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    Dorothea Lange ‘We’re bound for Kingfisher (OK wheat) and Lubbock (TX cotton). We’ll be in California yet. 1938   • ABC Stopped Jeffrey Epstein R
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    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange ‘We’re bound for Kingfisher (OK wheat) and Lubbock (TX cotton). We’ll be in California yet. 1938
    Lange’s work is deservedly historic; and her capture of the raw beauty of that time, told no lies..
    The paperclip “Scream” is a scream… 😉

    It’s November 6th; on this date in 1919, Albert Einstein was pulled from obscurity by a British scientist for his work on the general theory of relativity. Einstein said at that time, that only 12 people in the world would understand his work.
    Well worth a read as it’s a great story.


    I like that the New York Times headlines “Sondland UPDATES testimony..” 400 pages worth of testimony, hour after hour after hour, coaxed and coached by Adam Schiff, and during all that time he FORGOT the one thing he knew they were after? But remembered it later, after talking to god knows who?I don’t know who got to him, but somebody sure did.

    Dr. D

    Lang looks like fun. Wish I were there. It’s an honest hard that is better than the drip drip of the “thick of thin things” where “nothing matters and anything goes.” It’s the wealth that has driven us (them) all crazy, not poverty. Ask King David, once a homeless felon and living in caves: that’s not what crashed him.

    “ABC Stopped Jeffrey Epstein Report ‘Amid Palace Threats’ (BBC)”

    ABC executive said they were simply worried they would no longer get interviews from Kate for celebrity gossip. Much worse and oh-so more American.

    “His death was ruled a suicide by investigators.”

    And NOT a suicide by OTHER investigators. So as our a la carte news, pick whichever truth you want that fits your existing bias. P.S., why did they feel the need to add that line? Similar to the constantly added “he said, ‘without evidence’,” (usually said of a man’s own opinions or facts that are classified that only he and not the reporter would have access to.) Why? It’s a smear word, a lie word, an I-don’t-believe-it-either-but-must-convince-you-anyway word.

    “Project Veritas, a group that seeks to expose perceived liberal bias in the mainstream media.”

    Really? Did they find any said bias? Because it sure looks like they’re the only ones on earth doing investigative journalism. And to me the real story is a) how dumb, dumb, dumb the anchor is. “I don’t understand why the managers/owners spiked the story!” You’re fired. You’re not a reporter; you clearly have no cynicism gland. And b) that ABC was happy, satisfied, thrilled in fact, to have such a story, to out the leaker/witness, to tell her name to Epstein, to cover for serial pedophilia rapes, and to be such cheap whores they apparently didn’t even do it for the money. The act of protecting violent criminals and savaging victims, keeping that victim train going for 20 more years was reward enough. For their true Master. The Father of Lies? Tell me why it isn’t.

    So the Anchor, a woman, knew this and sat on it for 3 years, not leaking it to anyone else. Knowing all that time, every day she uses her $10,000 makeup and has 5-star meals in Manhattan, that girls from Minnesota were being essentially trafficked and raped? Tell me how that feels for you, because I wouldn’t know.

    “this insider leaked this tape to Project Veritas and not the Washington Post, New York Times, CBS or CNN, …the people that were working with Jeffrey Epstein,”

    And the FBI too. Look, even low-level dummies like me, totally disconnected and not looking for anything knew about this by 1999. So want to calculate Epstein’s appetite of 3 girls a day x 365 x 20 years? And I’m supposed to say “Aw, too bad Ms. Robach, nice try?”

    “Roger Stone, Trump Friend and Alleged Tie to WikiLeaks, Faces Trial (NPR)”

    Stone is an operator, and has been doing some clever things by going to trial. I don’t know if it’ll all pan out for him as it has for Flynn, but discovery is going to be hilarious, and the SWAT raid on him 10x harder than for Saddam and Bin Laden, lambasted harder than al-Baghdadi, with pre-alerted CNN reporters imbedded was the kind of public communication to voters about the state of their government that you just can’t buy. As an old guy, I’m sure this is the way he wants to go out. With dirty tricks and panache, spitting in their eye.

