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    Otto Matic

    Congress basically told FEMA to go get stuffed as far as getting more funding from them

    FEMA has to essentially raise it’s own capital using a mandatory FEMA flood insurance scam.

    FEMA has spend the last few years redrawing flood plains all over the U.S. and NOT just on the coasts but inland along waterways of any shape and size.

    If FEMA determines your property is in one of their New Improved Flood Zones, you will have to buy their flood insurance, Period.

    It’s quite pricey if you are in The Danger Zone Areas, determined of course by FEMA itself.

    Basically, the same way Freddie and Fannie backstop almost ALL mortgages in the U.S., so FEMA is backstopping flood/storm insurance policies because no private insurance company is dumb enough to (re)insure properties over and over and over again in the same ever expanding FLOOD ZONES, because they are losing propositions as Climate Change grabs the utterly outdated actuarial/weather tables by the balls and squeezes the phucking life out of them.

    FEMA can FORCE ANYONE with a mortgage to buy their over priced flood/storm insurance with a condition written into most new mortgages owned by Freddie and Fannie, which is virtually ALL of them at this point.

    A friend said FEMA wants almost $9000 a YEAR for his east coast cottage, that’s way more than even the property taxes and the property has never had any significant storm damage in it’s 120 year existence.

    FEMA now will have a license to steal, not just from the idiots building on barrier islands but everywhere in the country. Some estimates have 35-40% of the entire U.S. land mass classified as potential flood zones. Just think where FEMA decides where the 100-500 year flood plains are and then bills you for it.

    Also this is a brazen attempt by the Lizard Overlords of Finance using FEMA as their vehicle to prop up property values especially along the coast.

    If you don’t have FEMA flood insurance, you will NOT be able to EVER sell the property (except for cash) to anyone because the banks won;t lend the buyers a dime for the mortgages (which they of course always sell to Fannie and Freddie)

    in reply to: Renewable Energy: The Vision And A Dose Of Reality #6207
    Otto Matic

    I was helping to install PV panels in the early 70’s on roof tops when they were frightfully expensive and much less efficient than present ones. That was more than 40 years ago.

    Do you see them covering the roof tops of Clusterphuck American Suburbia by any chance?

    Of course not.

    I was lobbying to get the U.S. military in the 70’s to cover the rooftops of their bases world wide with PVs, you know, for security reasons, keep everything running when the natives inevitably tried to cut off their fuel supply chains and such (for Imperialistic behavior)

    A series of huge PV panel orders from the military back then would have enormously helped to drop the UNIT COST of each PV panel AND stimulated techno development of the PV panel (after all we had $600 toilet seats in military transports), paving the way to offer MUCH lower and higher quality PV panels to the unwashed masses. They when ahead and bought those huge 12′ satellite TV dishes instead to better bring the Vast Wasteland of Network TV Propaganda into their ticky-tic Mac-burbia Malinvestment ‘homes’.

    And instead of cheap affordable solar electric power from the MIC, we got killer drone technology and still no vast installation of PV panels on military bases or Clusterphuck Suburbia, 40 years later.

    Wow, humans ARE clever, and insightful and ‘forward thinking’ and ‘adaptable’

    Forty years pissed down a hole on just one aspect of the alt energy dilemma.

    ALT energy will never get off the ground because the funding mechanism has now been completely destroy by the global financial PONZI, for DECADES, an impressive HUMAN accomplishment all by itself.

    What ever techno wizardry humans pull out of their ASSES, it’s way too little and too late.

    Credit as a viable funding mechanism is dead for decades and will be for at LEAST a full 60-80 year generational memory span.

    Bankers and credit will be reviled and associated with EVIL for decades, read up on the psychological aftermath of the South Seas Bubble and it’s effect on funding countries and their operations.

    The BUBBLE we are in now is the Mother of All Bubbles, dwarfing the South Seas one by several orders of magnitude, dude.

    in reply to: Renewable Energy: The Vision And A Dose Of Reality #6192
    Otto Matic

    Check this article out. I think TAE has been a victim of these techniques in the past and present.

