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Rufino Tamayo The Dance of Joy 1950



We’re running two grand experiments at the same time: we inject 100s of millions with untested substances, and then we let them fly and gather and tell them it’s safe to do so.



First things first: none of the “vaccines” that are being injected as we speak into 100s of millions of people have been approved by “medical authorities”. The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA ones, as well as the AstraZeneca and in some places Johnson&Johnson “substances” have only, best case, gotten a permit for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

This is needed because none of these things have ever been properly tested. The “logic” behind this is that we are in an emergency, so there’s no time for testing. Somehow, this “logic” is combined with claims about “listening to the science”. While not testing is the direct opposite of science.

In order to get the Emergency Use Authorizations, you need to show that there are no other substances available that could perform the job that the “vaccines” do. I put “Vaccines” in quotation marks because mRNA are not vaccines in the traditional sense, they are, at least potentially, much more invasive. A factor that has… never been properly tested.

The other substances that might work vs the coronavirus, repurposed drugs such as ivermectin and (hydroxy) chloroquine -about which many doctors have written very positive reviews-, if the (EUA) label is to be put on the new “vaccines”, must also remain untested, just like the “vaccines” themselves.

So there are a few “tests” out there that applied HCQ and ivermectin, but in the wrong environment. See, if you give them only to 80+ year-olds who are already on an intubator and have multiple co-morbidities, you may well end up with the verdict that they did not prevent that person from dying. The thing is, the same would be true if you gave that person an mRNA “vaccine”. But that last bit, we don’t hear about.

We recently had this from a medical journal in Holland, Google translated:

High Fine For Doctors Who Incorrectly Prescribe HCQ Or Ivermectin (MC)

Doctors who prescribe (hydroxy) chloroquine or ivermectin against covid-19 will now receive a fine of up to 150,000 euros imposed by the inspection. This may also include other medications that are prescribed outside the guidelines. The IGJ calls on pharmacists to report. The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate regularly receives reports that doctors prescribe medicines that are contrary to the treatment recommendations for covid-19, the IGJ reports on its website.

When asked, the IGJ spokesperson cannot explain exactly how many doctors this is about and what their specialty is. “We have talked to a number of doctors about this, but because some of them continue to do so, we are now going to impose fines. We are not going to warn anymore, “said the spokesman. [..] According to the IGJ, (hydroxy) chloroquine has been proven to be ineffective against covid-19 and at the same time can cause serious side effects. There is also no scientific basis for the use of ivermectin.

They either don’t test HCQ and ivermectin at all, or they test them in the wrong environment. When someone is dying from old age and co-morbidities, and then catches Covid, you’re not going to save them with HCQ or ivermectin. But nobody ever said you would. Moreover, you wouldn’t save them with mRNA either.

Chloroquine, later (hydroxy) chloroquine, was discovered in 1934, and used as a malaria treatment, for decades. Some 200 million people were treated with it, primarily in Africa, since, with great success. In fact, so many people were treated that it lost its effectiveness because the parasite that causes malaria slowly developed an immunity against it. But we would still have known if it killed large numbers of people. Same goes for ivermectin.

Ivermectin stems from 1975, long time ago, (though Joe Biden had been a senator for 3 years already ;-)), and many many millions were successfully treated with it as an anti-parasite drug. There’s an entire library by now of ivermectin vs Covid 19 studies. But the health board in Holland says :“There is also no scientific basis for the use of ivermectin.”. Yeah, sure. Look, what there is no scientific basis for is the use of the newfangled untested “vaccines”. Not testing equals not scientific. You could label it “technology” if you will, but not science.


Then we have Prof Anthony Harnden talking about the AstraZeneca vaccine reducing transmission by some 50%. Given the uncertainties and lack of testing and investigation, I would be inclined to label this prof a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’. Yes, I am getting tired of this spiel.

Vaccines Do Not Completely Stop Transmission, JCVI Member Says

Covid-19 vaccines do not completely prevent transmission, Prof Anthony Harnden, deputy chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has said. He told BBC Breakfast on Sunday that while they appear to reduce transmission by about 50%, vaccinated people can still get the virus and spread it to others. He added:

“There’s some good evidence now from Public Health England and from the Oxford/AstraZeneca trials that the vaccines do prevent transmission. But they don’t completely prevent transmission. The figures are still being calculated but it’s in the order of 50%. So, there will be some reduction in transmission, no doubt at all, but it’s still possible, even though you’ve been vaccinated, to get infected, have no symptoms and transmit it to others. That’s why it’s important that all those who get vaccinated still stick to the rules.”