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” ― Hunter S. Thompson

    “Amid 2016 Election, State Dept Saw Burisma as Joe Biden’s Issue (Solomon)”

    As I commented late yesterday, this means they knew it was wrong. As the present defense of it shows they also know it was wrong. Wrong in that even having the APPEARANCE causes credibility issues, diverting the Ambassador from useful duties to cover and witness-tamper with her, and so on. Just don’t do it. …Mr. Kushner.

    Also mirrors Clinton’s main vulnerability from ’16, the sale of U.S. Uranium to Russia for a few million in free cash to Bill, from our purported arch-enemy, via Russian banks who had been embargoed. Ya think? And it was, but you’re not supposed to ADMIT it! You know, the way Beto admitted he was gun-confiscating with SWAT teams and the way Joy Bahar said on national T.V. that Democrats should lie about taking the guns and your constitutional civil rights, then illegally trash Federal Law and double-cross and arrest you immediately upon claiming office. Yes, we all know it’s true; DON’T SAY THOSE THINGS IN PUBLIC. Do they have diarrhea of the mouth? Tourette’s? As said when pitching to the imprisoned transgender vote or pissing off every voter by adding the white, English imperialism of editing the Spanish language with “LatinX,” who are you talking to? They used to have enough brains to lie. It’s astonishing. I thought it was a requirement for political office, but as Assad said, I really appreciate the new political honesty here. Yes, Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton are doing wrong. Yes, we all know it. Yes, we are going to erase your civil rights without any process of changing the law and Amendment. Yes, we’re going to lie about it and are lying right now. Thanks! That’s actually the #Logos you’re speaking, I’m surprised your mouth isn’t burning.

    “Sondland Reverses Himself on Ukraine (Pol.)”

    Well that’s easy: I guess he needs to be arrested for perjury. He was either lying before or lying now. Either way, it’s a crime. Bye.

    Q: How guilty do you have to be to be arrested anymore? A: No one knows. We have yet to arrest anyone.

    “Ryanair Grounds Three Boeing 737s After Cracks Found (G.)”
    “Boeing Whistleblower Raises Doubts Over 787 Oxygen System (BBC)”

    While fun, I expect this is normal and they’re just checking Boeings more now, and the media is reporting what is ordinarily normal, boring repairs like a front tie-rod end change. The media specializes in reporting tiny events as if they’re pandemic, and pandemic events as if they either don’t exist or are ordinary and always happening. You can tell because math and statistics are like garlic to vampires, never used and spat out, because they enforce objective truth on pathological liars and are #Logos, their one true hate and enemy.

    “The Recession in The Auto Industry Is Tanking the Global Economy (ZH)”

    This does prove up Marx’s theory that Capitalism will be SO successful that it will glut the market with products and crash itself. I assume since every conclusion he ever had was wrong this one will be too, but this process isn’t. And thanks to non-capitalism, it’s also concentrated in Mary Barra’s and Zuckerberg’s hands, who will obviously give you UBI for free, no strings attached, and not cut off your UBI or health care or anything the way UK’s Nation Health just said they will: No no no. When have Zuck or Dorsey or Pichai ever cut off Free Speech?

    The other part of this is Germany is now in a Recession, two quarters of shrinking growth. Of course like us they have been, but they’ve paused lying about it now for some reason. How’s the old Euro doing?

    Interesting link about Einstein’s wife – makes one wonder if credit was not appropriately allocated.


    Come on Dr. D on Marx being wrong on everything. As he predicted we have a never-ending, earth-destroying search for more markets, a glut of high-end garbage we don’t need while we have not enough of the essentials. We have incredibly powerful monopolies and a massive expensive workforce that is terrified of leaving it’s awful jobs. Sounds like Marx was bang on.

    Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014

    Dr. D

    Actually NIH denies medical care to a third category too: Whistleblowers.

    Even ones who report on unrelated 3rd nations.

    Doc Robinson

    Those Boeing 737 cracks are not trivial, and the repair takes weeks (not a few hours or days).

