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    William Henry Jackson Washington Bridge and High Bridge over the Harlem River 1890 There are choices forced upon us by mankind’s “progress” and “devel
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    I will let mother nature carry water up hill, increase the potential energy which gravity would converted to kinetic energy which I will use to make electricity.

    Walking on a treadmill just doesn’t do it for me.


    I’m actually from Kosovo, lived in London for the majority of my life but i’ve moved back to Kosovo a year and a half ago. The ironic thing about this post is that we’re actually suffering from a drought currently!

    Ilargi, there something i want to ask you. I actually took a few days to read all the blog posts since the inception of the Automatic Earth in early 2008. I remember in one of those posts (i think sometime in 2009) you either wrote or quoted someone as saying that Government/Fed policy towards the deflation crisis was like someone on the beach trying to stop a tidal wave.

    I was wondering whether it would have been better to describe what they were doing as trying to stop the rumblings of an earthquake that would have definitely created the tidal wave of deflation, and that in hindsight, they’ve been somewhat successful in that respect. Obviously the definition of success i’m using is totally warped as essentially what they’ve done is make sure that sometime in the near to midterm future, that wave will be twice as big.



    ALL the blog posts? You’re a brave man!

    In the late 1990’s, I decided, after having read a few of its articles, to take a full month off and read ALL 242 articles on Jay Hanson’s Best education anyone could ever wish for, still would be today, and which at the same time made even clearer to me how useless universities are when it comes to real knowledge.

    About my metaphors, I think we’re both as on as we are off: it seems to depend on what timeline you’re thinking off, or in. In that regard, it’s amusing to see the deflation theme take center stage now, even if it’s only so the media and politicians can deny it’s even possible. As I’ve often said, it’s not so much the willingness of politicians to spend public funds to keep the illusion going that surprises me, but people’s willingness to accept that they do. People don’t know what’s coming, because they choose not to, day to day life is much easier that way.

    But huge debts can only possibly lead to deflation, and if they’re based on insane leverage levels to boot, it’s scorched earth time. It’s a fair guess that in reality there are no real assets underpinning even 0.1% of all debt anymore.

    But please tell: why did you move back to Kosovo? I’ don’t think I’ve ever been.


    I always wanted to move back, since after the war in 1999 i came here to visit relatives every summer as a kid with my family and i just loved how people were so much closer and less atomised, it appealed to me. I think that was the big attraction for me, which sadly has lost its appeal because with post-war development, people have become more atomised even here, though much less than in Western countries.

    I moved back in the summer of 2012 when i was 23, when things didn’t really look good employment wise in London so i figured if i was gonna up sticks and try and make a life in kosovo, that was the best time to give it a go.

    One more question, is there any other way i can donate to the site other than through paypal?


    Oh by the way, reading through the archives of the Automatic Earth was eye-opening and time very much well spent. Really wanted to thank you, Stonleigh and Ashvin (Want happened to him btw, his picturing christ blog doesnt seem to function anymore. I know he did a few posts on the doomstead diner but he seems to have vanished, hope he’s ok).

    Hope you guys are getting the financial support you deserve, you absolutely deserve it.


    Ash is fine.


    Won’t the parlous state of the financial world doom the dam projects? Of course, while waiting for that doom to arrive, they can make a big mess digging and blasting, leveling forests and building access roads for dams that they’ll never have the financing to finish.


    g-minor, that will be true for a lot of things. The worse the situation, the bigger the illusions, in fact. There’s something in there that depicts the beauty of the downfall, as some kind of theme throughout history, like societies collapsing just when they engage in their most exuberant building projects.

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