In other words: Get that needle in your arm, stay home, put some underwear on your face, and keep your clap shut. The European Medicines Agency has two cents to spare as well:

EMA advises against use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 outside randomised clinical trials

EMA has reviewed the latest evidence on the use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and concluded that the available data do not support its use for COVID-19 outside well-designed clinical trials. In the EU, ivermectin tablets are approved for treating some parasitic worm infestations while ivermectin skin preparations are approved for treating skin conditions such as rosacea. Ivermectin is also authorised for veterinary use for a wide range of animal species for internal and external parasites. Ivermectin medicines are not authorised for use in COVID-19 in the EU, and EMA has not received any application for such use.

Following recent media reports and publications on the use of ivermectin, EMA reviewed the latest published evidence from laboratory studies, observational studies, clinical trials and meta-analyses. Laboratory studies found that ivermectin could block replication of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), but at much higher ivermectin concentrations than those achieved with the currently authorised doses. Results from clinical studies were varied, with some studies showing no benefit and others reporting a potential benefit.

Most studies EMA reviewed were small and had additional limitations, including different dosing regimens and use of concomitant medications. EMA therefore concluded that the currently available evidence is not sufficient to support the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 outside clinical trials. Although ivermectin is generally well tolerated at doses authorised for other indications, side effects could increase with the much higher doses that would be needed to obtain concentrations of ivermectin in the lungs that are effective against the virus. Toxicity when ivermectin is used at higher than approved doses therefore cannot be excluded.

So that’s experiment number 1. 100s of millions of people injected with untested substances. For which there seems to be some evidence that they make a person less sick. But that’s all the evidence there is. They can still be infected, and there’s still no evidence that they can’t infect others. So by all means, let’s bet the house on that, shall we? And if we have to kill drugs that might do a much better job to get there, we will.


Then comes experiment number 2. The people who have been injected with this stuff will now be able to get vaccine passports of one sort or another, and travel, get into planes and theaters and what not, and, according to the CDC, gather without wearing masks. While “there’s still no evidence that they can’t infect others”.

I know that politicians are getting desperate, after a full year of lockdowns. But they could all have started nationwide campaigns of improving immune systems through vitamin D a year ago. That was the easiest thing ever, and still is, potentially decreasing both infections and deaths by 50%. Yes, there’s scientific literatute for this.

They could have initiated large scale trials with ivermectin, HCQ, doxycycline and other drugs, but none of them did, outside of countries like India, Peru, Argentina. So that didn’t happen either. Now all they have left are a bunch of non-proven and questionable technologies, and they’re promoting those as if their lives and careers depend on them.

And then we all double down and tell people they’re safe after getting a couple of “jabs”, and everyone around them is too, though there is zero evidence for this. That is a big gamble. But gambling is all we have left. Economies need to open or else. People must be able to see people or else. Governments need to get out of the way and let people take responsibility for their own lives.

We can only wait for the first politician and government and their “expert” advisers to come clean and say they failed. That would at least be a breath of fresh air. Here in Athens after a hard lockdown of almost 6 months, case numbers and intubations are higher than ever. The least they can do is say: we’re sorry, we were wrong, we screwed up.

But politicians and “scientists” don’t do that, unless they’re forced to, even if countless lives are lost in the process. So what do you do? Well, you force them to. And then you make them leave, and start saving lives.




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    Rufino Tamayo The Dance of Joy 1950     First things first: none of the “vaccines” that are being injected as we speak into 100s of millions
    [See the full post at: Testing 1,2,3]


    You hit this one out of the park Ilargi!!!!

    Dr. D

    Can anyone even tell me the premise for vaccine passports when it doesn’t stop transmission or at 50%?

    madamski cafone

    “In other words: Get that needle in your arm, stay home, put some underwear on your face, and keep your clap shut.”

    Ah, the good old days, when junkies had both a sense of place and style.

    Mr. House
    Doc Robinson

    “Can anyone even tell me the premise for vaccine passports when it doesn’t stop transmission or at 50%?”

    Here’s the premise, as explained by the CDC:

    “Taking steps towards relaxing certain measures for vaccinated persons may help improve COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake.”

    While earlier in the same paragraph, the CDC admitted “How long vaccine protection lasts and how much vaccines protect against emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants are still under investigation.”