    The attachment frames with their pickle fork reinforcements are a so-called safe life design (see below for more on this) which means they shall last well above the life of the aircraft, in this case, 90,000 flights. The cracks were found on ex-Jet Airways of India passenger planes which were converted to freighters for Amazon with more than 33,500 flights behind them. When doing these conversions the airframes are stripped bare and the cracks were found… The 737 NG pickle forks are a safe life design, according to our information. This is what makes the cracks worrying. They shouldn’t be there on an airframe with only 37% of its design life behind it.

    Dr. D

    Marx was wrong about many things.” – Quote from Rolling Stone article linked. And there are many things wrong even in that article, to say nothing of Marx. But that would make a very long discussion indeed.

    I’d say about Capitalism what Gandhi said about “Western Civilization”: “ I think it would be a good idea.”

    The primary problem in critiques and the Rolling Stone article are, how is there an oversupply? A: because central banks artificially suppress interest rates, print money, and hand it to their friends. I.e. Anti-Capitalism, indeed, it is Marxism, State-run, State-directed central planning. Unlike say, the capitalism of the Middle Ages, it causes false, artificial demand, construction of useless products, waste, overproduction, and therefore requires a subsequent collapse and violent unemployment that favors only speculators and financiers. A slow, steady system could not do this, or not to this level. Monopoly relies on bribery and insider dealing of government controlling, favoring, and protecting corporations, i.e. Socialism. Since America is “Only suited to a moral people and will work for none other”, it’s no surprise Americans believed, as they morally attacked the obvious problems of bribery in a government far too small to run the economy and favor insider corporations, that they would believe capital would naturally aggregate, and competition would dis-aggregate as happened for 200 years before government starting running the economy. Once they could control the government to favor corporate interests, i.e. Marxism, the Robber Barons were never unseated again.

    Same with Income Tax. It is Communist, one of the platforms, along with a conniving, intervening Central Bank. Every day since it’s existed, inequity has increased, not decreased, and every time it’s raised and expanded even down to the poor, it hurts the modest, not the wealthy. It’s Marxism. As it’s been added, things got worse, not better. So Marx’s conclusion on this, as well as 1) Confiscation of personal property, 2) Open violence as the proper means 3) Confiscation of all dissident property. 4) Centralization of communication, as in Facebook, etc 5) State-run farms, as in Holodomor or FDR dumping milk while people starved 6) Legal Slavery, as the conscription of labor for state ends, 7) Forcing population moves, as destroying the rural areas and driving people into the cities as in France and America 8) Public school system, which now as Baltimore, graduates <10% with basic competency at a cost of $55k/student/year. All failures in the EXTREME, with 300M dead, the biggest mass-death of the 20th century, more than typhus and plague combined. I’d say that’s a pretty unprecedented, extremely well-tested failure.

    Product demands were no less in 1800 than they are now. Do you not think every man would have liked a pair of robotic, bird-singing clockwork pistols? Or a pocketwatch? Of course they would. So why were they not created and tossed on the cobbles of Philadelphia? A) they were too poor and B) they didn’t have access to unlimited, free, false, and bankrupting money that causes nations to come unhinged and fall into catastrophe. So their DEMAND for an iPhone5 comes to nothing if you don’t undermine the entire system to make iPhone5s for Steve Job’s personal profit, using hundred-trillion$ in free money to HIM while strangling wages for the working man, food production is gutted, and West Virginians starve. That’s a direct TRANSFER from the poor TO the rich, from the Reds TO the Blues, using Marx’s income tax and central bank, institutions tailor-made for the purpose. This is why RICH people donate to Marxist economic schools and pay to shutter Austrian schools: because RICH people get richer using these tools, not because they get poorer and the poor get a fairer shake.

    And a lot more, but trying to keep the base argument short: a) Most of the things they complain about in “capitalism” are actually Marxism, and b) Every day that any element of his platform is enacted, things have gotten worse. It would stand to reason that we should just reverse the double-ills added by Marxism and go back to it being only as “least-bad” as Capitalism, with as little transferring, bribing, and thieving as possible.