    COINTELPRO Techniques for Dilution, Misdirection and Control of an Internet Forum

    “…An anonymous writer posted an important new report on disruption at Pastebin. It is in the style of a leaked law enforcement memo, although we cannot vouch for its authenticity as a document produced by a whistleblower. However, we have seen these techniques repeatedly used to disrupt Internet debate, and so – even if only copying the style of a real memo – it contains valuable information which all web user should know…”

    in reply to: Bubbles and the Titanic Betrayal of Public Trust #4885
    Otto Matic

    Accountability lies at the heart of trust and trust lies at the heart of confidence.

    Together they are the Venn Diagram that holds up any form of belief in fair exchange.

    Max K as part of his ‘shtick’ coined a phrase years ago, partly in sarcasm and partly dead serious, “Should Crimes of Capital Get Capital Punishment?”

    Well looky, looky, how life is beginning to imitate art.

    That hypocritical Murdoch bastard child presstitute rag the Wall Street Journal ran a piece yesterday:

    “Should Crimes of Capital Get Capital Punishment?”

    Looks like a ‘deathbed conversion’ apologist/rationalizing piece by financial propagandists and collaborators in crime who now see the noose coming into view and the Bell for Thee beginning to Toll.

    in reply to: Project Europe is Over #4854
    Otto Matic

    Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers at Max K’s place.

    Seems the modern day Frankenstein corporate reseachers have made a hybrid robot jellyfish powered by muscle cells from a rat’s heart.

    Max points out it’s actually the New Jaime Dimon proto-type, a spineless jellyfish robot with a rat’s heart, aka The Perfect Banker.

    They can be cloned and have a movie featuring them:

    The Rat Hearted Robot Jellyfish from Brazil.

    I guess being a Reptile-Oligarch was shooting for far too high minded an avatar concept for the likes Jaime.

    This will make it much harder to hang one of these creatures however.

    in reply to: Project Europe is Over #4848
    Otto Matic

    The Greeks are essentially no different than the Irish in their spineless response to the financial rape of their respective ‘countries’.

    After Iceland set the FIRST precedent of standing up to the banking PsychoOlipaths, the Ball was in the court of Greece and Ireland.

    It was a defining moment in the MOMENTUM of the unfolding global banking meltdown.

    Both countries PUNTED rather than RUN WITH THE BALL that Iceland handed them.

    Here is the whole situation in a nutshell that the Greek and Irish ‘citizenry’ could NOT intellectually GRASP, are you ready?

    The PUBLIC, in ANY country on planet earth, are NOT responsible for the privately incurred GAMBLING DEBTS of private bankers.

    That’s it.

    Would any sane adult you know not get that statement?

    Would they need to hear it repeated twice? ten times? a hundred times? a day? an hour? a minute?

    Your neighbor goes to Vegas and looses $50,000, including all the money set aside for their mortgage, food and utilities for the year, and they want the rest of the people in their town to pay their gambling losses for them.

    A REAL ADULT would just shake their head and say HELL NO.

    However, there is a new term I ran across recently called ‘adultolesence’

    It’s someone who acts like a spoiled child but is too old to be one.

    The majority of the Greek and Irish public are ‘adultolesences’

    They had a choice to absorb a very simple concept:

    The PUBLIC, in ANY country on planet earth, are NOT responsible for the privately incurred GAMBLING DEBTS of private bankers.

    They CHOOSE to NOT vote out their corrupt cesspools of bank captured politicians when they had the chance, NOT to go after the Banksters, like Iceland IS doing, in short, not to act like real adult, role models to their children if you wish.

    Greece will now descend into REAL chaos and the military junta will come back for 10 or 20 or 50 years, to ‘restore order’ and there will not even BE an electoral process to change ANYTHING with. The moment will have passed.

    Same thing for the Irish. I guess Paddy needs another drink.

    The adultolesences of Greece and Ireland, by NOT pulling the right lever in the voting booth, will greatly increase the likelihood that their children and grandchildren will have to pull a Trigger outside the voting booth to get real reform.

    The Spanish and the Italians would have had a much easier time of saying no to being responsible for paying privately incurred bankster gambling debts if the Greeks and Irish had ‘man upped’ and said no,like ICELAND, thus setting and RE-ENFORCING the PRECEDENT that the public in any country is NEVER EVER responsible for privately incurred gambling debts.

    in reply to: Project Europe is Over #4842
    Otto Matic

    Goldman Sachs alumni have infested European banking circles for decades. The Vampire Squids tentacles go deep into the Heart of Old Europe like a malignant cancer.

