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    The Arctic plains are an eminent example of nature’s untouched beauty: an endless nothing in which only few know how to survive. But a silent as
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    Hey..I Eat Organic veggies, meats, dairy etc. A lot of it. I do so to limit my families intake of garbage. But to relay and repeat a HIT-PIECE docu on some mysterious killer-snow in the arctic. Really? Really?

    So we “Low-Longitude” dwellers are somehow less likely to be poisoned? Less likely to drink “contaminated” rain/ground-water? Really? My goodness…do some real research first. (hint – in the 80’s, the “Ozone-H-O-L-E” was going to fry everyone by the mid 90’s) – opps that didnt happen cuz there NEVER was a real Ozone HOLE (it was a purported thinning NOT a hole). Gia/Earth/God will pretty much make sure we humans cant destroy mama earth before dying off (Nuke Bombs Excluded).

    The Arctic is HEALTHY – go friggin look. Its HEALTHY!!!! Polar bears are increasing.Oh…and all that melted ice since the 90’s….its “eleveted” ocean levels by 1/2 inch…scary (how do they calibrate a satellite more than 12,000 miles above the earth to within 1/2 inch is beyond me, considering the machine constantly deploys thrust jets to adjust its average altitude, and the moon constantly tugs it every 27-28 days) But that 1/2 inch im sure will flood many a Venice buildings (not cuz they were already flooded from 200+ yrs ago)

    I expect more from all at TAE. Or I shall simply stop reading altogether.

    Sure Pesticides and toxins land in the arctic, absolutely. But if your going to post something like what you did, Please include the PPM concentrations in both the Arctic AND more familiar Populated areas for comparison. And make sure those readings are true, and that the purported “Toxic” levels are truley toxic….we all know people who are 40+ yrs old today that either swollowed or handeled liquid Murcury nd are not crazed or dead…same principle presides, just cuz something is “bad”, DOESNT mean its responsible for everything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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