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Hey TAE readers in Sydney!


On our way from Tasmania to New Zealand we have a 24 hour stop-over in Sydney from about noon Saturday March 17 till noon Sunday March 18. And we have no accomodation yet. So I decided to put the question before you: Will Sydney become the only major spot where we have to get a hotel, just as it is the only major spot where we have held no talks? I can't imagine that we would have no readers in Sydney. Please let us know the answer at theautomaticearth • at • gmail • dot • com.

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      Hey TAE readers in Sydney!   On our way from Tasmania to New Zealand we have a 24 hour stop-over in Sydney from about noon Saturday March
    [See the full post at: Calling Sydney!]


    Would love to host you, but we moved out of Sydney a year ago. Like most cities it’s the belly of the beast, but it’s particularly hedonistic and obsessed with status and appearances. Somehow I’m not surprised you haven’t held any talks there. Good luck, I hope you find accomodation!


    Any plans to come to Auckland?


    Hi Stoneleigh and Ilargi

    We are a few suburbs away from the airport in Randwick, no spare room but my daughter has been invited to a friend’s for a ‘sleep-over’ and our little boy can bunk with us, so beds are there if you need them. Promise to change the sheets!

    I did wonder why no Sydney date. I emailed friends and family about your Bungendore and Perth dates but unsure if anyone went; they are a bit climate-change denialist I’m afraid, and think that my fears of collapse are just me being dramatic, so probably not. A shame.

    I have sent this as email too, so just reply to that if you want to take us up on the offer. I think Steve Keen lives in Sydney too, but like you is probably gallivanting around the world spreading the not-so-good news gospel.

    Glenn Condell


    Hi Glenn,

    Nice to see someone offer a place for Stoneleigh and Ilargi to stay in Sydney. Indeed a shame about your family and friends. I’m certain they’ve backed up their denial with solid factual evidence and sound logic too, right? I’ve concluded that it’s not so much a denial of climate change or collapse, but rather a denial of having to adjust one’s lifestyle that is at the heart of such positions. Ironically it’s such denial that will bring about far worse lifestyle adjustments than if they were to willingly make preparatory change.


    Two weekends ago, we took a small break in Sydney. The weather was great – unlike before our arrival and after our departure.

    From what I gather, there has not been that much sunshine in Sydney this past “summer”. Shame about the climate change. 🙂

    Here is a link to Sydney’s current weather

    As you can see, Sydney has had almost half a meter of rainfall so far in 2012 (454 mm to be precise). LOL



    Yeah, at the end of the trip there’s Auckland.



    One of the expected outcomes of climate change IS extreme weather events of any kind, including cold and wet ones. Just saying, no fundamentalism from me though. 🙂


    Ah, I see how you are. When I emailed requesting information about your European tour a while back I got no response from TAE at all. But when you need us, well I bet I’d get an answer if I had a free accommodation in Sydney…

    Are we getting a bit big for our britches?


    Is someone getting their big britchy feelings hurt?

    My wife and I have had the good fortune to see how I&S roll while on the road in a couple of countries. Internet connections are not always easy to come by in nations where they don’t have a local carrier. Stoneleigh has to pay bundles of money for data transmission on her mobile device. I&S are also on the move a lot — planes, trains and automobiles, literally — and my guess is that they can’t reply to every e-mail.

    I’ve seen how I&S treat people at lectures, in cafes and at house parties. No big britches there, just humility and humanity. Please check your bruised ego at the door, Ufik. Just because you didn’t get a personal reply is no reason to get snippy.

    Good luck with finding a harbour somewhere around the Harbour, I&S. FWIW, your britches are in the Canada Post, Nicole. Carol laundered them, boxed ’em up and mailed them off to Ontario.


    Hope you get back. I enjoy reading your stuff. Your stand ins, not so much, you ‘guest’ commentators not at all.


    By the way, it’s Waiheke Island, not Waihete Island! Not sure how you can cover both Auckland and the Island, though.

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