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    I have just a quick addition to what I consider a “must have” when things will be bad. Musical instruments, cheap ones are fine. Books and cards are great, but can get old. Simple things like kazoos and plastic harmonicas (my local music store sells plastic harmonicas and kazoos for a dollar) or recorder flutes or any cheap and easy instrument can make for some entertaining times when you tire of games.

    I also always have a soccer ball and a few frisbees in my truck.

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    What about NCUA? That is what my credit union claims to be insured by. I can’t see how it would be any different than the FDIC when push comes to shove, but just curious if anyone thinks it is a better option?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Skip – that sounds like essentially the same as here in the USA. What is the source for yours? Ground or air? Which is the most popular in New Zealand?

    I have always heard that the ground source heat pumps rarely break down and really don’t need maintenance.

    Even though ground source are expensive up front, they sound like they might be a good heat (and cooling) source for when TSHTF.

    RBM, did you work on air source or ground source? Or both?

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    Yes, this site seems to be failing. It is sad! I miss the old site layout, but was looking forward to this site, as the thought of the lifeboat forum was fun. I always enjoyed reading about snuffy and his bees, El Gal and his gallivanting around the continent, and all the others that talked about their homesteads, their food preservation, solar and water setup, etc. And I was excited that they would be in one forum of easy to follow topics, instead of sprinkled over days and days of conversation. But someone let off an atom bomb in here!


    Guess I will just go clean out my bank account and hunker down.

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    While I understand how destructive feral pigs can be in the wild, this is absolutely ridiculous! But what else would you expect from government. A better policy would have been to force branding, and any branded pig found in the wild would put a penalty on the pig owner for its escape.

    When I first started reading this, I didn’t believe it. Until I remembered that locally they are trying to put meters on private wells and charging fees based on gallons used. :sick: They can do that, since they own the water and mineral rights of all land in the state.

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    Nassim post=1877 wrote: Alpha Beta Soup,

    Like I said, it is only interesting when there are disagreements – and cliques that war with one another 🙂 Climate change was definitely a good one, as was vegetarianism and slimming. When there are no disagreements, it is called “herding”

    Frankly, I miss that “lady”, Cheryl, who made comments about the stock market – to everyone’s dismay. If people had listened to her, they would have made money – so far.

    You could start an argument with me. 😉 But I am not anywhere as intelligent as Cheryl, so it would probably sound more like a Monty Python skit. Anyway, I have decided to quit waiting for the lifeboat to get busier, and I am going to attempt to post more. And for what it is worth, I didn’t mind Cheryl et al either. The arrogance was obnoxious, but he/she did have a valid point at times.

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    JAL – I went to Amazon to find the book that I bought several years ago, only to find that the selection has expanded! Never pick anything wild or weed unless you know what it is. 100%! But yes, there is quite the harvest available in the forest. Or your lawn.

    This is the book I have:
    But all you have to do is search for edible weeds or edible forest and tons more come up.

    I rely on the books that have photographs (vs drawings) because my memory is so poor now I can’t remember most weeds year to year. (It was acceptable to happen to my mother, but it was NOT supposed to happen to me! :angry: ) and I don’t want to kill myself eating poisonous plants.


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    *first post* :woohoo:

    I miss the busy chatter of the old site, but enjoy how conversations are categorized here. But I can’t understand how it is still so quiet? Why is there no where near the conversation from the old site? I know I can’t talk, as this is my first post… But still!

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