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    It has taken a while, but now The Automatic Earth can proudly announce the release of our brand new 4 DVD set, A World of Change, featuring the lectur
    [See the full post at: The Automatic Earth presents a brand new Nicole Foss 4 DVD set]


    Will it be available for downloading for a similar fee?



    Not for the moment.


    I have not heard of DVD s for around 3 years !
    Make the set open to download.


    Cjrego…it would make life better for everyone if you could try to be more polite. Try it. It’s not that hard once you decide to be a nice person.

    Ilargi, you may want to look into publishing it on iTunes. That might be an opportunity to reach a broader audience. Food for thought. Though the good thing about having it on DVD is that you have a back up copy.


    Hi Stoneleigh, Ilargi

    I happened to visit you in Leicester, Uk when you were still working on and organising these DVDs so I know how much trouble you have gone to.

    Low volume production costs more per item so I think the price is very reasonable indeed.

    All the best,


    Sorry Barak, English is not too good. Am fine with the price.
    Only observing that DVDs, PCs,watches(non jewelry pieces), books and magazines in printed form, etc are almost extinct.
    .. or will be soon.


    I don’t think DVDs are as antiquated as some seem to believe, there are plenty people who do still want them. That said, we will certainly look at making things available as downloads, though perhaps not all content on the DVD set. But that may take a while, and for now we’ll focus on selling the DVDs. 2012 has been a bit of a crazy year for us, with even more travel than the year before, and we first need to make sure we get our funding in order going forward, and to move back to a regular publishing schedule (impossible to maintain when you’re on the road all the time).

    Golden Oxen

    The demise of the DVD is being exaggerated in my opinion. I still find the CD very useful as well.


    The link to the Store page that the ad picture is supposed to have was missing for a while. Sorry for that. Now we’re open for business again!


    Golden oxen, the cost of hard disk space is about a dollar for 20 GB.

    ….that’s about 4 DVD s …plus it’s erasable. That’s why DVD are history.


    Stoneleigh and Ilargi –

    I’ve ordered my copies of the DVD and can hardly wait for Santa to bring it to me.

    You guys keep me posted on the collapse of the global economy. Now it’s just the learning curve on raised bed gardening and trying to become somewhat food secure with it. My chickens are a treat with a fresh egg a day and others to gift and trade to friends and neighbors.

    I think I’d like to see a bit more on Urban gardening networks and other prepping skills. I’m especially interested in water and its upcoming shortages etc.

    Much as I’d like to live on a farm, I have a business (for now) in town and friends and family. We have some downstream (5 yr) plans to go together with a friend and his family to possibly find a good farm for us to go in together on. Since he is a USDA regional supervisor, he can keep his eyes open for a good opportunity. I just hope that 3 – 5 yrs can give us enough time to transition.

    Again thanks for all your hard work in keeping the rest of us up on the unfolding financial and energy events.


    What region code is the DVD set produced under? I can only play DVDs set up for Region 2, is there any way round this?


    I also ordered the DvDs and am looking forward to viewing but when I received my envelope from Mr. Pandurangi it was empty. :S

    How do I go about getting my copies?

    Thank you.



    They’re all region.


    I’m on it.


    Thanks for very quick response.



    Was the envelope still sealed when you got it?

    I remember the batch I sent yours out in, but I can’t imagine I sent out any empty ones.

    Anyway, sorry about that, and I will ship you another one promptly.


    It was a little odd, the main seal appeared to be intact as was the tear away easy open strip and there was just a hole in the corner of the envelope, too small for dvds to fit through.

    I attempted to open the main seal carefully to see if it had been resealed but my investigation was inconclusive.

    Thanks for your attention to the matter.


    I am ordering (or rather my housemate is) the 4 dvd set. We are working with his mother to help her understand these issues. Her resistance is two fold:
    1) she doesn’t want to spend the time to self-educate herself and isn’t willing to take our word on it (yet still suspects that we’re right).
    2) She wants to find an independent financial advisor that can help her understand these issues.

    Do you or anyone on this forum have recommendations of financial planners? Is that even something she could find? Thanks for any help with these issues,


    2nd envelope arrived, DvDs in fine shape within.

    Thank you!

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