    The German bankers were well aware of what Goldman was doing with Greece. The Germans wanted to have a Financial Fourth Reich to dominate Europe. Why bother with Panzer Tanks when you have the Deep in Debt Corps crushing nations without a fight.

    in reply to: Project Europe is Over #4839
    Otto Matic

    The Greek people have had every opportunity to follow Iceland’s example and have baulked.

    Again, and again, and again.

    They have had as much opportunity to educate themselves with copious articles and sources on the internet about how their very own elected officials invited Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid into their very own country back when it was trying to get INTO the EU and LIE LIE LIE about the state of their finances. They let their very own elected officials conspire with Goldman Sachs to HIDE the true state of their economy.

    Are they mouth breathing knuckle dragging morons? Are the Greeks illiterate? Are the Greeks third world peasants masquerading as First World wannabes? Are they Phucktards?

    The evidence for their predicament started in 1981 with entry into the EU. The trail of Goldmans actions via Greece have been known to ANYONE who wasn’t so lazy to get off their asses for DECADES.

    Please, please, anyone, let’s hear your best lame apologist excuses and shallow rationals for the Greek people not even GLANCING at Iceland as an alternative to the bed they have made for themselves and now get to perish in.

    Iceland has hired a BOUNTY HUNTER with 100 top researchers to hunt down those responsible for their banking cesspool.

    The Greeks don’t have the brains or balls too hire bounty hunters to track down the Financial Reptiles that move among them.

    Unlike the brave Lakota, the Greeks LOVE dancing with Lizards!

    Offer financial bounty hunters 10% of any and all ill-gotten assets from any and all Bankster globally and watch the REAL Olympics begin, not the Fraud-lympics in the City of London and not the pitiful Olympics from Greece, their day is done.

    The Greeks still have their thumb up their ass in between shots of Ouzo.

    They are a nation of Eunuchs in blue and white tutus spinning with the has-been melodies of Zorba dancing in their self pitying skulls.

    in reply to: The IMF plans to dump Greece #4830
    Otto Matic

    After studying two articles on ‘capital controls’ a la U.S. and how the Fed is considering giving banks the discretion to simply deny a bank account holder the ability to withdraw their money from their account at will, you know, to stop bank runs and such, it occurred to me that the whole ‘capital controls’ a la U.S is just another diversion, another hustle by the Owners and their organ grinder banking monkeys.

    Since there is no money left in any of the TBTF banks, it’s a NO RESERVE banking model at this point, what is there to have a run on?

    Well, isn’t that the point the Sheeple should never be allowed to realize?

    Their ‘money’, savings, pensions are all gone, gone, gone.

    Why not float a faux issue to distract the public’s tiny rodent like attention span.

    Launch an election year fake issue, ‘capital controls’, should we or shouldn’t we. Demos & Repugs, start your engines.

    When the real issue is, does your money even exist in the bank in the first place?

    Setting the precedent that banks can dole out your savings to you at their discretion to safe guard ‘national financial security’ is important to kicking the can down the road, and further strengthens and validates the two-bit fascist banana kleptocracy Ah-merika has become.

    Restricting bank withdrawals to a small manageable weekly amount over the entire depositor base of a TBTF effectively HIDES the fact the banks are broke in the broader sense from Duh-public. Welcome to Skinner Box finance for rodent citizen/consumers.

    Almost everyone follow the meltdown for the past four years has been surprised at TPTB pulling one can kicking rabbit out of their asshat after another.

    The willfully ignorant uber self-possessed assclowns of the U.S. still have no clue their banks are COMPLETELY broke.

    So postpone the day of reckoning for the Rubes, YET AGAIN, with the mis-direction of ‘capital controls’.

    As long as an amount close enough to meet their weekly bills is forth coming, ALL IS WELL, nothing to see here.

    It’s all Good in the land of the brave and home of the free.

    in reply to: The IMF plans to dump Greece #4821
    Otto Matic

    “..There is no such power, since there are no deposits to be withdrawn. The threat of a bank run equals a bank holiday. Doors closed, ATMs empty.”