    Doc Robinson
    Dr. D

    So, translation: the beatings will continue until morale improves.

    Polder Dweller

    There’s one thing puzzles me and that is Dr Fauci. I mean, anyone who knows me would tell you that I am not a man of violence, but if there’s one person who’s really begging for a punch in the mouth, it’s surely him.

    I don’t know how Americans can resist.


    I alternate between feeling like laughing and feeling uneasy when it comes to the covid narrative. Laughing because a single news source’s daily covid headlines (or even paragraphs within a single story, as Raul points out) are schizophrenic at best. Uneasy because it’s disquieting to see so many people being easily led down a garden path by I’m-not-sure-what anymore.

    Fear porn is a big contributor to people “following the science” as they toddle down that garden path.

    Study: U.S. Media’s Covid Coverage Slants Heavily Negative

    I tend to agree with Madamski. The idiots who think they’re in charge aren’t capable of devising a working electronic “automobile toll collection system” in NY (a single state!) so it’s highly unlikely they’re capable of creating a New World Order. At the same time, the idiots who think they’re in charge can inflict a great deal of damage in their attempt. Therein lies the problem.

    madamski cafone

    @ Polder Dweller

    “There’s one thing puzzles me and that is Dr Fauci. I mean, anyone who knows me would tell you that I am not a man of violence, but if there’s one person who’s really begging for a punch in the mouth, it’s surely him. I don’t know how Americans can resist.”

    Perhaps that’s why he started wearing masks in public.

    fauci young

    Since Fauci is also out of reach, maybe we can take comfort in seeing what a nudnik he was. That hair!

    madamski cafone
    Mr. House

    Why do you believe they’re out of reach? That is what i don’t understand about most of your posts. They all amount to do nothing and take it and enjoy it. That bully who beats you up everyday in high school, he/she is out of reach so you better get used to it.


    [Well written Raúl, glad you are keeping this at the forefront]

    Add to the list of motivations to keep the covid fear amped up to 11: imagine how much Fauci hates to lose his media-darling status
    – No more utterly inappropriate speculation outside his (narrow) area of expertise
    – Not more deference and cooing on CNN
    – No more softball questions by willfully ignorant talking heads on the Today show et al

    You don’t survive 5 administrations by being competent, you do it by being a political creature. Imagine when covid fades into memory this year and the Media Darling of the NIAID has to go back to his day job and his $400k salary. Like the last scene in Goodfellas.

    Ray Liotta would make a good movie Fauci. Fauci: “Have to wait around like everyone else. Can’t even get decent food. I’m an average nobody…get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.”

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “Why do you believe they’re out of reach? That is what i don’t understand about most of your posts. They all amount to do nothing and take it and enjoy it. That bully who beats you up everyday in high school, he/she is out of reach so you better get used to it.”

    That bully in high school was in reach. I fought a few of them. (They didn’t like being beaten by a girl.) Mr Gates lives behind his eponym, probably electrified. I am speaking in genuine physical terms not abstract politicisms. If you really want to, you might reach Bill Gates. Maybe. I have never said ‘do nothing and take the shit’. That’s just poor reading on your part, probably a blind spot created by your more ardent confirmation biases. I DO say that verbotextual bitching does not reach the ears of the wealthy and powerful. I DO say that our conditioned belief that, if it doesn’t involve large numbers of sufficient democratic weight, it is insignificant, is plain wrong. I DO say that individual action with individuals builds the kind of social cohesiveness that can at least improve things locally, that place where things happen to individuals but not the plebiscite. I DO say go your own way, do thine own thing, stand tall, don’t take any shit… Seriously: what are you smoking to make such an evaluation? Actually, I know what you’re smoking: ego.

    How you can possibly interpret my statements to mean ‘lie down and take it’ would astound me if I didn’t know to expect such non sequiturs more often than not. Tell me when you get a grip on Bill Gates’ shirt front. I want to hear how that fight goes.


    @ HerrWerner

    Nice comparison.

    Mr. House

    Ego…… if i suffered from that and thought i was the most important person/being in the world then i’d be deathly afraid of the virus. I’m not and i’m not much better then anyone else. Most of life is how much harder you try then the next person, that is all. John Michael Greer thinks the “guards” of the “untouchables” will be the ones that finally touch them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds as we have been doing for quite some time. It continually gets worse and we continue to wait and see.