    But don’t worry, regardless of our opinions, that’s about to happen as both Socialism goes bankrupt and Nations lack the power to control anything and favor all their billionaires at your expense.

    Doc Robinson

    Ilargi: “I’d give Sondland an F- on credibility.”

    Did he ever have any credibility as ambassador? Sondland is called a “diplomat” in headlines but he’s a hotel developer who donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee, leading to his selection by Trump as ambassador to the EU. Fiona HIll, who resigned from Trump’s National Security Council a few months ago, “viewed Sondland as a U.S. national security risk because he was so unprepared for his job,” according to Wikipedia.

    Sondland has also been a vocal opponent of the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would transport gas across the Baltic Sea to the EU. He has argued that the pipeline would leave the EU dependent upon Russia for its energy needs and increase Russia’s leverage on key U.S. allies in NATO. Sondland argued that “Putin uses energy as a political weapon. The EU should not rely on a bare-chested version of the Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort as a supplier, even if his gas is a bit cheaper.”


    @ sumac.carol & Dr. D

    Phil Torres is a scholar of global catastrophic risks –
    Civilization is an experiment. We may not get the results we’re expecting. So humanity would do well to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    humanity is not hoping for the best or preparing for the worst.-3 monkeys

    Enlarge player →
    Graham on quid pro quo in Biden-Ukraine scandal
    Nov. 05, 2019 – 5:42 – South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on impeachment inquiry and Biden-Ukraine scandal.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko presents the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise to Graham, December 30, 2016
    Solomon’s part in the Trump–Ukraine scandal


    BREAKING: Source Reveals Hunter Biden Took ‘Off The Books’ Payments From Burisma, Aided By FBI Coverup

    BREAKING: Source Reveals Hunter Biden Took ‘Off The Books’ Payments From Burisma, Aided By FBI Coverup
    by CD Media Staf fNovember 6, 2019

    In our extensive discussions with Onyshchenko, CD Media can report that he confirmed Hunter Biden took ‘off the books’ payments totally millions from Burisma.
    “There were ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ payments to the Biden family,” Onyshchenko stated.
    Onyshchenko also confirmed that former FBI agent Karen Greenway, who oversaw the Obama administration’s anti-corruption efforts in Eastern Europe, directed the coverup of the Biden scandal at the time, in concert with the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, and other Deep State American government assets ‘in-country’.
    There is much more information to be disclosed in this story and CD Media will be releasing more as we become comfortable with its accuracy.


    Finding the truth by the 3 monkeys
    Will John Solomon be requested to give a testimony at the impeachment inquiry?

    US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election
    By John Solomon, opinion contributor — 03/26/19

    “…. the Wall Street Journal, citing documents released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by journalist John Solomon.” (Wall street jornal is behind a paywall.)
    Here is the affidavit that nobody is citing

    Uploaded byJohn Solomon
    Sworn statement of former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor

    Now go to
    see what Ambassador Star said.

    Maybe the 3 monkeys are waking up


    Boeing and the Biden Family encapsulate a failing Empire engulfed in corruption caused by the Oligarchs’ seizure of control of the West’s national governments and the resulting loss of democracy and the rule of law. “The opioid crisis, which the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimates cost $696 billion in 2018—or 3.4 percent of GDP—and more than $2.5 trillion for the four-year period from 2015 to 2018.” Yet, Purdue Pharma’s profiteers, the Sackler Family, keep their fortunes and freedom while 42,000 Americans died of overdoses.

    John Day

    Guys, Jeffrey Epstein’s “death” has been reported, but those pictures of the body on the stretcher being wheeled by do not match Epstein’s.
    Narrative control is getting us to argue about whether he suicided or was Arkancided.
    Epstein IS a global player. Notice that Ghislane Maxwell is not in custody anywhere, either.


    Keep following Epstein. Keep us informed.
    Its going to be bigger than Biden.


    Yes John, I believe you are right now I look at it. He would not have killed himself, not that early in the game. He doesn’t appear to have the personality to reflect on his deeds enough to enter any of the stages of grief and would seek only to escape – after all he is an escapist.

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