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    Mish, KD, ZH and TAE all seem to have already gone on autopilot for the summer. Mish and KD won’t actually think again until the election, but the other two might say something. Please….

    Spring is running a month early (Nassim, I can believe you or my lying garden. Oops, garden for the win says the hunger crazed food addict.) so I am busy. But I’d really appreciate 15 minutes of actual content over sunrise coffee and sunset wine. and (Vermont pasture network) just don’t quite cut it.

    Yes, I understand that it is important to talk to the East Overshoe town council. Two hundred fifty people in that hall probably have the influence of 25,000 reading this forum.

    but meanwhile

    your fricking javascri

    pt is throwing links around so

    fuck you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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