    Are ‘capital controls’ a moot point then if there is no there=there?

    This Is The Government: Your Legal Right To Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied – sequel

    And this:

    “…The New York Fed has introduced a framework to give banks the right to suspend account withdrawals at will to defend against financial panic.

    …central planners have proposed new contigency plans to prevent the Great Depression style bank runs that are hitting Europe from spreading to America.

    Their solution is the creation of a framework that consists of “capital controls” which allow financial institutions that find themselves in hot water to limit or outright suspend customer account withdrawals…”

    in reply to: Rage Against the American Dream #4785
    Otto Matic

    Oh, and the Batman killer had ordered more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition which were purchased online.

    Think about the obsessive compulsive impulse it took to think that was a good idea. A good strategic planning move.

    If The Joker had gone down to his local bank and taken out $6,000 dollars in cash, the little snitches at the bank would have dropped a dime on him to The Authorities in a heart beat.

    Now you know what the Owners have in store for global finance and humanity at large, they are cut from the same cloth as Batman Boy’s costume.

    in reply to: Rage Against the American Dream #4784
    Otto Matic

    “He said people like that had something cut from their brain like it was a sponge. They had no pity, feelings , remorse, conscience, moral compass, nothing. He said they had a big void or hole in their head and that any redemption for them or understanding for them was impossible.”

    Good description of the .01% at the top. As a group, lizards are referred to as a ‘lounge’.

    We are owned and ruled by a Lounge of Lizards with …no pity, no feelings , no remorse, no conscience, no moral compass, no NOTHING. They operate on the reptilian principle of kill or be killed.

    Dmitry Orlov did a piece called Peak Oil Oppositional Disorder: Neurosis or Psychosis?

    Covered a little bit of All Things Psychotic including group or cultural psychosis of broad swaths of an entire countries.

    “…estimated 50 million people in the US were taking psychotropic medications (antidepressants, tranquilizers, antipsychotics..)”

    Gee, I wonder if ‘the Joker’ was a user.

    I’m sure Big Fascist Pharma doesn’t want that story line coming out.

    That’s almost one in six Ah-merican ‘consumers’ (no more citizens here) is strung out on psychotropic medications.

    What a delightful thought.

    I will bet it’s much higher in certain high stress occupations. Some psychotropic medications enhance and greatly amplify suicidal tendencies.

    It has been reported that it only takes about 15% of a group changing it’s opinion or focus to basically sway the entire herd in a different direction.

    Let’s see, 50 million psychotropic medications users is about that very magical number (15%) to sway the other 250 million Americans right over the Edge with them I guess.

    There are probably a lot more choices now than just the Red or Blue Pill.

    Life is so complicated these days.

    in reply to: Jeff Rubin and Oil Prices Revisited #4732
    Otto Matic

    First of all, The Market, as Max Keiser has shouted for years, is rigged.

    It is Rigged Market Capitalism. Totally.

    Anyone at this point who takes any number the equities’ markets post at in the MSM whores are themselves not to be taken seriously.

    The Dow and S&P reflect nothing but the Fed’s pumping credit into ‘the markets’ through the back door.

    Your precious quoted ‘markets’ are a Casino Gulag.

    A friend sent me this:

    “Charles Ponzi should get a posthumous Nobel Prize for Economics.

    The world has been run on economic principles devised by him for many decades now.

    He is far and away the most influential economic thinker.”

    Yoa Viscount, your touting ‘markets’ and numbers that are fake to the core is a sign of your cluelessness about the accuracy and ‘truthiness’ of the financial ‘press’.

    The ‘market’ is held up at the level it is currently at and at every point it’s been at for years with Pure Fraud.

    Spare us your reverence for ‘market’ level Faux Facts spewed out by Pressitutes, which you seems to be a Big Believer in.

    Get over it, your Dow and S&P numbers are rigged worst than a Vegas casino and will disappear in an instant at the stoke of a key.

    High frequency trading by front running Wall St banks, who having servers BETWEEN you and the trading floor of both Rigged Dow and S&P ‘markets, account for 85%+ of all ‘trades’ of the two fake ‘exchanges’.