    Population Overshoot

    A review

    When I was a kid, I use to hear the fishermen down at the wharf use the term ‘blivet’.

    I was way too young to figure out the meaning in the context of the conversations.

    One day, when I got slightly older, I asked one of the fishermen directly what it meant.

    He said a ‘blivet’ was 10 pounds of sh*t in a five pound bag.

    He used it in a sentence for me, “Hey Donny, your idea is so crazy, quit being a blivet.”

    Since the majority of the world’s so called ‘adults’ have chosen to never ever have an actual honest ‘adult’ conversation about population overshoot vs the world’s known natural resources, Nature, with a capital N, is going to do it for us, using a small group of psychopathic oligarchs as agents of change, or shall I say Reset.

    Humanity at this point in the early 21st century is a Blivet.

    The Earth is the five pound sack, Humanity is the 10 pounds of sh*t.

    The psychopathic oligarchs have concluded the above sentence is true.

    The introduction of Negative Interest Rates is a manifestation of pulling the Future into the Present so that there is nothing left to survive on when Humanity inevitably arrives into that barren future landscape.

    The Great Reset is the annihilation of the Future and it’s resources using Ponzi economic on a global scale. You need an Infinite amount of ‘money’ from the future to pay off the present Ponzi, hence negative interest. That future money is resources that won’t be there when the next generation gets there shortly.

    Bill Gates father was a virulent Eugenicist. He inculcated his spawn with this obsession well.

    Bill is just a Front Man for his click of psychopathic oligarchs because he looks so damn fabulous in a warm fuzzy cardigan.

    Bill knows a great deal about ‘Bio Computers’ that uses biologically derived molecules — such as DNA and proteins — to perform digital or real computations.

    He has for a long time, it’s a pet project.

    Teamed up with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Bio Computing will really open Pandora’s Box to a nightmare of possibilities.

    mRNA is a vector of Bio Computing. A stepping stone if you will.

    Bill and his posse of psychopathic oligarchic follow travelers need to cull the herd, and fast.

    The Ponzi needs to shed load. i.e., resource demand, (humans) from the global system. Start the trial by ‘canceling’ the old, then move down the demographic chart.

    A global strategy for population control (resource demand) was never intelligently talked about much less agreed on so other forces are now filling that vacuum.

    Shrinking sperm counts and young women freezing eggs and fertility decline are not fast enough to shed resource load for the global Ponzi.

    The Great Blivet is upon us.


    What I have become perplexed by is the virtue-signalling, groupthink being displayed by people whom I believed were much more discerning than they appear to be. The applause for each other over receiving the vaccine which is plainly ‘untested’ in the traditional sense of the word and may be less than the panacea (to make an understatement) they are cheerleading it is. They believe with their hearts that this is the road back to ‘normalcy’ and have zero questions or concerns about it. They have complete and utter trust in the-powers-that-be with little to no skepticism. I may be the only one of the group that forgoes the vaccine train they are on. I lost trust in the ruling class some years ago and have zero reason to trust them with this.


    @upstateNYer (from yesterday)

    I live in the mountains east of Jasper. Further east and north from here is a bit more rugged. These are hardwood forested mountains dotted witdh small towns, small lakes (some man made) and plenty of streams. It’s like the adirondack region, only smaller. The fall colors last November rivaled the best autumns I can remember upstate. We get 4 seasons a year that conform with the calendar dates and are distiinct. Late spring and early autumn tend to be warmer than NY due to the difference in lattitude. So “summer” can seem to be longer here but likewise, winter can seem to be much shorter. Also, we get sunshine a good portion of the winter months. One could RV full time here with no problem. In fact, there is a permanent RV community further north from here in Ellijay and many RV parks offer annual rental spaces. Email me Archie98 at protonmail dot com and I would be happy to provide further info.


    I received the “offer” of the vaccine-that-isn’t-a-vaccine this early Monday morning.
    “Thanks, but I will pass” was my afternoon response. There will be consequences, of course..

    Glad I’m old.

    CJ Hopkins:


    I add one more study to the compilation of alternative therapies. This one involves the use of garlic for corona viruses.
    If you google “garlic treatment for covid” you will get pages and pages of articles about how garlic absolutely is not a treatment for covid.

