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    Odilon Redon The Birth of Venus II c.1910   How do you define terror? Perhaps, because of the way the term has evolved in the English language, o
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    July 4th is a good day to declare independence from global oligarchs and the “five-eyes” intelligence community. Add, nationalist oligarchs, Donald Trump, and politicians, Boris Johnson, and we have a three-ring circus. None give a damn for the little people. Just getting richer from raking in flight capital from spreading chaos. Once upon a time, Democracy, the Fourth Estate and the Rule of Law provided common sense rules to rein in aristocracy’s excesses, no more. There is no finer example today than the United Kingdom. It is about to lose Northern Ireland and Scotland. Its armed forces seized a Panamanian flagged oil tanker which is either an act of war or piracy. Disappearing Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Arming Jihadists. Using dead children in false flag poison gas attacks. Bombing Syria, Iraq and Libya. Flooding Europe with millions of refugees.

    Before it is too late, now, is the time to restore government by and for the people.


    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”—”the more things change, the more they continue to be the same thing,

    Now, …. we have the web to keep us informed.


    The winds are not shifting for others. In the Australian media at the moment are stories about the help given by Swedish diplomats in North Korea to secure the release of an Australian citizen. One report is here. “We are so very grateful,” intoned our PM.

    Surely a precedent exists now for Swedish diplomats to secure the release of Julian Assange from his unlawful detention.

    V. Arnold

    Happy 4th of July. Not sure how independent you yourself are, but I can see a few people who did achieve independence from western terror. Just not the poor, the ones that count. But don’t look at the tanks, look at the wind instead. The winds are shifting.

    As independent as a Usian can be; given we are the property of the U.S. government as long as we hold US passports.
    Some of us “poor” have been able to relocate; the day I was hired by a U.S. company to work in Thailand, I had less than $100 USD to my name.
    The afternoon I landed in BKK I had $400 USD in my pocket (monthly expense amount).
    The very best thing I had when I arrived was zero debt; to this day (17 years later), I still have zero debt.
    Zero debt is absolutely required for true independence; IMO…
    And, yes indeed: The winds are finally shifting; it will be interesting to see what the Eurasian countries will do with their newly acquired independence from the hegemon.
    And can they keep it? That’s the real question…

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