    You sound like you believe the ‘numbers’ in the same way as what James Kunstler refers to as “the Jiminy Cricket syndrome”—a childish belief that any outcome we want can be had just by wishing for it.


    Dream on baby!

    in reply to: Europe Is Sliding Back Into Its Own Past #4621
    Otto Matic

    “Obama is full of hollow point promises”

    Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, we will get a HollowPoint presentation Point Blank.

    in reply to: Europe Is Sliding Back Into Its Own Past #4608
    Otto Matic

    It’s anecdotal but I witnessed a bizarre spectacle in the garden the other day.

    We have a bumper crop of chipmunks. They are usually busy racing around like cartoon characters on methamphetamines.

    Because there are too many of them for the ‘carrying capacity’ of the neighborhood’s natural resources, they have depended on ‘bailouts’ and subsidies from bird feeders and backyard gardens and ornamental trees and shrubs.

    This has caused stress among themselves and with the gardeners in the neighborhood. One guy down the street shoots them with a .22 pistol from his bird feeder but their numbers are huge and even culling them like that does not seem to touch their reproductive rate. There are not 7 billion of them but I’m confident they would be contenders with humans if given enough resources.

    Their desperation is showing. Some now have half a tail from having it bit off by other more aggressive chipmunks. Fights are now constant from sun up to sun down.

    I knew they were omnivores and aggressively hunted for bird eggs but was unprepared for what happened next.

    I came out last morning and rounded the bend to see a baby dove about a week or two out of the nest which could fly a limited distance land on the ground about 10 feet from me only to be pounced on by two chipmunks and quickly killed, They then began to devour the poor little dove with manic gusto.

    In decades of observing nature, I had never seen something so utterly violent from chipmunks. Another friend said he had seen them attacking and eating frogs and snakes close to their own weight, yikes.

    It made me think of what is commencing in the EU now. Desperate creatures do desperate things, shocking things.

    The thin veneer of Civilization morphing into Lord of the Flies

    in reply to: Libor was a criminal conspiracy from the start #4578
    Otto Matic
    in reply to: Libor was a criminal conspiracy from the start #4577
    Otto Matic

    Part of the public’s cultivated, collective psychosis is the Big Lie they bought into that financial crimes are essentially ‘victimless’ crimes compared to being mugged at gunpoint or knocking over a convenience store.

    Well, they’re not.

    Wells Fargo to forclose on elderly Stage 4 breast cancer patient

    “…Cindi Davis and her husband say that if they are evicted they may have to move in to their pickup truck.

    Can you imagine living your last days in a truck as you try desperately to battle stage 4 breast cancer?”

    “They want us to make a house payment of almost $900 a month,” Cindi told the station of their lender, Wells Fargo bank. “We can afford maybe half that. I pay $1,100 a month in prescription medications.”

    The couple says they have tried to work with Wells Fargo, even sending notes from Cindi’s doctors explaining her condition, but haven’t been able to come to a workable solution.

    “They’re just going to put us out and it’s like, we are willing to pay what we can pay, but it’s not enough,” Cindi said.

    Her cancer is in her lungs, lymph nodes and on her liver and she’s gone through a double mastectomy and multiple chemotherapy treatments, but Cindi has handled her disease like a fighter.”

    in reply to: Libor was a criminal conspiracy from the start #4573
    Otto Matic

    Max K has railed for years about “Brown’s Bottom”

    The infamous sale of Britain’s gold where Brown announced in advance the amount and the time of the auction, thus insuring a minimum bid for the bulk of England’s public gold reserves.

    His head should have been impaled on a pike at the Tower, instead he went on to higher office.

    Go figure

    in reply to: Peak Oil: A Dialogue with George Monbiot #4567
    Otto Matic

    Thanks for the ClubOrlov headsup, I was going to wander over there sometime this week, he posts irregularly.

    Particularly rye observations on neurosis tag teaming with psychosis in the Peak Oil mosh pit.

    My favorite:

    “…Take your typical neurotic (refuses to face Peak Oil, spouts gibberish about it when pressed), put that neurotic through a terrible, ego-destroying crisis, and that individual may regress and lapse into psychosis.

    What happens to individuals also happens to entire societies. Take a neurotic Peak Oil-denying industrial civilization, put it through a terrible global financial crisis, tell it that economic growth is over forever, and what you get a psychotic, delusional industrial civilization..”

