certain whether vaccinated people may become infected, even briefly, and transmit the virus to others.”

    That’s from the New York Times, and it’s misleading.

    There is 100% certainty that vaccinated people may become infected. This was known from the vaccine trials, before the EUA was issued. Real-life effectiveness was recently proclaimed to be 90%, which means that 10% of those vaccinated can still get infected. And the vaccine reduces their transmission potential by only 11% (so they are nearly as infectious to others as the non-vaccinated cases), according to a recent study.

    I posted the links to these studies earlier this week.

    Doc Robinson

    “Moreover, as this little table from the Lancet shows, 40% of people are protected by their antibodies for only 90 days, and 70% for only 125 days.”

    Just to clarify, that applies to patients who have recovered from COVID-19, whose resulting natural immunity is potentially longer-lasting, and more protective against different Covid strains (since their immune system reacts to the entire virus), than people who are vaccinated (whose immune systems react to a certain snippet of the virus).



    The more people are needed to execute a BIG PLAN, the less likely it is that there is such a plan. None is needed here. Both politicians and “experts” are way out of their league. That’s all you need. Sure, there are Schwabs and people like that, and there are some who see a golden opportunity, but they’re not what drives the incompetence. That was already there.


    @ Polder Dweller:

    Watch to the end –


    Ilargi – it’s more of a confluence of interests than one big plan.

    It’s many small plans all coming together simultaneously:

    Digital currencies, facial recognition, big data, genetically-based ‘vaccines, smart-phone apps. and a whole lot more.

    And very little of it is in our interests.

    They know that:
    1. financial/currency collapse is fast approaching,
    2. mass unemployment driven by automation is inevitable,
    3 climate-collapse driven mass migration from south to north is set to explode.
    4. we are about to go over the energy cliff.

    The UK Gov. has just enacted extraordinarily draconian police powers that, in effect, criminalise peaceful protest. Authoritarianism and militarism of the police is spreading across the west.

    Heed Naomi Klein’s warning:

    And watch the film “Children of Men” for an idea of what my 17 year-old son’s future will look like:

    madamski cafone

    A simple explanatory concept: just as massive wide-spread competence, planning, shared intelligence, show striking more or less universal patters of cooperative behavior, so do mass incompetence, pipe-dreaming, shared folly.

    For example:

    “They know that:
    1. financial/currency collapse is fast approaching,
    2. mass unemployment driven by automation is inevitable,
    3 climate-collapse driven mass migration from south to north is set to explode.
    4. we are about to go over the energy cliff.”

    And yet, knowing all this, they do the dumbest craziest, most-divorced-from-reality shit imaginable… because they are entirely creatures of addictive habit, have been since at least young adulthood, and can only push agendas that serve those habits even when all logic and data show that doing so will fail, and they won’t be safe from the failure (cue National Guard troops around the D.C. Campus because some impressionably hotheads acted up).

    I repeat, both tiresomely and wearily, that part of paranoiac belief in Grand Plan Tyranny is a need to believe in authority’s power to rule… even if it does so tyranically. For if it didn’t, it would just be you and your neighbors, and we have no idea how to accomplish that in modern culture. We crave the subjection we denounce. A bipolar people, we are.

    We fear our neighbors, if only because they’ll bore us with their wearisome conspiracy theories or assertions that the CDC knows what it’s doing.


    @ Raul

    I will be using Shayam and will tell them that their extra mile efforts generated the sale.


    As for we the people: the people I talk to when I’m out and about are mostly ready to drop the masks and get on with it. It’s not just covid-weariness: we are now experiencing, finally, the genuine effects of the de facto deep dark dire depression (5 d words!) that was mostly postponed via the incontinent Federal Reserve.

    People aren’t liking the experience. Last Depression, the unrest was about to spill into major civil disobedience of the pitchforked torch variety (putting torch on a pitchfork was the medieval version of a light saber; my Liar’s Etymology says the slang for this was ‘tork” in 1350). In 1934, spontaneous mobs were gathering around city halls across the land. We’ve already seen this. Just because astroturf is now found in almost all grass roots movement doesn’t mean the movement isn’t real grass. You can spot the astroturfers. Their mamas dress them funny:


    Real civil disobedience is just beginning and will soon overwhelm any illusion of astroturf control that any ‘color revolutionaries’ indulge. But, unlike real grass, through wildfire burns quickly with miniomal damage and a revitalizing effect on the landscape, astroturf burns slow and hot with an almost China syndrome intensity, while spreading direly toxic fumes

    madamski cafone

    For those interested in certain psych tendencies, this person is, imo, uncommonly accurate, informed, and honest. A real psychopath’s psychopath:

    Athenas Walker, Professional Psychopath

    madamski cafone

    As for China: that system will also collapse. Russia, India, and Iran will perhaps bother themselves to annex resource rich Chinese provinces bordering them for awhile. Extract the good stuff, then exit.

    But China will probably get an artificial life extension if it can translate its world dominance in manufacturing into a dominant (but not sole) global foreign reserve currency. Give it an extra ten years. If it could do an honest reset, it would turn that into a new dynasty using systemic populace control to adjust, without collapsing into Warring States Redux,to the harsh new realities coming into play.

    But I don’t think that China’s institutions of authority are capable of integrating honesty into their modes of operation.

    As bad as it looks to be a Euromerican these days, it will be even worse to be Chinese in ten years, twenty at the most.


    Ha! Science they say. Hell, who knows,,,,maybe “science” will find a cure for the common cold some day. Until then, it’s Virus’ 1, Science 0.


    I have yet to see a good graphic of Western Plutocracy with all the wealth and power concentrated with a very few rich global families at the top and the masses below having less and less.

    I’ve seen it mentioned once but the reason so many children are risking death to cross the southern US border are the two hurricanes that hit Central America last year and famine stalking them.
    Government has done nothing to alleviate it. Joe Biden won’t force the children back into Mexico.

    My analogy is that modern Civilization is a Temple held up by finance, business, politics, military, science, education, agriculture, transportation and engineering pillars overseen by Priests and Mandarins. The problem is that finance has been allowed by the overseers to parasitize all the others and is passing wealth to itself weakening the rest to the point of collapse.

    COVIED-19 pandemic has become a means to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. This is needlessly causing the loss of life in nations without functional public health systems. It is culling of the hapless in nations that have no intention of implementing universal testing, contact tracing, and safe/free quarantines. The for-profit vaccines could fail due to mutant variants, an unknown long-term adverse reaction, short term immunity, jab avoidance due to cost/fear, and semi-annual booster shots.

    This is finally seeping into the politician’s consciousness. The US Capitol is not safe. They are failing to protect the lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of Americans. Economic distribution must be equable. Or it all falls apart.

    madamski cafone

    The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic. Dr. Mike Yeadon

    “The ease with which humans develop immunity to this virus is striking. Incidentally, it is this immune adeptness which has probably played an important role in why, against prior pessimism, many vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 have apparently ‘worked’ (though there is much to criticise about how efficacy has been defined, because a reduction in the propensity to become PCR positive has not previously been regarded as a leading indicator of the degree to which a vaccine will protect a population against severe illness).”

    And so forth.


    @ Ilargi….Thanks, got it
    And many many thanks for being there for this community of your readers.
    You bring us all together here daily..
    Thanks also to all of you who provide such rich reading and different perspectives

    @ Wes re off grid. Not necessary for us, but unplugged 9 years ago to avoid smart-meter. Self installed system, cost $20K CAD, Use small diesel generator for winter (sun below tree line and cloudy)

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