    To vaccinate or not: what a loaded issue with so many potential health and social repercussions. I am still on the fence, not because I think the vaccination is good, but for social reasons. My health guru of many years (Jon Barron) has been all for vaccinations, but this leaves me unmoored because it is pretty evident that the vaccines available seem to have so many unknown aspects.
    So many existential questions confront us at this juncture.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “Ego…… if i suffered from that and thought i was the most important person/being in the world then i’d be deathly afraid of the virus.”

    We ALL suffer ego, moi especially included, and those who say they don’t are amusing at best and dangerous at worst. I choose to be amused. Human nature… the stuff that builds huge societies that destroy the environment and countless human lives.


    @ Oroborus

    Nice outline. Well done, says me.

    It’s amusing to ponder the likes of Gates try to speed up the dieoff, if that is indeed what they’re up to. It’s like trying to burn fire. The ship is already sinking way too fast, and all those dead bodies will not lighten the load but instead make it sink faster. Considering that the Ponzi depends on us common folk to sustain it, and that any power structure tends to collapse when things grow too unstable (like when significanly more death than usual happens) and take down many of its former operators, I don’t see Bill Gates trying to force depopulation by any means except public awareness, PR campaigns and such, although he surely knows that they hardly work.

    I don’t even see Gates as an evil genius, which leaves me out of much of the fun. I see no real evidence that his father was a eugenicist, virulent or not, although I am. Good breeding is always a bad idea, and it took 20th Century Progress insanity to make a good idea (“good genetics”) into a nightmare.

    Here’s a headline from Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation: “A COVID-19 vaccine might be ready within 18 months. But what happens then?”

    Same article says this: “The best way for us all to be protected is to have an equitable approach to access-to ensure we’re doing what makes the most sense for the pandemic and for all of our protection, not just whoever can spend the most money.” Brad Tytel Sr. Progam Officer, COVID-19 Response Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    (It’s from spring 2020)

    Must everyone who managed to become powerful be a sinister bogeyman? He’s an entitled son of upper middle class white privilege. I find more easily debunked character assassinations about Bill than I can shake a rigorously morbid snake at.

    With the likes of Soros, Koch Brothers, ZUckerberg, etc. running loose, why does Bill get all the hate? Like almost every major figure, be it rock star or industry captain or talk show host or popular expert, when it comes to actually governing a society, his remarks are mostly ill-informed arrogant shyte because he lives in a bubble where little reality gets through to him. David Crosby is a wise man and an amazing singer/songwriter who only gets better with age, but he spouted the party line that nothing was more important than defeating Trump. Nicole Foss of TAE, a woman as brilliant or more than Bill Gates, did likewise. Politics are our unique blind spot, it seems.

    I think we often conflate the power and prestige and unique intelligence of someone like Gates (amazing memory and focus) with sociopathically insatiable lust for power. He already has more power and wealth than he knows what to do with. I rally don’t think he wants to depopulate the world in order to save it, but I do think he’s aware that we’re overpopulated and culling seems imminent.

    And for the record, I don’t think he looks awesome in a fuzzy cardigan or sharkskin suit or monk’s habit. He looks goofy, always has, always will. But he really likes winning, and after winning so much for his life, mostly by his own merits, he tends to think he knows mmore than he does. Power and money do crazy things to human brains. Our egos are highly inflatable and resist diminution.

    Frankly, I take comfort knowing that “Gates is the top private owner of farmland in the United States with landholdings totaling 242,000 acres across 19 states, and the 49th largest private owner of land”. Not that I think he’s a saint but he’s better by far than sad sacks like Bezos and Musk.

    I like the insight this provides:


    “Peter Buffett wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times, where, under the title of “The Charitable-Industrial Complex” he explains how “inside any important philanthropy meeting, you witness heads of state meeting with investment managers and corporate leaders. All are searching for answers with their right hand to problems that others in the room have created with their left”.

    ” “Early on in our philanthropic journey”, writes Peter, “my wife and I became aware of something I started to call Philanthropic Colonialism: (…) People (including me) who had very little knowledge of a particular place would think that they could solve a local problem. Whether it involved farming methods, education practices, job training or business development, over and over I would hear people discuss transplanting what worked in one setting directly into another with little regard for culture, geography or societal norms.””


    I just can’t wait until it is time to go to my summer river island cottage, so I can watch the world go down the drain!

    Michael Reid

    Thank you for parsing the European Medicines Agency message:

    Get that needle in your arm, stay home, put some underwear on your face, and keep your clap shut.