    Over there, yah, right there, one just flew over the cuckoos nest…haha

    in reply to: Peak Oil: A Dialogue with George Monbiot #4561
    Otto Matic

    @ Green”..
    Endfarm- yes, the idea of big solar farms in North Africa is pretty old, well discussed…”

    Not this project. Please listen to the Max K interview.

    Kevin Sara of the TuNur solar export project!

    This N African solar project is Thermal, with arrays of simple focused mirrors screwed into the ground with earth anchors, not concrete pads.

    It is NOT PV.

    It is Solar Thermal

    The whole point is to generate electricity 24/7 by storing daytime focused heat in saline pond/tanks for generation at night.

    Solar mirror arrays and their aiming is also very old hat, I would hesitate even calling it ‘high tech’, you could probably focus the whole mirror array with an iPad App.

    Underwater electric transmission cables again, is very old hat, figured out decades ago actually.

    Storing thermal energy in salt solutions, also very, very old hat. Yawn

    Solar Thermal is not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination. In fact the back end of the process, taking high pressure stream and making electricity, is Ancient by modern technology standards.

    It’s just no one every put the financial funding together in a package this big.

    All the parts of generation in ST are well understood and quite boring, they only need refinement, not re-invention.

    I haven’t checked it out yet but Kevin Sara stated that Germany, sometime in the last month or so, generated over the 50% mark it’s total country wide electric load. Very impressive if true.

    The Germans are quite focused on solar (and ST) and wind after deciding to ‘nuke’ their nukes and are following the Tunisia project quite closely.

    in reply to: Something's Gotta Give #4499
    Otto Matic

    The Greeks, per capita, work more hours a week than Germans. Greece does not however have a high-tech industrial base and is no where near as efficient, per capita per hour as Germany, hence the Germans don’t need to work as many hours per week.

    “…New data published this morning shows that Greek workers actually put in longer hours than anyone else in Europe — 42.2 per week, compared to just 35.6 in Germany…”

    I guess those phucking dead-beat unionized slacker Germans are goof-offs relying on robots to man their industrial machine compared to Greece.

    in reply to: Capital Flight, Capital Controls, Capital Panic #4139
    Otto Matic


    “…One thing that struck me. I find it interesting that Switzerland is quite concerned about currency flows, but no mention is made of restricting the flow of gold into the country.”

    Check this out:

    Italian Police Seize Gold Worth €2m at Swiss Border

    Cool :>)

    Italian police seize gold worth €2m at Swiss border

    Businessman and his daughter charged with smuggling after haul is found in hidden compartment of his car

    “…Italian tax police have seized 50kg (110lb) of gold from an Italian businessman at the Swiss border….”

    in reply to: Capital Flight, Capital Controls, Capital Panic #4120
    Otto Matic

    It’s interesting to see the ‘flight to safety’, long predicted by TAE, supporting the U.S. dollar and the TBTF U.S. banks. They knew this all along and baked it into the ‘collapse cake’. The whole Eurozone is the ‘periphery’ of the U.S. and will be cannibalized accordingly with capital flight which will be overtly AND covertly encouraged, added and abetted by the US government and their banking syndicate Owners. A few more Happy Days bought for the Zombie ‘citizens’ of the U.S.! The frogs ain’t boiled yet!

    One of the newest desperation faux bailout schemes proposed in the EU (German banks) is to provide bailout funds to the PIIGS backed by the borrowing country’s own gold reserves as collateral. Fabulous idea!

    Italy, as an example, has some 2500 tons of gold. They would lose it all if they failed to repay the bailout ‘loan’ from the Euro Trashcrats, a sure thing given the death spiral nature of events.

    Ironically, the huge chunk of Germany’s own gold it held in NYC at the ‘Federal’ Reserve vault. The comment about how unsafe safe deposit boxes are applies here in spades for Deutschland’s gold.

    Germany sucks it’s periphery dry, the U.S sucks Germany dry, thank you very much.

    I wonder how Germany plans on being payed for it’s exports? Manufacturer financed payment/loans?

    Charge interest to the periphery for products they can no longer afford with loans they can’t service.

    The noose tightens.

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