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    Herbert James Draper A Deep Sea Idyll 1902(?!)     You’re not going to hear it from the western media or politicians, let alone NATO, but ov
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    We’re about to witness something unique in journalism. Baghdad Bob writing for the New York Times.

    Dr D Rich

    Agreed, but was this post approved for release by Scott Ritter?



    fwiw, best thing you’ve written in awhile. But you’re still a pissant.


    Yes, very happy the non-stop missile and artillery barrages will (hopefully) be starting to wind down. It seems a fate worse than death.

    The natural transition of the US “off” center stage, will certainly continue, just down different avenues.


    Spin Doctors “R” Us
    There are may way to tell lies.
    The scams will continue.


    may = many

    Mister Roboto

    Gonzalo Lira really hit the nail on the head when he compared the US press to the late Brezhnev-era Pravda in the USSR. I can’t even stand to look at the headlines to which I get subjected on my Bing homepage anymore!

    V. Arnold

    Herbert James Draper A Deep Sea Idyll 1902(?!)

    Indescribable beauty…words fail…

    The bully got smacked hard by the bullied…


    Best summation

    from Reminiscence of the Future by Andrei Martyanov

    “…The only way they fight is by means of hiding inside civilian infrastructure and using civilians as a human shield, period.

    That’s US and UK command of VSU, my friends.

    This is all PR on their side because, as I am on record, they DO NOT understand what modern warfare against peer is (as the US condescendingly uses this term, I omit this pip-squeak UK) and don’t know how to fight it.

    As I already stated–they are achieving their main goal of “erasing” Afghanistan debacle from public memory, because the ongoing annihilation of the US best ever proxy under the Pentagon’s direct command will surely (already, actually) eclipse the shame of Afghanistan.

    In this respect, the US and its military “experts” really enjoyed an outstanding “success”.

    This is what happens when one claims to be “the finest fighting force in history” without facing a real war against the opponent who has big guns.”


    In the 1988 movie the The Great Outdoors there was the scene of the raccons going through the trash looking for goodies.

    One found some hotdogs and started eating them, another racoon said,” You know what hotdogs are made of don’t you, lips and assholes.”

    Now we know that’s what the US and UK military “experts” are made of in Ukraine, nothing but lips and assholes.



    If this were only so.

    This is time for negotiation to build a new Iron Curtain across the Balkans to separate Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, Slovaks from the Russians (Swedes and Finns too). Ukraine’s only chance of survival is keeping Odessa and access to the Black Sea. Russia has to accept that it made a huge mistake by invading even if they think they had no other alternative. Western Corporate Oligarchs have to give up their attempt to destabilize the Kremlin, splinter the Russia Federation, and gain control over Russia’s energy, food, and mineral resources. Unfettered profiteering always results in corruption, destruction, collapse, then death.

    North Americans and Europeans have to accept and plan ahead to live in the future within the resources boundaries of each nation and continent, learn to share, and restore governments by and for the people. All of this is needed if western civilization is to survive.

    Good luck doing it!



    But you’re still a pissant.

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    Yes, we are happy that the people in the former Russian areas will be liberated from the oppression of the corrupt Nazi/Nato regime in Kiev. Happy that the tide has turned against the Empire of Lies with its endless wars, it’s exorbitant privilege, it’s predatory corporatist brutality. Not so happy with the next levels of oppression lined up for us by the dark puppet masters lurking in the shadows (CBDCs, further pandemics, vax mandates, vax passports, climate change lockdowns, social credit systems etc). But your brilliant article brightened our day immensely, Raul. Thank you, we much appreciate your daily efforts.

    Mister Roboto

    This video from Gonzalo Lira sheds some light on why Russia will likely need to annex he eastern half of Ukraine’s ethnic Russian oblasts (Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson).


    This battle is over, but the war has just started. The New American Order of the Deep State and the Oligarchs using the Great Reset as part of the totalitarian takeover plan has just begun. These people, the CIA, Kissinger, recruited Schwab and have been working on this since the ’70s. As Arendt points out, totalitarians have to take everything. They know no boundaries. They are consolidating and hardening per Lavrov this week: “It is being insinuated that NATO as the vanguard of the community of democracies should replace the UN in matters of international politics, or at least bring global affairs under its sway. The G7 should step in to run the global economy and from time to time invite benevolently the extras the West needs at this or that moment.” Either Russia will destroy the “decision makers” of the West, along with the Nazis, or they will take it, and China, and a grim transhuman future awaits those left to slave.


    The saddest thing is that there was never any reason for this. You can paint off Putin as a crazy monster a million times, and the special action as completely unprovoked, but you would have to ignore all of Russia’s warnings over decades that this is an “existential” issue for their country.

    I hope you’re not suggesting that this is some kind of justification for Russia attacking another country. It doesn’t really matter if Russia (AKA Putin) has been saying this for years; any independent country has a right to pursue its own course, providing it doesn’t attack another country in so doing.

    Russia hasn’t yet won this war (which it claims is not a war) and it seems premature to claim it has, especially on its own terms.

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