    I agree. Bullshit

    V. Arnold

    Very well done Ilargi! Spot on as usual…

    Fear remains the driving force of this “vaccine madness”.
    Fear effectively supplants critical thinking…
    The western propaganda onslaught continues unabated…
    I do have moments, mere moments, of doubt; but quickly grab hold of my critical thinking and put things in perspective for the most part.
    The Bangkok Post (English language version) has done a splendid job of keeping us informed of the “real” situation here in Thailand.
    Much to its credit, the Thai government has responded/acted correctly to every out break.
    We have not been driven by fear and exaggerated claims…
    I’m somewhat of a hermit, so solitude is welcome and saught.
    My wife is the social one and meets up with friends for lunches and socializing and occasionally I’ll join in…
    No problem at all…
    My heart goes out to those caught in the west’s campaign of terror against its own populations…
    Keep on keeping on…


    AstraZeneca vaccine reduced transmission by some 50%. Since this uses a virus instead of a lipid capsule to get the mRNA inside the cell to produce spike protein to trigger an immune reaction, the reduction in transmission from the other gene treatments will likely be similar. Russian Roulette has better odds.

    There is one big lie that permeates the West. “Government works”. Democracy died before the Iraq Invasion. In nations with functional governments, public health procedures work and the transmission of the virus is stopped – 0%. The virus is eradicated and people can work and play smartly but it is a constant battle to contain new outbreaks that come in over the borders. Unless democracy is restored in the West with universal testing, contact tracing, work and school bubbles, plus safe paid quarantines, the coronavirus endemic will never be controlled in the Americas and Europe.

    Nobody knows the risk of going out in public in the USA. If pandemic continues with new variants plus the real risks of long haul COVID and death together with no jobs, no homes, no medical/dental care; unrest is certain.

    V. Arnold

    Nobody knows the risk of going out in public in the USA. If pandemic continues with new variants plus the real risks of long haul COVID and death together with no jobs, no homes, no medical/dental care;

      unrest is certain


    Hmm…bitching and moaning maybe; the America I left forgot how to engage in unrest…meaningful unrest…
    I don’t mean the street violence exhibited in Portland and Seatlle…pointless along with no results benefitting anyone…

    Dr. D

    Awww. Fauci back in the good old days when he killed 200,000 gays during AIDS with his warm recommendations. But he was applauded as an “expert” for it so he could move on and kill a million later. This is what happens when you don’t enforce the law even when it’s hard.

    I think someone got to Gates once and threw crème pies at him. It’s not hard, and it’s on tape.

    The “psychopathic oligarchs” DO believe that. Because they’re insane, as the title suggests. Like Thanos, they had unlimited power and decided to halve the population for joy rather than double the food supply. Duh. Like you had to be a genius or something to think of it? Most resources being used are used by THEM, not by us. Left alone, we’d live in grass huts and tin shacks and burn firewood. It’s THEIR relentless slave-driving that requires we all have a two cars and 4 million miles of highways. THEY’RE the ones building malls, stadiums, and burning 320,000 barrels a day in the military. Erase them and you have your paradise, ironically, since they’re the Utopians. So kill the Utopians and get your Utopia, I guess. That’s the Tao.

    “The more sharp weapons people have in a country, the bigger the disorder will be.

    The more laws and commands there are, the more thieves and robbers there will be.

    When the government is quite unobtrusive, people are indeed pure. When the government is quite prying, people are indeed conniving.” — Ch 57.

    I doubt Democracy could stop or change the virus, since it’s by nature messy and uncooperative. That’s their whole play and sales right now: autarky or else. But it’s far, far worse than any disease man can make. Here the FF had smallpox and dysentery – real diseases – and dgaf about it because that’s life! Spoiler alert: in the end you die. So go do something useful and stop oppressing people for a change. The point of power is power. The point of violence (in Portland) is violence. Hate is its own reward. Point: trading (false) safety for freedom. The least safe of all is to lose your freedom. “What profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” They’re not only losing THEIR soul, they’re holding you down and stealing YOURS as well, and I don’t like it.


    I agree. It is absolutely criminal that Fauci, with his medical “knowledge,” did not recommend Vitamin D3, zinc, and better ventilation from the get-go. If he has the guts to say “I didn’t know.” he should have his license lifted.
    And who, after H1N1, let the inventory of N95 masks in the strategic stockpile drop from a “full” 200E6 to 27 million. And then, didn’t put in a replenish order until the hospitals yelled, and first responders were wearing low grade surgical masks at best? Totally criminals.

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